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9 Best Food Presets for Photography

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A good foodie photo is a thing of beauty, especially when taken by professional food photographers. The color, texture, and composition all come together to make you want to dive right in.

But if you’re like most people, you haven’t been trained in the art of taking beautiful food photos—and even if you have been taught, it can be hard to get that perfect shot every time!

That’s where photo presets come in. Presets are easy-to-use settings that let anyone get professional-looking shots without learning the ins and outs of lighting, exposure, and composition.

Best-Of by Category

Category Product
For Dessert Photography Chocolate Matte Free Lightroom Preset
Best Comprehensive Food Presets Lightroom Food Presets Pack
For Healthy Food Photography The Fit Foodie Lightroom Preset Collection – Ultimate Foodie Bundle
Best to Make Food Look Delicious Gourmet Food Lightroom Preset

Best Foodie Photography Presets for Fab Food Photos

Without further ado, here are our favorite presets!

Chocolate Matte Free Lightroom Preset

chocolate liquid, with cookies and kiss

If you have a sweet tooth and are into food photography – the first item that comes to mind is delectable chocolates. And sometimes, it has this oozing sweet filling that food lovers definitely want to capture. 

The country that makes the best chocolates is Belgium. I dare you to fight me on this. There are more than 2,000 chocolate shops in Belgium, so you can’t go there and not stop by a least one.

Chocolate Matte Free Lightroom Presets can give your shots a classic look without sacrificing any of their clarity. Uniquely, it enhances even the most mundane photograph to look like a cinematic setting. You can make your food photos bronzed and give them a cinematic impression even with natural lighting, whether indoors or outdoors.

Chocolate Matte Lightroom Preset Pros

  • Can also be used in landscape travel photos to make it look soft and calm
  • Completely adjustable
  • Compatible with Adobe Lightroom Versions 4, 5, 6, and CC; runs on PC, Mac, and mobile devices too
  • One of the completer free Lightroom presets

Chocolate Matte Lightroom Preset Cons

  • Only compatible with RAW and JPG image files

Lightroom Food Presets Pack

dry vegetables with roasted meat

Bread can look boring because of its limited tones. To capture a bold photo of this food item would need props to make it stand out, right? That said, you would need extra care in your prop choices as the pastries should still be the star! This makes it hard for foodies to capture a good one.

Afghanistan’s national bread, Naan-e Afghani, is a staple in every Afghan family and is made every day. Most Afghan meals include this yummy flatbread, which is best eaten warm from the oven. This makes the country a dream destination for bakers and bread enthusiasts – if you can stomach the leftover IEDs and the Taliban.

Still, there’s nothing stopping you from making it at home.

The Lightroom Food Presets Pack has a total of 35 filters that adds traces of classic faded film to your cuisine, designed to bring back the golden colors in bread and sweets. However, only five are con can be free Lightroom presets within the set. When your delicate baked goods lose their natural brown tones due to light marble or bright backgrounds, this preset is a must-have.

Lightroom Food Presets Pack Pros

  • Completely adjustable
  • Compatible with Versions 4, 5, 6, and CC 
  • Can run on PC, Mac, and mobile devices
  • There are five free Lightroom presets within the pack

Lightroom Food Presets Pack Cons

  • Only 5 out of 35 presets are free Lightroom presets for food photography

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Ice Cream Mobile Lightroom Preset

Gelato, vanilla ice cream

Ice cream can never be forgotten as one of the most in-demand desserts anywhere globally. Even in any season, people still eat ice cream a lot. While many places claim to have the best ice cream (such as delectable Chinese ice cream or rich Channel Islands ice cream), one of the biggest trends today is Turkish ice cream. 

Turkish ice cream is made with milk, sugar, salep, and mastic. These authentic ingredients make a uniquely chewy, and more melt-resistant sweet treat than other ice creams.

This preset promises to enhance the colors and smoothen the edges perfect for this Turkish dessert. To use the Ice Cream Mobile Lightroom preset, you need a free Lightroom CC app and a Lightroom Preset to make food photography easy, and its results look their best with this free mobile Lightroom Preset.

Ice Cream Mobile Lightroom Preset Pros

  • Has three license types to choose from depending on the use of your food photography output
  • Completely adjustable
  • Editing photos can be done with a single click!
  • Compatible with mobile apps
  • The preset includes a skin tone adjustment guide
  • Has a comprehensive instruction guide

Ice Cream Mobile Lightroom Preset Cons

  • Needs payment to download these Lightroom presets for food photography
  • Not compatible with Desktop Lightroom presets
  • For website or app use, you can only use the extended commercial license type

The Fit Foodie Lightroom Preset Collection – Ultimate Foodie Bundle

fit food

In general, everyone just loves food and eating well. All Insta-foodies can be attested post photos of their meals online whenever they have the chance to.

It is important that your available Lightroom presets for food photography can be applied to anything at all.

This is the main point of The Fit Foodie Lightroom Preset Collection. It has a total of 34 presets that the developer herself uses. It has 26 presets that are quite adaptable and can help you get a clean, bright, and colorful look.

PLUS, For photographs that need an extra dose of moodiness, intricacy, matte, or brightening effects, there are also 8 Preset Boosters available within the collection.

The Fit Foodie Lightroom Preset Collection Lightroom Preset Pros

  • Editing photos can be done with a single click.
  • Compatible with Adobe’s home computer version
  • Detailed installation instructions are available with it

The Fit Foodie Lightroom Preset Collection Preset Cons

  • Only works on RAW and JPEG formats
  • No free Lightroom presets

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Fruit & Vegetables Lightroom Presets

avocado, carrots and banana

Fun fact; China ranked first as the top fresh fruit producer in 2022. India and Vietnam then follow it. Every culture’s diet would be incomplete without fruits and vegetables – and we’d all be a lot less healthy without them. Vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other nutrients are abundant in them.

Fruits and vegetables in photos usually lack the sparkle of freshness in them. Food photographers would then agree with typical eaters that cameras cannot emphasize the zest in each one of them.

The 32 Fruit & Vegetables Lightroom presets in this collection are specifically designed for food photography of fruits and vegetables. To make your food look fresh and appealing, use these presets. Green tones were given particular focus, as was striking a beautiful balance between contrast and clarity.

Fruit & Vegetables Lightroom Presets Pros

– Compatible with both Windows and Apple PC 

– Works on Adobe Lightroom 4, 5, 6, CC, and Classic CC

– Each preset is adjustable

Fruit & Vegetables Lightroom PresetsCons

– All settings are compatible with JPG and RAW pictures only

Cake Mama Photo Presets

strawberry with chocolate and cream cake

Any amateur shutterbug wants to take an ordinary photograph and turn it into something that appears to be of professional quality. Bakers and food bloggers may prefer pictures that are as natural and bright as possible, but no-one wants to sacrifice color.

Cake Mama, a bakery in Washington, USA, has the tastiest bread and baked goods made using natural ingredients, organic grains, and local products. This reflects in the quality of their products, which the bakers make.

To create justice for the actual baked products, The Cake Mama Photo Presets was made. This set of foodie presets is designed to work best in daylight, but it also includes a few tweaks to compensate for images taken in dimly lit environments. They are thinner, but they don’t take away too much color from the picture.

Cake Mama Photo Presets Pros

  • Includes 6 presets in the bundle to help you in your food photography
  • Editing food shots can be done easily
  • Works well with the mobile Lightroom App
  • A link for download and installation instructions will be provided upon download of your food photography Lightroom presets

Cake Mama Photo Presets Cons

  • Does not include any free Lightroom presets for food photography
  • Not compatible with the desktop version

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Food Lightroom Presets

strawberries with tomatoes and blueberries

Food is one of the top reasons for deciding on a vacation destination. Some of the countries that top the list for having the best eats are the United Kingdom, the United States, France, Italy, Israel, Jamaica, Thailand, and Japan. If you are a foodie going to any of these destinations, you should be prepared for the numerous photos!

Food Lightroom Presets is a free Lightroom preset that enhances food photography by making it more vibrant and engaging. When you look at the snapshot, you’ll feel like you’ve had a mouthful of something delicious, and you’ll be left needing more!

Use this preset for recipe websites, food blogs, catalogs, and Instagram.

Food Lightroom Preset Pros

  • Fully Adjustable food photography Lightroom presets
  • Created and can be used for Windows and Apple, and Mobile
  • Lightroom Classic desktop apps support Lrtemplate and XMP preset formats
  • Included are DNG presets for the free Lightroom mobile app
  • Download as free presets for food photography

Food Lightroom Preset Cons

  • This applies only to both RAW and JPG food images

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Fast Food Lightroom Preset

pizza with hamburger and fries

Who doesn’t love fast food? If your trips are spontaneous, or if you need to grab something on the go, you cannot pass up fast food wherever you go, especially when some are only available in certain regions – particularly the US!

The US consumes the most fast food in the world – hardly a surprise there. Naturally, burgers are the most popular type of fast food, accounting for more than half of total fast food spending in the country. And for that reason alone, fast food burgers deserve some photo love too!

Taking photos of this delicious food should be detailed to get every sesame seed, every strand of meat, every glob of melted cheese, and the patty’s juiciness, into the picture.

The Fast Food Lightroom Presets can improve your images and give them a more professional look and feel. You can avoid the time-consuming and frustrating process by purchasing presets. It’s fast food and even faster photography!

Fast Food Lightroom Preset Pros

  • Includes three presets for food photography
  • Has XMP files for home computer and laptop use
  • Included are DNG presets for the free mobile app.
  • Comes with free instructions on how to download and install the food photography Lightroom presets
  • Has an available lifetime customer support

Fast Food Lightroom Preset Cons

  • This applies only to both RAW and JPG formats of food images.
  • Needs payment to be downloaded and installed

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Gourmet Food Lightroom Preset

gourmet food. food presets

If you are going on an expensive dining experience, ensure your photos match what you have spent. It would be a shame to go a long way, dress fancy, and miss the chance to keep memories of it through the food photos. 

France and Italy are the countries that top the list with the best gourmet dishes. The fundamental component of their meals is their simplicity combined with freshness and quality.

In Italy, this is owed to the variety and mild but unique flavor of the pasta, Florentine steaks, and bottarga. For France, it is their spin on simple staples like baguettes and croissants as well as refined peasant dishes like coq au vin and ratatouille.

For this purpose, the Gourmet Food Lightroom Preset will edit for you as it is one of the food photography Lightroom presets available.

Gourmet Food Lightroom Preset Pros

  • Has three license types to choose from depending on the use of your foodie photos
  • Has ten variants of the presets in DNG, LRTEMPLATE, and XMP format for mobile, desktop, and Camera Raw and new versions of Lightroom, respectively
  • Compatible with all photo formats

Gourmet Food Lightroom Preset Cons

  • Not one of the free Lightroom food presets
  • For website or app use, you can only use the extended commercial license type

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