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Denver CityPASS Review: Is The Pass Worth The Price?

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Using a CityPASS can be a great way to see an entire city paying large upfront costs. Let’s conduct a thorough Denver CityPASS review to help you determine if the pass is worth the price.

You have always wanted to know how Denver CityPASS works, what are the tips and tricks for using it, how to buy Denver CityPASS, and whether it is worth the price.

If so, you are in the right place. This Denver CityPass review will give you all the answers to your questions and prepare you for a full-time city cultural experience. Denver is a dynamic city with so much to offer than just 300 days of sunshine per year.

From its interesting and vibrant cultural scene to historical landmarks and beautiful parks, Mile High City has to offer something for every type of visitor.

If you hope to save money while visiting Denver but still want to experience all the city’s beauty, Denver CityPASS might be your solution.

It provides a good opportunity to explore the city’s best attractions for less money. They have many of them, which are well spread out, so you may want to consider renting a car in Denver to stay efficient with your time.

As with all city passes, this card is not for everyone. If you want to know if this is a good option, keep reading.


Denver CityPASS is a great tool for making your sightseeing plans while saving up to 37% off the cost of attractions you’ve selected.

CityPASS provides an entrance to 3, 4, or 5 of Denver’s top 8 attractions, so choosing which ones you want to see is up to you. All you have to do is pick out how many of those attractions you will visit and buy the card online.

After the online purchase, you will get an e-mail with convenient mobile and printable ticket options. Choose the option you like more, and your Denver adventure can begin.

The best part about this CityPASS is that you don’t have to rush and specify which places you will visit. In other words, you can select your attractions on the go and experience the city on your schedule while saving money.

How cool is that? However, there are a few things to keep in mind. Denver CityPASS is valid for seven consecutive days from your first use. It also expires one year after purchasing it, so you must activate it within that year.


Below is a list of the various attractions included in the Denver CityPass. For each attraction, we will highlight the following:

  • An overview of the Denver attraction
  • Cost of admission
  • Who the attraction is catered to

Let’s get into a list of attractions that are a part of the Denver CityPASS.

Denver Museum of Nature and Science

musem of nature & science is included in denver citypass

Denver CityPASS includes an entrance to one of the city’s top cultural attractions. Denver’s learning center for over 100 years, The Museum of Nature & Science, is a paradise for all those looking for interesting exhibits.

From dinosaur fossils and cultural artifacts to beautiful gems and minerals, as well as wildlife exhibits, this museum is a must-visit. You can even explore the outer reaches of space or discover the inner workings of a human body.

The museum also has an IMAX theatre and Planetarium that cost extra, but if you decide to spend a whole day in this amazing museum, it is worth paying the price.

(Regular adult admission: $19.95)

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Denver ZOO

flamingos in denver zoo

Next to the Museum of Nature & Science, the Denver Zoo houses more than 650 species and 4,000 animals. Asian elephants, rhinos, and tigers are just some beautiful creatures that call this Zoo a home.

There are numerous interesting exhibits within the zoo ready to be explored. Some are Bear Mountain, Tropical Discovery, Primate Panorama, Giraffe Encounter, Predator Ridge, Elephant Passage, etc. Buy your CityPass and enjoy all the benefits the zoo offers you!

Train and carousel rides and up-close encounters with animals are extra activities provided for an additional charge.

(Regular adult admission: $20)

Downtown Aquarium

mermaids and exploring sea life are possible in denver aquarium

Another family-friendly attraction in Denver CityPass is the cool Downtown Aquarium. It’s a great place to learn more about aquatic animals and their lifestyle habits in a fun and interesting way.

Head to the Under the Sea exhibit to enjoy mermaids and sea life with choreographed music. For all those who want to know more, an electric train named Aquatic Express will have you on board.

It tours the Aquarium and is a great way to learn more about the sea world. Aquatic Carousel is ready to be tried by the youngest members of your family, so let the fun begin!

Activities like one-to-one encounters with animals, different 4D movies, and shipwrecking diving are also available within the Aquarium, but for an additional fee.

(Regular adult admission: $22.99)

Denver Botanic Gardens

beautiful botanical gardens in denver

All nature lovers gather because Denver CityPASS is offering you access to the green haven of peace. Occupying 24 acres with plants from all over the world, Denver Botanic Gardens is one of the largest gardens in the United States.

When you visit, admire the gorgeous gardens inspired by Asia, the Tropics, and South Africa. Head to ‘Ornamental Gardens’ to enjoy the rainbow of colorful roses and lilies.

Amazing aquatic plants can be found in Water Gardens, and when you get tired of walking, find refreshments in ‘Shady Gardens.’ From March to October, Children’s Garden is a great place for children to explore Colorado’s ecosystem.

Beyond that, the Botanic Gardens host several activities throughout the year, such as art installations, concerts, conservation efforts, and learning opportunities.

(Regular adult admission: $12.50)

Children’s Museum of Denver at Marsico Campus

kids will enjoy this fun and interactive museum

Denver CityPASS provided children with a great interactive museum worth the visit. If your little ones are eager to find new ways of learning through play and creating art, this is a place to be.

From zip-lining, indoor mountain climbing, and playing firefighting to painting and sculpting, the museum offers amazing opportunities for children to learn and grow.

The center is based on four themes: explore, imagine, investigate, and create. Is there any better way to spend time while you are young and hopeful?

(Regular adult admission: $14)

Denver Art Museum

magnificent building of denver art museum is a must-visit for all art lovers

If you are an art lover, this massive fortress-like museum is unavoidable. With several permanent art collections from around the world and a world-class American Indian art collection, you won’t be left disappointed.

Denver Art Museum is also famous for interesting traveling exhibits, special events, and family programming, so plan a family day and feast on some of the best art ever.

The museum’s Hamilton Building, with its unique design inspired by the peaks of the Rocky Mountains, shouldn’t be missed.

(Regular adult admission: $13)

History Colorado Center

an interesting research and learning center in denver

Visiting an amazing high-tech museum is also included in Denver CityPASS. A must-visit place for all history buffs, History Colorado Center features a combination of technology and media exhibits. Lots of exhibits are interactive, so spending time here will be fun for kids and adults.

If you are looking for an educational but interesting way to spend the day, this center is ideal for exploring the rich history of Colorado and the West.

A research center with extensive resources and many programs for adults and kids can also be found within the center. All you have to do is come and enjoy.

(Regular adult admission: $14)

Wings Over The Rockies Air & Space Museum

space museum with great exhibitions is a fun for the whole family

Last but not least, one of the attractions included in Denver CityPASS is this great air and space museum. This is an ideal place to learn more about aviation history while admiring more than 50 aircraft.

On the other hand, if you are more of a space fan, don’t worry because this cool museum also offers you a chance to learn about astronauts and space exploration. Numerous travel exhibitions, flight simulations, and interactive flight exhibitions are ready to be tried.

(Regular adult admission: $15)


Denver CityPASS is an excellent choice for travelers looking for a cultural day off. However, there are some tips and tricks you should have in mind.

  • Buy your CityPASS before you reach any of the attractions (CityPASS cannot be bought at any of the attractions!)
  • Choose the most expensive attractions to get the maximum value of your pass and save more money
  • Guided tours are not included in Denver CityPASS; it’s all about exploring attractions on your own
  • Denver Art Museum is free for kids under 18, so don’t include it on your pass if you are coming with youngsters. Also, keep in mind that general admission is free for everyone on the first Saturday of the month
  • Best time to visit Denver ZOO is in the morning when animals are the most active and when you can find the best free parking spot
  • Best time to visit the History Colorado Center and Denver Museum of Nature & Science is in the afternoon when it’s usually less-crowded


Buying this amazing pass is a piece of cake. It can only be bought online.

After you purchase your pass, you will get an e-mail with a printable and mobile ticket. Choose the option that suits you more and start exploring the cultural side of Mile High City.

Mobile tickets are perhaps simple to carry and keep track of the attractions. However, as technology is not always reliable, it is not a bad option to have a paper copy with you just in case your phone runs out of battery.

Buy the Denver pass online and save 37% on the top attractions. 


Even if it seems so, Denver CityPASS is not an attractive option for every traveler. Those who should definitely consider taking Denver CityPASS are first-time visitors and those who like to take their time while discovering the culture. When visiting a city for the first time, you would probably like to see as many attractions as possible.

You would also like to have enough time to explore all those attractions, so Denver CityPASS is the right choice. It is also a great option for families as it is family-friendly with several interesting attractions for kids. This way, your family trip doesn’t have to be expensive and boring.

On the other hand, if you are not interested in cultural attractions and exhibitions, Denver CityPASS is not for you. The same goes for people who enjoy guided tours more than wandering around by themselves.


is denver citypass worth the price?
photo credit @travmedia

Since the cost of tickets interests every visitor, in the table below, you will find all the necessary information. Prices are divided into adults (ages 12+) and children (ages 3-11), depending on how many attractions you would like to visit.

As you can see, using Denver CityPASS is an excellent chance to save money while visiting the city’s best attractions. Therefore, whether traveling with your family, friends, or youngsters, the CityPASS allows you to visit the sights at much lower prices than usual.


Denver CityPASS Review: Is The Pass Worth The Price?

You always wanted to know how Denver CityPass works, where to buy, and is it worth it? If so, you are in the right place with our Denver CityPass review.

Product Brand: CityPASS

Editor's Rating:


  • Easy to Use
  • Hassle Free Exploring
  • Save Money
  • Maximize Your Experiences
  • Multi-Day Eligibility


  • Limitation on Attractions

Like any other pass, the Denver CityPASS has positive and negative sides. It is definitely worth considering if you find yourself in the paragraph ‘Who should buy Denver CityPASS’.

First of all, the CityPASS itself is not so expensive, and neither are the attractions, but if you can save during your trip, why not use it? In other words, it is a great option for all those wanting to experience the cultural attraction on their own while having as much time as needed.

It’s also an excellent option because you can save 37% off the regular admission prices if used strategically (head for the most expensive options!).

The other great thing about Denver CityPASS is the fact that it gives you flexibility. It expires one year after purchase, so you don’t have to rush with your visit.

Moreover, the CityPASS is valid for 7 days once you activate it, which is great if you want to plan your sightseeing schedule. If you have 3 days in Denver, you’ll likely get more than enough opportunities to use the pass to its full value.

Fast-track entry for the most popular attractions is also provided, saving you a lot of time to wait in lines. You have to show your ticket (paper copy or mobile) and you are in. There were no lines and no waiting in the crowd.

Overall, Denver CityPASS is worth the look. Book the Denver CityPASS below.

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