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14 Amsterdam Souvenirs to Buy on Your Trip

Are you visiting Amsterdam soon, and wondering which souvenirs you might bring back home? Not to worry. This is a comprehensive Amsterdam souvenir guide to help you choose during your visit.

Should it be the Dutch tiles, tulips, or cheese? Well, you may be tempted to carry all of them back home. But, these are not the only Amsterdam souvenirs.

There are plenty of others, that only a few know of. And even better, you can take them home legally. In this guide, we shall take you through the city of Amsterdam for a Dutch souvenir shopping spree.

We shall have a look at the best souvenirs from Amsterdam, why they are so important, where you can quickly get them, and if possible, their prices.

If you are traveling to the city soon, or are already there, we have just the best items for you to look for during your tour. So off we go!

Best Souvenirs from Amsterdam

These are some awesome souvenirs and things you should buy while you are in Amsterdam.

Wooden Clogs from Zaanse Schans Workshop

Colorful Wooden Clogs

The locals call them Klompen. You will get them from the famous Zaanse Schans workshop where they are hand-made locally. The workshop is located near the Windmills, which is a day trip from Amsterdam city.

These wooden shoes are costly, so prepare to dig into your pockets a little bit deeper. But the price brings with it the authentic Holland tradition to your feet. What’s more? You can watch the windmills ride on the wind as your wooden shoes are worked on.

They come in different sizes, for adults and kids. Wooden clogs for kids are a bit cheaper as they will cost less than 100 Euros. While there are cheaper ones explicitly made for tourists, you can’t compare them to the beauty of hand-made souvenirs.

Hat from Barts

Barts, Amsterdam Shop Interior
image by Barts/Facebook

Nothing brings back fond memories from Amsterdam like a hat from Barts. The genesis of this shop was on the beaches of Santa Tropez.

Today, there are multiple shops located at de Bijenkorf and numerous Bart shops in central Amsterdam. The hats are between 20-30 Euros for a piece. The shop does not only make hats but also items for cold weather like gloves and scarves.

Dutch Cheese

Dutch Cheese

Talk about cheese, and you will be describing the Netherlands in detail. It’s one of the best Amsterdam souvenirs to carry back home. If you are looking for what to buy in Amsterdam supermarkets, Dutch cheese can be a great choice.

What’s better? A vacuumed cheese can last for weeks without refrigeration, which ensures that you enjoy the Dutch tradition for a longer time.

Now, here is the million-dollar question. Which is the best Dutch cheese to buy as a souvenir in Amsterdam? Three types of cheese have been battling the coveted number-one spot. It’s not yet clear, which is the winner.

Edam cheese is very classic, but Gouda is the most popular among the locals. Gouda cheese is not hard to find. In fact, it’s everywhere. On the other hand, Boerenkass is the most affordable. I won’t make a decision for you on which one to choose.

Stop by the shops and make that decision for yourself by tasting all the varieties of cheese for free. One of the most popular places to stop by is the Old Amsterdam Cheese Store.

If you want to take a day trip from Amsterdam, check out the Dutch cheese market in Alkmaar. Visit these are several best things to do in Alkmaar.

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Tulip Bulbs

pink dutch tulips

The Netherlands is famous for planting tulips and is the home of the largest tulips farm in the world. It is the reason why the plant is the state symbol of the Netherlands. There is no doubt that Dutch people have a special place for Tulips in their hearts.

Some countries do not allow the entry of Dutch tulip bulbs through customs. For instance, the USA only allows a few types of Dutch tulips. Rare types are illegal, and you might face the law if found in possession of some.

The most common place to buy tulip bulbs on your trip is at the floating flower market in central Amsterdam. It’s a bit touristy but can be pretty fun to see if you’ve never been. Ask the store if your country allows the entry of these plants.

While there are many stores selling tulip bulbs, the best place to get them is at Schiphol Airport believe it or not. You’ll be sure to find a verified package of tulip bulbs that won’t get confiscated by customs.

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Dutch Art

Artwork for Sale at Amsterdam Flea Market
ingehogenbijl /

The weekends, more so Sundays from March to October in Amsterdam are hyped with all kinds of art. The meeting point is in the numerous art markets in Rembrandtplein, which is at the center of Amsterdam.

You will find numerous types of art products from talented artists, coming from all over the Netherlands. They can be modern art, traditional canvas paintings, art-inspired eyeglasses, or luggage tags. These are both recent-made arts and those created years ago.

It’s however, a bit cheaper to buy them online but won’t be as authentic as purchasing from a local artist. If you want to find some other ideas, grab a piece of Dutch history at the Van Gogh Museum shop where you’ll find the best collection of Vincent Van Gogh souvenirs in the world.

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Dutch Licorice

Dutch Licorice on a Market

If you didn’t know, the Netherlands has the highest consumption of licorice. So, if you are a sweet tooth you’ll surely find a tasty treat to bring home with you.

If you think licorice is not complicated, visit the local supermarket or candy shop, and you will be surprised by the many ways you can use the plant.

You’ll get a chance to see a ton of different styles of Dutch licorice-like sweet, hard, chew honey, and minty. While there are many stores to get this “drop” licorice, none is better than Het Oud-Hollandsch Snoepwinkeltje. This old store tries to bring back to life the ancient tradition of licorice.

You will also get a wide variety of Dutch confectionery, including chocolates, sugar-free sweets, and gummy candies.

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Amsterdam Souvenirs: Colorful Handmade Wallet

Leather Wallet

In 2004, a Dutch couple Erik and Indy found themselves on a path they never thought they would follow. They started a company called mesimu that creates hand-made bags and wallets.

Their first products were t-shirts and handcrafted handbags in the markets around Amsterdam. Soon after the business picked up, they opened a bigger shop on Haarlemmerstraat. However, they relocated to Thailand in 2009 and opened a shop there to sell their creations to the locals.

But today, what they started in Holland has become a booming business to the few people that mastered their craft of creating hand-made wallets.

These wallets are made of Japanese cotton fabric and come in multiple colors. The physical configuration of the wallets includes a zip close, front zipper pockets, and five clear plastic credit and bank card slots.

It’s no doubt that these wallets are charming and unique. It’s the perfect gift to give someone that has been longing for unique Amsterdam souvenirs.

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Cowboy Belt

Cowboy Wearing a Cowboy Belt

Cowboy belt in the Netherlands? Yes, you heard that right. The history of cowboy belts dates back to 1980 in an old hospital building. Today, they are the brand cowboy belt maker and have gone further to manufacture leather handbags and jackets.

They create rugged and high-quality materials that will take years to show the first signs of wear or tear. The company manufactures the items in different styles, with some being made of pure leather agitated in a concrete mixer and others having decorations of grommets and metal studs.

Their main goal is to convey everyone’s unique personality with a universal product. These belts would be an excellent gift for a friend or a loved one. They make an excellent combination with a pair of jeans.

If you’re around Amsterdam and are dying to get one of these, visit the trendy home décor stores in the clothing boutiques.

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Dutch Stroopwafels

If you love tasting foods from different cultures, stroopwafels are what you need to buy during a trip to Amsterdam. If possible, take a packet or more back home to share with your family.

They have been the signature Dutch cookie for years. Stroopwafels consist of two buttered wafers sandwiched by caramel syrup. And, they are quite hard to resist.

You can find them in the many stroopwafels market around Amsterdam. They are not costly and are best when taken with a hot mug of coffee or tea.

In case you forget, you need not worry as you can get them in the grocery stores at the airport.

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Dutch Gin, Beer, or Wine

Dutch Gin Jenever

There are a ton of great breweries in Amsterdam producing both craft beer and traditional lagers. Heard of Heineken? It’s not about the fact that you can’t get Heineken at home… It’s just that Dutch beer tastes different directly at the source.

Not a beer drinker? Dutch gin is some of the best in the world and isn’t always easy to find outside of the Netherlands. An example of a great Dutch gin is Jenever, a gin that is juniper-flavored.

These drinks might be a great Amsterdam souvenir if you love bringing consumable goods from different cultures. Chateau Amsterdam in the northern part of the city produces wines. You can take a quick day trip there for wine tasting.

For craft beers, make sure you stop by Brouwerij t’IJ and Oedipus Brewery. For a more touristy Dutch beer tour, you’ll have to try the Heineken Experience.

When you have made up your mind to carry a few bottles of your favorite drinks back home, buy a bottle protector so that the bottles don’t open in the suitcases.

Delft Blue

Delft Blue souvenirs

Delft blue is a trademark of white and blue Dutch antiques that tell us about. These were first used in the 16th century hence a masterpiece if you are a collector.

They range from Dutch pottery to classic tiles and are available in almost every shop in Amsterdam. Although they will cost you thousands of Euros to get one, you can get cheap and cheerful versions that are made with less expensive materials.

Check out this Delt blue tile from 1650 we purchased in Amsterdam.

Delft Tile - Dutch Amsterdam Tile
Love this Dutch Tiling

The best place to look for them is at Galleria D’Arte Rinascimento which stocks new and old products at reasonable prices.

Small White Canal House

Small White Canal House Souvenir
Wut_Moppie /

This is one of the best Dutch souvenirs for your kids, and they will remember it for days as they can use it as a small toy house.

The white canal house is made of ceramic with a beautiful finish of white color. It tends to replicate the actual canal houses in the country.

And guess what? It can double up as your tea light holder. Your kid can play with it, and you still use it as something beneficial in the house.

Few stores are specifically set aside to sell these white canal houses. Check them out before you leave for the airport.

Upcycled Products

Color Green Belt

If you want to get something new from a used product, Amsterdam is the city to visit. The locals here love to innovate unique products from items that are no longer important.

This is their way of reducing waste, which is very eco-friendly. If you practice sustainability, there is no doubt that you’ll find something you will fall in love with at one of the many street markets and thrift shops.

The most common products that you are likely to come across are belts made from old bicycle tires. Instead of burning tires that emit carbon dioxide, which causes the greenhouse effect, they are turned into fashionable products with aesthetic value.

The craftsmen say that they have enough bikes to make belts for the whole Netherlands population.

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There are numerous jewel shops in Amsterdam where you will get jewels like necklaces, rings, and chains. Some artists make pendants and special glasses.

These are original drawings with glass glazed on the back. The most common jewel brand is RiverStones, which makes every kind of jewel. You can get most of their products at the Amsterdam stores.

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There is no doubt that Amsterdam is one of the best cities to visit in Europe. Talk about their rich culture, lovely food, impressive architecture, and friendly, welcoming people.

You will love your stay in the city. Just make sure that you carry either one or several of the Amsterdam souvenirs that we have talked about. They will remind you of the experience you had in the country and make you want to go back again.

When booking your trips, our blog on top sites for booking tours will be an excellent source for the right information.


What can I bring back from Amsterdam?

There are many Amsterdam souvenirs you can buy on your trip. Amsterdam is known for its tulip bulbs. You can also find some of the best souvenirs of Vincent Van Gogh at the Van Gogh Museum shop such as keychains, magnets, prints, art, and postcards.

If you’re looking for something more unique, consider buying a piece of Amsterdam’s famous Dutch gouda cheese, Delft pottery, or Delft blue. Whatever you choose, be sure to enjoy your trip and bring back some memories – and maybe even a few souvenirs from Amsterdam.

What product is Amsterdam known for?

Amsterdam is known for a ton of great products, including both old and new. Amsterdam has great souvenir shopping in the form of gouda cheese, wooden shoes, Heineken beer, and Jenever, the traditional liquor of the Netherlands.

What is a good souvenir from the Netherlands?

If you are looking for something off-beat then it doesn’t get much better than The World’s Smallest Brewery which makes miniature versions of Dutch beers that have been brewed since 1864, including Heineken – Amsterdam beer connoisseurs will recognize Damstraat brown ale too. If you are looking for something more traditional and you are a cheese connoisseur, you’ll need to visit one of the many specialty cheese shops to pick up some of that delicious Dutch gouda cheese.

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