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10 Best Breweries in St. Paul, Minnesota

Visiting St. Paul? Love the breweries? These are the best breweries in St. Paul that you need to try… From a fellow beer enthusiast.

Breweries in St. Paul are more than good beer–it’s a continuation of history and an important part of beer culture. St. Paul is full of beer culture after many Germans settled in St. Paul. St. Paul became a hub for brewers and beer drinkers alike. And if you look closely you’ll find some caves that were previously used as caverns for aging beer.

In St. Paul, you can find breweries specialized in stouts, fully gluten-free breweries, and 100-year-old beer recipes revived. St. Paul is like a better Milwaukee.

Milwaukee is the city that gets all the press as being a Midwestern’s dream of all-you-can-eat sausages and beer. But St. Paul has the best breweries by far.

St. Paul Minnesota

St. Paul is a city that is full of intermixing cultures that will leave your beer pallets full and happy…

Like I did with my list of the best breweries in Minneapolis… I went out and tried them all. I’m a person that welcomes thirst (as long as it’s good).

Best Breweries in St. Paul, Minnesota

Let’s get into the good stuff. These are the top breweries in St. Paul. Each brewery has its own feel and style of beer, so make sure to try them all and rank them for yourself.

10. Tin Whiskers

Tin Whiskers is a great brewpub-style brewery right on the way to CHS Field (St. Paul Saints stadium). It’s my personal go-to for the first beer of the day on my way to a Saints game. Going to Saints baseball games is a right of passage for any Minnesotan and is one of our favorite things to do in St. Paul.

This robot-themed brewery has a ton of fun-named beers that taste great. Whether you enjoy IPAs, wheat beers, or smooth porters, Tin Whiskers has something for everyone. The taproom is fun to spend an entire afternoon in. Take a crowler to go or bring in your pizza.

Grab some brewery gear while you’re at it, their design team is on point!

Beers to Try: Irish Cream Stout, Fossil Finder IPA

9. Burning Brothers gluten-free brewing

Burning Brothers Brewery

Finally, gluten-free beer tastes like beer! Burning Brothers is a small taproom that boasts a handful of rotating gluten-free taps and snacks. Food trucks also stop by on occasion, check their calendar for who’s there today.

We like Burning Brothers because of the welcoming staff and great selection of gluten-free options. Neither of us is gluten-free, but a number of our friends are and we all enjoy the beers here. That’s right, even our German heritage enjoys these beers!

One of the owners has celiac, so you can trust that the facility is truly gluten-free. According to the Burning Brothers website, their “beer is crafted using completely gluten-free grains, never containing wheat, barley or rye.” They don’t use special filters, enzymes, or other gluten-free gimmicks. So what you get is really great beer without all the gimmicks. Sign me up.

Beers to Try: Pyro American Pale Ale, “Roasted” Coffee Strong Ale, “Midway” American Lager

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8. Barrel Theory

Craft Beer from Barrel Theory, St. Paul, Minnesota

Barrel Theory is located in the booming Lowertown neighborhood of St. Paul. The taproom is urban in all the best ways: brick walls, antique lighting, and great beer.

The beers at Barrel Theory are amazing and unique. They even have colada beers! Our favorite so far is the Dark Helmet schwarzbier. Smooth and dark, we could drink this beer all day and all night. It’s perfect for a chilly fall day!

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7. Lake Monster Brewing

Lake Monster Brewing Cinnamon Cereal (1)
Source: Lake Monster Brewing Facebook

Another St. Paul staple is Lake Monster brewing. Their cans are creatively designed and their beers are just as unique. The Lake Monster taproom provides year-round beer stables like the True Story pale ale and seasonal favorites that match the weather.

We like Lake Monster because they make classic beers with a twist. A pilsner with both Czech and American hops? Genius! Crisp and flavorful while remaining refreshing. With Lake Monster you have it all.

Beers to Try: Last Fathom, Murmur Milk Stout

6. Urban Growler

Urban Growler Saint Paul, Minnesota
Source: Urban Growler Facebook Page

Urban Growler is more on the side of the brewpub than your traditional brewery with a food truck outside. The food is actually awesome at Urban Growler which is a huge plus. Our personal favorite menu item is the nachos. Pairs perfectly with the beer, and is super good! Their fries sure are good too…

We have two top beers here: the de-lovely porter (add coffee), and the Kentucky Uncommon. The Kentucky Uncommon is twisted with bourbon. And the porter can come with coffee which is the perfect Sunday afternoon pick-me-up.

The beer doesn’t wow me too much, but I get my fix in by having their amazing nachos. My ultimate favorite brewery is right next door called Bang Brewing.

Beer to Try: De-Lovely Porter, Kentucky Uncommon, Cowbell Cream Ale.

5. Bad Weather Brewing

Bad Weather Brewing Company
Source: Bad Weather Facebook

Bad Weather is a more modern brewery. It’s next to Waldmann, which is one of my favorite breweries in St. Paul. So, if you are coming from out of town, you can get a two for the price of one.  And they usually have a food truck so you can grab a snack in between!

Bad Weather has a large patio which is perfect for big groups after work. And their beers are pretty great too. Our favorite is the Munich Helles and the Muddy Boot.

The Helles is a crisp, German lager for easy drinking on sunny days. The Muddy Boot is a creamy oatmeal stout perfect for crisp fall days and winter snow storms.

Beers to Try: Munich Helles, American Wheat

4. Summit Brewing & Summit Ratskeller

Front of Summit Brewing in St. Paul, Minnesota

The most well-known, characteristic St. Paul brewer. Minneapolis has Surly and St. Paul has Summit. Both are behemoths in the craft beer scene.

To me, both have held their own when it comes to beer. They’ve reinvented a number of different beer options and keep things interesting while still maintaining the classics. There is nothing better at the Minnesota State Fair than a crisp Summit EPA.

In the ratskeller, maybe you’ll find a nice Minnesota gift to bring home (if you are from out of town).

3. Yoerg Brewing

Front of Yoerg Brewing Company

Yoerg’s is right on the campus of Metropolitan State University. It’s in an old brick building on the corner. The history and feel are amazing inside. The beer is my haven.

The purveyor purchased an old beer formula that was brewed in caves in St. Paul, called… Yoerg’s, of course. It’s a German brewery so you’ll get some crisp refreshing beers along the way. They also have unique wines available for the wine drinker in the group!

The best part about Yoerg’s Beer taproom is the staff. The owner is very knowledgeable in German beers, having traveled to many beer halls himself. He can recommend just the right style of beer for you and talk about beer and travel for hours.

It’s easy to get lost in the conversation here with all the history and wonderful European accents.

Yoerg’s also serves some of the top German beers that you’ll likely be unable to find anywhere else in the state of Minnesota. I’m a big fan of Bavarian beers and this is the place to try them.

2. Waldmann

Waldmann Brewery - St. Paul, Minnesota

German craft beer? You betcha. Love beer gardens like me? Well, Waldmann covers both of these angles in what is one of my favorite go-to breweries. And they have great snacks too.

Waldmann is in the oldest commercial building in St. Paul. And guess what it used to be? A brewery. A full circle tale of great beer and good friends! Waldmann has a fantastic Oktoberfest celebration complete with live music, hammerschlagen, and brat specials.

Beers to Try: Schwarzbier

1. Bang Brewing

Bang Brewing, St. Paul, Minnesota

The Bin. That’s all you need to know. Bang is by far one of my favorite breweries in all of Minnesota. The brewery is in an old storage bin in a St. Paul industrial district. The brewery prides itself on organic farming, local sourcing, and environmental awareness. And their beers are fantastic!

We love Bang because we can bike or drive right up to the tap house and enjoy their beer garden. It is hard to find Bang beers outside of the brewery which makes it even more special. Fill up with their growlers to go and stop by weekly for beer fresh off the tap.

Beers to Try: Double IPA (DIPA), Italian Pilsener


If you are visiting St. Paul, you are in luck with some great brewery options. The number one thing I like about the contrast from Minneapolis breweries is that in St. Paul you’ll get a great mix of old-style brewing and the “new age” stuff of hazy IPAs, milkshake IPAs, etc.

I’d say we should rename Minnesota to the land of 10,000 beers. Because it’s true. There is no shortage of high-quality options.


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