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11 Best Breweries in Rochester, Minnesota

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Rochester, Minnesota, is home to the Mayo Clinic and many amazing breweries. The fun part about breweries in Rochester is that they cater to many different cultures and types of visitors, so the destination caters to diverse tastes.

There are so many fantastic breweries to check out in Rochester that we recommend spending the night and hopping to all the different spots. Pick up some t-shirts and growlers for the ride home, and enjoy tasting a range of beers in a short distance.

There are plenty of great things to do in Rochester, but one thing is certain: there is no shortage of opportunities for a good brewery crawl (like plenty of other Minnesota cities).

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Best Breweries in Rochester, Minnesota

Rochester Minnesota Skyline

Let’s get into these top breweries in Rochester, Minnesota.

Forager Brewery

Forager Brewing - Rochester, Minnesota

Address: 1005 6th St NW, Rochester, MN 55901, United States

Forager Brewery, located on 6th St NW in Rochester, Minnesota, is a fantastic restaurant with private rooms and a garden serving a locally sourced menu and homemade beers. It’s a relaxed, family-friendly restaurant with a casual dining style that welcomes local and foreign visitors.

Forager Brewery offers a full menu of dynamic dishes inspired by the great area and crafted with the freshest seasonally available ingredients. Customers will find a new favorite drink or dish each time they visit because the menu constantly changes to incorporate the latest harvest from local farming partners.

Locally foraged ingredients – wild mushrooms, flowers, herbs, and spices – combine to create an exceptional palate influenced by the area at the brewery restaurant. It’s an all-natural product from small farms in Southeastern Minnesota, promoting sustainable agriculture and self-sufficiency.

Forager Brewery beers are made spontaneously and uncontrolled using elements of physical reality. By fostering vision and meaning derived from sensory experience, Forager promotes a lively, healthy world.

Combining time-honored traditions with cutting-edge brewing techniques, their beers strive to challenge and awaken the senses. Seasonal transitions in the Midwest provide opportunities to sample the terroir of the Driftless Region.

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Little Thistle Brewing

Little Thistle Brewing
Image from TripAdvisor

Address: 2031 14th St NW, Rochester, MN 55901, United States

Little Thistle Brewing is a great place to drink and relax in Rochester, Minnesota. It’s a brewpub with indoor and outdoor seating and to-go orders that can be put and ordered online for hassle-free delivery by any of their customers who want to try their beer.

The name of the brew restaurant was inspired by Scotland’s national symbol, the “Thistle,” which represents courage, loyalty, durability, power, and determination. Little Thistle Brewing is dedicated to helping the local community and supporting the brewery as a small craft brewery.

Little Thistle Brewing is a family-owned, Rochester-based craft brewery and taproom that focuses on high-quality craft beer, ranging from approachable, easy-drinking beers to unique and experimental beers.

The brewery and bar, located in a converted truck loading dock, are on nearly 2 acres with plenty of outdoor space and parking. Little Thistle Brewing is open and ready to welcome locals and internationals living or vacationing in Rochester who are looking for a great place to spend the night and drink tasty beers.

Their beers are brewed on-site, and the menu features a range of locally foraged ingredients, with regionally native grains and wild hop varieties from which to choose.

Kinney Creek Brewery

Inside Of Kinney Creek Brewery
Image from TripAdvisor

Address: 1016 7th St NW, Rochester, MN 55901, United States

Since it is one of the craft beer and challenging seltzer destinations in Rochester, Minnesota, the Kinney Creek Brewery is a perfect place to dine and enjoy a range of beverages. Kinney Creek Brewery is the first brewery to open in Rochester, Minnesota, in over 90 years after the last one closed. They make their craft beer on the premises.

Kinney Creek Brewery is a small, family-owned, and operated microbrewery with deep roots in Rochester, Minnesota. Locals and foreign visitors to Rochester are invited to sample our specialty beer and hard seltzer offerings at the brew restaurant. The mission of Kinney Creek Brewery is to provide the highest quality, freshest beer possible.

As Rochester’s first production brewery since prohibition ended, Kinney Creek Brewery is committed to giving the city the finest and freshest beer available. The brewery also has a Tap Room with 17 beer tap lines and 13 Hard Seltzer tap lines. Because it is versatile, it can keep signature beers, seasonal rotators, and creative batches at all times.

Customers who do not drink alcoholic beverages will enjoy non-alcoholic drinks such as root beer and kombucha at Kinney Creek Brewery. Customers can find something that suits their flavor profile and try something new every time they visit.

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LTS Brewing Company

Quiet Inside LTS Brewing Company
Image from TripAdvisor

Address: 2001 32nd Ave NW, Rochester, MN 55901, United States

Lts Brewing Company is an excellent pub in Rochester, Minnesota, on 32nd Ave NW. The Lts Brewing Company’s mission is to create a “happy place” for all customers to feel at ease and enjoy good company.

Pints and flights of their excellent craft beer and refreshing craft soda are available, along with their own LTS growlers and crowler cans for taking some delicious beer or soda home.

Lts Brewing Company offers everything to its customers, from craft soda to excellent customer service, brews, team care, and the best brew company in town.

Lts Brewing Company has a fantastic outdoor patio and pet-friendly heated tent! The pub welcomes and enjoys seeing four-legged friends on its patio, and it also has friendly “dog hitching stations” where you can secure your leash while enjoying a pint.

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Thesis Beer Project

Address: 1929 2nd St SW, Rochester, MN 55902, United States

Thesis Beer Project is a microbrewery and taproom that produces small batches of beer. They brew their beers on a five-barrel system from Portland Kettle Works, with four five-barrel fermenters and four ten-barrel fermentors currently used.

This pub invites local and foreign visitors to come in and see what they offer in terms of beer, snacks, and meals. As the brewery opened in 2019, the Thesis Beer Project aims to brew exceptional beer that catalyzes positive change in the Rochester, Minnesota, region.

It’s a fantastic brewery that offers dine-in and curbside pickup options for customers’ convenience and caters to their needs. Thesis Beer Project is a dog-friendly establishment that offers good beer on tap (along with non-alcoholic options), tasty food truck fare, a large patio area, and live music.

The brewery is perfect for unwinding and drinking beer and accepts show bookings. Thesis Beer Project is a great place to drink, unwind, socialize with friends and family, and listen to live music.

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South x SouthEast Minnesota Brewing Company

South By Southeast Brewing Product List
Image from TripAdvisor

Address: 51146 US-52, Pine Island, MN 55963, United States

In Pine Island, Minnesota, the South X Southeast Minnesota Brewing Company is a fantastic brewery to visit. Its taproom, on Hwy 52 near Pine Island, features vineyards, outdoor seating, a cozy indoor fireplace, craft beer, and craft soda on tap.

Brewmaster Ann Fahy-Gust and restaurateur Tessa Leung are transforming the former Von Klopp Brew Shop on Highway 52 in Pine Island into the South X Southeast Minnesota Brewing Company, a brewer and taproom.

Blonde Ale, golden ale, Red Ale, Light Amber Ale, Scottish Ale, and Stout are among the core beers served by the South X Southeast Minnesota Brewing Company. Four seasonal beers: maibock, Summer Light, Fall golden brown, and Spicy Winter Warmer are also available.

With quality, customer care, and fun, South by Southeast Brewing offers Southeast Minnesota excellent craft beer and service in a beautiful, family-friendly taproom and event area.

It aims to fill the void in regional brewing by delivering the pledge of being the regional brewing representative while maintaining a rural ambiance and flavor.

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The Thirsty Belgian

Empty The Thirsty Belgian
Image from TripAdvisor

Address: 2650 Broadway Ave S #600, Rochester, MN 55904, United States

The Thirsty Belgian is a great, cozy, buzzy bar in Rochester, Minnesota, that serves Belgian and American pub fare. Childhood trips to Belgium inspired the bar, and owner Jon Carisch’s sincere passion for beer allowed him to follow a dream.

Delicious drinks, pub-style comfort food, and entertainment such as grub, cocktails, and a range of beers are available at The Thirsty Belgian. It has a smaller room, which allows the bar to be cozy and intimate. The Thirsty Belgian has over eight tables and a 15-seat bar that can get crowded quickly.

The Thirsty Belgian offers a range of beverages, including St. Bernardus Prior 8, Stella Cidre, delirium tremens, non-alcoholic drinks, and more.

It’s a locally owned bar established in 2014 that provides an alternative experience to the people of Rochester. Customers can listen to both Guardians of the Galaxy soundtracks back to back, play Ms. PacMan, watch cult classic films and shows all day, and even dress up to celebrate May 4 at The Thirsty Belgian, which bills itself as “Rochester’s Nerdiest Bar.”

The Tap House

The Tap House Outdoor Seats
image by The Tap House/Facebook

Address: 10 3rd St SW, Rochester, MN 55902, United States

The Tap House is a brick-walled watering hole featuring a generous assortment of tap beers. The Tap House, located on 3rd St SW in Rochester, Minnesota, is a brick-walled watering hole with a wide selection of tap beers and eclectic bar bites.

With over 50 specialty beers, The Tap House is a beer lover’s dream. If customers get hungry, they have a delicious street taco and hand-crafted burgers, and you must finish your meal with a serving of their delectable mini donuts.

It’s a beautiful place that serves delectable dishes made from scratch locally that fill every customer up and make them want more. The Tap House not only has excellent food, but they also have great beer. This fantastic brew restaurant will appeal to locals and foreign tourists in Rochester who are looking for a great place to eat and drink beer.

It’s a fun, calming environment with pleasant music. Customers who want to drink while viewing Rochester can do so at The Tap House’s rooftop lounge. The Tap House’s menu consists entirely of American cuisine. Lunch, dinner, late-night snacks, and drinks are also available.

Outdoor seating, table service, television, beer, a full bar, live music, and even gift cards are available to loyal customers at The Tap House.

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PawPrint Brewery

PawPrint Brewery Interior
image by PawPrint Brewery/Facebook

Address: 128 Main St S, Chatfield, MN 55923, United States

Chatfield, Minnesota’s Pawprint Brewery, is a small local brewery. James Kenison owns the PawPrint Brewery, which was Chatfield’s first brewery. The company opened its doors to the public on January 24, 2020, in the former Coyote Club building on the same town’s main street.

The brewery’s name alludes to the owners’ previous work with K9s. PawPrint Brewery is a dog-friendly establishment where dogs can expect much attention from the owner and other patrons.

Water Dawg hard sparkling water, K9 Kola extra pale ale, Old Yeller soda cream ale, and The Minuteman red ale are only some craft beer names that pay homage to dogs the military owner has worked with before.

Locals and tourists can stop by PawPrint Brewery after visiting the town’s tourist attractions to relax, try craft beers, play sports, bond with friends, and even drink with their dogs on the patio for some social interaction.

Pawprint Brewery has over 12 taps where customers can sample a wide range of craft beer and rate the beers using the Untapped app. The brewery also offers non-alcoholic beverages and hard seltzer slushies, which sound ideal for cooling off on a humid summer day.

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Karst Brewing

Address: 315 1st St, Fountain, MN 55935, United States

Karst Brewing is a fantastic bar in the lovely town of Fountain, Minnesota. Karst Brewing derives its name from “Karst,” an irregular limestone region with sinkholes, underground streams, and caverns. It is an old schoolhouse converted into a cafe for purposes other than leisure and is now a great place to drink freshly made beers.

The Karst Brewing Company sells various delicious snack items, such as cheese and crackers, chips and salsa, bag snacks, nuts, beef sticks, and more that complement its beers.

Locals and tourists are welcome to visit and drink at Karst Brewing; customers can bring their food from home or buy from a nearby restaurant to partner with Karst Brewing Company’s great drinks.

In the summer, this fantastic brewpub hosts food trucks twice a month. Cream, pale ale, American IPA, blood orange Saison, altbier, and other beers are available.

Karst Brewing serves fresh beer directly from the bright tanks, providing customers with fresh-brewed beers to enjoy. Dogs are permitted on the pub’s patio if their owners are leashed and on their best behavior. There is also a new grassy area for dogs to enjoy.

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The Half Barrel

The Half Barrel Building
image by The Half Barrel/Facebook

Address: 304 1st Ave SW, Rochester, MN 55902, United States

The Half Barrel, also known as the Half Barrel Bar & Kitchen, is an unassuming restaurant in Rochester serving American cuisine, patio seating, and offering hundreds of whiskey options.

Two guys with a dream to make downtown Rochester a better place to live. Great food and a vast range of whisky and bourbon. The Half Barrel Bar is the first restaurant in the region to sell over 400 varieties of whiskey and numerous whiskey flights. Customers may match their cocktail with one of the brewery’s delicious steaks for a memorable evening.

The brewery is popular for its burgers, salads, pasta, and juicy steak. Customers looking for a fast bite to eat while enjoying a few drinks at the full bar can find calamari, bourbon wings, and pork nachos among the bar’s starters. The Half Barrel’s delicious appetizers, lunch entrees, and beautiful drinks are also on the bar’s full menu.

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