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20 Best Parks in Munich, Germany to Visit

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Want to check out what’s in Bavaria’s capital? Well, there are several of the best parks in Munich to visit! The city is known for housing numerous historic structures, but it is also home to picturesque parks.

These parks serve as the town’s green haven, recreation spot, and meeting place. Munich’s charming parks add to the city’s beauty, where some of its gardens earn a lot of interest and are recognized as one of the best.

Checking out the parks in Munich is an adventure not to miss when planning to visit this historic city, for it provides a once-in-a-lifetime travel experience.

Keep reading to know which park is the best to check out in Munich.

Best Parks in Munich, Germany, to Visit

Largest Park: English Garden

Serene Monopteros temple in Munich's English Garden, surrounded by lush greenery and clear blue sky.
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

Address: Munich, Germany

The English Garden, a remarkable and prominent public space in Munich, is in the city center. It is one of Germany’s most beautiful spots, home to an excellent beer garden called the Chinese Tower, and is considered Munich’s largest park.

When visiting and touring Munich, this is a must-see attraction. The property covers roughly 375 hectares and is more extensive than New York’s Central Park.

It was established in 1789 for Prince Charles Theodore, the Elector of Bavaria. The parkland runs from the Altstadtring to the Isar’s west bank.

Every visitor to the park accomplishes a few things, one of which is to bask in the panoramic and scenic vistas. The Monopter overlooking landscapes, the Chinese Tower, the Japanese tea house, and the classical monument of Rumfordschlössl are all worth seeing while walking the English Garden.

Aside from admiring the garden and discovering beautiful settings, one of the most popular activities is drinking fantastic Bavarian beer. For additional refreshments, there is a restaurant and a kiosk.

In addition to being a leisure and recreation haven in town, English Garden is also a sports, relaxation, and recreation paradise. For those wanting adventure, this is the place to visit. Watch the river surfers ride the waves during those amazing sunny days in Bavaria.

Check out our full gallery from spending a day in this wonderful park.

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West Park

Thailändischer Tempel at Westpark in Munich, Germany
Matthias Ott / Adobe Stock

Address: 81373 Munich, Germany

Munich is a lovely town in Germany filled with wonderful parks, and among these parks is West Park. It is a green haven from the city, a large public urban park to enjoy and stop by to catch a breath and bask in leisure. The park covers 60 hectares, ample space for the community to enjoy the recreation spot.

West Park was built and completed in 1983; today, the park is seen as a recreation and green oasis with an extensive rose garden and East Asian ensembles.

The park has an artificial hill and valley that adds to the scenic views to relish when visiting. In the middle of the park is a ring that separates West Park into two parts, western and eastern land.

The park’s main highlight is the East Asia ensemble with Chinese and Japanese gardens and more. There are also restaurants and pubs where delicious German beer can be tasted.

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Ostpark, Munich

Address: Feichtstr. 19, 81735 München, Germany

Ostpark is among the best parks to visit in Munich, Germany. It is a fascinating public park that offers excellent access to perform and enjoy various recreation.

The park’s building was planned in the 1960s and finally opened its grounds to the public in 1973. The park is ideally located at a strategic point within the city and nearby to some establishments such as the Michaeligarten beer garden.

Ostpark has a big playground with interaction material for the kids to frolic. It also has significant grounds and trees to sit down and enjoy a delightful picnic. The trails offer a great pathway to run, stroll, and bike.

Ostpark is known to be the largest park in the southeastern part of Munich—a green haven of the district of Neuperlach and Ramersdorf. The park is a lovely lake to sit by and admire.

The sports of tennis and volleyball can be enjoyed partly because it has extensive sports grounds and is also a winter paradise for playing winter sports due to its facilities.

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For Sports: Olympiapark

Panoramic view of Olympiapark and Olympic Lake foliage in Munich, Germany
rustamank / Adobe Stock

Address: Spiridon-Louis-Ring 21, 80809 München, Germany

Every sports enthusiast will enjoy the Olympiapark (Olympic Park) in Munich. Not only sports enthusiasts but every visitor of the sports avenue is looking for an ideal place to enjoy recreation and sports.

The park is a sizeable Olympic Park and attraction in town, and it was built in 1972 for the Summer Olympics. Today, the park is a sports venue and a community recreation spot. A bike tour is among the best things to do in the park.

Olympic Park continuously caters to and serves as a large venue for various events. For cultural, social festivities, and even religious affairs. It is also a famous international event center in Munich. It is a spectacular destination not to miss when checking out the town and its attractions.

The park has a huge Olympic Stadium, hall, swimming pool, sports center, theater, tennis facilities, and more. Various fun and exciting recreation activities can be performed in the massive sports center and the park.

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Luitpold Park

Luitpoldpark in Munich, Germany
Dagmar Breu / Adobe Stock

Address: Brunnerstraße 2, 80804 München, Germany

Luitpold Park is lovely to detour after a long day at work or explore the natural scenery. The public park is a fascinating place to unwind amidst the bustling streets of Schwabing-West borough.

It is an oasis for the community and tourists, especially those looking for a refreshing and relaxing place to enjoy leisure. A variety of fun and exciting recreation is enjoyed on the park grounds.

The park is a prominent public place for families and the community due to its space and beauty, and Luitpold Park is a park with a beer garden. It also has excellent playgrounds with a winding hedge labyrinth, sports spaces, picnic grounds, and trails.

Luitpold Park is a decent-sized park that can provide enough space for the community of Schwabing-West borough to have a recreation spot.

The park also has a Luitpoldhügel height of 37 meters, quickly high enough to climb to see Munich’s overlooking views. The park is also not crowded, ideal for relaxation and basking in serene surroundings.

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Diana Pavillion , Hofgarten, Munich

Address: Hofgartenstraße 1, 80538 München, Germany

In the heart of Munich, the captivating Hofgarten lies. It is a beautiful park in town strategically situated in the center of the Residenz and the English Garden (Englischer Garten).

A park is a place where the community can come together and have a picnic. There is plenty of space for people to walk, run, and bike. The Diana temple is located in the park and is a beautiful sight.

The area has great amenities: many benches scattered across Hofgarten’s grounds, a playground for children, sports courts and fields, trails, and picnic grounds. The Hofgarten Pavilion within the park acts as a stage where every concert is held and also serves as an open-air cinema.

Hofgarten never runs out of refreshments and food to savor during a lovely stroll in the park and historical gardens. A park is popular for families, groups of friends and lovers, and tango dancers. Various recreational activities are enjoyed in the park, which the community likes the most.

It is also close to several attractions in Munich and hotels that you can book on and Make sure you see the Hofgarten Pavilion during your stay in Bavaria.

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Schlosspark Nymphenburg

Spacious Ground of Schlosspark Nymphenburg

Address: Neuhausen-Nymphenburg, 80638 München, Germany

Schlosspark Nymphenburg, or Nymphenburg Palace Park, is a regal palace featuring an amazing royal park with a long history.

It is a fascinating attraction not to overlook and should be on every itinerary when visiting the town. The castle has a spectacular garden and park that provide a fairy tale and dreamy stroll along the palace garden pathways.

Nymphenburg Palace is considered among the premier royal places in Germany and Europe to this day, and it offers a great palace tour. Schlosspark Nymphenburg has a Baroque style designed to be preserved and presented fascinatingly.

Since the palace is in Baroque style, its garden also possesses the same designs and details as some remains, but it mostly turned into a landscaped baroque garden. It still reflects an elegant and picturesque touch on the park.

The complex offers various things to do, from joining guided tours inside the palace, a scenic stroll through the palace’s captivating garden, and visiting the Marshall Museum.

Adding Schlosspark Nymphenburg to a travel itinerary is among the best ideas. The scenery, history, the Nymphenburg Palace, the garden, and the ambiance of regalness are worth the visit.

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Grünanlage Haidenau Park

Raketen-Spielplatz or  Grünanlage Haidenau Park in Munich Germany
hh oldman / Wikimedia Commons, CC BY 3.0

Address: Spicherenstraße 4, 81667 München, Germany

Grünanlage Haidenau Park is a decent-sized neighborhood park, a mini haven within a busy neighborhood. The park is a great place to stop by when seeking an area with a serene ambiance and views of nature’s greeneries.

It has adequate park amenities that provide convenience and ease to the community wanting recreational activities.

The park has a playground where children can play and interact with other kids all day. The garden also has benches, providing a place to sit, relax, and admire the park’s beauty.

A variety of common park recreation is enjoyed in the park. This recreation area can be from simple to more engaging activities.

In the park, visitors enjoy idle recreation such as wandering through the park, reading a book on the benches, listening to music, and other passive but enjoyable activities. The different activities that individuals may participate in at Grünanlage Haidenau Park include ball sports, jogging, and picnics.

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Pasinger Stadtpark

Pasinger Stadtpark in Munich, Germany
humi225 / TripAdvisor

Address: Hugo-Fey-Weg 1, 81241 München, Germany

Pasinger Stadtpark is a great recreation and green haven in Munich. It’s a lovely spot to unwind and breathe in peace. The park is a lovely getaway from the hectic world and crowded streets.

It’s also an intriguing meeting place where residents come together with one intention: to have fun outside on the trails. The area is narrow and long, around 20 hectares, and it stretches 1.5 kilometers together with massive woods, a stream, exotic plants, and a flower garden to see, making it one of the top parks in Munich for outdoor lovers.

The lovely park is a haven for joggers and children through its playgrounds. It became a lively community place but still continuously remained, having a tranquil atmosphere.

Due to Pasinger Stadtpark’s layout and garden landscape, it is often called the brother of Munich’s other famous park, the English Garden.

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Friedensengel at Maximiliansanlagen in Munich, Germany
ah_fotobox / Adobe Stock

Address: 81675 Munich, Germany

Maximiliansanlagen allows every visitor to bask and relish Munich’s pure natural beauty. The park is a secluded, tranquil, and scenic one in town.

It is an outdoor lover’s favorite place and a jogger’s paradise. Maximiliansanlagen is designed by a renowed artichect Peter Josef Lenné and Carl von Effner from 1856 to 1861.

It is among the most beautiful parks in Munich to start a fun adventure. It has a land measurement of 2 kilometers from Isar, a vast land providing ample space for picnics and the community to have a recreational place.

A variety of outdoor activities to enjoy and relish while in Maximiliansanlagen; among them were strolling, jogging, having picnics, and taking photos. The park has a centerpiece, the Angel of Peace, within the Prinzregentenstrasse. It is a beautiful landmark since 1899.

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Alter Botanischer Garten

Alter Botanischer Garden in Munich

Address: Sophienstraße 7, 80333 München, Germany

Alter Botanischer Garten is known for its lush greenery, blossoming flowers, and stunning panoramic views. It is a lovely old botanical garden in Munich.

The beautiful forest and botanical garden draw visitors from all over, inspiring visitors to stroll through its paths and discover what it has to offer. This natural park has many highlights that define what Alter Botanischer Garten is and why it is among the best parks in town.

The park is an excellent stop after shopping or exploring other town attractions, a wonderful place to unwind. It also has a café that offers outstanding delicacies, an inn, and a beer garden to check out.

The park also contains an impressive art pavilion where various new artist masterpieces are on display, as well as a magnificent Neptune fountain to enjoy. The area has a fantastic playground.

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Taxispark Scenery
Peterf, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Address: Paschstraße 28, 80637 München, Germany

Taxispark is among the charming green leisure oases. It is a place in town that is a sport and children’s haven. The park has enough space to provide recreation for the community and a natural area to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature within the city.

It is a modest park with a land of 1.3 hectares that become a popular place for the community to enjoy various recreation and a gathering place to interact.

The park has amenities that provide convenience and ease to every visitor entering and checking out its greenery. It was leased before 1921 for the war and injured persons for the Recreation Park Association. Today, the park has become an excellent place for everyone seeking recreation in the city.

The park has a beautiful sunken garden and a fitness center with fitness equipment where visitors can exercise. The adjacent historic fountain is also lovely.

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Crown Park, Am Nockherberg

Trails in Kronepark, Am Nockherberg, Munich, Germany
Kronepark / Facebook

Address: Nockherstraße 1, 81541 München, Germany

Crown Park, Am Nockherberg, is among Munich’s great recreation and green spaces to unwind and enjoy fun outdoor activities.

It’s a beautiful park to go around the city and search for a great area to unwind while enjoying the views. The park is also among the finest play destinations, for it has a public playground where youngsters may play and interact while they do so.

Crown Park and Am Nockherberg are open green spaces for the community. The parks offer plenty of room for people to gather and relax. There are benches and walking paths in the parks for people to use.

Crown Park, Am Nockherberg playground is great, especially if you have kids. There are many fun things for them to do there, like the playground and the sports facilities. Adults can also have fun at the park by playing sports or spending time with their families.

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Grünwald Park

Address: 80639 Munich, Germany

Grünwald Park is one of the most beautiful parks for families to visit in Munich. This park is a lovely site to visit when traveling in town and looking for an ideal place to relax and see scenic views.

The park is also a children’s play paradise since it includes a public playground where kids can enjoy and interact. It’s a public park open to everyone of all ages where you can go for relaxation.

The modest park offers enough room for the district to gather where various benches spread across the park’s grounds. There are tree-shaded walking paths that are ideal for strolling and jogging.

Crown Park, Am Nockherberg playground is a great place to go with kids. There are fun things for them to do, like the playground and the sports facilities. Adults can also have fun at the park playing sports or spending time with their families.

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Maßmann Park

Address: Maßmannstraße 8, 80333 München, Germany

Upon entering Maßmann Park, a lovely park in Munich, the sights to see are its greeneries, lawns, garden, and trees. Spectacular scenery to embrace when checking out the park, apart from the landscapes that also provide views of park visitors doing various recreation either alone, with friends, or with the family.

Hans Ferdinand Maßmann built a gymnasium on behalf of Ludwig I in the 19th century, but due to an air war, it was destroyed, and later on, it was restored and became a free green space.

The park has various facilities that offer great convenience to all park visitors, and this facility caters to the community’s needs in a recreation spot.

The park has a pathway for jogging, strolling, and biking. It has skate ramps, which set Maßmann Park as a paradise for skaters. The park also has a playground. Sports courts were also some of the facilities in the park where people could get entertainment.

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Weißensee Park

Weißensee Park in Bavaria, Germany

Address: 81539 Munich, Germany

Weißensee Park is ample green space and a state park not to miss in Munich. It is a vibrant area that has hosted various summer festivities since 2012 that brought joy, highlighted the park’s beauty, and brought color into the town. The park surrounds the Weißer see, a wonderful river in the garden and village.

The public park is a fascinating place to unwind and enjoy the beauty of nature amidst the bustling streets of Munich. It is an oasis for the community and tourists, especially those looking for a refreshing and relaxing place to enjoy leisure. It is an oasis for the community and tourists, especially those looking for a refreshing and comfortable place to enjoy relaxation.

Weißensee Park is a decent-sized park that can provide enough space for the community to have a recreation spot quickly high enough to climb to see Munich’s overlooking views. The park is also not crowded, ideal for relaxation and basking in the serene surroundings.

The park is a prominent public place for families and the community due to its space and beauty, and Weißensee Park is a park with a beer garden. It also has excellent playgrounds with a winding hedge labyrinth, sports spaces, picnic grounds, and trails.

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Petuelpark, Munich

Address: Klopstockstraße 10, 80804 München, Germany

Petuelpark is a large park serving as a green oasis with 7.4 hectares amid a bustling neighborhood. It Iis between the Schwabing and Milbertshofen-Am Hart of Munich.

The park is a fantastic spot to visit if you’re looking for a relaxing environment with beautiful views of nature’s greenery. It offers sufficient park amenities to make leisure activities on its grounds convenient and easy for the community.

The park features a play area where children may spend the entire day playing and interacting with other youngsters. There are also seats in the garden where you may rest, unwind, and appreciate the park’s splendor. It has a café, an art space, a lovely fountain, and a public garden.

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Schwabing Stream

Schwabing Stream Promenade Park
image by alexis-sanches/TripAdvisor

Address: Königinstraße 11, 80539 München, Germany

The Schwabing Stream Promenade, on the other hand, is a venue for everyone to enjoy and admire the splendor of nature. The park is also known as the Schwabinger Bach, where its watercourses are through Munich’s magnificent English Garden and Chinese Tower.

The park is ideal for strolling, conversing, sitting by its river, and reading a book. It is the ideal place to enjoy a serene place, unwind, and bask in silence. The park soon becomes a lovely spot to hit when escaping the city’s busy streets.

Schwabing Stream’s peaceful ambiance makes it a place to reflect, make plans, breathe in, and appreciate performing arts.

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Wild Horses Sculpture display by Georg Roemer at Bavariapark in Munich, Germany
diegograndi –

Address: 80339 Munich, Germany

If you want to unwind and enjoy a beautiful day in the sun, the Bavariapark is one of the most amazing parks to visit in Munich. It is among the lovely city parks, and it contains some of Munich’s most stunning vistas.

The park is also a renowned 19th-century green gem, an excellent spot to unwind and appreciate nature’s splendor. If you want to try out a number of exciting and entertaining activities in Munich, going to the Schwanthalerhöhe is one of the most fantastic suggestions.

It is 6.8 acres in size. The park also has a number of activities for both children and adults, including games and playgrounds. Picnic tables and meadows are also available.

There’s also a beautiful sculpture to admire. The park’s fairy tale pond, one of the park’s most popular attractions, is surrounded by magnificent sculptures, cafés, and gorgeous meadows. It is undoubtedly a lovely park to see in town.

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Süd Park

Address: 200, Südparkallee, 81379 München, Germany

Süd Park is among the best and newer parks in Munich, Germany. It is a fascinating public park that offers excellent access to perform and enjoy various recreation.

The park’s building was rich in land, about 60 hectares. The park is ideally located at a strategic point within the city, near Am Südpark, and has easy access for playing sports, relaxing, and more.

The facilities aid every park visitor’s recreational activities in the park. Süd Park features a big playground with interactive material for kids. It also contains ample open space and trees to sit down and take in the scenery while enjoying a nice picnic. Running, walking, and cycling are all possible on the trails.

Süd Park has various fitness equipment, benches, courts, a play area, and trail paths. Some of the sports that can be enjoyed and played in part are ping pong, skating, and tennis.


What is the biggest park in Munich?

The Englischer Garten (English Garden) is the biggest park in Munich. At over 350 acres, it’s also one of the largest city parks in Europe.

What are the best nature parks in Munich?

There are many beautiful parks in Munich, but the best ones for nature lovers are probably Englischer Garten, Olympiapark, and Nymphenburg Palace Gardens.

What are the best parks for children in Munich?

Several parks in Munich are perfect for children. The Englischer Garten, Olympiapark, and Tierpark Hellabrunn.

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