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5 Bizarre Foods To Try Before You Die

5 Bizarre Foods To Try Before You Die

When it comes to food, every culture has its own preferences. What makes a food weird, however, goes beyond what would be considered culture shock.

These dishes push the boundaries of normalcy, yet are considered to be quite tasty and healthy. If you’ve got a strong stomach and a desire to experience new cultures, then here are 5 bizarre foods that you’re going to want to try before you die.

5 Bizarre Foods To Try Before You Die:

#5. Coypu Carpaccio

The Coypu, when you look at it, seems to be the result of what you’d get if you crossed a rat, a beaver, and a groundhog together to create an animal. Often prized throughout history because of their fur, when food began to run out around the world in historical times, people turned to the Coypu.

Also called a “Nutria,” these animals are often turned into stews and rustic dishes with root vegetables. They live in burrows by streams and rivers and are considered a pest because they kill plants to eat their stems.

For those looking for a more unique experience, a Coypu carpaccio can make for great dining. The meat is dried out, then sliced thinly and served with lemon juice, pink peppercorns, and some parmesan cheese. The meat reportedly pairs well with dry champagne!

#4. Sweet and Sour Silkworms

Silkworms are a necessary component to the production of silk [hence their name], so it doesn’t make too much sense to eat them… right?

Initially, people chose to eat the baby silkworms that wouldn’t survive their harsh environment, but as people realized how tasty silkworms were, their recipe began to involve. Today, when you’re eating a silkworm dish, you’re likely eating the male silkworms after they have helped to create the silk-making process.

The traditional way to eat silkworms is very similar to how you’d enjoy a fried chicken dish in Asian cuisine. The silkworms are battered with a light tempura batter.

They are then lightly fried so that the batter becomes golden brown, letting the silkworm roast in its own juices for some time. Add some sweet and sour sauce to the fried silkworms, serve over rice, and you’ve got yourself a wonderfully bizarre dinner to enjoy!

#3. Donkey Penis Sandwich

One of the most popular trends in modern cuisine today is to bring the farm to the restaurant. The problem with that, however, is that there are a lot of components of animals and vegetables that end up going to waste. For that reason, another trend has also started: to not waste any part of the animal or vegetable that is being served. Bull testicles, for example, can become Rocky Mountain Oysters, but what on earth do you do with a donkey penis?

Turn it into a sandwich, of course! You can either boil the donkey’s manhood, pan-fry it, or batter it up and fry it if you prefer. Once cooked, you can then thinly slice the donkey penis and spread it out on bread. Adding some horseradish, mustard, a sharp cheese if you like having cheese on your sandwich, and a thin slice of tomato. Then toast your sandwich and enjoy one of the most bizarre lunches you can have today!

#2. Springbok Brats

Eating sausage doesn’t seem so strange. Millions of people every day sit down to a wide variety of different sausages, usually with some sort of pork or pork fat included in them, and it’s a normal part of the diet. Hot dogs, bratwurst, bangers and mash… even venison sausage is known as a “game sausage” and many families enjoy these seasonally. What isn’t always enjoyed, however, is a springbok brat.

What is the springbok? It is one of the fastest creatures on Earth, able to run as fast as 62 miles per hour and leap as high as 13 feet into the air. Springboks are sometimes called a “gazelle” or an “antelope” and are native to the African continent. The meat itself is considered to be quite prized and tasty.

Out of all the options on this list, this is probably the first to take on because just like other game meats, the springbok meat is quite versatile. It has a low fat content, which makes it perfect as a brat because just a small amount of fat can be added to it and you’ll have a dense, flavorful sausage. Put your springbok brat into a bun or roll and then add some sauerkraut, mustard, and onions for the true experience – though ketchup might work for you too!

#1. Haggis

Though haggis has become part of the gourmet menu tour as of late, this traditional meal of the poor Scottish farmer still isn’t a dish for the faint of heart. The first step is to take the stomach of a sheep, wash it out throughly, and then roll it out like a pizza dough. From there, you can add virtually anything that you want, though traditionally onions, turnips, and potatoes would be put into the stomach. Other meat can be added as well, and today’s menus often incorporate ground mutton or lamb with the haggis.

That’s a lot better than the lungs, heart, and liver that farmers would add if they wanted additional meat in their haggis.

Once you’ve got the filling sorted out, you end up having to stitch the whole thing shut. In other words, you’re basically making a sheep stomach pot pie! Add some vegetable stock to the haggis before the last stitch and any seasonings you’d prefer, traditionally salt and pepper, and then let the stitched-up stomach sit for a few minutes as the oven preheats.

Let the haggis cook for three hours. Then open it up and enjoy!

Have you tried any of these 5 bizarre foods that are on this list? If so, what did you think of them? Are they as tasty as people claim that they are? Or was it a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you’d prefer never to replicate?

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