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10 Best Breweries in Munich, Germany

Munich is remarkably a fascinating city in Germany, a truly blessed town. From its quaint, picturesque sceneries, outstanding landmarks, and lively city ambiance. Breweries in Munich are the town’s hidden gem that is not literally hidden, for these pubs can be found across the city.

Checking out sceneries and various great spots in Munich makes for a great tourist experience, but when the suns come down, it is ideal to discover and visit multiple breweries in town and experience the vibrant nightlife in Munich.

Enough it is not nighttime locally, and authentic German beers can be drunk any time of the day! Germany is known for its excellent beers, and visiting Munich allows tasting and enjoy delightful German beer. A memory and flavor to hold from an incredible travel adventure in Munich.

Best Breweries in Munich, Germany

Die Bierothek® München

Address: Reichenbachstraße 22, 80469 München, Germany

The Bierothek Munich is a brewery and pub located in Munich. The brewery was founded in 2017 and carried a remarkable range of beers from various local and international brewing traditions. It has quickly become a favorite location for beer enthusiasts in general and craft beer lovers, particularly in Munich.

The Bierothek carries a wide range of beers on its shelves, but it is hard to find any of the more generic, more common types of beer like, say, a wheat beer or a light beer. Now, while you are unlikely to find a Pilsner at the Bierothek, there are many other beers to be had.

The offerings range from bold beers like an Oak Aged Stout to more international takes like an Indian Pale Ale or a Belgian beer. There are also fruity, flavoured beers that are popular on the craft beer scene.

The Bierothek Munich also offers other beer-themed events such as beer tastings and beer seminars.

The beer seminars are taught by a Bierothek sommelier and aim to enhance the knowledge of different brands and types of beer and their different tastes. At the end of the beer seminars, participants are offered a Bierothek diploma.

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Breweries in Munich

Address: Richelstraße 26, 80634 München, Germany

The Richelbrau is a brewery located in Munich-Neuhausen in Munich, Germany. The brewery has a long history on the Bavarian beer scene and is notable for being the first house brewery in the Munich-Neuhausen district.

The brewery is still run out of the basement of a house, and it is famous for its erotic take on beers with names such as the CasaNova beer. The erotic influence on the Richelbrau is obvious in everything from its logo to the erotic art exhibits that are hung on the walls of one of its rooms.

The Richelbrau serves the CasaNova beer in different types, flavors, and tastes. There are CasaNova beers brewed in true Bavarian fashion and with a taste similar to a Pilsner, for example. And then there are the CasaNova beers with more international influence like American pale ales and so on.

There is a small, cozy tasting room at the Richelbrau and a beer garden where visitors can drink their beer and make small talk or relax in the evenings on weekends. The brewery also organizes home brewing courses for people who want to be able to brew their own beer at home.

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Higgins Ale Works

Address: Karlstraße 120, 80335 München, Germany

Higgins Ale Works is a brewery located in the Maxvordstadt district of Munich, Germany. The brewery was founded by Paul Higgins, an American who was looking to keep up with his passion for craft beer after moving to Germany in 2003. The brewery is a nano-brewery that is dedicated to brewing handcrafted craft beer.

The beers brewed at the Higgins Ale Works are brewed according to the German Purity Law, but they are also new, fresh takes on beer in keeping with craft beer tradition.

True to the American roots of its founder, Higgins Ale Works specializes in producing craft beer which is heavily influenced by American beer tradition. American Pale Ales, Indian Pale Ales, and Cream Ales are all represented in the Higgins Ale Works beer menu.

The unique craft beers are brewed batch by batch and distributed by the brewery. The Higgins Ale Works beers can be found at a couple of locations in Munich, like the CouCou supermarket.

The brewery also hosts several beer-themed events at its brewery and other locations, and the events usually involve a beer tasting for participants. Individuals and organizations can also organize private beer tastings with the brewery should they wish to.

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Hops hacker GmbH & Co. KG

Hops hacker GmbH & Co. KG Drinks
image by 11CC07/TripAdvisor

Address: Weißenburger Str. 16, 81667 München, Germany

The open hacker (Hop hacker GmbH & Co. KG) is a craft beer brewery located in Munich, Germany. The brewery was founded by an American, Matt, and his German friend, Werner, in 2013.

Werner had built breweries worldwide and was around when the craft beer scene became popular in the late ’90s. On the other hand, Matt is a true American beer enthusiast who was fascinated by the beers on the German beer scene.

The beers brewed at the hopfen hacker are creative takes on formulas agreed upon by both men. They reflect both the German precision when it comes to brewing and the American flavor that is common to beers like Pale Ales.

They also have pretty unique names like Kill Bill (a top-fermented wheat beer) and The Red (a malt beer in the Marzen style). Other beers on the menu include the IP Brothers (a pale ale beer), the Hand Hopped, the Hemp Flower, and the Smokey Sten.

Beers from the hopfen hacker can be found at several locations around Munich, such as the Ambar Bistro, Tap-House Munich, Taste Tours, Eden Taverns, Trendy drinks Munich, and the Bierothek Munich. Grab one to go with your next meal!

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Hofbräuhaus München

Hofbräuhaus München Interior
Kapi Ng /

Address: Platzl 9, 80331 München, Germany

The Hofbrauhaus Munchen is a brewery, bar, and restaurant located in Munich, Germany. It is one of Munich’s and Germany’s oldest breweries as it has been standing and serving beer to customers for over 500 years. In 1589, Duke Wilhelm V decided to establish his own brewery due to the high costs of importing beer.

The Hofbrauhaus is one of the most famous breweries and bars in all of Germany, and so is the unique Hofbrau beer served at the bar.

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True Brew Brewing Co.

True Brewing Co.
image by Management/TripAdvisor

Address: Dreimühlenstraße 25, 80469 München, Germany

The True Brew Brewing Co. is a microbrewery dedicated to brewing beers with special recipes located in Munich, Germany. The brewery prides itself on building friendships through its unique beers. Each beer brewed is an adventure, and when embarked on together, the bonds between people are strengthened.

To achieve this, True Brew pays careful attention to every process that goes into the brewing process. From the quality of the ingredients down to the creative design of the cans in which the beer is served, every beer is deliberate, intentional, and tastes like heaven.

There are several brands of beer brewed by True Brew, and they come in special arrangements. From Lagers to Indian Pale Ales, several brewing traditions are represented at the brewery. Each beer is named especially with names such as the Hello Exile, Trash Metal Cassette Black, Into The Wild, Upside Down Session, Joyride Pale Ale, Coastline Pale Ale, and so on.

There is also brewery merch available. Beanies, shirts, sticker packs, and even a flashpoint glass are all available at the brewery’s merch store.

There are also discounts when you purchase both merch and beer together.

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Paulaner Bräuhaus

Breweries in Munich

Address: Kapuzinerpl. 5, 80337 München, Germany

The Paulaner Brauhaus Munich is a brewery, bar, and restaurant located in Munich, Germany. Founded in 1634 by some German friars, Paulaner has since grown into a global brand. It is one of six breweries that provide beer for Munich’s Oktoberfest, and it is also one of the best-selling German beers.

The beers brewed at the Paulaner Brauhaus Munich are brewed in accordance with the German purity law of 1516. Only the best ingredients are used in brewing at the Paulaner. The brewery is particularly famous for its Weissbier, and it brews about six different brands of Weissbier.

There are also certain seasonal beers as well as special Munich beers for Oktoberfest.

The brewery also offers an authentic German cuisine menu to complement its excellent beer. Visitors can sip a Weissbier and try out the excellent local cuisine.

The brewery also organizes other beer-related events like beer tastings and brewing tours for beer enthusiasts. The beer tastings are designed to educate beer enthusiasts on the subtleties of different beers.

The brewing tours take participants through the process through which their favorite beer is brewed. They get to observe the process up close and personal, and there are also complimentary beers to go along.

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Hacker-Pschorr Bräu GmbH

Hacker-Pschorr Bräu GmbH Beer
image by Hacker-Pschorr Bräu GmbH/Facebook

Address: Ohlmüllerstraße 42, 81541 München, Germany

Hacker-Pschorr Bräu GmbH is a brewery, bar, and restaurant located in Munich, Germany. The Hacker-Pschorr is an amalgamation of two breweries, the breweries formerly known as Hacker and Pschorr. The merger occurred in 1972, and the Hacker-Pschorr was officially opened.

The former Hacker brewery was one of Germany’s oldest breweries. It was founded in 1417 and predated the famous German purity law of brewing by 99 years. As one of six breweries located within the city limits of Munich, the Hacker-Pschorr serves its beer at the annual Oktoberfest beer festival in Munich.

With 5.5% alcohol and a naturally cloudy look, the honey gold-colored Hacker-Pschorr Weissbier is probably the most famous beer from Hacker-Pschorr. However, the brewery produces a range of excellent beers, from the malty Munchner Gold beer to the smooth, refreshing Hacker-Pschorr Kellerbier.

A total of 13 different brands of beer are produced by Hacker-Pschorr and sold in its unique swing-top bottles.

The Hacker-Pschorr also serves a unique gastronomic experience for those who are hungry. Traditional Bavarian dishes are spiced up through the innovations of a head chef and his team and served fresh and hot to go with the beer. Typical menu items include pork knuckle and Obatzda.

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Breweries in Munich

Address: Lindwurmstraße 114, 80337 München, Germany

AND UNION GmbH is a brewery located in Munich, Germany. The brewery styles itself as a modernist brewery dedicated to preserving the norms of Bavarian beer-making and its tradition in a fast-paced modern world.

A true fusion of traditional brewing techniques and modern beer sensibilities. According to the German purity law, the brewery produces craft beer containing only yeast, water, malt, and hops.

The beers brewed at the AND UNION are taken through a painstaking process that usually lasts about eight weeks. This is because the brewery brews beer using the traditional processes instead of the large scale, the industrialized approach favoured by the bigger breweries.

Together with several smaller Munich breweries, the AND UNION is making a case for a carefully crafted beer with lots of flairs and high regard for brewing tradition.

The most popular beers available at the AND UNION are its range of six can beers with one beer for each day of the week. One of the beers is an alcohol-free beer, two are beers made in the American brewing tradition, and three are authentic Bavarian beers. The six beers are made of two wheat beers, two ales, and two lagers.

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Tilmans Biere (Büro)

Tilmans Biere (Büro) Interior
image by Tilmans Biere (Büro)/Facebook

Address: Thalkirchner Str. 53, 80337 München, Germany

Tilmans Biere is a brewery and bar located in Munich, Germany. Tilman Ludwig, a German brewmaster after whom the brewery is named, founded the brewery in 2014. Tilman had previously apprenticed under another master brewer and spent two years as brewmaster of the Haas Braui that is located in Switzerland.

After leaving the Haas Braui, Tilman wanted to start his own venture and leave his own unique stamp on the beer scene in Germany. Therefore, on April 23, 2014 – which just so happens to be national beer day – the Tilmans Biere was registered.

The Tilman Biere brewery brews each beer using the very best ingredients and giving a lengthy time for the fermentation and maturation of the beers. The lengthy process enables the ingredients to stand out in the beer and gives it a unique taste.

Several different brands are brewed at Tilman Biere, including the pilsner, the pale ale, the brown ale, and the das helles. Each beer is served in a typical old bottle, but each bottle has its own unique design and its own unique artist to perfectly capture the mood behind the brand of beer in the bottle.

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