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Tentrr Review 2022: Is It Legit & Worth It?

Tentrr Review 2022: Is It Legit & Worth It?

What is Tentrr? How do you book a camping trip with the site? This Tentrr review offer answers to these questions and any other that you might have.

While camping has been the to-go thing only for some people, the love for the outdoors has immensely grown.

This is especially because of the pandemic that saw the world stay indoors for months, with restricted movement.

Now that the world is opening up, although, with certain restrictions and requirements, more people have turned to camp vacations.

Not only does camping allow social distancing, but it also brings you into contact with nature and its magnificence. However, only camping enthusiasts would understand what this means.

Tentrr is one platform that has come to make the camping experience even more exciting. While it was somewhat difficult to get awesome camping sites in the past, this is no longer an issue.

The platform allows you to go camping almost anywhere in the US, anytime you want.

If you’ve not heard about the platform, this Tentrr review is what you exactly need. With it, camping for you will no longer be the same.

What is Tentrr? 

Tentrr logo

This is an online marketplace, working the same way as Airbnb, but now for campers.

In essence, Tentrr is a platform that gives campers an easy way to find preferred camping sites in privately owned properties across the country. 

It connects people looking for camping sites with landowners or camp keepers. 

The best thing about Tentrr is that it will handle all aspects of your camping. Right from bookings to site setups and insurance, Tentrr ensures that campers get the best experiences.

On the other hand, property owners and campsite managers reap good income from this simple business.

If you’ve had a negative camping experience in the past, Tentrr camping rental services can change this. In fact, that was the main reason behind its establishment. 

The founder, Michael D’Agostino, once wanted to go camping with his wife. However, getting that ideal camping site was more than an uphill task. After searching for a while without success, he settled for a vacation rental, which was even much expensive. 

While they still had good times, he envied the neighboring landscapes, most of which he had no access to as they were private properties. That’s when the idea sprung.

What if one could access all beautiful landscapes without restrictions? Connecting the local property owners with the urban nature enthusiasts seemed like the best solution.

All in all, Tentrr allows you to camp in style, offering an already pitched tent, inclusive of all necessary camping equipment. 

Established in 2016, with just a handful of campsites, Tentrr currently gives campers access to hundreds of camping sites (over 1,000), both on private lands and state parks across 42 states in the US.

And, while it’s still a notch lower than glamping, it’s way better than the traditional pitch-your-tent camping style. 

How does Tentrr Work?

Tentrr Search

Since the platform was designed to offer both campers and property owners convenience, it’s pretty much easy to use.

All you need is to visit their website or their app, fill in the following details, and you are ready to go.

  • The state where you wish to go camping
  • Number of campers
  • When you would want to camp (camping dates)

You’ll then be presented with numerous options to choose from, which will now depend on what you are looking for. Whether it’s a hiking excursion you are looking for, an excellent place for kayaking, skiing, or simply open space for group picnics, Tentrr has more than enough options.

There is diversity in campsite options, allowing you to choose properties with various sceneries, including beaches, forests, rivers, hills, mountains, etc.

After finding a campsite that fits your preferences, go ahead and signup for a free account with Tentrr. From here, you can book and reserve the site by entering your credit card details as prompted.

When searching for the best camping sites, you can use the zip code or a town’s name to get the available campsites in the area.

Generally, camping with Tentrr will cost you approximately $100 a night.

However, if you are camping as a group, you can always split the cost and pay much less per person.

Once you are through with the booking, you’ll receive several confirmation emails from Tentrr.

They also send you more details about that specific campsite, including the contact details of your host (camp keeper), directions, and a list of nearby restaurants, gas stations, grocery stores, local attractions, medical facilities etc. 

All this is meant to offer more convenience during your travel and stay there. 

Tentrr Review: Campsite Locations  

Tentrr locations

While Tentrr doesn’t serve the entire globe, it covers more than two-thirds of the US. Out of the 50 states in the US, you can book campsites with Tentrr in 41 states.

In addition, if your interests incline towards Puerto Rico, Tentrr also offers services here.

Basically, Tentrr campsites can be divided into four categories as follows:

Backcountry Campsites

This is the most basic camping option with Tentrr. It typically includes countryside campsites where you pay an average of $40 a night. This is an ideal option for campers who own personal tents and camping gear.

Although you come with your own camping gear and a tent, the campsites are pretty awesome and secluded. This means you will have all the alone time you need with nature.

Signature Campsites

These are what Tentrr is known for. The package comes equipped with a tent and all the necessary camping gear such as a blow-up mattress, sun shower, grill, camp toilet, dry food closet, etc. Now, this looks like everything we need for camping.

All you need to carry with you are beddings, food, and any other thing you may deem necessary for your camping. In addition, depending on the location you’ve chosen, Tentrr can offer further equipment like fishing rods, etc.

The prices here will cost between $65 and $200 a night, based on the property.

State Park Campsites

These are campsites on state parks. They offer the same package as the Signature campsites, with the only difference being in land ownership. Currently, Tentrr Maine is the best for such camping sites.

Most campsites here will cost you an average of $100 per night.

Curated Campsites

If you want more space and luxury, this type of camping offers such. Instead of the regular camping tents we are used to, this option includes larger, luxury style tents and yurts.

They are also a bit pricier, will prices going even up to $300 a night. While this might seem relatively expensive, especially for accommodation in a tent, the experience is always unequaled. Also, it gives you the freedom of camping without owning personal tents and camping gear.

Whether you want to enjoy the beauty Lake Superior in Minnesota or California’s Yosemite Great Falls, nothing pulls you back.

Tentrr New York

Tentrr New York

New York is the birthplace of Tentrr camping. And, the state doesn’t disappoint when it comes to ideal places for camping

With its forests covering over 19 million acres of land, you can never run short of outdoor space to visit and enjoy breathtaking nature views.  

As if this is not enough, the state also offers over 7,000 lakes and ponds, spicing up the outdoor experiences all the more. And if you were looking for some mountain climbing, hiking, or skiing activities, Adirondaks, Catskill, or Appalachia, offer excellent options.

These mountains present some of the best nature views you’ll ever see across the US. 

If you need a break from the busy urban life, upstate New York offers hundreds of gorgeous campsites you can choose from.

With Tentrr, you have access to over 180 state parks, 22 national parks, and hundreds of private properties. 

So, if you are unsure of where to go camping in New York, the answer is just a Tentrr away. 

Some of the best camping sites in New York, based on online Tentrr reviews, include: 

  • Sunrise Hill
  • Piney Wood Hills
  • Forest Farm Waterfall Camp
  • Mountain View Campsite, etc.

Some of the best cities to camp in New York State include:

  • Argyle
  • Mineville
  • Walton
  • Varysburg
  • Middleburgh 

It is never a dull day in New York with Tentrr.

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Tentrr Reviews

If you are like me and can’t trust easily without seeing reviews or testimonials from past customers, this will serve you well. While our Tentrr review might not include every past customer’s review, incredible data is there to show that people love Tentrr camping.

According to, 89% of all Tentrr reviewers strongly recommend using this platform for campers.

Most of these reviewers acknowledge the convenience and the variety of incredible camping options, which the platform offers.

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Tentrr Review: What to Expect 

Tentrr Camp keeper

Ideally, the platform was established to offer convenience and ease while planning camping trips for a veteran camper or a novice. This includes searching for ideal campsites, bookings, and reservations, or acquiring camping equipment.

The best thing about Tentrr is that almost everything you need is provided at the campsite. This means you don’t have to carry much unless you’ve booked a Backcountry Campsite.

For the other campsite categories, including Signature, State Park, and Curated campsites, here’s what you should expect:

  • A canvas tent set on a wooden stand – the 10’ by 12’ is large enough to fit a queen-size bed and leave some room.
  • Dome tent – these are extra Tentrr tents offered to group campers who can’t fit in one canvas tent.
  • Queen bed – most Tentrr tents will have two queen beds with blow-up mattresses, although some tents will have a single bed.
  • Sun shower – this is not always available at every campsite. So, ensure you choose one that indicates to offer one if you need it.
  • Camp toilet – most places will offer composting toilets in pop-up tents. Toilet papers are provided.

Other items included in the package include:

  • A fire pit
  • Woodstove
  • Campfire grill
  • A picnic table and benches
  • Two Tentrr Adirondack chairs
  • Grill tongs
  • A brush
  • Water carrier
  • Trash bin

This relieves you of the burden of carrying so many items from home. Some other campsites will offer more, based on the location and available recreational activities in the area.

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Tentrr Review: Discounts

If you are looking for discounts with Tentrr, you might be disappointed. Tentrr discount codes and coupons are rare to find, as thousands of people search for the coupons against the few that the platform issues.

The good thing is the average prices for the campsites are relatively favorable. With as little as $35, you can get yourself a campsite.  

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Tentrr Cancellation Policy

Have you already booked a campsite with Tentrr but can’t make it for the camping?

Well, if an unavoidable situation requires you to cancel your trip, you don’t need to panic. Tentrr allows you to cancel your intended trip right from your account but in adherence to their cancellation policy.

For a full refund of the booking cost, you must make the cancellation 72 hours prior to the check-in time. Any reservation canceled within 72 hours of the check-in time, only 50% of the total cost will be refundable.

If, for any reason, you can’t cancel the reservation from your account, you can contact the Tentrr customer service desk by calling 888-798-9093 or an email to  

With this Tentrr review, I hope that you can now start planning for that camping trip you’ve been longing for.

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Value for Money


Customer Service





  • Best Site for Finding a Private Campsite
  • Ideal for New Campers
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Makes Camping Easy
  • Provides General Liability Insurance


  • Some Camping Grounds are Expensive
  • No RV friendly Option
  • Limited Only to 45 States