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10 Best Things to do in Maastricht, Netherlands

Stunning Maastricht in the Netherlands deserves better than the status of a weekend getaway. The charming aesthetic of Limburg’s largest Dutch city, rich history, and tasty food options speaks volume. With so much to see, it can get confusing what to do in Maastricht. Start your trip by visiting the oldest church, Saint Servatius Basilica, or stroll down the Zonneberg caves. 

On a sunny afternoon, take a bicycle ride to the city walls or a walk down river Meuse. Guided tours to fort Sint Peter or the flea market will be refreshing. Later, enjoy a magical night at one of the magnificent ancient old castles. In short, Maastricht retains most of its medieval charm, giving visitors a taste of the medieval lifestyle.

If you are a budget-conscious traveler, Maastricht is highly affordable compared to London or Paris. You’ll find plenty of stuff at a fraction of prices elsewhere from the market square. What’s more, the city has excellent restaurant and accommodation deals for even the pickiest of budgets.

With plenty of affordable flights crisscrossing Europe, you don’t have to break a bank to make a trip to one of the most beautiful cities in the Netherlands.

Maastricht Sightseeing City Walk
1. Maastricht Sightseeing City Walk Top Recommendation

Enjoy a tour of the city center, the old city and along the river Maas in an informative and amusing way. Look at some of the highlights and explain about important events that occurred here in Maastricht (e.g. Roman times, Charles V) and other interesting stories from past and present.

Maastricht Beer Tasting with Self Tap
2. Maastricht: Beer Tasting with Self Tap Experience

Taste and learn about a selection of beers at the oldest craft beer bar in Maastricht. You will enjoy a welcome drink, delicious snacks, and tasting advice from beer experts who will share the history of The Loft. Marvel at 69 beer taps with a variety of traditional, special, and craft beers. Learn how to tap your own beer from an expert and keep the glass as a souvenir. Stay after the tour to relax with your favorite beverage or just hang out with friends.

Maastricht Private Walking Tour With A Professional Guide
3. Maastricht Private Walking Tour With A Professional Guide

Discover the charming old town of Maastricht, a city rich in history and culture. Travel back in time as you visit its beautiful historical landmarks such as Loevestein Castle, the Gothic Church of Our Lady and St. Servaas Basilica. Hear tales of the past during a walking tour around Maastricht's medieval city center and be transported to another world where everyday life was heavily influenced by religion and war.


It’s no surprise that hordes of tourists flock to visit Maastricht due to its friendly atmosphere and easy accessibility. Here are some of the fun things to do in Maastricht. An interactive map attached will guide you on a memorable tour of unique top attractions in town. 

Maastricht map, things to do in maastricht
Image by
  • Most significant landmarks: Basilica of our Lady
  • Best park: City Park
  • Best free activity: Dominicanen Bookstore
  • Best activity for kids: Maastricht Underground
  • Best activity for adults: The old city walls of Maastricht
  • Best food: Local and International
  • Best nightlife: De Baron Cocktail Club
  • Best historic landmark in Maastrict: Bisschopsmolen (Bishop’s Mill)

Best Things to do in Maastricht, Netherlands

Below is a list of the best things to do in Maastricht where you can make memories and experience out-of-this-world entertainment.

1. Basilica of Our Lady

Basilica of Our Lady

Address: Onze Lieve Vrouweplein 7, 6211 HD Maastricht

The Basilica of Our Lady Maastricht is one of the finest Dutch medieval architecture examples around. The church was founded by Bishop Monulphus around the 6th Century and is sanctified to Our Lady of the Assumption. Also referred to as the Star of the Sea. Experts argue that the Basilica is most likely built on Roman temple remains.

Construction of the striking westwork would later begin soon after 1000 AD. One outstanding feature is the two pseudo-transepts seen from almost any city corner.

Other prominent features include the stained glass, authentic altar, and a crypt with the massive statue of St. Servatius, patron saint of Maastricht. In addition, several relics, stone carvings, and delicate acoustics add up to the glamor. 

The exterior work and enlargement of the structure commenced around the 11th and 12th Centuries. The church added the canon rooms around 1200. By the 13th Century, constructors adorned the nave with Gothic vaults. Several renovations and decorations took place until the 15th Century.

This historical church is home to exciting and valuable religious artifacts. These boil down to richly embroidered copes, chasubles, and procession banners. We cannot forget to mention the ‘Levite dress’ that belonged to the last Maastricht bishop, St-Lambert.

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2. Stadspark (City Park)

Stadspark (City Park)

Address: 6211 JW Maastricht, Netherlands

The Maastricht city park, one of the oldest parks in the Netherlands, is located on the edge of the Maastricht city center. The park extends from Graanmarkt towards the south along the west bank of the Maas, the Onze Lieve Vrouwewal, up to the landing of the John F. Kennedy Bridge. It also stretches on the west along the Jeker and Tongersestraat towards the southern city wall.

City park also connects to Plein 1992 and Charles Eyck Park via the Hoge Brug on the eastern side. The 175-year-old park was subdivided into sub-parks in the 19th and 20th Centuries. The fortification of Maastricht was the backbone of the park’s design and gave each sub-park its unique atmosphere and function.

The sub-parks include;

  1. D’n Ingelsen Hoof, the narrow strip between the Maasboulevard and the Maas
  2. The Faliezusterpark, found between Poort Waerachtig and Helpoort
  3. Kempland, located between Onze Lieve Vrouwewal and the Maasboullevard
  4. Monseigneur Nolenspark, situated on bastion Ha,,et ende Nijdt
  5. Henri Hermanspark is located between Tapijnkazerne and the City Wall.
  6. Aldenhofpark where the bronze statue of d’Artagnan is located.

Each sub-park has its attraction, making the park an ideal destination for the whole family. The deer park and aviary in Henri Hermanspark make the place ideal for children. The city park is also an ideal destination for nature enthusiasts due to its many indigenous trees and bird species.

Note, the Faliezusterpark is suitable for an afternoon walk, while Kempland’s scenic view above an underground parking garage is perfect for sunbathing. The Aldenhofpark and D’n Ingelsen Hoof make appropriate spots for children to goof around.

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3. Dominicanen Bookstore

Dominicanen Bookstore
Image by TripAdvisor

Address: Kerkstraat 102, 6211 CZ Maastricht, Netherlands. 

A bookstore in a former church? Heck yeah! This kind of top attraction in Maastricht dates back to the middle ages. Previously referred to as the Dominican Church, the building served as a bicycle shed and a reptile house before transforming into the famous bookstore.

The scenic view with expansive windows, elevated ceilings, and striking exterior is mind-blowing. Over time, the bookstore expanded and added sections with ancient books, rare editions, and beautiful antiques.

It also offers drinks, snacks, and live music performances. The Dominican Bookstore sells many handmade products such as paintings, drawings, and music CDs.

The Dominican bookstore is the perfect spot to relax during the afternoon. Open early and late, it’s one of the most pleasant places in Maastricht to sip a cappuccino and read a book while enjoying panoramic views.

4. Maastricht Underground Passageways

Address: Kleine Staat 1, Maastricht

Maastricht Underground is a must-see experience near the Vrijthof and the Old City Center. The historic center, roughly 15 minutes from the Central Station, takes you back to an era of sieges and people hiding underground. There are loads of ancient cellars and tunnels. Some used to store water or hide persecuted monks.

The tour also includes an entrance to a famous Cathedral and Roman museum and exits into the streets above. You can walk through a mining gallery from the 18th Century. Moreover, there are remains of a Roman settlement embedded in the bedrock. Lastly, visitors can pass through more recent mine workings.

Nowadays, the public can access some of these channels and enjoy a fascinating look into the past. Children will love exploring the wealth of historical artifacts and ancient caves. This is a one-of-a-kind tourist attraction site that is likely to keep children enchanted. 

5. The Old City Walls of Maastricht

The Old City Walls of Maastricht

Address: 6211 KJ Maastricht, Netherlands

The old city walls take you down memory lane when the locals used them to hide from invaders in the middle ages. From the enclosure of Fort Sint Pieter Church to the fortifications at City Hall, this cobblestone route provides a fascinating insight. 

Make a trip to the fortified gates and towers, including the Hell Gate – the oldest town gate in the country. The fine Gothic fortifications above a lovely canal ooze out a nostalgic atmosphere. The short wall section between Vrijthof (Free Square), Grotestraat, and Market has a wheelchair-friendly ramp. Thus, people with limited mobility can enjoy the ancient walls too.

If the weather allows, go around the inner city ring and historic houses or catch a glimpse of Valkenburg and the Meuse River. You can enjoy visiting The Scheepvaartmuseum Thurn en Taxis too.

6. Sample the Best Food in Maastricht

Food in Maastricht

Maastricht offers an abundance of places to sample local and international dishes. Old and new restaurants like Cafe local, thé De Gouverneur, or the Le Bon Choix offer sumptuous delights. Don’t miss some fine dining at Onglet, Rantree, and Chateau Neercanne either!

Immerse yourself in the vibrant food scene and sample some nice and spicy Mexican bites at With Love Burrito along with Market 4 lane. TiramiSu on Grote Gracht 37 is a must-visit for sumptuous seafood and the classic Italian dessert of (roughly) the same name.

Cafe Servaas on Corversplein 10 offers some of the most amazing affordable meals for any palate. Enjoy up to 50% discount off your bill from selected restaurants such as Safar, Tapas, and Cafe Louis if on a tight budget.

During a day trip around town, you’ll normally find street vendors selling delicious fries, waffles, sausages, and more. The best part is that Dutch street food is so flipping tasty that you won’t be disappointed wherever you go!

7. De Baron Cocktail Club

De Baron Cocktail Club
Image by TripAdvisor

Address: Vrijthof 36a, 6211 LE Maastricht, Netherlands.

Rarely do you find a spot with such an extensive and high-quality selection of drinks as De Baron Cocktail Club!

Located less than a mile from the Basilica of St. Servatius and Vrijthof, the club is a true hotbed of culture and diversity. The club’s style is contemporary and sophisticated, with plenty of inviting seating optionsThe elegant lighting creates a comfortable, relaxing ambiance and the state-of-the-art sound system is hard to beat.

De Baron Cocktail Club is lovely with its friendly staff and great atmosphere. This bar has a great Manhattan vibe, complete with a jukebox, velvet couches, and kitschy decor.

They serve up tons of tasty tipples, including a range of classic cocktails and their creations. They’ve whipped up delicious gin-based treats and a chocolate martini that’s to die for.

Hungry? Take advantage of the comprehensive menu and sample sumptuous local and international delicacies. Order some canapés from their menu or snack on one of their mouthwatering desserts.

Undeniably, this is a great place to meet other travelers and relax while watching people pass by. You can reserve a table here.

8. Bishop’s Mill

Bishop's Mill
Image by TripAdvisor

Address: Stenenbrug 3, 6211 HP Maastricht, Netherlands

Found in the Jeker quarter of Maastricht, Bishop’s Mill, (or Bisschopsmolen) takes you back on a historic journey through the world of milling.

The original owner of this 14th Century mill, Duke Godfrey, leased a certain percentage of the historic water mill to the Bishop of Liege. The duke died seven years later, and the episcopal took over the mill, renaming it Bisschopsmolen.

Sadly, the Spanish feud in 1577 destroyed most buildings in Jeker, including the mill, reducing it to ashes. It was later rebuilt in 1609 and has seen several renovations, the last major one taking place in 2004.

This old water mill is still in operation today, producing 100% spelt flour. Bishop’s Mill is open to the public, and visitors can explore the inner workings of the mill.

You can also buy fresh bread, pastries, and flour, or grab a bite to eat in their sit-down cafe. There you can try yummy local delicacies like Limburgse vlaai (Limburg pies).

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9. Bonnefanten Museum

Bonnefanten Museum
Image by Trougnouf  used under CC BY 4.0

Address: Avenue Ceramique 250, 6221 KX Maastricht, Netherlands

Located on the banks of the River Meuse, Bonnefanten Museum served as a convent between 1951 to 1978. The museum now displays unique art from different eras. There is so much to see, from Neo-expressionism and 20th Century art to the fascinating modern art section on the second floor. Other areas in the museum display award-winning work from well-known artists like Ruben and Arte Povera.

The museum also possesses a small collection of sculptures from ancient Greece and Rome

10. Vrijthof Square

Address: Vrijthof 1 6211 LE Maastricht

Vrijthof square provides a beautiful backdrop for open-air market stalls, street performers, festivals, and concerts. It is one of the oldest squares in the city, dating back to the middle ages. The Vrijthof majestically stands at the southern end of the shopping street Céramique and near the Basilica of Saint Servatius. Other facilities nearby include the Town Hall and Lourdes chapel.

Historically, people assembled for special celebrations such as weddings and also for executions or riots. Now, you can dine in any restaurant, grab something from the food trucks or enjoy your coffee on the beautiful terraces.

Get lost in the outdoor market, contemporary art spaces, and music venues. Most impressive of all, the square hosts the famous Andre Rieu concerts in summer plus the Preuvenemint events. Surrounded by old buildings and beautiful canals, it’s hard not to enjoy the buzz around you here.

Where to Stay in Maastricht, Netherlands

Whether you want to treat yourself to a lavish hotel or a cheerful, affordable facility, Maastricht has you covered. Here are some of our top choices according to your budget. 

Budget Hotels

1. Madrid Suites

Men sitting in front of Madrid Suites
Image by

Address: 18 Bredestraat, Maastricht City Centre, 6211 HC Maastricht, Netherlands

Located in the heart of picturesque Maastricht, Madrid Suites is a perfect choice for travelers who value convenience, comfort, and affordability.

This peaceful place has stunning views of the city and is only 200 meters from Vrijthof. You’ll find everything you need in this affordable, comfortable apartment. It can’t ever get better than this from breathtaking views, easy street parking, accessible shops, and restaurants.

The facility is clean and well-maintained and offers excellent accommodation services with a bar and restaurant. The large and well-ventilated rooms feature comfy, clean beds, free WiFi, AC, and private bathrooms.

2. Stadsvilla Met Patio

Comfy hotel room with big bed
Image by

Address: 117 Brusselsestraat, Statenkwsrtier,6211PD Maastricht

Stadsvilla Met Patio is the perfect base for a short weekend escape or a more extended holiday in a beautiful part of the Netherlands. The wonderfully decorated and renovated old house provides accommodation services, a patio, and free WiFi. It also has a modern kitchen and bathroom and large clean rooms. In addition, Stadsvilla offers a unique atmosphere and an exciting international program that attracts a broad audience. Come and enjoy the ‘outer space’ terrace in front with a large lawn surrounded by trees.

Guests have access to delicious food, excellent wine, and charming accommodation. Stadsvilla Met Patio offers a local experience away from home. The cozy living room is inviting, while the patio opens a beautiful garden with fresh herbs

Mid-Range Hotels

1. Buitenplaats Vaeshartelt

Buitenplaats Vaeshartelt Bar
Image by

Address: Weert 9, 6222 PG Maastricht The Netherlands

Buitenplaats Vaeshartelt hotel is a remarkable hotel with a rich history. Surrounded by a forest, this is where the lush green pastures start, and a peaceful lake awaits. With miles of walking trails and breathtaking views, the hotel offers a matchless outdoor trip experience. Take advantage of a variety of nature reserves where you can visit in Maastricht.

If you’re looking for a getaway, this historical fortress has all the amenities needed for an unforgettable holiday. Stay with family and loved ones and capitalize on the complimentary kids club, adventure park, and petting zoo!

The beautiful gardens and orchards will be relaxing too. History buffs may find interest in the nearby Vaeshartelt and Meyenberg castles, while nature lovers can hike through the Ardennes forest. Other sites near the hotel include Arteaux Art & Design, Bonnefanten Museum, central train station, and Huub Hannen Gallery.

2. Hotel Bigarre

Cozy room with two beds
Image by

Address: Van Hasseltkade 8, 6211 CC Maastricht The Netherlands

With an unbeatable location and award-winning service, Hotel Bigarre is a perfect destination for those who enjoy culture and shopping. The interiors reflect the region’s eclectic mix of old charm and contemporary boutique style. Each room has premium amenities like flat-screen televisions, private bathrooms, and coffee makers. 

Guests have access to 24-hour reception services, concierge services, luggage storage, and housekeeping services. Enjoy an express check-in and check-out, luggage storage, a newspaper, delicious breakfast, free WiFi, and paid-private parking. Popular sites nearby include; the Statue of D’Artagnan, City Park, Helipoort, and Het Frontenpark.

Luxury Hotels

1. Kruisherenhotel Maastricht

Kruisherenhotel Maastricht
Image by

Address: Kruisherengang 19-23, Kommelkwartier, 6211 NW Maastricht, Netherlands

Stay at the most luxurious hotel in town and enjoy exceptional service and attention to detail. With a luxurious ambiance, the Kruisherenhotel offers all modern comforts. Yet, the elegant 5-star hotel has a long and proud history. The luxury accommodation and rustic atmosphere are incomparable. 

Amenities include complimentary WiFi, private bathrooms, AC, ironing facilities, and a mini bar. Other services include private parking, complimentary WiFi, and in-room Nespresso machines. The hotel boasts an inviting spa, a pool bar, and exquisite dining options.

Dine at the signature Kruisherenhotel Maastricht restaurant. This is a Michelin-starred restaurant offering authentic cuisine from all over the globe. With plenty of flavorful dishes served, this is the perfect place for a romantic lunch, dinner, or special celebration. 

2. Fitz Roy Urban Hotel

Fitz Roy Urban Hotel
Image by

Address: Boschstraat 70, Boschstraatkwartier, 6211 AX Maastricht, Netherlands

Visit the Fitz Roy Urban and explore this Maastricht from an entirely new perspective. The hotel, located 500 meters from Vrijthof, offers high-end services in a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. In addition, it keeps most of the old features like Dutch paintings, leaded windows, and beams. 

Recent renovations give the rooms a fresh, airy, and comfortable look. Most impressive, the staff goes beyond to make sure your stay is exquisite.

The spacious rooms feature a flat-screen TV, air conditioner, coffee machine, hairdryer, wardrobe, and a private bathroom. Fitz Roy Urban Hotel is ideal for a romantic getaway or a quiet and classy vacation. Famous sites of interest nearby include; the Basilica of Our Lady and the Maastricht Christmas Market.


Nothing beats the flexibility and convenience of a vacation rental. Explore some of the top picks below and make quick reservations online.

Floating vacation Home TenerifeUnique experience on a boat house
Free high-speed WiFi
Balcony with beautiful garden and lake views.
Modern restaurant and bar area
Two self-contained bedrooms
Clean linens and towels
Continental breakfast every morning
Well equipped kitchen
Free private parking
Extremely friendly staff

Hoge Weerd 20, Heugum, 6229 AM Maastricht, Netherlands
 3 km from Vrijthof and Basilica of Saint Servatius
Bie de Borreger Holiday HomeTwo bedroom house
Nonsmoking rooms
Free Parking
Free WiFi
Superb room service
Optimal garden views
Discrete and perfect for honeymoon
Immaculately clean rooms and linen
Flat cable television
Water sports facilities
17 Aan de Maas, 6223 HC Maastricht,
 8 km from Basilica of St Servaas
Le HomeCozy classic townhouse
Free WiFi
Garden views
Double bedrooms and an en-suite apartment
Cable TV
Coffee and tea-making facilities
Optional breakfast

Alexander Battalaan 73, Wijck, 6221 CC
 10 Minutes walk to Maastricht Railway

Camping & RVs

With a stunning river valley flowing and picturesque villages dotting its outskirts, Maastricht is ideal for camping holidays. Here are some of the must-visit spots in the area. 

  • Hoeve-De-Ploeg

Camping Hoeve-De-Ploeg sits in the middle of the green pastures, close to the Maas river. Here you can relax and have a great time with your family or friends. You can go hiking or biking, spa, play sports, or organize an event at the campsite.

  • Camping ‘t Geuldal

Camping ‘t Geuldal is a walking distance from the River Geul, right inside an old sand quarry. With its beautiful waterfalls, hidden meanders, and plenty of greenery, this is a lovely place for camping

Getting Around Maastricht 

The best way to move around Maastricht is by bus, taxi, and car rental. Most places are easily accessible by public transport. An OV-chipkaart allows you to take any bus or train and saves you money on tickets. The city’s railway station is at the southern end of the city center, between the “Kerkhofsweg” and “Sint Servaasbrug” roads.

Regular trains depart for all destinations within the Netherlands and international connections. You can also take a special shuttle bus from the central bus station to the station. The bus ride takes only 5 minutes, although there are less frequent departures during peak hours. You can rent bikes at different points throughout the city if need be. 


What is the best thing to do with kids in Maastricht?

There are plenty of activities to make your tour memorable. Guided tours to the church, treasury, the old city center, or sampling world-class cuisine. With its many museums, open-air markets, art galleries, and shops, Maastricht is a fantastic place for an extended tour. It’s easily accessible from other European cities via train or car.

What are some things to do in Maastricht when it’s raining?

When the weather is less than ideal, explore the main square and grab a terrace seat at one of its many cafes. The City Hall is another excellent place to sit back and take in the historic atmosphere. You’re bound to catch a glimpse of one of the city’s famous churches or museums. Enjoy an evening at the Vrijthof Square or stroll on the banks of the Meuse River.

What are the main fun things to do in Maastricht?

With its charming cobblestone streets and narrow alleys, Maastricht is a travel inspiration. Food, museums, tours, and sightseeing are just some activities you can enjoy. Take a guided tour to the Basilica of Our Lady, or Fort Sint Pieter. Head out to enjoy the beautiful scenery across the oldest bridge rides, Cannon Rooms, and Hell’s Gate. Finally, make sure you purchase some souvenirs from the independent shops in the old town.

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