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13 Best Breweries in San Diego, California

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The San Diego beer scene might be old news to some. It’s been the “Craft Beer Capital of America” for so many years with a thriving homebrewing community that spews out new and inventive creations every year, yada, yada, yada. You know it, we know it, and even the tourists do – most of those who visit San Diego almost always have beer tasting in their itinerary.

It’s not unreasonable to think that after decades of self-serving referring to themselves as America’s craft beer capital, San Diego’s reverence for beer is overhyped, but here we are again, composing a compendium of the best breweries in San Diego, but for all the right reasons.

With new creations and new bars popping up every year, we just can’t help it – the world needs to hear the news; San Diego’s craft beer scene is (still) really one of the best (and most innovative) in the country.

There are over 150 breweries that call sunny San Diego their home, and I took it upon myself to list down only the best and most popular. What are the best San Diego breweries and how do San Diego breweries work? If you’re heading to San Diego on a craft beer-tasting adventure, make sure these establishments are on your list.

So, Craft Beer Capital of America may be, but it’s certainly fair to say San Diego’s economy owes a lot to craft breweries. Any of these brewhouses would be fantastic to see if you are planning a trip to San Diego in the near future. Let’s check ’em out and start getting thirsty!

Best Breweries in San Diego, California

1. Ballast Point Brewery

Ballast Point Brewery Canned Beer

Little Italy Address: 2215 India St, San Diego, CA

There’s a good chance you’ve heard of these guys; Jack and Yuseff’s collaboration formed Ballast Point Brewery in 1996.

In his undergraduate years, Jack White developed a liking for brews. He started his home brewing company soon after graduation but lacked the money for equipment and people with whom he could discuss his ideas. It was then, Yuseff, a fellow homebrewer, crossed his way.

Ballas Point Brewery was founded as a result of their mutual love of brews as well as Yuseff’s enthusiasm for fishing. The two collaborated to create a wide range of beers, including IPAs, Wheats, Porters, and Ales, which drew in fellow beer aficionados and community members.

Ballast Point, now one of the country’s largest craft breweries, is known for its colorful beer labels featuring vibrant fish. The brand instantly became a San Diego institution after gaining fame with its Sculpin IPA. If you’re interested in DIY beer, stop by their tasting rooms in Miramar, Little Italy, or their Home Brew Mart.

Try one of their seasonal or exclusive beers, or stick to your favorites like the Grapefruit Sculpin.

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2. Modern Times Beer

Address: 3725 Greenwood St, San Diego, CA

Looking for the best breweries San Diego has to offer? Since its debut, Modern Times has made a massive impact on the region’s brewing culture. The brewery specializes in session brews and specialty coffee-flavored releases that take advantage of their in-house coffee roasting.

This massively independent establishment knows how to have good fun. This employee-owned brewery on the West Coast is well-known for its 16 oz. Cans of Fruitlands, Fortunate Islands, and Lomaland, may be found on the shelves of local stores.

It’s difficult to go wrong with any of the establishment’s offerings, but don’t overlook the java-infused beers made with the company’s own house-roasted coffee (try the Black House stout).

You can sip on these innovative creations at any of the brewery’s three establishments: the Far West Lounge in Encinitas, the Lomaland Fermentorium, and the North Park Flavordome.

The Midway site has become a popular hangout for both coffee and beer enthusiasts, while the Encinitas location features fantastic vegan cuisine. Seating is available on a first-come, first-served basis at all sites. Tap lists and hours of operation vary in each location, so be sure to check the website before visiting.

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3. Stone Brewing

Flight of Beer at Stone Brewing in San Diego

Address: 2816 Historic Decatur Rd, UNIT 116, San Diego, CA

Because of its prestige, Stone Brewing deserves a spot on this list of breweries in San Diego. This San Diego craft brewery is one of San Diego’s most famous, with two of the region’s most stunning taprooms and a portfolio of timeless brews.

Stone Brewing was founded by Greg Koch and Steve Wagner on the principle of being wildly bold and independent, and no beer exemplifies this more than its first creation: the Arrogant Bastard Ale. This nationally renowned brew has spawned its own brewing company, Arrogant Brewing.

Stone Brewing Company, founded in 1996, has evolved to become not just San Diego’s largest craft brewery, but also one of the country’s largest independent San Diego breweries.

The brand now provides much more than the Arrogant Bastard Ale. Its Escondido headquarters, the World Bistro & Gardens, matches winemaking estates in size and grandeur.

Stone Brewing has been named the “Best Place to Grab a Beer” and the “Best California Brewery” by RateBeer, and their Russian Imperial Stout is in high demand all over the world. Seating is available on a first-come, first-served basis at all sites.

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4. Burgeon Beer Company

Food and Beers at Burgeon Beer Company
Source: Facebook

Address: 6350 Yarrow Dr STE C, Carlsbad, CA

Burgeon has three tasting rooms where California’s beer lovers love flocking to Escondido, Little Italy, and Carlsbad

This artisan beer business, known for its mouthwateringly delectable IPAs, was created by Anthony Tallman, Matthew Zirpolo, and Derek van Leeuwan, a trio of La Costa Canyon High School alumni who all grew up in the Carlsbad and Encinitas areas.

The company’s logo and name pay homage to their homeland, where they have established roots and continue to thrive. The company required three years to develop its business plan, raise finance, acquire a brewing facility, and create its tasting room. It was their lifelong ambition to start a brewery in their hometown.

The brewery is known for its IPAs and charitable endeavors, as seen by its Reclaim the Wild IPA, which was created to support the National Forest Foundation. This San Diego brewing company aims to plant 25,000 trees in a year. The Treevana IPA and a variety of hazy beers, such as the Lost Forest, are also noteworthy. 

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5. North Park Beer Co

Address: 3038 University Ave, San Diego, CA

If you’re looking for the best brewery San Diego offers, North Park should be on your must-visit list.

North Park Beer Co., like many other homebrewers in San Diego, began in a garage. At the company’s tasting room in San Diego’s North Park area, you may order his renowned Hop Fu! West Coast IPA, the state’s most award-winning homebrew recipe.

After remodeling a department store facility into an over 8,000 sq ft brewery, this brewery opened its doors and now features a brewery, restaurant, and tasting room. The establishment’s interiors reflect the arts and crafts architectural styles of North Park. 

North Park Brewing Company distinguishes itself from other San Diego breweries by producing some of the most exquisite stouts available. Apart from its popular West Coast IPA, you can see how imaginative this brewery is by ordering the Fiesta Antes De Morir, a delicious Mexican chocolate cake stout.

Without bar chow, beer tasting would be incomplete! Fortunately, McNair enlisted the help of Mastiff Sausage Company to serve snacks including Cheeto-Rones, homemade sausages, as well as crispy pork rinds dusted with a handmade cheese powder mix.

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6. Pizza Port Brewery

Inside Pizza Port Brewery Original Location in California
Source: Tripadvisor

Address: 1956 Bacon St, San Diego, CA

As its name suggests, Pizza Port Brewery serves up pizza and beer – which are insanely delicious. Gina and Vince Marsaglia, two siblings in their twenties, acquired a failing pizza shop in Solana Beach, a small coastal town just north of San Diego, in March 1987.

Vince experimented with home brewing early on, taking advantage of vacant space in the restaurant’s storage room.

Soon after practicing his hobby, Vince and Gina decided to open a brewery on the advice of friends and fans of their food. In 1992, Pizza Port began serving craft-brewed beers to customers and soon established a name in San Diego’s burgeoning craft beer industry.

Since launching its initial Carlsbad site in 1987, Pizza Port has retained its spot as one of the best San Diego breweries, winning several accolades as one of the first San Diego brewing companies. Swami’s IPA, named after a popular local surf spot, and Kook double IPA are local favorites.

Pair a pint with traditional and inventive pairings like the Pizza Carlsbad at one of their four brewpubs, and never leave without trying the famous Beer Buddies: pizza crust pieces dipped in marinara or ranch sauce.

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7. Border X Brewing

Address: 2181 Logan Ave, San Diego, CA

David Favela, his brother, and his two nephews launched Border X Brewing in 2013. The objective was to build a Latino brewery that provided culturally influenced products inspired by their Mexican ancestry.

Border X’s inspired innovations include the Horchata Golden Stout and the hibiscus and agave-infused Blood Saison, which go beyond the typical Mexican lager.

Other noteworthy offerings include an Agua de Jamaica-inspired beer, a Pepino Sour, and the delicate Abuelita’s Chocolate Stout. Thanks to these inspired creations, the flagship site in Barrio Logan struck a chord with the predominantly Hispanic neighborhood. 

A visit to their Barrio Logan taproom promises loads of fun. Munch on authentic street tacos, hang out in the outdoor patio garden or play beer garden activities like cornhole and Jenga. This San Diego brewery company was a semifinalist in the hallowed James Beard Foundation Awards in the Outstanding Wine, Spirits, or Beer Producer category in 2020.

The James Beard Foundation Awards honors culinary experts in the United States on an annual basis and it’s a huge deal in the culinary world even to be considered. According to sources, no brewer, restaurant, or San Diego chef has ever received the honor in its 30-year existence.

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8. Pure Project

Address: 9030 Kenamar Dr #308, San Diego, CA

Jesse and Agi Pine and buddy Mat Robar founded Pure Project Brewing in 2014, officially starting their first brewery named Manuel Antonio Brewing in the Costa Rican rainforest. They began creating small-batch artisanal beers using materials available at small local farmers’ markets, even during intense tropical storms.

This small-batch brewery produces tasty tropical-inspired beers while adhering to a strict environmental policy. The business partners at Pure Project concentrated on tropical flavors and a commitment to using only natural and local products.

You’ll taste this brewing philosophy in creations such as the Tropical Mist blonde (infused with Valencia oranges), or the delicious Milagro stout brewed with Costa Rican coffee. Also, watch for their seasonal imperial stouts, like the playfully-named Maplesaurus Rex with vanilla and maple syrup.

Pure Project’s tasting area is designed to embody its values in its design. Repurposed wood is used for bar stools, and walls are adorned with sustainable materials, natural wood, and various tropical plants such as Sword Fern, Dracaena, and Devil’s Ivy.

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9. Societe Brewing Company

Inside Societe Brewing Company in San Diego, California
Source: Facebook

Address: 8262 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA

Doug Constantiner, a University of Arizona alumnus, and brewmaster Travis Smith met while working at The Bruery in Orange County and launched Societe Brewing Company in 2012.

Societe has received multiple awards throughout its seven-year history, including gold medals at the 2018 World Beer Cup and the 2018 Great American Beer Festival.

The brewery’s Pupil IPA has become a local favorite, and its Coachman session IPA has won gold at the Great American Beer Fest twice. But don’t miss their Belgian-inspired brews, especially the outstanding Harlot blonde ale. 

For most of its eight-year existence, Societe Brewing Company’s Kearny Mesa tasting facility has been a busy hub of San Diego’s best beer. They have a large outside patio and a taco truck if you want to spend more time at their brewery and taproom.

IPA is a kind of beer that the brewery will exclusively offer on tap, despite plans to purchase a bottling facility in the future. Societe is also expanding its fermentation capacity, with a large portion of the extra tank space dedicated to hop-forward brews that will be served directly from the tap.

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10. Saint Archer Brewing Company

Address: 9550 Distribution Avenue, San Diego, CA

Saint Archer Brewery has a history that’s as intriguing as its beer offerings: the company is owned solely by snowboarding, skateboarding, and surfing athletes, as well as filmmakers and photographers.

Saint Archer’s founder and CEO Josh Landan took it upon himself to create his craft brewery while taking advantage of his connections after noticing that top athletes are constantly being sponsored by beer companies and offered huge endorsement deals by energy-drink brands.

Saint Archer has tasting rooms in Miramar and Leucadia and is recognized for its reliable classics, including the Tropical IPA, Pale Ale, Blonde Ale, and Hazy IPA. Seasonal brews like the Mozy 7 IPA and the Blackberry Gose stand out among the regulars.

Their Miramar tasting room is in front of their brewery facility and features a big outdoor deck and food trucks, open from Thursday through Sunday.

The Tasting Room is available seven days a week and is designed to give you an up-close look at the company’s beers. The Tasting Room’s 750-square-foot terrace is ideal for people who want to enjoy San Diego’s fantastic weather all year.

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11. Resident Brewing

Address: 1065 Fourth Ave, San Diego, CA

Robert Masterson, Resident Brewing’s head honcho, began as a homebrewer. His sister and brother-in-law gave him a homebrew kit for Christmas in 2009. He learned from a friend and then joined homebrew clubs believing it was a great way to meet like-minded people.

The hobby turned into a passion as he brewed frequently. In 2013, he entered a Stone Brewing homebrewing competition with a couple of brew buddies – a bold cannonball into the pool of competitive homebrewing.

Masterson continued to enter tournaments and was more successful each time. Seeing his potential, his brother-in-law encouraged him to sell his beer, especially after earning first place for a double IPA and third place for an English-style barley wine at a homebrewing competition at Karl Strauss Brewery.

Finally, Masterson established his first commercial brewery downtown, The Local Eatery & Drinking Hole, in 2013. Sample Masterson’s work, including his legendary Vacation Coconut IPA, with delicious bar chow-like shrimp diablo tacos and the Local’s iconic Big Ass Nachos, at the lively, warehouse-like location.

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12. AleSmith Brewing Company

Address: 9990 AleSmith Ct, San Diego, CA

AleSmith is a microbrewery in the United States specializing in a wide range of handcrafted beers. Skip Virgilio and Ted Newcomb launched AleSmith Brewery in San Diego in 1995.

AleSmith beers are noted for their rich, complex tastes, high alcohol level, and intense hoppy flavors. Their strong devotion to beer and knack for innovation has allowed them to appeal to a wide range of beer and microbrew enthusiasts. 

AleSmith has received several recognitions from various national and international contests. Currently, the AleSmith brewing firm is managed by Peter Zien, a successful home brewer. AleSmith produces more than 15 different varieties of beer both domestically and abroad.

The San Diego brewery has one of the most extensive core beer lineups of any craft brewery, with 11 kinds made year-round. They also have a large selection of seasonal beers such as Double Red, Evil Dead Red, and Double IPA, as well as special releases like their highly popular Speedway Stout and My Bloody Valentine. 

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13. Viewpoint Brewing Company

Viewpoint Brewing Company, San Diego
Source: Facebook

Address: 2201 San Dieguito Dr Suite D, Del Mar, CA

Located in the coastal town of Del Mar, CA, Viewpoint is the city’s first brewery, bringing together the diverse perspectives of a collaborative group of longtime culinary and craft brewing community members.

Founded by Charles Koll, the 7,000 square-foot breweries and restaurant features a full-service dining experience helmed by Executive Chef Mike Patula, serving familiar dishes reinterpreted. Head brewer Moe Katomski provides Viewpoint’s 20 taps with eclectic house-brewed styles.

All beers are brewed on sight by Brewmaster Moe and brewer Brian Scanlon, and every so often, they invite their brewer friends to make notable collaborations. The expansive indoor/outdoor space offers pristine views of the San Dieguito Lagoon from all vantage points, providing the ideal gathering landscape.

The history of craft beer in San Diego

Serving Tap Beer

What is a brewery? A brewery is a place where beer is made (or “brewed” if you will) commercially – but not many who get into the brewing game who hope to make it big do so successfully. This is particularly true of smaller craft breweries, which typically have a relatively short lifespan. San Diego, however, is a place where craft beer dreams are made of.

Contrary to popular opinion, San Diego hasn’t always been the craft beer hotspot it is today. Before its hoppy success, there were several hurdles along the way. Like the rest of the country, San Diego struggled to regain its former beer culture following prohibition.

That changed once homebrewing became legal in 1978, and California, one of the more progressive states, allowed brewpubs to open in 1982. Then, in 1989, San Diego’s Karl Strauss’ Old Columbia Brewery & Grill debuted, really kicking off the city’s craft beer boom.

Karl Strauss Brewing Company Sign in San Diego, California
Irina Lev /

The San Diego beer scene can be traced back to Karl Strauss, with several of his employees founding some of the area’s most popular breweries. This includes Pizza Port Brewery, which gave birth to Lost Abbey and Port Brewing, and the Home Brew Mart, which gave birth to Ballast Point Brewing Company.

According to some people, Vinnie Cilurzo, the current Russian River Brewing Company owner, first developed the Double IPA in 1994 at the now-defunct Blind Pig Brewery in Temecula

The craft beer scene, which was said to have earned $1 billion into the local economy, has reinvigorated large swaths of the city, including North Park, which now offers tasting rooms for several well-known breweries. Some of the most popular bars in California are in North Park, including Coin-Op Game Room and Toronado.


What is the most popular brewery in San Diego?

Stone Brewing is the most famous brewery in San Diego, according to a recent poll of local beer enthusiasts. The company has been brewing beer in San Diego since 1996 and is now one of the largest craft breweries in the country.

Stone’s flagship IPA is hugely popular with locals and visitors alike, and there are always interesting new beers to tap at their two brewery locations. If you’re looking for a delicious beer while visiting San Diego, Stone is undoubtedly the place to go!

What beer is San Diego known for?

San Diego is most well-known for its IPA beers. Some popular San Diego IPAs are Stone IPA, Ballast Point Sculpin IPA, and Karl Strauss Tower 10 IPA. These beers are characterized by their intense hop flavors and aromas, giving them a unique bitterness often described as “citrusy” or “tropical.”

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