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15 Best Travel Insurance for Children

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Which is the best travel insurance for children? Are your kids included in your travel insurance coverage? Find out these answers here to help you plan your next trip.

Travel is almost inevitable. Whether you are traveling for business or leisure, it comes with lots of planning, costs, and requirements.

It gets even more complex when it’s a family vacation, especially with kids. And for this reason, anything that can make the whole planning process less cumbersome is welcomed.

Travel insurance is a crucial aspect of your travel, and it helps relieve the stress from your family trip. For instance, it covers various aspects of your travel, including medical emergencies, flight cancellations, loss of luggage, and even evacuations.

Several insurance companies will allow you to include your kids on the cover. However, others will require the kids to take their travel insurance policy. Today, we look at some of the best travel insurance covers for children you can always rely on.

This way, the next time you travel with the beautiful ones, you can enjoy the trip to the fullest.

Best Travel Insurance for Children

1. VisitorsCoverage

VisitorsCoverage Logo

VisitorsCoverage is one of the best insurance options for travel insurance coverage for kids due to its comprehensive coverage and affordability. VisitorsCoverage lets parents know their children are covered should any unexpected medical needs arise while traveling.

This coverage extends beyond just emergency medical care, offering a variety of additional benefits such as trip cancellation, lost or stolen luggage protection, emergency evacuation services, and more.

Plus, coverage plans can be tailored to individual needs – single trips or extended stays – and costs remain substantially lower than other insurance providers.

With these features in mind, it’s easy to see why VisitorsCoverage is one of the best insurance options for travel insurance coverage for kids. If you’d like to learn more about the platform, read our full VisitorsCoverage review.


  • Excellent customer support
  • Immediate coverage
  • Great for medical coverage
  • Insurance coverage for traveling abroad


  • Limited child-only insurance plans

2. Travelex – Family Travel Insurance

Travelex Insurance Logo

For families traveling together, Travelex is a good option. Travelex Select is the best family plan because it offers free insurance for children under 21.

If you are looking for annual travel insurance for your family, Travelex covers trips up to 364 days. So, your family is safe for a year. You can use it as your primary cover as it covers almost all the basics, including baggage delay, emergency medical evacuation, and 50% trip cancellation.

Travelex is known for its transparent pricing model and is quite affordable. Like what you are hearing? Read more in this full Travelex travel insurance review.


  • Free for children under 21 years
  • Offers annual insurance cover options
  • Inclusive primary cover
  • Affordable with transparent pricing
  • Eligible for exciting upgrades when you buy the select plan


  • No terrorism coverage and it does not cover non-medical evacuations.

3. AIG Travel Guard – Family Travel Insurance

AIG Travel Guard Insurance Logo

AIG Travel Guard is a great kids’ travel insurance provider. It even offers free coverage for one child below 17 years old when you buy the family insurance package.

Travel Guard is a primary travel insurance cover, covering almost everything during your trip. It will cater to medical evacuation, medical expenses, trip cancellation, and lost baggage when on a trip. And since Travel Guard has been in the business for over 30 years, you can trust their services.

You get 24/7 travel assistance services, guaranteeing a smooth trip. Plus, they cover most of your primary travel insurance needs. Get more details about AIG Travel Guard from our comprehensive review.


  • You get a free cover for one child under 17 years
  • 24/7 assistance when traveling anywhere in the world
  • A reputable company that has been in business for a long time
  • Affordable premiums compared to other companies.


  • It offers free premiums for only one child.

4. AXA – Family Travel Insurance

AXA Assistance Logo

AXA is the right platform for parents who want an inclusive travel package. Instead of buying separate kids’ travel insurance, you get an insurance plan covering every family member.

AXA family insurance covers emergency medical treatment, lost luggage, flight cancellation, and delays. This is the right option if you want a primary insurance cover covering all the basics.

According to real user reviews, AXA is the number one insurance brand globally with a 4.5-star rating. The best thing is that it has a medical network worldwide, meaning that you can get access to the best treatment whenever you fall sick or get injured.


  • Inclusive travel package for both parents and kids
  • Ideal primary insurance package that covers all the basics
  • A reputable insurance company with real user reviews
  • Medical networks all over the world for your peace of mind


  • It only offers basic coverage

5. Just Travel Cover – School Trip Travel Insurance

Just Travel Cover

Just Travel Cover is ideal for children and young people going on school trips to explore the world. This insurance lets teachers know that the kids are safe in any medical emergency.

Besides covering medical emergencies, the cover handles flight cancellations and lost baggage. The plan caters to different trips when exploring new environments and cultures. Some of the trips include day trips and educational and adventure holidays.

The type of plan you take depends on the child’s age and the trip details.


  • It covers most of the activities for school trips
  • It covers medical emergencies when on school trips
  • It gives parents and teachers peace of mind
  • You can get tailored plans depending on your needs
  • It covers both the UK and overseas trips


  • It is a cover only for children

6. World Nomads – Family Travel Insurance

World Nomads Logo

World Nomads travel insurance has been designed by travelers for travelers, with coverage for more than 150 activities as well as emergency medical, lost luggage, trip cancellation, and more.

The unique thing about this plan is it covers up to seven children, thus a great option for big families. World Nomads covers one or two adults of legal adult age and up to seven children under 25 years. At least one of the adults traveling with the kids should be a legal guardian.

Even better, you can buy the plan when already on vacation, and it covers luggage loss through theft.  It is also excellent travel insurance coverage for a child traveling with grandparents as it is for the parents. So, if you are looking for a reliable travel insurance provider, try World Nomads.


  • It covers up to seven children
  • It covers more than 150 activities during the trip
  • Great for medical insurance, including transporting the child back home
  • Both parents and grandparents can use it


  • Adults must be 69 years and below at the time of purchase, meaning there is no coverage for seniors above that age.

7. Sainsbury’s Bank Travel Insurance – Family Travel Insurance

Sainsbury's Bank Logo

Sainsbury’s Bank Travel Insurance offers insurance plans for both single and two-parent households. You can get a policy for a single trip, multiple annual trips, and even for extended periods.

The family insurance coverage is inclusive and covers all the family members, including children. It is similar to most primary family insurance plans and covers almost all the basics you need for your trip.

In addition, this family insurance offers medical expenses cover, trip interruption coverage, and even a range of pre-existing medical conditions. If you or your family members have any pre-existing medical condition, make sure that you let the insurance company know when signing up for the policy.


  • It covers all types of family trips
  • It covers pre-existing medical conditions
  • Access to 24-hour customer support
  • Additional benefits like nectar points that give you shopping and fuel points.


  • Different quotes for medical and non-medical policies

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8. Post Office Travel Insurance – Travel Insurance for Child Travelling Without Parents

Post Office Travel Insurance

Post Office Travel Insurance is an award-winning travel insurance company that guarantees the safety of your kids when abroad. Knowing that your kids will be protected in case of any eventuality gives you peace of mind.

The insurance covers medical costs in case of illness or injury. And it will also cover for loss of valuables, including passports.

With Post Office Travel Insurance, you cannot buy family insurance to protect your kids. You can buy the policy on behalf of the kids or encourage them to buy one for themselves. Your kids are covered in countries with expensive medical costs, like the United States or Canada.

They will also be covered when touring remote places. Just like other insurance policies, it will cover the loss of luggage or backpacks. It will also cover the loss of passports and replacements.


  • It offers separate cover for kids only
  • A Medical cover even in remote places
  • Award-winning insurance company
  • Basic cell phone cover of up to $100
  • It covers the loss of passports


  • Does not cover expensive gadgets, so you need an additional gadget cover

9. Staysure Travel Insurance – Family Travel Insurance

Staysure Travel Insurance

Staysure Travel Insurance covers a single or two-family household and children under the age of 21 years. You do not need a separate cover for your child with this insurance cover. However, it would be best if you traveled with your child for them to be on the cover.

With this insurance plan, you get emergency medical coverage abroad, no matter your travel destination. Some things on the cover include, medical emergencies, cancellations, and loss of baggage or cash. The best thing about this cover is that you can personalize your cover depending on the trip or type of travel.


  • Tailored cover options depending on your family or trip
  • Access to an emergency helpline 24 hours
  • Fast and straightforward quote online
  • One of the best insurance providers


  • Separate cover for gadgets

10. Admiral Travel Insurance – Family Travel Insurance

Admiral Travel Insurance

Admiral Travel Insurance is a great option for travel insurance for kids. The cover you need for medical emergencies or medical evacuations when traveling abroad. The policy covers adults from 18 to 65 years. However, anyone under the age of 24 is considered a minor by the policy and can be included under the family travel insurance plan.

This plan gives you 24-hour access to help in any language, no matter the country you visit. The best thing about Admiral Travel Insurance is the flexibility that you get.

You get a single and annual trip depending on your travel needs. In addition, when you choose to get the primary cover, you can get additional cover options such as winter sports and a cruise cover.


  • It covers up to £20 million in medical expenses.
  • You get 24-hour emergency support in different languages
  • You can get a worldwide cover
  • It covers the loss of items or loss of baggage by the airline


  • You have to pay for add-ons, which can add to the cost.

11. Holiday Extras Insurance – A Travel Insurance for Children Traveling without Parents

Holiday Extras Insurance

If you are looking for child-only travel insurance, Holiday Extras has a package where children under 18 can travel alone. It gives you peace of mind because your child is covered for medical expenses, lost baggage, and travel cancellations. The best thing is that they have a 24-hour emergency service, and your child can get help whenever needed.

This cover is also ideal for children with medical conditions traveling alone. If you plan to travel with kids, add your children to your insurance coverage. The cover takes care of lost luggage and flight cancellations. Holiday Extra Insurance offers a tailored insurance plan based on your needs.


  • Child-only travel insurance for kids under 18
  • It gives parents peace of mind when children are abroad
  • The cover includes pre-existing medical conditions
  • You can get tailored insurance depending on your needs.


  • You need to pay some extra premiums for add-ons.

12. RAC Family Insurance

RAC Family Insurance, travel insurance for children

RAC Family Insurance covers the whole family and includes two parents and up to five children, so big families are included. If you are traveling with your children, all you have to do is add them to the adult cover.

With this cover, you get emergency medical expenses and access to a 24/7 helpline. Like any other type of cover, you get protection for lost luggage and flight cancellation. Depending on your needs, you have three plan options, including orange, silver, and black insurance coverage plans.


  • Family cover is ideal for large families of up to five children
  • Access to a 24/7 helpline
  • Includes gadget cover up to $3000 when traveling


  • You have to pay more for optional covers like gadgets

13. Good Neighbor Insurance (Outreach International Plans) – Adoption Travel Insurance

Good Neighbor Insurance

Good Neighbor Insurance (Outreach International Plans) is a good travel health insurance for children when traveling abroad for adoption. It is an ideal option for volunteers, missionaries, and charitable travelers. And it’s available for people worldwide up to 65 years. 

When traveling for over 12 months, you can opt for this insurance since it is renewable every 24 months. It covers medical emergencies and repatriations when abroad. Even better, you can extend your cover abroad if you want to spend more time.


  • A reputable company that has been in the business for over 25 years
  • Get access to 24/7 worldwide assistance
  • Experience with international emergency care
  • Experience with overseas travel, working with volunteers and missionaries


  • Ideal only for medical coverage

14. GeoBlue Insurance

GeoBlue Insurance for kids

GeoBlue Insurance is an ideal insurance cover for parents and guardians with children studying abroad. The insurance cover gives students access to 7,000 medical providers in 190 countries.

With this plan, students can plan their healthcare no matter the country they are in. The students also get multi-lingual access to help 24 hours a day, so they can always talk to someone when needed.

To get this plan for your child, you must register as a parent and fill in all the details.


  • Travel medical insurance for students traveling abroad
  • Parents can get peace of mind knowing their children are safe
  • Keeps student information private
  • Parents can manage the student information


  • Only ideal for travel medical protection


AARDY logo

AARDY is not an insurance company but a site that helps you get the best travel insurance for kids through comparison. Since it is a comparison site with a powerful search engine, you can easily search for any family insurance plan you want.

In addition, it allows you to search for insurance plans based on customer rating, age of children, and other dynamics. Therefore, if you are confused about the right travel insurance plan for your kids, you can use AARDY. It offers some great options regarding the best travel insurance for babies.


  • Easy and user-friendly interface
  • Advanced search options to find exactly what you need
  • Get access to reputable insurance companies
  • It helps you to get curated plans
  • It helps you to save time


  • Not an insurance company but a comparison site
  • You only get access to insurance companies in the United States

Importance of Travel Insurance for Children

Why should you purchase travel insurance coverage? These are the main reasons:

Peace of Mind

We should hope for the best but, at the same time, prepare for the worst. When children are traveling abroad, whether you are with them or they’re alone, you need to have peace of mind. And you can only do that by getting family travel insurance.

With a good cover, you can relax knowing that your children are safe in case of an accident, illness, loss of luggage, or any other misfortune that might arise. Therefore, if you don’t want your heart to keep racing, wondering what you’ll do if anything happens, ensure you and your children have valid travel insurance.

Access to the Best Health Care

With travel insurance, you get access to the best health care in case of any emergency during the trip. So, you can be sure your child will receive the best health care anywhere you visit.

In some countries, health care can be costly, so access to good quality health care might be impossible. With good insurance, you get health care without spending much money, which may reduce your trip costs.

Get Help and Direction.

Traveling abroad with kids can be very intimidating. If you are clueless about international travel, you need someone to guide you. With travel insurance, you have someone to help and direct you to the right choices.

In addition, most insurance companies give you 24-hour support, so you can call anytime you feel stuck. And they will offer you the right solution to your problem.

Flexible Travel

Travel insurance makes travel flexible and fun. You receive compensation in case of trip cancellation, which can benefit flexibility.

If anything hinders you from undertaking the planned trip, you don’t have to lose all your money for the pre-booked flight. You can cancel your trip per the policy’s requirements and get a refund.

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