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20 Best Beaches in the Netherlands to Visit

With the sand, the water, and a cool drink in hand, beaches represent summer better than any other vacay destination). This is particularly true in the Netherlands, where the sun is sometimes reluctant to shine.

The Netherlands is a beautiful country recognized for its diverse landscapes. It boasts great hiking and biking trails, tulip fields, marketplaces, cities, architecture, history, and copious amounts of cheese, among other things. It has a peaceful feel about it.

If you’re planning a vacation in summer, you must go to the Netherlands’ beaches. You can go fishing, snorkeling, eat delicious local cuisine, and go shopping! If you stay in one of the Netherlands’ beach resorts, your holiday will be more enjoyable.

In the Netherlands, a beautiful beach is never far away, whether you reside in the north or south of the lowlands. Our pick of the greatest beaches in the Netherlands will prepare you for a hot summer by allowing you to spend the whole day outside with sand, water, and that cool drink!

Best Beaches in the Netherlands

Here are some great beaches in the Netherlands to hit up on your next trip!

1. Scheveningen Beach

scheveningen beach

Scheveningen’s beach is situated in The Hague. Known for its sandy beach, pier, and lighthouse, Scheveningen is one of The Hague‘s eight districts. The beach is ideal for those who appreciate sunbathing, nice cuisine, wildlife, surfing, swimming, shopping, and spending time near the water.

Between the Boulevard and the Pier lies a more than three kilometers long beach. Public transport is the best way to get there in Amsterdam. Train travel to The Hague, where you can also take a tram to the beach, will take around 1 hour and 15 minutes.

This beach is distinct in that it is open all four seasons, allowing you to enjoy concerts, festivals, markets, and various other activities all year round. There are several beach hotels along the beach where you can relax and enjoy yourself without worrying about getting back to The Hague or Amsterdam.

Need somewhere to stay? Try the Ramada The Hague Scheveningen.

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2. Zandvoort Aan Zee Beach

Zandvoort Beach (Zandvoort aan Zee), Netherlands
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

The Kennemerland coast, where the Zandvoort aan zee Beach is situated, is in the North Holland Province (or Noord Holland). This area is home to some of the most popular beaches in the Netherlands.

Zandvoort Beach is the most wonderful place, and one of the most intriguing things about this beach is the presence of beautiful dunes so beautiful that words don’t do them justice.

Before beach tourism became a reality here, the beach originated as a fishing community; even then, the earliest tourist operations date back to 1828! The region was damaged during World War II, and most structures were rebuilt after the war.

There are many ways to get there: automobile, rail, bike, and train. The beach is best visited during the spring and summer and in warm weather, and the shops and restaurants are open. Both options include beach volleyball, soccer, wind/kite surfing, swimming, kite flying, horseback riding, and sunbathing. For a relaxing stay, check in to NH Zandvoort Hotel.

Another intriguing thing about Zandvoort Beach? It’s also home to the most popular dog-friendly nude beach near Amsterdam!

3. Hoek Van Holland Beach

Hoek Van Holland Beach

The regions around Hoek Van Holland provide more than simply a beach experience. It has attractions like a museum dedicated to Po Music, the history of Holland, the Atlantic Wall, and the crisp Fletcher Hotel-Restaurant Elzenduin for you to rest your weary head.

Hoek Van Holland Beach is a nice sandy beach situated near Rotterdam. During your visit, you will want to hit the pubs and restaurants.

The beach is distinctive since it is surrounded by industrial facilities, which creates a fascinating contrast! Another plus about this beach is that it’s wheelchair accessible.

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4. Texel Beach

Beach at Texel Dunes National Park
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

Texel Island (one of the Wadden Islands) is arguably home to the best beach in the Netherlands. The lovely island beach stretches of dunes for miles and miles, just a few miles north of Den Helder and across the Wadden Sea.

This is a great place for kids because lifeguards are on duty in the summer, so they can relax and enjoy themselves. You may hire a beach hut for as long as you wish, with a deck chair and a parasol included!

The public beach is also marked for various activities, and in certain spots, you can even let your dog run free. You can also fly a kite, sail, surf, and walk on one of Holland’s cleanest beaches.

Climb to the top of the Texel Lighthouse for spectacular views of the surroundings and stay in the comfy Hotel Greenside Texel to cap it off.

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5. Ameland Beach

Ameland Beach

Ameland Beach is a windy beach with a fun area to walk, take the dog for a walk, or relax and enjoy the sun and dunes. This popular beach is marked and flagged to assist visitors in understanding where they may undertake particular activities and relax in Fletcher Resort-Hotel Amelander Kaap – including nudity!

Now, if only one could coin a phrase combining “when in Rome..” and “what happens in Vegas.” In the Ameland Area, there are several beaches where people may sunbathe, surf, sail kites, dine, drink, ride horses, and swim – some of it is the final buff!

Showers and bathroom facilities are available, and beach chairs and windscreens are for hire. Wheelchairs are also welcome on the beach.

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6. Egmond Aan Zee Beach

Egmond Aan Zee Beach

A magnificent and picturesque beach may be found in North Holland, only a few kilometers from the resort town of Alkmaar, known for its famous cheese market.

It is situated in the municipality of Egmond and boasts a magnificent sandy beach that stretches for approximately a kilometer. The Egmond ann Zee Beach is ideal for those wishing to spend their summers at the beach with their family; plenty of restaurants and motels are nearby, so it’s a fantastic bargain.

The Van Spyek Lighthouse can also be seen from the beach, and while you’re not sunbathing and enjoying the waves, you can visit Alkmaar’s famed cheese market during the day and book a room at Hotel Zuiderduin for the night.

You will also not be disappointed by the assortment of stunning flower fields this area of the Netherlands is famous for (depending on the month of the year you visit!).

7. Strand Zuid

Strand Zuid

Strand Zuid is a beach on the south end of Amsterdam, next to the RAI Event Center. Strand Zuid is ideal for partygoers; it has a bustling nightlife, and during the summer, people walk along the beach and dine at neighboring restaurants.

It’s a laid-back and comfy beach, popular with locals since it’s just a few minutes from the city center and offers easy access to most amenities.

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8. Oostkapelle


If you want to spend more time in the sun this summer, go to the Oostkapelle beach in the Netherlands Zealand region. This location has the highest number of sun hours in the nation and is among the world’s most beautiful beaches! The beach is also lovely and picturesque, ideal for water sports, sunbathing, and walking on a hot summer’s day.

There are beach huts, nearby restaurants, cafés, and hotels like Strandhotel Dennenbos, where you can dine and drink while enjoying the stunning views.

There is also plenty of parking! The beach has won the International Blue Flag environmental award 31 times and has been declared the cleanest beach in the Netherlands four times!

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9. Terschelling


Terschelling is the second biggest West Frisian island. One of the beaches here is a whopping 30 kilometers long and broad enough that it may occasionally stretch to 1 kilometer!

You should get plenty of sun during summer. This place is great for beach volleyball and soccer, as well as horseback riding, cycling, and swimming! It’s also the ideal area to sunbathe, and the neighboring Oosterend Hotel’s 50s and 60s music will enchant you!

The lovely beach pavilions are well-known for hosting the annual Oreol theatrical festival. This is one of the Netherlands’ most peaceful beaches outside the summer. The dune’s 30-kilometer span is ideal for biking all year.

You may go to the beach with your friends or family to swim, ride dirt bikes, and enjoy beach parties. It’s a wonderful experience that any adventure seeker should have. Come to Terschelling, a tranquil beach in the Netherlands, to unwind.

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10. Berkenbosch Beach

Berkenbosch Beach

Walking along the gorgeous Berkenbosch Beach is an unforgettable experience visiting the Netherlands! The beach is in the Duindistel neighborhood of Oostkapelle.

Because there are no structures near the beach, it is great for picnickers looking to escape the city’s rush and bustle. Cabins and pavilions, as well as a shower and toilet, are available for rent at the beach. In the tranquility of the sandy beaches and azure waves, people may walk, swim, and play beach games!

11. Makkum


This ancient fishing hamlet in Southern Friesland attracts many visitors during the summer, owing to the area’s link with water sports. Many sailing, surfing, waterskiing activities, and beach-oriented hotels can be found throughout the hamlet.

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12. Holland’s Hook

Holland's Hook

Hook of Holland, Rotterdam’s most western borough, is situated at the mouth of the New Waterway shipping canal.

The district’s coastline offers broad, open beaches that are especially popular during the summer, and several hotels, watersports facilities, and other amenities spread around Hook of Holland’s coastline.

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13. Pieterburen


This picturesque town in the Groningen region may have many unique attractions, including gothic brick homes, historic windmills, and the Seal Rehabilitation and Research Centre.

The town’s shoreline is sometimes subjected to exceptionally low tides, making it perfect for Wadlopen (mudflat trekking), a historic and infamously risky activity involving walking over the Wadden Sea’s sandbank. You can find a comfortable residence at Hotel Waddenweelde.

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14. Camperduin


Camperduin is one of a kind. Dunes surround this beach, as the name implies. While this isn’t particularly unique for a Dutch beach, Camperduin also boasts an artificially formed lagoon protected by these dunes. Unique? No. Cool? Very.

15. Petten


Petten is a great place for many tourists for a romantic evening at the beach. Its panoramic dune is the best area to watch the beautiful sunsets, with chairs strategically positioned for watching the sunset.

Petten is also an excellent place to swim and is readily accessible by public transportation or automobile for a relaxing day. There’s also free parking!

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16. Sint Maartenszee

Sint Maartenszee

If you’re looking for a double-beach day, Petten and Sint Maartenszee are the places to go. Sint Maartenszee is about five kilometers from Petten and is readily accessible by bike.

It’s a lovely rural area with a playground for the kids to enjoy and has a beach club. One of the beach clubs sprinkled around this gorgeous shoreline may allow you to hire a sunbed or a sunshade. Sint Maartenszee is a great hotel nearby if you need somewhere to crash for the night.

17. Bloemendaal Aan Zee

Bloemendaal Aan Zee

Bloemendaal aan Zee’s beach is a popular destination, and with good reason. It is surrounded by nature, much like the other beaches on the list.

The Kennemerduinen are very lovely to stroll in. Bloemendaal aan Zee, like all excellent Dutch beaches, is flanked by cafés providing delectable food and beverages, ensuring that you don’t go hungry throughout your beach holiday.

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18. Noordwijk


The famed tulip fields of Keukenhof, which we all love to visit in the spring, are near Noordwijk Beach. It features 18 beach clubs, seven of which are open all year. Noordwijk is the ideal spot for a drink and a snack while gazing out at sea, whether it’s summer or winter.

Rafting, canoeing, and kite-flying are just a few beach activities available. What’s even better? Dogs are also welcome here; however, check to see where and when your four-legged pals

19. Zandmotor Beach

Zandmotor Beach

If you’re seeking beaches in the Hague, Netherlands, you must go to Zandmotor. It’s a fantastic beach for individuals who want to dine while relaxing on the sand. The beach is famous for its proximity to incredible mouthwatering local cuisine.

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20. Katwijk


If you haven’t visited the beach market of Katwijk in Amsterdam, Netherlands, or elsewhere, you haven’t seen enough beaches. The beach is known for its shops and beautiful promenade. The anglers’ homes, lighthouses, and peaceful beaches transport you to another world.

Katwijk is one of the most tranquil beaches in South Holland (or Zuid Holland). We’ve shown you some of the most beautiful beaches in the Netherlands, but there are many more to discover.


Are Dogs Allowed to a Beach in the Netherlands?

The presence of dogs on Dutch beaches varies depending on the location. Always search for information on a certain beach on the beach’s website or the local municipality’s website.

Many beaches have laws prohibiting you from walking your dog during particular periods of the year or specific days. Winter is normally when you take your dog for a stroll on the beach.

Is it true that the beaches in the Netherlands are overcrowded?

Popular Dutch beaches like Scheveningen may become rather crowded. This is especially true if you visit on a hot weekend day.

Is there a beach for nudists in the Netherlands?

Yes, quite a few! A good option is that if you locate a conventional beach, will be a naaktstrand nearby.

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