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18 Best Breweries in Minneapolis of 2024 [Ultimate Guide]

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Minneapolis has a long-standing history of beer. In today’s age, we are faced with hundreds of craft breweries, all suited to your different styles and tastes in beer. These are some of the best breweries in Minneapolis to consider during your visit.

Congrats, you’ve landed at a travel blog home to the Land of 10,000 Beers… I mean lakes. Minneapolis is an absolute gem for craft beer. You can’t go wrong at a number of breweries around the area, but how do you search and find the brightest of them all?

Breweries are simply in our DNA as Minnesotans. We’ve migrated to a culture of spending time at the brewery to catch up with good friends, watch the game, and even bring your furry friends or children.

There is so much good beer they even have a craft brewery tour to help you see the best breweries around the Twin Cities in one journey.

No need to worry about driving along the way. Book your craft brewery tour to get a great deal in town, and check out several breweries in an all-inclusive manner. As a Minnesotan, you deal with harsh temperatures and wicked weather. So why not cozy up to a taproom with good beer and vibes?

In Minneapolis (in particular), we have diverse dining, like restaurants on Lake Street or a gorgeous riverwalk. Read more about the Minneapolis Riverwalk and all that it has to offer.

I have answers for you after 76 pints and visiting over 20 locations. Minneapolis is the Land of 10,000 Craft Beers. I’ve tasted them all to make your decisions easier.

I’ve done the homework to find the answers to your questions on how to get the top craft beer in Minneapolis—enough rambling. Let’s get into our list of the top craft breweries in Minneapolis.


If you want a quick summary, here it is:

Best Brewery in Minneapolis (Overall) Fair State Brewing Cooperative
Best in Minneapolis with Food Pryes Brewing Company
Best in Northeast Minneapolis Dangerous Man Brewing Company
Best in South Minneapolis Arbeiter Brewing Company
Best in Downtown Minneapolis Finnegan’s Brew Co.
Best Outdoor Brewery Minneapolis Utepils Brewing

Let’s hop into our favorite spots to go for a good beer.

Best Breweries in Northeast Minneapolis

18. 56 Brewing

56 Brewing
Credit: Dallas Smith Photography

56 Brewing is a quiet, relatively unknown spot in Northeast Minneapolis. Personally speaking, I think it’s underrated and is a must-go-to spot. They have a great summer location with a garden and an awesome front patio to bask in the sun.

I like 56 Brewing as a hidden gem of Minneapolis, and you won’t have many lines, a busy brewpub, or hard-to-find parking. It’s a great spot to get a feel for the local brewery scene, relax, and enjoy a pint.

It’s good vibes all around, which is why their tagline is “Garden to Growler.”

Beers of Choice: Motueka Pale Ale, ‘ssippi Squeeze IPA, Nose Hair Bender

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17. Bauhaus Brew Labs

Bauhaus Brew Labs - Taproom

Bauhaus is a great concept as a brewery. The design in this taproom is eclectic and electric at the same time. It’s an old warehouse hangar with an open-concept vibe. I like the blend between a craft and a German brewery. You will see German-inspired themes throughout.

They feature an epic Oktoberfest every year that is worth attending if you are in town during the event timing. Bauhaus can be grouped with Indeed and a few other craft breweries, some of the best in Northeast Minneapolis. Good news! They are all located within two blocks of each other. Drink away!

Beers of Choice: Wonderstuff, Schwandtoberfest (only for Oktoberfest), Skyfive! IPA, Stargrazer

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16. Falling Knife Brewing Co.

Falling Knife Brewing Company

Falling Knife Brewing Company is relatively new to the Minneapolis beer scene. The brewery opened this past summer, drawing local and craft beer fans.

They have a great, large space for sipping and sampling the different beers they’ve created. Patrons can sit at one of their long tables outside or enjoy their spacious taproom with great seating, events, and arcade games.

The tough decision is whether you want local flavors or international tastes. Minneapolis has a bit of both with Falling Knife Brewing Co. You’ll find that their beer menu honors Minneapolis’s Scandinavian roots and East Indian traditions.

The taproom is in NE Minneapolis, outside the cluster of other breweries near Como. This is a great option for a full Twin Cities tour if you want to venture into St. Paul.

Beers of Choice: Hidden Temple, Verbal Tip, Of a Feather

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15. HeadFlyer Brewing

HeadFlyer Brewing Beers

HeadFlyer is a great spot right near downtown Northeast. They have a set of awesome beers and great vibes all around.

There are a TON of breweries in the Northeast, and I’ll get to the usual suspects below. HeadFlyer is one of the only ones that is nestled right near downtown Northeast Minneapolis, which makes it easy for out-of-towners looking to hit multiple breweries.

Beers of Choice: Waka this Way (Hazy IPA), Wicked Jump Shot (Pale Ale)

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14. Fair State Brewing Cooperative

Fair State Brewing Cooperative, Minneapolis

Fair State is located on the north end of Northeast Minneapolis. It’s a bit of a journey, but it’s worth it. Their story is awesome.

Fair State operates as a cooperative. They have over 1,500 members. I love this model and am surprised that not many other breweries have adopted it. The breweries are (and will continue to be) localized businesses.

Fresh beer comes from local sources. Think of it as a decentralized model. Why not get beer freshly brewed a few blocks from your home?

This is why I love Fair State and its approach. You can hit some of the other Northeast breweries I will touch below, just a few blocks from Fair State.

They continue to build community and amazing, high-quality beer along the way. The tagline says it all:

“Drink like you own the place.”

Beers of Choice: Roselle, Pils, Mirror Universe, Pahlay and Hard Seltzers!

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13. Indeed Brewing Company

Indeed Brewing Company Main Taproom

Indeed, it is a cozy, quaint taproom featuring one of the top beer menus in the state of Minnesota. Like some of their peers, Indeed was a trendsetter for craft brewing in the Twin Cities. You really can’t go wrong with any of their beer options.

Hand holding Indeed Brewing's Yamma Jamma Ale can with bear and urban skyline art.
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

Take a look at the wood plus exposed brick. It’s a great place to spend a cold winter or fall afternoon.

Beers of Choice: Day Tripper Pale Ale, Mexican Honey Light, B-Side Pils

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12. Dangerous Man Brewing Co.

Dangerous Man Brewing Co Taproom

Dangerous Man is an absolute gem. This place gets very busy on weekends, but in a good way. There is always a lively atmosphere. The taproom is filled with fresh floral greens that make it feel cozy no matter the season.

It’s a great spot to cozy up in the winter when you want to play board games and avoid the cold. The peanut butter porter is one of the better beers in all of the state of Minnesota.

You’ll see why when you have a peanut butter porter. Since Dangerous Man came about, many people have tried to perfect their peanut butter porter, and it isn’t the same.

You won’t be able to find this stuff at a liquor store, so stop by the taproom and stock up.

Beers of Choice: Peanut Butter Porter, Variety of Newly Brewed Beer (You Never Know What You’ll Get!)

Pair up your Twin Cities beer crawl with these amazing Saint Paul breweries.

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Best South Minneapolis Breweries

11. Wild Mind Artisan Ales

Wild Minds Artisan Ales Taphouse

Yes, it has a Minneapolis address. It’s a bit on the fringe of Minneapolis and Richfield. It qualifies because it has a Minneapolis address.

I love the design of the taproom and inside. They have a great setup for watching the games with a 10-foot screen if you like sports.

Each of their pints is artisanal. I love that because there is something to be said about quality brewed beer. If you have a couple of them, you feel better in the morning…

Wild Mind has an epic taproom with great design in South Minneapolis and local bands playing on weekends. The setup is great from a TV perspective as well if you are a sports fan. They feature a 10-foot projector screen showing all the best sports activities.

Are you an IPA or hazy IPA fan? Wild Mind is your place. They feature some of the best eclectic collections of India pale ales out there.

Beers of Choice: FALL, Secret Prism (Hazy IPA), Demode (Hazy IPA)

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10. Venn Brewing Company

Venn Brewing Company

Venn has an amazing concept that differs from all the other mentioned breweries. Venn has different beers made in variety each time, so their tap list is constantly rotating.

The taproom is conveniently located along the Blue Line light rail on the 46th Street station. It makes for a great pop-off and pop-on stop from the airport or to games at Target Field or US Bank Stadium.

Their concept is pretty unique. Venn is Norwegian for a friend. Their logo is a fox to symbolize a communal friend. In addition, you never know what beer they will brew next. You can expect a cast of rotating tap features brewed until it’s gone.

Beers of Choice: It depends! You never know what you are going to get there. They specialize in awesome double IPAs and more.

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9. Arbeiter Brewing

Arbeiter Brewing Minneapolis

Located at the cross-section of Minnehaha Ave and East Lake Street, Arbeiter Brewing is my favorite in Minneapolis. Not just because I live in the neighborhood but because of the excellent beer, great people, and the values they stand by.

Arbeiter means “workers” in German, and they are spinning up some of the best traditional German beer I’ve had (not being in Germany) and some unique hybrid IPAs with a German or European spin on them.

Arbeiter has also done several collaborations with other top breweries mentioned here, so I keep coming back and finding new, super tasty stuff.

Visit this taproom for the patio and stop by the Longfellow Farmers Market.

Beers of Choice: Nacht Rider, Sucker Punch, Arbeiter Bier

Best Breweries in Downtown / North Loop

8. Inbound BrewCo

Inbound BrewCo interior and customers
Inbound BrewCo / Facebook

Inbound BrewCo is Minneapolis’ first nano brewpub that opened in late 2018. It’s Minneapolis’ first nano brewpub and was created in Minneapolis North Loop, which has an excellent selection of breweries and gives NE Minneapolis a run for its money.

The taproom has a lot of personality with its wood and metal, plus the outdoor patio is perfect for Minneapolis summertime seating! The brewery is located nearby Target Field, making it a great option to snag a beer before a Twins game or concert.

They also feature live music and a food truck every day. The taproom is located right near our next location, Fulton Brewing. Visit the taproom on a Saturday for live music and the start of a pub crawl.

Beers of Choice: Laser Loon, Barrel Aged Stout, Hazy Shades

7. Fulton Brewing

Second to Surly, Fulton is one of the original craft breweries in Minneapolis. They’ve stayed tried and true to their formula. Awesome ales. Recently, they’ve ventured out into the hard seltzer game.

The taproom is located right by Target Field, where the Minnesota Twins play in the North Loop of Minneapolis. They have plenty of outdoor seating, so you can soak up the nice weather on a summer day.

It’s great if you want to grab a bite of dinner following your brewery excursion. There are plenty of awesome restaurants nearby.

Beers of Choice: Fulton 300 IPA, Lonely Blonde, Sweet Child of Vine IPA

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6. Modist Brewing Co.

Crowd inside the Modist Brewing Co
Modist Brewing Co. / Facebook

Not to be confused with the word modest… These unique beers are far from modest. They are alternative but very good. A Modist is a person who “modifies.”

Modist is an experimental brewery that emphasizes creativity. Modist starts to develop a recipe by identifying the flavor or experience they want to bring to life.

The head brewmaster, Keigan, takes this concept and “works backward” to determine how best it can be achieved: he starts with the desired flavor and then works backward to brew something extra special.

Half-full pint glass of amber beer with Modist Brewing Company logo in a Minneapolis brewery with soft focus background.
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

Modist Brewing does not follow any style guide in brewing, translating into some awesome stuff you can’t find anywhere else. Their beer menu is always changing.

Their taproom is near Fulton and InBound Brewco in the North Loop neighborhood, so you can round out a nice Minneapolis brewery crawl if you’re feeling up for it. Like the other spots in the neighborhood, Modist Brewing Co. offers a great patio and atmosphere before a Target Field or Target Center event.

Beers of Choice: False Pattern, Dreamyard, First Call

5. Pryes Brewing Company

Pryes Brewing Company building and outdoor tables
Pryes Brewing Company / Pryes Brewing Company

Pryes Brewing Company is another excellent spot in the North Loop and is a great location as a stopover on a bike ride along the Mississippi River. They have an excellent rotating list of tap beers along with food.

Pryes Brewing Company features one of the best patios and unique games like feather bowling. The taproom also offers an excellent in-house food menu. They usually feature rotating beers that fit the season.

Also, Pryes is across the street from the Mississippi River and offers free events like yoga or trivia night. This is also a great spot to grab a drink before the Twins game or concert.

Beers of Choice: Miraculum, Mass Haze-Teria, Dublin Dry Stout

4. Finnegan’s Brewery

Finnegan's Brewery interior
Management / Finnegan’s Brewery

One option that is directly downtown Minneapolis is Finnegan’s. Finnegan’s Brewery is a microbrewery with a stately taproom and is a 100% nonprofit charity; dark wood paneling surrounds a clear view of the 100-L brewing chamber.

You must love their mission, which positively impacts their local community through Finnegan’s Community Fund. The Finnegan’s Community Fund, a 501c3 non-profit, exists to create sustainable change for those affected by hunger through profits from Finnegan’s volunteers, events, and partnerships.

A large outdoor patio can be occupied during sunny days, so grab your micro Irish ale and plan to attend their St. Paddy’s Day party. Before heading to US Bank Stadium, visit this brewery and grab a proper pint.

Beers of Choice: Finnegan’s Irish Amber Ale, Dead Irish Poet, Blonde Ale

Best Breweries in Various Locations in Minneapolis

3. Surly Brewing

Surly Brewing Company Taproom

Surly is the OG. The original craft brewer of Minneapolis. Surly opened the door for what we know as the craft beer market in Minneapolis today.

They’ve faced some stark competition over the years, with a number of the breweries above entering the fold. Many of their head brewmasters have formed at other locations, but that’s okay. They’ve continued to reinvent the wheel. I love going to the actual taproom to get some of the rarest beers on tap that you can’t find in stores.

Be prepared. Their brewery is one of the largest options in all of Minnesota. It’s a massive space. You’ll likely need to find a parking spot and come prepared. There is a great beer garden to enjoy during the summer.

Beers of Choice: Surly Darkness (Rare), Surly Furious IPA, Todd the Axeman, Surly Wet

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2. Utepils Brewing

Sunny view of Utepils Brewing's facade with branded beer silo, outdoor seating area under a tent, and entrance to beer garden in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

Utepils Brewing is on the west side of Minneapolis near Golden Valley. I’m a European fanatic for beer, which is the core of their focus. You can go to Utepils Brewing for a differentiated approach to brewing and avoid the constant approach of IPAs, pale ales, and more. Their altbier is one of the best that I’ve ever had.

It’s very similar to the Brewery im Füchschen that I visited in Dusseldorf (the city that created altbier). The logo even features the fox that Brewery im Füchschen features in their logo.

Beyond that, I continue to reinforce the refreshed approach to craft beer. You can find crisp European-inspired lagers and ales at Utepils. I suggest you stop along the way during your craft beer journey in the Twin Cities.

Their brewery is large, spacious, and offers a great atmosphere. Plus, the outdoor beer garden is excellent right along the creek.

I can’t say enough about their tap beers. You can go up and down the list of fresh, quality-tasting European beer that makes you feel like you are in Germany or Czechia.

Beers of Choice: Alt-1848, Copacetic Kolsch, Ewald the Dark (Dark Lager), Ewald the Golden (Hefeweizen)

1. La Dona Cerveceria

La Dona Cerveceria interior
La Dona Cerveceria / La Dona Cerveceria

La Dona, a Latin-focused taproom in Minneapolis, offers both IPAs and lager beers. They also offer fresh fruit cocktails. One example of their beer is the Dona Fria Mexican Lager and the Big Mama Blonde Ale, which are great light beer options.

If you are looking for more than just alcoholic drinks, La Dona also offers a variety of nonalcoholic drinks such as horchata iced coffee, agua fresca, jarritos, and more. The taproom has a Latin flair, with vibrant colors and graphics filling the space.

Drinkers can enjoy themselves on the beer garden patio, with plenty of seating for those who want to relax. It’s a great spot if you have kids, as they have a mini soccer arena that kids can play in while you relax and enjoy the sunshine.

La Dona Cerveceria also serves food directly in-house with a great menu of Mexican options.

Beers of Choice: Dona Fria, Big Mama, La Reyna

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There are plenty of breweries in Minneapolis, but the above should be at the top of your list if you have limited time. There’s a reason why Minneapolis is one of the best cities for beer lovers in the US.

These true gems offer amazing beer, great design, and fun events. Book your tour here at Get Your Guide for the ultimate experience!

No matter the type of beer that you like, there is an option for you to consider, whether that be hoppy, lager, crisp beer, or stouts. The options are endless.

If you are short on time and want to create a mini brewery crawl, I’d suggest that you hit all the breweries in Northeast Minneapolis, which would include the following names:

  • Able Brewing
  • Indeed
  • Bauhaus
  • 56 Brewing
  • Dangerous Man

Now go drink some beer! Try to see all these locations with a 3-hour craft brewery tour in Minneapolis. Spending more time in Minnesota? Check out these top Duluth breweries in the “Land of 10,000 Beers.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Breweries Are in Minneapolis?

Minneapolis has around 25+ breweries that have been open over the past year.

What are the top Minneapolis Breweries?

Choosing just one Minneapolis brewery is difficult, but here are some top options: Utepils Brewing, Bauhaus Brew Labs, Dangerous Man Brewing, and Arbeiter Brewing.

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