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8 Best Breweries in Düsseldorf, Germany to Try

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You don’t have to be a beer snob to know that Düsseldorf has some of the best breweries in Germany. But it can be hard to find which places are worth visiting if you’re unsure what you want. The good news is we did all the research for you, and these are our top picks.

Düsseldorf is a marvelous city with many great beer halls and breweries. The main attraction here for beer is Altbier Breweries.

Best Breweries That Brew Onsite in Düsseldorf, Germany

The best feature of Alpbier is that it’s made right here in Dusseldorf at the city’s most local pubs. They frequently serve it straight away, making it the freshest in the world.

There have been several pubs throughout history that have brewed their beer, but today there are only four left. Almost every other food and drink establishment in the city serves Altbier from one of these sources.

All beer brewing companies offer German food that complements altbier. Traditional German dishes such as black pudding, apple pie, potato soup, pork knuckle, and bratwurst were consistently available on the food menus. Let’s explore the top breweries in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Brewery Schumacher

Brewery Schumacher Alt Beer

Brewery Schumacher was established in 1838 and is located in Oststraße. It is one of Düsseldorf’s independent breweries. It is also one of the oldest breweries in Düsseldorf.

The brewery offers three types of beer – the Schumacher Alt, the Schumacher Latzenbier, and the Schumacher 1838s.

The Schumacher Alt is the oldest altbier in Düsseldorf and is still made using the Schumacher family recipe. The malt mixture, rounded aroma, strong foam, and rounded bitterness combine nicely to give this beer a classic feel. It has an alcohol content of 4.6% vol.

It comes in 1-liter bottles, oak barrels, and plastic-coated stainless steel barrels of 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, and 50 liters. The Schumacher Latzenbier has a 5.5% vol. alcohol content. It is stronger than the Schumacher Alt and contains increased original wort as well as malt. The Latzenbier is usually served only on the third Thursday of November, September, and March in bottles available in limited numbers.

The Schumacher 1838 is brewed with aroma hops from Canada and Australia. It is a fruity and top-fermented beer with an alcohol content of 5.0%.

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The Kurzer Brewery

Kurzer Brewery - Düsseldorf Germany

The Kurzer Brewery began operation in 2010. It is owned by Hans-Peter Schwemin and situated on Kurz Strasse in the old town of Düsseldorf. The brewery produces Kurzer Alt, which is fine-textured, impressively malty, and topped off with a smoothed bitterness to give a full-bodied and flavored beer.

The Kurzer Brewery is known as the youngest brewery in Düsseldorf, and it constantly reiterates this fact. Hans-Peter Schwemin opened the brewery to add a modern layer to traditional beer making.

This modern layer shows in the décor of the brewery bar, which is decked out in exposed brick walls and light wood, giving it a contemporary, trendy feel. The food served here also follows the trendy urban style. Kurzer’s menu contains more dishes like pulled pork, burgers, and wraps than traditional German food.

Kurzer’s beer is brewed directly on-site, in the rear of the guest room, right in the pub. This means guests can watch the master brewer do what he does best with the Kurzer beer. Kurzer Alt beer is available in bottles and can be purchased in Kurzer’s Brewery as well as several stores in Düsseldorf town.

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Füchschen Brewery

Füchschen Alt Brewery

Füchschen Brewery began brewing beer as far back as 1640 in a small alehouse. Then in 1848, the brewery officially became Füchschen Alt Brewery. This is by far my favorite German altbier and traditional altbier brewpub.

The Füchschen brewery is in a big old building close to several renowned art galleries in Düsseldorf. Its space is open and huge with dark-colored wooden beams. There are high tables outside the brewery for punters to stand on during good weather.

The brewery offers Füchschen altbier, Füchschen pilsner, party kegs, Füchschen non-alcoholic, and Füchschen Christmas beer.

Füchschen alt beer is malt-filled and light on the palate. It is made with caramel malts and has an aesthetically appealing copper color. Füchschen pilsner is made with flowery aroma hops and bitter malt. It fuses tartness and tenderness into its taste.

Füchschen non-alcoholic is a refreshing brew for those who want the taste of altbier without the alcohol. The Füchschen Christmas beer is tapped in a limited quantity every Christmas Eve and served in a special sommelier beer glass. It is brewed with caramel and dried fruit to give it a rounded bitterness.

This special Christmas beer is stronger than the regular Füchschen alt beer and has an alcohol content of 5.2 vol. As collector items, you can also get Füchschen’s 5l disposable party kegs for both Füchschen alt and Füchschen pils.

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Zum Schlussel Brewery

Zum Schlussel Brewery

In 1936, Karl Gatzweller inherited the Zum Schlussel Brewery from Josef Aders, a brewer. The brewery became a family business with Maria, his wife, and sons – Simon and Jakob. Over time, Zum Schlüssel Brewery has amassed hundreds of years of brewing experience.

In 1990, after extensive, in-depth, and extended renovation, the brewery Zum Schlüssel was opened as a venue for people from various walks of life to socialize.

It quickly grew in popularity as the brewery combined old tradition and history with modern standards while maintaining the high-standard, top-fermented beer brew it was and is still renowned for.

Zum Schlüssel Brewery is situated on one of the busiest streets in Alstadt. It is also known as the smallest traditional brewery in old town Düsseldorf, and the beautiful golden kettle is right there when you walk in.

A particularly enjoyable feature of the Zum Schlüssel Brewery is its huge beer garden in the churchyard just across the brewery. The garden is situated right underneath the beautiful Neanderkirche yellow tower. The ambiance and lovely environmental attractions make it a nice place to sip and enjoy a Schlusse altbier.

Zum Schlussel Brewery offers the Schlüssel Original Alt and the Stike-Alt beer (specially made in the brewery every Monks Day). Check out these best breweries in Cologne to visit.

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Alter Banhof Brewery

Building exterior of Alter Banhof Brewery in Düsseldorf
Stephen Kelly / TripAdvisor

Since railway operations ceased in 1972, the Oberkassel train station grounds have been used for commercial purposes. Presently, the incredible building formerly used for the railway station houses one of the youngest breweries in Düsseldorf.

Alter Banhof Brewery has been in operation since 2011. Its interior is built with mostly wood and copper to provide a sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing décor.

The exterior is also refined and pleasing to the eyes. When you visit the brewery, you can spot the copper kettles used to brew the altbier directly in the heart of the pub. Gulasch Alt is the signature beer produced by the Alter Banhof brewery.

It derived its name from the owner’s love of the meal Goulash. Gulasch Alt is known for its rich, bursting flavor and excellent taste. It is also impressively amber-colored with a nice foamy top to round off its body.

Gulasch Alt beer is brewed with a malts aroma, a bit of grass, and some caramel, which give it a considerably more bitter taste than a regular altbier. The drums in the brewery range from 10 to 50 liters, and you can also pick up a keg to take home.

Uerige Brewery

Uerige Brewery Alt Beer

Since 1862, Uerige Brewery has made top-fermented beers in Düsseldorf’s old town. This brewery is one of the oldest in Düsseldorf and is known for producing the most bitter beers in its locale.

The Uerige Alt is made from hops, water, caramel malt, roasted malt, and barley malt. It is popular for its distinctive yet enjoyable bitterness, full-bodied taste, and aromatic flavor. Uerige Brewery also produces a Fassbrause, a Weissbier, two special season stickes, and its usual alt beer.

Inside the Uerige Pub is traditional décor and paneling made of dark wood. The pub is much bigger than it looks from the outside. It extends down a maze of rooms and essentially takes up the whole block on which it is situated.

The Uerige brewery also has a distillery where multiple schnapps are produced. Beer schnapps is a beer that has been distilled to a considerably strong alcoholic level.

Uerige Brewery calls this beer Stickum. This Uerige beer schnapp tastes like a cognac or malt whisky with notes of the beer. It is available in eight distinct varieties, each aged in separate barrels for differing years.

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Best Restaurants That Brew Altbier or Craft Beer


Interior of the Hitchcoq Restaurant in Düsseldorf
Hitchcoq / Facebook

Hitchcoq is a well-known restaurant located in Nordstrabe 30, 40477 Düsseldorf, Germany. Best known for its tasty, cooked-to-perfection chicken, Hitchcoq features a 5-star reputation in Düsseldorf, Germany, prominently.

The founders insist that the inspiration for the restaurant’s best-selling dish, chicken, was the Nashville style of preparing chicken. The chicken is generally pickled for 24 hours before being fried carefully. This results in the fried chicken’s crisp exterior and spicy, juicy interior.

Hitchcoq, founded by Fabian and Ben, is unique because it doubles as a brewery and a restaurant. The owners of this Düsseldorf microbrewery claim it is the smallest in the city, producing beer and wine. They grow grapes using organic plants with no additions. Craft beer and local beer enthusiasts have appreciated this part of their business.

The name ‘Hitchcoq’ was coined from two sources. Hitchcock was a brilliant filmmaker who created suspense-filled movies while ‘coq’ is the French rooster.

With a memorable name, a warm, cozy space, a delightful menu, and the best wine and beers offered in Düsseldorf, Hitchcoq is a favorite amongst locals and tourists.

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Brauhaus Joh Albrecht

Front of Brauhaus Joh Albrecht in Düsseldorf, Germany
Brauhaus Joh Albrecht / Brauhaus Joh Albrecht

Düsseldorf, Germany, has many charms and lovely spaces for nourishing locals and visitors. One of the cozy delights is Brauhaus Joh Albrecht.

It is a five-star restaurant and brewery in Niederkasseler Strasse 104, 40547, Düsseldorf, Germany. Though they make a mean cuisine, they are also known as a brewery that serves tasty beers at just the right temperature.

The brewery offers homemade lager beers in-house and those brewed by a neighboring house, Schmittmann. Schmittmann specializes in schnapps and liqueur.

The restaurant’s menu features delicious homemade meals; although it’s relatively light, everyone can choose something. The space is comfortable and enclosed with an excellent ambiance that creates nostalgia and the feeling of having a large family dinner.

There is a garden on the grounds and an excellent staff. Brauhaus Joh is a great place for locals and visitors to find respite any time or day. There are other branches in different states. You can find one in Hamburg, Konstanz, Soltau, and Bielefeld.

Dusseldorf Beers: An Introduction to Altbier

The most popular Dusseldorf beer is undoubtedly the distinctive altbier found all over the city. The colors are dark brown and copper, giving it a look similar to English pale ale. Despite its harsh flavor, it has a more refreshing and less acidic taste.

Altbier is a very pleasant, rich, and complex brew. It’s ideal for any occasion, whether it’s an afternoon or a night on the town.

However, be careful with a strength of around 5%. It is slightly stronger than standard beers.

Sticke. Altbier

Besides standard alt-biers, the brewery occasionally produces seasonal variants. “Stikke’s” (or “sticks'”) are considerably stronger than usual (about 7-8% alcohol by volume).

Sweet, hoppier, darker altbiers are also known as high-alcohol beers. They’re more dangerous since they have a lot of alcohol. Interestingly, they typically cost less than normal beer and provide a better value.

The term stick implies a hidden item, and you won’t be able to access it immediately. If they exist, you may reach them by requesting a specific amount.

Dusseldorf Pilsen

Glass of Duckstein Amber Style Pilsner in Dusseldorf
Dan K / Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0

There is, however, one truly flavorful beer alternative available at conventional pubs. Many beer enthusiasts will be familiar with the brew. It’s a well-known pale beer made using technologies that have largely replaced old processes.

Finally, you have no choice in the brand you’re given; it’s whatever they’ve got. Order a Pillow if necessary. The culture of Düsseldorf is an essential and distinctive component that should not be overlooked.

History of Altbier in Düsseldorf

Brewery im Füchschen Beer

Altbier is a type of beer first brewed in Düsseldorf, Germany. The name “altbier” means “old beer,” and its amber color and malty flavor characterize this beer style. Altbier is typically brewed using top-fermenting yeast and undergoes a long, cold aging process, resulting in a smooth, drinkable beer.

If you’re looking for a brewery specializing in altbier, you should check out the Zum Uerige Brewery. This brewery has operated since 1862 and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Düsseldorf. The brewery is located in the old town of Düsseldorf, offering tours and beer tastings.

How do the Altbier Breweries Work in Düsseldorf?

Front and sign of the Zum Schlüssel Brewery in Düsseldorf, Germany
dbrnjhrj –

The drinking system at Düsseldorf breweries will probably differ drastically depending on where you live. We hadn’t encountered this before but were slightly confused initially because it’s not like the traditional Bavarian brewery experience.

We were excited to visit the city’s Altstadt and taste some of the city’s legendary altbier, particularly at a nice beer garden.

But in Düsseldorf, they serve altbier in small glasses and continue refilling you until you say no or put your coast on top of your beer. Hey, I wasn’t complaining. Plus, forget about keeping a tab on a traditional computer. Here, they just mark your beer count on your coaster. What are your favorite breweries in Germany?

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What is the most famous beer in Dusseldorf?

The most famous beer in Dusseldorf is Altbier. Altbier is a top-fermented beer brewed in the traditional way of the Rhineland. It is characterized by its dark amber color, full-bodied taste, and slightly bitter aftertaste.

What is the beer in Dusseldorf?

Altbier beer is a type of beer that originated in the German city of Dusseldorf. It is known for its unique taste, characterized by a slightly bitter flavor and a distinct malty sweetness. Dusseldorf beer is typically brewed using traditional methods and ingredients, such as barley, hops, and yeast, and is often served in small glasses known as “stangen.”

What does Altbier taste like?

The altbier is equally balanced with the aromas it brings—no sweet taste. The aroma of toasty and malting is crisp and clean. You’d have to have some hoppy bitterness in your tongue.

What is a German Altbier?

German Altbier is a high-fermentation, longer beer brew from the North Rhine Westphalia region that became popular throughout the Rhineland.

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