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8 Best Bike Tours In Amsterdam

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Amsterdam is known for many things, from its stunning countryside to its beautiful canals. There is a lot to take in, especially if this is your first time visiting the area.

Bike tours in Amsterdam are popular for good reason. An Amsterdam bike tour is one of the best ways to see the city at your own rate while moving quickly enough to get to as many of the sights and destinations as possible.

An Amsterdam cycling trip can be as long or as short as you like, and you can use one of the local guides or rent bikes and go for a ride on your own during your trip (or both!) Here’s what you need to know about one of the best experiences in Amsterdam

The Best Amsterdam Bike Tours Out There

Booking a cycling tour doesn’t have to be challenging to do. While you can take a bike ride in Amsterdam on your own with rented bikes, it’s nearly always better to use a guided tour.

Doing so will ensure you get all of the Amsterdam experiences you desire and get to see the most beautiful scenery, canals, and even hidden courtyards along the route. Here are the best Amsterdam bicycle tour options out there.

1. Guided Bike Tour of Central Amsterdam

Tourists on a Amsterdam Guided Bike Tour
Amsterdam Guided Bike Tour / GetYourGuide

This Guided Bike Tour of Central Amsterdam is a fantastic guided bike tour through the city’s central area. It’s one of the best ways to see the canals in Amsterdam and learn the history of many of the iconic bridges that span them. You can book one of these three-hour tours in English, German, or Dutch, and audio guides are available in Spanish and French, too.

Cycling in Amsterdam will take you from the Western Islands to The Jordaan, Westerkerk, De Negen Straatjes, Leidse Square, and Vondelpark before taking a break. You’ll then continue on through Museumplein, De Pijp, Magere Brug, and Het Scheepvaartmusem.

Explore the Museum Quarter and enjoy a drink in the De Pijp District, known for its boutiques and the old warehouses on the Western Islands.

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2. Two-Hour City Highlights Guided Bike Tour

Tourists on an Amsterdam City Highlights Bike Tour
Two-Hour City Highlights Guided Bike Tour / GetYourGuide

A more relaxed option in an Amsterdam cycling trip, this Two-Hour City Highlights Guided Bike Tour is an exceptional option for those who want to see some of the most impressive tourist destinations and historical treasures in the city. It’s a slower-paced bike tour, which allows you to explore the Jordaan Quarter and then stop at the Anne Frank House.

You will also get to travel over the Skinny Bridge, one of the most picturesque bridges in the city. This two-hour bike tour with local guides is a good choice for those who may be visiting Amsterdam for the first time and want to see the city’s highlights.

You will see the most impressive attractions and discover some remarkable Amsterdam landmarks. Along the way, you’ll learn some of the city’s history and certainly enjoy the sightseeing fun.

3. Small-Group Bike Tour Like a Local

Tourists on an Amsterdam Small Group Bike Tour
Amsterdam Small Group Bike Tour / GetYourGuide

By now, it should be pretty clear that cycling in Amsterdam is as normal as breathing, not just for tourists. It’s indeed the city’s primary method of transportation, over cars and public transport. This Small Group Bike Tour allows you to take a private bike tour for 2 to 3 hours with a local, like a local, on a fun city tour.

This tour provides you with a professional tour guide who will show you the city center, the Artis Zoo, Magre Brug, Hortus Botanicus, and Vondelpark. During your trip, you will be able to see the windmills and the countryside along with the city’s best features, like the Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum, and Nemo.

This small group bike tour requires at least four people to ride (you can book it with others who may not be a part of your group, though). Discover Amsterdam on a more leisurely path, taking a city tour that’s less tourism-centric and more about the hidden gems the city has to offer.

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4. City Highlights Electric Fat Bike Tour

Tourist Guide in City Highlights Electric Fat Bike Tour
City Highlights Electric Fat Bike Tour / GetYourGuide

Amsterdam is choc full of landmarks, attractions, and museums, so it can be tough to figure out what to hit up if you’re pressed for time. This City Highlights Electric Fat Bike Tour takes you through the main tourist destinations in the city, including the Amsterdam Centraal and the Basilica of Saint Nicholas. You will spend two hours on the bike of an electric fat bike cycling in Amsterdam to see all of the hotspots.

Explore the Eye Museum, traditional Dutch windmills, and the NDSM wharf. One of the nice benefits of this trip is that you don’t have to do a lot of the hard work of pedaling since the e-bike does it for you. Still, this is an excellent choice for those who want to explore the city’s landmarks at a slower rate.

5. Mike’s Bike Tours Amsterdam

Tourists enjoying the Mike's Bike Tours Amsterdam
Mike’s Bike Tours Amsterdam / Facebook

You might have heard of these guys! Mike’s Bike Tours Amsterdam offers some outstanding Amsterdam bike routes to explore. You can book a private bike tour or a guided group tour.

Go through the city or the countryside, whatever you like. Daily bike tours are available to book even at the last minute here.

Unlike other tours, this is one way to experience Amsterdam your way. Choose the city bike tour to see the urban areas of the city and time-honored landmarks. Visit some of those landmarks or a park along the route.

If you’re keen on getting a bigger picture of the Netherlands, on the other hand, take one of the off-the-beaten-path options.

Some of the best spots are along the Amstel River. This is an excellent guide, and you are sure to have a great day and a lot of fun exploring the sights that are most interesting to you personally.

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6. From Amsterdam: Countryside Bike Tour

Tourists who booked Amsterdam Countryside Bike Tour
Amsterdam Countryside Bike Tour / GetYourGuide

Amsterdam’s great and all, but what if you’re still yearning for the open road? The From Amsterdam: Countryside Bike Tour is the perfect way to explore the surrounding area’s beautiful fishing villages and farmlands.

The Dutch countryside is fabulous, if a little flat, with a few gently rolling hills and green fields carved by stunning waterways. This countryside tour takes you along the numerous farms here (including the cheese farm) and into the country fields.

One of the interesting things about this four-hour bike tour is that you’ll learn about the water management aspect of the city. The canals and waterways are what helps to keep Amsterdam clean and healthy.

With a local guide, you will be able to learn about the windmill history of Old Holland, which this tour really provides a look at. An authentic windmill (or a few) is sure to be on the route as well. Ask questions, and explore all of the beauty of this area.

7. From Amsterdam: Windmill, Cheese, & Clogs Countryside e-Bike Tour

Bike Tour in Amsterdam Countryside
Windmill, Cheese, & Clogs Countryside e-Bike Tour / GetYourGuide

Quite the countryside bike tour, this trip is exceptional for those who want to see traditional farms, expansive pastures, and charming villages. At the same time, you can see how cheese is made locally, as it has been done for centuries. The Windmill, Cheese, & Clogs Countryside e-Bike Tour gives you a bit of a break, too, with an e-bike to help you get around.

Starting with a ferry ride, this tour is about four hours long and takes you through the village of Broek in Waterland. You’ll see a traditional windmill in operation, ride past canals, and ride over a number of bridges. You will have a live tour guide throughout the trip.

As one of the best countryside bike tours, there’s certainly a lot to see on this trip, including the clog factory. Clogs are a big part of this city’s history, and the wooden clogs factory is along the route here.

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8. From Amsterdam: Zaanse Schans & Zaandam E-Bike Tour

Couple biking in Zaanse Schans, Netherlands
GagliardiPhotography /

Zaanse Schans is one of my favorite attractions in the Netherlands. It’s almost like a living museum village within the town of Zaandam just outside Amsterdam and is an essential day tour destination if you’re a fan of cycling.

If you’re hoping for a longer bike tour but don’t want to do the pedaling, try out the Zaanse Schans & Zaandam E-Bike Tour. It’s on an electric bike, which means this 5.5-hour bike ride will be far more enjoyable than trying to go without. It’s a quirky trip, too, one that takes you on a unique exploration of the Dutch countryside and this incredible historic village.

This trip, which you can book with a group of no more than eight people, allows you to go at your own pace. Unlike other bike tours, you don’t have to try to keep up with others who may be a bit more experienced for a bike ride than you are.

It’s a fantastic way to see hidden gems, though, including shops with wooden clogs and stalls that sell Dutch cheese that’s been made right there. Honestly, you can spend the whole day in Zaanse Schans, and if you feel like making a real adventure of it, consider staying nearby in the one and only Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Zaandam.

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How to Choose the Best Bike Tours in Amsterdam

You’ll find a wide range of bike tours here. A good starting point is to determine which area of the city you hope to explore on your tour. City bike tours are quite common and tend to be readily available, while countryside tours should be booked in advance.

Next, consider your goals for the type of experience. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Do you want a private tour that will allow you to go at your own pace and see just what works for you? Or are you looking to bike around Amsterdam with a group of people who you’re just getting to know?
  • Learn as much as you can about the tour guide, including how frequently their bike tours happen, how many they’ve done, and the overall type of bike they offer. Some of the best tours are not the most popular, but those that are done by a professional who knows the area well and can help you discover the treasures it offers.
  • You can cycle on your own, but e-bikes are growing in popularity. The bikes you select are really up to you based on your experience.

Visit Amsterdam with confidence, exploring all that the city has to offer, from the Royal Palace to the fabulous sea-level parks and small shops.


How long is a bike tour in Amsterdam?

The shortest tour of Amsterdam is likely to be about an hour. However, you can take a bike tour that’s much longer, some even spanning four hours or more.

The city bike tour tends to be shorter, while the countryside bike tours are often a bit longer. However, you can make any trip longer when you stop to visit the shops or do more than just go biking.

Is it better to take a guided bike tour of Amsterdam?

Tours are available as private tours that you can rent a bike and ride on your own, or guided tours. If you just want to cycle through the park and check out the bike trails yourself, grab a coffee, rent a bike, and head out.

However, most people absolutely love professional guide tours because these provide more than just sightseeing. On a guided tour, you’ll be able to learn about the city and find all of the hidden gems. Learn where to get the best coffee and apple pie, or what the Red Light District is really like.

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