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45 Weird Food Combinations That Are Strangely Good

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We’ve all heard that old saying, “You are what you eat.” Well, it turns out that the same is true for your thoughts. What you put into your mind affects how you think. If you want to be more creative, you need to feed your mind with new and interesting ideas.

As I’m sitting down to eat one of my favorite creations for lunch, pickled pearl onions with meatballs in a spicy tomato sauce with a side of garlic bread, I’m thinking about what the world is eating might be strange or weird food combinations ever.

I’m also struck by the thought of one of my best friends going through the McDonald’s drive-thru to order two chocolate chip cookies with barbecue sauce to create his “dessert sandwich.”

There are things we all eat in a food combination that sounds a bit… well, disgusting on the outside but makes us feel warm and fuzzy.

So today, rather than look at the strange food habits of others, here are fantastic yet weird combinations of food from our family for you to consider trying when you get the opportunity.

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Weird Food Combinations That Are Strangely Good

1. Mac & Cheese/Scrambled Egg Fritters

Mac and Cheese
image by kurmanstaff is marked with CC BY 2.0.

Maybe one of the best weird food combinations of cheesy carbohydrate-filled protein goodness on the planet will clog your arteries; even if you use low-fat canola oil, these cakes are amazing.

First, you cook the mac & cheese as you normally would, though making the old-fashioned baked mac & cheese is better than the boxed type. Then make some scrambled eggs, but not the runny scramble – you want good, hard eggs.

Then mash these two ingredients together, add a little salt, pepper, and some cayenne if you’re brave, and create balls of egg macaroni. Coat in a light batter, deep fry them, and you’ve got some of the most heavenly fritter balls you’ll ever eat!

2. Chicken & Penne With Maple Syrup Alfredo

Chicken Penne Alfredo

I thought I was the only one who ate this thing until I saw one of the contestants on MasterChef make it during an Italian dish challenge on the last season. I couldn’t help but laugh when all the judges criticized the poor guy… and then I made it for my family the next night and blew their minds!

The trick to this dish is to make sure that you counter the sweetness of the maple syrup with some saltiness and some spice. When cooking the chicken, let it cook in a very salty bath of water for a while before searing it off.

Add extra salt to the water while you’re cooking the penne, too, then add a level of spiciness to it, either savory or hot… or both. Make the Alfredo as you normally would, but add a healthy dose of maple syrup. Perfecto!

3. Mustard Oreos

Heinz Mustard

I like sweet stuff, but not so ridiculously sweet that you can feel the sugar granules on your tongue.

I also like all kinds of mustard, especially Scotch mustard from Ireland. One day, my eldest had an idea as he took the top off the Oreo cookie: “Daddy? What would happen if we took the creme out of the Oreo cookie and replaced it with something else?”

Thinking that was brilliant, we tried a few different things. He liked the grape jam with the Oreos. My wife dug having cheese with the Oreos. 

The winner? A German mustard that replaces the frosting of the Oreo. You’re just going to have to trust me on this one!

4. Peanut Butter Hamburgers

Peanut Butter Hamburger

I first tried this because I’d lost a bet with my kid. He likes the Seahawks, I like the Bears, and my Bears lost. His verdict? “You’ve got to put peanut butter on your next hamburger, Daddy.”

We went to the local burger place to make it even more spectacle. I couldn’t order just any old, plain burger. I had to eat my usual cheeseburger with the works: lettuce, tomato, extra pickles, extra mustard… and a dollop of peanut butter spread on the bun.

“Um, yeah,” I told the waitress. “I’ll have the deluxe cheeseburger, extra mustard, extra pickles, and could you add some peanut butter?” She stopped snapping her gum at my request. The pen paused. “Peanut butter?” she asked, a Dwayne Johnson eyebrow peaking high on her forehead.

“Extra chunky if you’ve got it,” I added. I could hear the chef laughing when my order got relayed. But… I got the last laugh because peanut butter on a hamburger is amazing. 

Now, I’m probably not going to try it on a mushroom and Swiss burger or a specialty burger with guacamole or something. Still, your standard burger becomes an incredible treat with peanut butter – 100% guaranteed. My son told me that I wasn’t supposed to like it. I told him, “Tough luck.”

5. Popcorn Cereal

Bowl of Popcorn

Every once in a while, I’ve got to go on a gluten-free diet because of some health issues, and combined with my allergy to all things soybean-related, that leaves a few normal foods during this period – like decent cereal – sitting on the side of the curb.

Now I know I could eat honey and fruit juice sweetened flax flakes or Rice Chex, but… meh. No thanks.

The kids were trying a new kind of cereal at breakfast one morning before school, and my oldest daughter exclaimed, “Daddy! This new cereal tastes just like popcorn. It’s so GOOD!” And that got me thinking… popcorn is just popped corn anyway.

Why not add some honey, put some milk on it, and see how it tastes? So I made some popcorn that morning, dumped it into a bowl, drizzled it with honey, and now I eat it whenever possible. You can also do other sweetening or flavor combinations: cinnamon, molasses, nutmeg – they all work in different but still fantastic ways.

Don’t mistake popping a bag of butter popcorn for your cereal base. It’s not the same… pan-popped popcorn or air-popped is the best! Do you have strange but weird food combos that you eat at home? Share your fantastic combinations below!

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6. Peanut Butter and Jelly on White Bread

Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

The Peanut Butter and Jelly on White Bread combination is a classic. The sweet and salty taste of peanut butter and jelly paired with white bread’s soft and fluffy taste is a match made in heaven.

This combination is perfect for a quick, easy snack or a light lunch.

7. Cream Cheese with Strawberries 

Strawberries with Cream Cheese

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to add excitement to your breakfast routine, consider trying the cream cheese with strawberries combination. This pairing is surprisingly good and a great way to start your day on the right foot. Plus, mixing things up is fun: Peanut Butter and Banana.

This combination is another classic, and it’s a favorite for a reason – it’s appetizing! The peanut butter and banana combo is the perfect balance of sweet and salty, and it’s a great way to fuel your body for the day ahead.

8. Mozzarella Sticks with Marinara Sauce 

Mozzarella Sticks

The Mozzarella Sticks with Marinara Sauce combination is a weird but good food pairing. Both also sound delicious and, when combined, offer tasty food to try.

The creamy mozzarella pairs perfectly with the tangy marinara sauce, and the crispy breading provides a mouthwatering contrast in textures. This combination is sure to please both your taste buds and your stomach! Spaghetti with Yogurt

This may sound like a strange combination, but trust us, it works! The yogurt adds a creamy texture and tangy flavor to the spaghetti, while the pasta provides a filling and satisfying base. This dish is perfect for when you’re craving something light but tasty. Give it a try!

9. Banana with Honey and Peanut Butter 

Banana with Peanut Butter

The banana with honey and peanut butter combination is a great way to start your day. The banana provides energy, while the honey and peanut butter give you protein.

Another great breakfast combo is the apple with peanut butter. The apple provides you with some fiber, and the peanut butter provides you with some protein. These are just a few weird food combos that are strangely good. Try them out for yourself and see how you like them!

10. Bacon with Chocolate 

Bacon Strips

Everyone knows that bacon and chocolate are a match made in heaven. But have you ever tried bacon with chocolate? Yes, it is as delicious as it sounds.

Still, contrary to what you may think, the salty meat complements the sweet taste of the dessert rather than overpowers it if you find yourself craving something sweet after your next meal of bacon, eggs, bacon, and chocolate.

As strange as it may sound, bacon and chocolate go well together. The salty taste of the bacon pairs perfectly with the sweetness of the chocolate, creating a delicious and unique flavor you’ll love.

11. Spaghetti with Cottage Cheese 

Plate of Spaghetti

Spaghetti is a dish that is best enjoyed with meatballs, but it’s also the perfect vehicle for cottage cheese. Add salt and pepper to this unconventional combination, and you’ll be in for a surprisingly tasty meal.

One unusual but surprisingly mouthwatering food combo is spaghetti with cottage cheese. The creamy, mild taste of the cottage cheese pairs perfectly with the slight saltiness of the sauce and the al dente texture of the pasta. This dish is high in protein and low in carbs, making it a healthy choice for a busy night.

12. Grilled Cheese with Apples 

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

It is a surprisingly good food combination. It’s sweet and savory simultaneously and perfect for those days when you can’t decide what you want to eat. So, the next time you’re in the mood for something a little different, try this weird food combination! Grilled Cheese with Apples

There’s something about the sweet and savory combination that works. It’s the perfect mix of flavors and a great way to change your routine.

13. Macaroni and Cheese with Ketchup 

Macaroni with Cheese

Weird, right? But trust us on this one – the sharpness of the ketchup complements the creamy cheese perfectly. It might sound strange, but try it – you might just be surprised at how good it is!

This odd mix of two seemingly incompatible foods works well together and provides a unique flavor profile you will love. Please don’t knock it until you try it!

14. Chocolate and Peanut Butter

Chocolate and Peanut Butter

It’s no secret that chocolate and peanut butter are two of the most popular flavors in the world. But what happens when you put them together?

Surprisingly, the two flavors harmonize harmoniously, creating a delicious and unique taste. Many people hesitate to try this combination, thinking it will be too sweet or nutty, but it tastes good when combined.

15. Chicken Fingers with Ranch Dressing 

Chicken Fingers

It is a combination that is one of the strange combinations of food out there, but it’s strangely good. The chicken fingers are crispy and flavorful, while the ranch dressing adds a delicious tangy flavor. This combination is perfect for anyone who loves chicken fingers and the dressing.

16. Waffles with Ice Cream and Chocolate Syrup 

Waffles with Ice Cream

When it comes to weird food combos, the waffles with ice cream and chocolate syrup are among the strangest. However, this combination is strangely good. The syrup and ice cream sweetness offset the savory flavor of the waffles, and it’s a delicious treat.

17. Pizza with Honey 


The pizza and honey food combinations are strange but strangely good. The sweetness of the honey contrasts with the saltiness of the pizza, and it is a combination that is addictive.

18. Tuna Salad with Pickles 

Tuna Salad with Pickles Combination

The tuna salad with pickles food combination is strange but strangely good. The tangy pickles add a delicious crunch to the creamy tuna salad. This is a great meal to take to work or school, and it’s also perfect for picnics.

19. Caesar Salad with Salmon 

Caesar Salad

Salmon and Ceasar’s salad is a strangely good food combination. The tartness of the Ceasar dressing contrasts well with the oily, salty flavor of the salmon. Additionally, the lettuce and croutons add a crispy crunch to the dish.

Salmon is a fatty fish that contains omega-3 fatty acids, which are beneficial for maintaining heart health and preventing chronic diseases.

Caesar salad is a dish that typically contains romaine lettuce, croutons, Parmesan cheese, and Caesar dressing. When these two foods are paired, they create a balanced meal ideal for healthy eating.

20. Eggs with Bacon and Toast 

Eggs with Bacon and Toast

The Eggs with Bacon and Toast combination is a great way to start the day. The eggs are cooked perfectly, the bacon is crispy, and the toast provides a nice crunch. This is a breakfast that you won’t want to miss!

Bacon and eggs are a classic breakfast combination: they’re both delicious. But why not take it one step further and add toast? The crunchiness of the toast pairs perfectly with the creamy eggs and salty bacon. Plus, it’s a great way to start your day with protein and carbs.

21. French Fries with Ice Cream 

French Fries

Many would say the combination of French fries and ice cream is strange, but it is a perfect pairing. The salty and crispy fries balance out the sweetness of the ice cream, and it is a perfect dessert for those who love both sweet and salty flavors.

There are a few reasons you should try French fries with ice cream. First, it’s an entertaining and unique combination you probably haven’t tried before.

Secondly, mixing your typical combinations and experimenting with new flavors is a great way. Finally, it’s a great way to cool down on a hot. Summer is the perfect time to try out new and exciting flavor combinations, and French fries with ice cream are among the best.

22. Strawberries, Sour Cream, and Brown Sugar

Strawberries with Sour Cream
IMAGE  by is marked with CC BY 2.0.

The Strawberries, sour cream, and brown sugar combination is strange but strangely good—the sweetness of the strawberries pairs well with the sour cream’s tartness and the subtle sweetness of the brown sugar. This combo is perfect for dessert or a snack.

23. Cranberry and Brie

Cranberry Brie

Cranberry and brie is a surprisingly good combination. The tartness of the cranberry pairs well with the brie’s creaminess, resulting in a delicious, tangy snack. This pairing is perfect for a party or as an appetizer before dinner.

Brie is a soft, creamy cheese that tastes great with sweet or savory flavors. Cranberry sauce is a popular Thanksgiving dish made from cranberries, sugar, and spices. When these two foods are paired, they create a delicious and unique flavor combination.

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24. Peanut Butter and Pickles


Another weird, strangely good food combination is peanut butter or creamy peanut butter and pickles. This combo may sound strange, but it’s tasty!

Peanut butter and pickles are relatively salty and balance each other well. The combination of the two delicious foods originated during the Great Depression. Plus, the crunchiness of the pickles adds a nice texture contrast to the smooth peanut butter.

25. Vanilla Ice Cream with Soy Sauce

Vanilla Ice Cream

Regarding strange food combinations, vanilla ice cream with soy sauce is there. Surprisingly, this combination is quite good. The sweet and salty flavors balance each other out, and it’s a great way to spruce up a bowl of vanilla ice cream.

26. Oreos Dipped in Orange Juice


The Oreos dipped in orange juice combination is among the weirdest food combinations that are strangely good. The sweetness of the Oreos combined with the tartness of the orange juice is a fantastic contrast that makes this combination so tasty.

27. Cream Cheese and Jelly Sandwich

Jelly Sandwich

A cream cheese and jelly sandwich is a classic combination that is strangely good. The cream cheese provides a creamy and rich flavor, while the jelly adds a sweet and tart taste.

This combination is perfect for a quick and easy snack or lunch. Try a cream cheese and jelly sandwich together – it’s a strangely good combination!

28. Butter and Sugar Sandwiches

Butter and Sugar Sandwiches Combination

Butter and sugar sandwiches are a weird food combination that is strangely good. The butter and sugar balance perfectly, creating a delicious and sweet sandwich. This food combination is perfect for a quick, easy snack or light lunch.

29. Grilled Cheese and Chocolate Chips

Grilled Cheese and Chocolate Chips
image by HeatherHeatherHeather is marked with CC BY 2.0.

It may seem like an odd pairing, but it’s actually a delicious combination. The sweetness of the chocolate chips pairs perfectly with the saltiness of the cheese, and it’s a great snack for when you’re looking for something tasty but don’t want to eat too much.

These combinations are a must-try! The sweet and salty flavors combine perfectly to create a unique and delicious taste. You will not be disappointed!

30. Cheddar Cheese and Apple Pie

Apple Pie

Cheddar cheese and apple pie might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of weird food combos, but they are strangely good together.

The sharpness of the cheddar cheese pairs perfectly with the sweetness of the apple pie, and the two flavors balance each other out perfectly. If you’re looking for a new and unique way to enjoy apple pie, try this combination.

31. Pizza and Strawberries

Pizza and Strawberries
image by moonhouse is marked with CC BY 2.0.

Who says that pizza and strawberries don’t go together? The sweetness of the strawberries pairs perfectly with the savory flavors of the pizza, and the two foods complement each other perfectly. If you’re looking for a new and unique way to enjoy pizza, try this combination.

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32. Pizza and Ranch Dressing

Adding Ranch to a Pizza
Danyel Morace / Shutterstock

A classic condiment. So it only makes sense that the two would go great together! The tangy ranch dressing pairs perfectly with salty pizza and combines delicious flavor.

Pizza and Ranch Dressing is a weird but strangely good food combination. The two foods have opposite flavors: pizza’s sweetness and ranch dressing’s sourness make for an interesting and tasty contrast. Try it out for yourself and see how you like it!

33. Pumpkin Pie and Ricotta Cheese

Slice of Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin pie and ricotta cheese might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of weird food combos, but they are strangely good together.

Pumpkin pie is a classic dessert with pumpkin puree, sugar, eggs, and spices like cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg. Ricotta cheese is made from whey, the liquid left over from making other types of cheese. When these two ingredients are combined, they create a sweet and savory dish perfect for fall.

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34. Chocolate and Cayenne Pepper

Chopped Chocolates

Another strange but delicious combination is chocolate and cayenne pepper. This might sound odd, but the chocolate’s sweetness and the pepper’s heat are surprisingly good. If you’re looking for a unique flavor combination, try this one.

If you’re feeling adventurous, why not combine two unlikely flavors and see what happens? You might be surprised at how good some strange combinations can be. Who knows, you might find your new favorite flavor combination.

35. Meat sauce and French Toast

French Toast

The meat sauce and French toast combination are strangely good. The savory sauce against the sweetness of the bread is a perfect balance that will leave you wanting more.

This dish is perfect for breakfast or brunch and can easily be made ahead of time so that you can relax and enjoy your meal.

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36. Whipped Cream Cheese and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos

Bag of Cheetos

Something about the whipped cream cheese and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos combination makes my taste buds happy. It’s like a party in my mouth! I’m not sure why this combination works, but it does.

The cheese’s creaminess and the Cheetos’ spiciness go so well together. If you’re feeling adventurous, try this weird food combination for yourself. You might be surprised at how much you like it!

37. Balsamic Vinegar and Strawberries

Balsamic Vinegar and Strawberries Combination
REMO ARCARO / Shutterstock

A classic food pairing is balsamic vinegar and strawberries. The tartness of the vinegar pairs perfectly with the sweetness of the strawberries, and the combination is a delicious treat. This pairing can be used in salads, desserts, or alone.

There are endless possibilities for weird but delicious combinations. So get creative and experiment with different flavors to find your perfect pairing. You might be surprised at what you come up with!

38. Olive Oil and Ice Cream

Olive Oil and Ice Cream Combination
del Monaco / Shutterstock

Olive oil and ice cream might seem like a strange food combination, but it’s actually one of the best. The olive oil gives the ice cream a rich, creamy flavor that tastes even better than regular ice cream.

Some might say olive oil and ice cream are a strange combination, but it’s indeed one of the best. The two flavors balance each other out perfectly, and it’s a great way to cool down on a hot day.

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39. Melted Chocolate on a Cheese Pizza

Melted Chocolate

The melted chocolate on a cheese pizza combination may sound strange, but it is actually very delicious! The sweet and savory flavors of the chocolate and cheese pair well together and create a unique and tasty dish. If you have never tried this combination, I highly recommend it!

40. Mayo and Grape Jelly

Grape Jelly

It may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of weird food combos, but it’s one of the strangest yet surprisingly good combos. The creamy mayo pairs perfectly with the sweet and tangy grape jelly, resulting in a delicious and unique taste you’ll love.

It might sound like a weird combination, but it’s one of the most delicious things you can eat. The two delicious foods make a perfect combination that will leave you wanting more.

41. Pineapple and Cottage Cheese

Bowl of tasty cottage cheese with pineapple on wooden table
Africa Studio / Shutterstock

Pineapple and cottage cheese are oddly good because they are both fruity and tangy and serve as a sweet topping for oatmeal soaked in fruit juice. Pineapples usually go best with ham or salty cheeses like blue cheese.

With cottage cheese, it’s the opposite: salt generally intensifies the flavors of dairy products, so cottage cheese compensates for the sweetness of the pineapple. These two foods have contrasting textures: the soft, smooth pineapple and the lumpy, curdled cottage cheese. They’re like yin and yang.

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42. Coca-Cola and Red Wine

Coca Cola Can

The Coca-Cola and red wine combination is a strangely good one. It might not sound like the best idea at first, but you’ll be surprised at how good it is when you try it. The sweetness of the Coke balances out the bitterness of the red wine, and it’s a great drink to enjoy on a hot day.

43. Popcorn and Hot Sauce

Popcorn and Hot Sauce Combintion
Guajillo studio / Shutterstock

The popcorn and hot sauce combination is definitely strange, but it’s surprisingly good. The spicy sauce balances out the sweetness of the popcorn, and it’s a snack you can’t help but keep eating.

There are many reasons why you should try popcorn and hot sauce. The first reason is that the two flavors are surprisingly complementary. The heat of the hot sauce balances out the sweetness of the popcorn, and the two flavors together create a unique and delicious taste.

Another reason to try this combination is that it’s a great way to add flavor and nutrition to your popcorn. Hot sauce is packed with flavor and antioxidants, meaning you’ll get a lot of nutrients when you eat this snack.

44. Ramen and Melted Kraft Single Slice

Ramen With Cheese
image by Bertahan Luxing is marked with CC BY 2.0.

Ramen and melted Kraft single slice is a surprisingly good combination. The salty broth of the ramen pairs well with the creamy cheese of the Kraft slice. This pairing is perfect for a quick and easy meal.

45. The Hot Dog and French Fry Combo

Hot Dog and French Fries / Adobe Stock

The Hot Dog and French Fry Combo Who would have ever thought that these two beloved American classics could come together to create such an irresistible culinary experience?

It’s truly mind-boggling how the hot dog’s delectably salty and savory flavors harmoniously blend with the satisfyingly crispy and salty goodness of the French fry. This dynamic duo is beyond compare, creating a heavenly match that tickles the taste buds and leaves you craving more.

What are some unusual food combinations?

Unusual food combinations refer to unique and unexpected pairings of ingredients that, while seeming odd at first, can delight the palate with their harmonious flavors. Here are some intriguing examples:

  1. Chocolate and Bacon: The rich sweetness of chocolate complements the savory crunch of bacon, creating a mouthwatering fusion.
  2. Watermelon and Feta Cheese: The refreshing juiciness of watermelon pairs beautifully with the tangy creaminess of feta, offering a burst of contrasting flavors.
  3. Avocado and Chocolate: While surprising to many, the creamy texture of avocado enhances the depth of chocolate, resulting in a luscious treat.

These unconventional combinations showcase the limitless possibilities of culinary creativity, providing a unique taste experience that challenges traditional flavor profiles.


What is a weird food combination that tastes good?

Sometimes, unconventional food pairings can result in surprisingly delicious flavors. For example, peanut butter and pickles or french fries dipped in a milkshake may sound strange, but they have gained a following among food enthusiasts. However, taste is subjective, so what one person finds delicious, another may not enjoy.

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