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15 Top Free Travel Magazines & Travel Guides

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Finding useful travel resources can be quite helpful before you book your trip. You need accurate information to help you decide your destination alternatives and everything necessary to make the trip successful. This article offers some of the most sought-after free travel magazines that won’t cost you a dime.

What is your next travel destination? Wouldn’t a free travel magazine help? Lucky enough, there are many of them covering various areas, such as environmental tours, eco-tourism, cultural tours, and romantic holidays.

Most of these publishers offer free issues, and you can subscribe to them to get their monthly or quarterly copies. They are resourceful and will greatly help you organize your next travel adventure.

The vital question is, how do you get a reliable travel magazine that will provide you with all the information you need? That’s what we will try to answer in this short guide. We have scoured the net to look for the most popular travel magazines that will gladly give you what they have for free.

Where to Find Free Travel Magazines

Here are our favorite ways to find travel magazines for free:

  • Get a magazine subscription for unlimited reading opportunities for a variety of topics.
  • With DiscountMags, you can find extremely cheap and affordable travel magazines to help you find your next form of wanderlust.

For your next trip, see this list to identify what best aligns with your travel preferences. You might be shocked at how resourceful these free magazines are.

If you can’t find a free option that you love, purchasing a magazine subscription can make for a great travel gift for a friend or family member.

Whether you are planning a vacation to Thailand or a two-day trip to Amsterdam, these magazines have all the information you need.

Best Free Online Travel Magazines & Guides


Screenshot Of Viatravelers Website is a website that offers free online travel guides about destinations around the world. It offers several great free travel guides that you can download as PDF or read through the articles in the online repository.

Here are some of the most well-known travel guides that you can download:

The website has a large collection of travel guides and stories from around the globe. Experienced travelers write the guides, which include detailed information on everything from the destination’s culture and history to the best restaurants and attractions.

This is a great way to hear stories from other world travelers like yourself and discover new places to visit while being part of a community. Join the ViaTravelers newsletter and get travel ideas directly to your email inbox.

Alternatively, you can stay updated with our latest travel news articles on Newsbreak, an easy-to-use app featuring news articles about travel and other topics worldwide.

2. National Geographic Traveler

A Cover Of National Geographic Traveler Magazine

National Geographic offers a free magazine subscription available in print and digital editions. The magazine includes articles about destinations all over the world, and it showcases spectacular photography from across the globe.

The magazine also features travel tips, such as getting the best transportation and accommodation rates. Some examples of destinations that National Geographic covers include top vacation spots in Europe, Central America, and Asia.

Some great holiday-specific editions focus on places like Alaskan cruises or the best winter trips.

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3. Condé Nast Traveler

A Cover Of Conde Nast Traveler Magazine

Condé Nast Traveler is another popular free travel magazine. Subscribers receive several benefits, including access to the website and its digital edition, discounts on select hotels and resorts, invitations to exclusive events, and special offers from destination partners.

In addition to general destinations worldwide, Condé Nast also features some great holiday-specific editions that focus on places like Caribbean cruises or Halloween in New Orleans. Condé Nast also has a Newsbreak profile that you can follow to get their updates in real time.

4. Outside Magazine

A Cover Of Outside Magazine

Outside is a popular free magazine that focuses on outdoor adventures and sports. In addition to articles about hiking, skiing, and biking, some great destination guides discuss top places to visit worldwide for travelers looking for an active vacation or something off the beaten path.

In addition to regular monthly editions, you can also get access to their free digital edition, which includes a number of web-exclusive articles as well as video and photo content.

Best Free Travel Magazines & Guides by Mail

Here are some of the top free travel magazines you can receive.

1. Bold Travel Magazine

Woman In Red On A Bold Travel Magazine Cover

First on our list is Canada’s voice of travel experience and a traveler’s bible. The free print is produced every 2 to 3 months with lots of helpful information for any place you would love to visit globally.

An example issue is the newest travel destinations in Peru, Nicaragua, the French Alps, Abu Dhabi, and Dalmatians. Flipping through the pages, you will know why it’s a highly sought-after online travel magazine.

It has pretty awesome photos that give you the feeling of being there physically. If you don’t get more information on one edition, you can dig through the pile on their website to get what you need. Download it directly onto your phone to avoid visiting their website every time.

2. 101 World’s Greatest Cities – First Edition

Digital Edition Of 101 World's Greatest Cities

Around 54.5% of the world’s population lives in a city today. With this in mind, it’s a good idea to use a brochure that shows you some of the most amazing cities and stunning scenery for your next escapade.

This travel guide’s first edition was in 2019, and since then, it has become a favorite for many travelers who want to cruise through the world’s cities.

The publisher believes the world is fascinating, and you can’t have all the extraordinary stories, cuisine, and culture at once. They typically combine all of these in the comfort of your phone or tablet.

As you turn over the pages, you will be treated to impressive skyscrapers, stunning sceneries, and beautiful beaches that perfect your relaxing escape.

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3. Travel + Leisure USA Magazine

Travel + Leisure USA Magazine Featuring Mexico

Travel + Leisure is one of the latest magazines that features exciting places to visit in the USA today. The publisher, the Meredith Corporation, is stationed in the heart of New York. They publish copies every month throughout the year. Their stories come from award-winning novelists, poets, designers, and the best non-travel journalists today.

Not to mention that their travel photographers are top-notch, and you will occasionally find some of your best models on the cover photo lounging in upscale environments.

It proudly garners a whopping 4.8 million readers in the USA alone. With this vast number, you can be assured of getting helpful information whenever you are looking for the best destination in the USA.

This is where it gets better. You can vote for your best destination, which will be rewarded when it wins. If there is one magazine you should consider for your next expedition, Travel + Leisure is one of the top options.

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4. Official Hawaii Visitors Free Guide

Cover Of Official Hawaii Visitors Free Guide

Do you love Hawaii? Well, almost everybody does. That is why you need the explicit official Hawaii online magazine to show you around. It is a one-off guide, but you will love all the free stuff in it.

We know that Hawaii is an excellent place, and there are some things you need to know before you book your ticket. For instance, is it a must to learn a few Hawaiian words? How do you treat sacred sites? What are the things you need to carry when visiting the island?

Also, is Pele’s curse of taking rocks from the island true? All the answers are hidden between the pages. Not to mention that the information you will get from other guides like Kauai magazine or Hawaii Bride & Groom magazine is similar to what you will find here.

The only difference is that these other magazines produce regular articles with updated feature stories, travel tips, and new outdoor adventures. Read our post about the most epic Maui itinerary you could ever request.

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5. Backpacker Magazine

Backpacker Magazine Cover Featuring America's 50 Best Hikes

Backpacker is an all-around outdoor magazine for countryside lovers. It first started as a travel website to offer travel tips to its vast readers. Their website has various articles ranging from travel gear reviews, best outdoor travel destinations, and tips for making the best out of your travel experience.

However, because it is a fully equipped website, you do not get access to all of its offers. Video library abilities, travel gear discounts, and reviews are outstanding services that need payment.

These extra accessories are only accessed by subscribed members after paying a paltry $4 a month (or $49 per year). Here is where the Backpacker magazine comes in. You will get helpful guides and insider information about any traveling topic, destination, and gear.

And yes, we know this is not free. But if you put the special giveaways you get for a one-year subscription of only $49, it’s next to free. Besides, you’ll get access to an extra helpful accessory, not only a magazine.

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6. Go! Drive and Camp Magazine

47th Edition Of Go Drive And Camp Magazine

Do you love road trips? If so, you should get this Go! Drive and Camp magazine today. This fully-fledged magazine shows you the best rides you will need to hit the road for local tourism destinations. It is an African magazine published in South Africa that touches on the most exciting off-road destinations to help you on your next adventure.

The latest edition has gone deeper to hint at the thrill of camping in the Kalahari Desert. They also gave ideas on the most powerful 4-by-4 car that will keep up with the dunes.

Some exciting things you will find helpful are the best camping destinations, weekend breaks, 4-by-4 destinations, and the best African outdoor camp food.

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7. AAA Travel Magazine

AAA Travel Magazine Featuring Texas

AAA is an insurance company that also tried to wade the murky waters of travel publishing. And they have not been disappointed with the AAA magazine.

Their latest piece for adventure in Africa is for you if you are planning to go on a Safari in the African wild. If Africa is not your thing and you prefer going further west to Australia, you are not left out either. AAA Traveler edition did just that with all the tips for traveling to the world of Kangaroo.

They have also touched on some of the most loved cities in Europe, like Manchester City and London, giving you their art, culture, cuisine, and a glimpse of their nightlife.

The only downside with AAA publishers is that you must live in either of these areas, i.e., Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, or Louisiana, to get their free travel magazine sent to your home in hard copy.

Still, this shouldn’t be much of a big deal, though, as the online magazine format is still resourceful. You might also not like the hassle of carrying the bulky magazine.

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8. Free Orlando Magazine

Orlando Magazine Cover

If you are living or planning to visit Florida, you need this magazine. It brings the other side of Orlando spectacularly. The magazine gives you a map directing you to popular destination sites like Walt Disney World Parks, Universal Studios theme parks, and Orlando’s Sea World.

With their contributors going around the city as tourists, you get fantastic photos and tips that bring the experience to life. Accessing the magazine is very simple.

You can visit their Instagram page and send them a message with your request. You will get the free magazine by mail, which they will send you for a year.

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9. Sailing Magazine

Sailing Magazine January 2022 Cover

Sailing Magazine is a product of holiday traveling, an online platform with every kind of traveling insight. It’s an ideal magazine for beginners who are not interested in intricate information that might further confuse them.

We love how they give honest impressions of engaging twists to keep you glued to their content. The only con is that they seldom produce their editions.

They used to produce the magazine occasionally, but publishing activity has slowed down even more. But it’s something you can still try.

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10. National Geographic Traveler UK

National Geographic Traveler UK Featuring Scandinavia

Last on our list is this precious jewel from a National Geographic traveler. This magazine aims to let you see the world’s natural wonders in real time without leaving your house.

It will give you a glimpse of the most amazing destinations in the world that you are missing right now. Thanks to their top-notch photography skills and informative articles, which you get from first-hand experience. You will receive tips, resources, and insights for a better trip while capturing those stunning views.

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11. Let’s Go

Let's Go Travel Magazine Featuring Japan And Sherlock Holmes Museum

This is the classic free travel guide by mail series from Harvard University Press. They have been publishing these guides since 1960, and they feature a number of destinations around the world.

These guides are free from your local library, or you can subscribe to their mailing list to have each new edition delivered right to your doorstep.

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How to Get Free Travel Guides and Magazines

There are a number of ways that you can get free travel guides and magazines. Sometimes, you can even get travel guides for free by mail. Here are some tips on how to get free travel guides or digital vacation planning guides:

  1. Check with your local library: Many libraries have an extensive collection of travel guides, and you can borrow them for free.
  2. Look for free online travel guides: Many websites offer free online travel guides.
  3. Check with your hotel or tourist information center: Many hotels and tourist information centers offer free travel guides to their guests or visitors.
  4. Get a subscription to a travel magazine: Many popular travel magazines offer free trial subscriptions or discounted rates for annual subscriptions. Check travel sections for the best deals and offers.

When you look for a travel guide, consider what you want most out of it.

  • First, do you prefer reading online or a print issue sent directly to you by mail?
  • Do you like the beautiful scenery that motivates you to visit your next destination?
  • Do you like traditional travel brochures that feature the latest attractions worldwide?
  • Do you prefer to explore off-the-beaten-path destinations, or do you enjoy traveling solo?

Travel writing can be unique depending on the topic, so consider what you want most out of your travel brochure.

Tips for Choosing Free Travel Magazines & Guides

Choosing a free magazine or travel guide differs from buying a monthly copy. After reviewing these ten magazines, we got some tips that might help you do it yourself.

Check the Date of Publication

There are pretty awesome travel magazines out there that we have not reviewed. The problem is that they were published in the past six years or more.

Although travel destinations don’t change, new hotels come up, new management policies are produced, and countries change their travel laws, which you need to know. So it would be nice to look for magazines on the current date.

Quality of Content

The fact that a magazine is free, it shouldn’t be haphazardly published with unhelpful tips. And yes, you will only realize this after you start perusing through the pages. Before you download any magazine, you can check its reviews on various online sites.

Look for Hidden Fees

This does not happen every time, but it’s a matter of concern. These are free magazines, but some sites would take advantage of their free stuff.

Before you download or request your free travel guides by mail, the publisher will request your payment information and begin debiting your account after the trial period ends. So be careful out there.


What is the purpose of a travel magazine?

Travel magazines can provide readers with helpful information on destinations around the world and inspire them to travel and explore new places.

What are the best travel guide websites?

There are many websites to choose from, and we can discuss them all here. Let’s start with the most popular online travel guide: ViaTravelers or Wikitravel. Yes, there is some advertising, but they’re reliable and free; no cost for downloading great information about favorite destinations worldwide. If you’re wondering about digital destination guide apps like Michelin or Rough Guides, these are quickly becoming less useful as more people go online seeking travel information via a web browser instead of a new app on their phone.

Which travel guides are best?

ViaTravelers is a great option for those seeking an extensive range of travel resources, from blog posts and interactive maps to offline mode guides. The Blue Guide has been the authoritative guidebook on Western Europe since 1952. National Geographic Traveler can help you find terrific local experiences with tips about what to eat, drink, and do.

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