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Snaptravel Review: Is it Legit to Use?

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Whether you are traveling for business or fun, it is a good idea to check out deals on flights and accommodations. Several people do not realize it, but travel deals may save them much money. Specifically, during the peak travel season, travel promotions can help you get huge savings.

If you book your hotel and flight online, you should know several platforms that provide deals. Snaptravel is one such well-known name. Snaptravel is globally known to provide the lowest hotel and flight rates.

It is a message-driven platform that uses AI (artificial intelligence) to help travelers get promotions right on their mobile phones.

Snaptravel has steadily been gaining popularity worldwide. However, several new users want to know — is Snaptravel legit? Let’s find out in this in-depth Snaptravel review.

What is Snaptravel?

SnapTravel logo

Snaptravel is a company that originated in Canada and operates as a travel agent. It provides a wide range of travel deals over WhatsApp, Messenger, and SMS. The main Snaptravel office is located in Toronto, Canada.

The company was founded by Hussein Fazal and Henry Shi in 2016. Previously, Fazal co-founded AdParlor, while Shi was a Google engineer. Snaptravel is a leading product of Snapcommerce. It is a message-driven platform providing the best travel deals to budget-friendly travelers.

The company uses AI to connect customers to the best possible travel offers on mobile. Snaptravel gathers and analyzes your information with AI.

Based on the data, it provides the best deals on accommodation facilities and flights. The company offers promotional deals on flights and hotels through 1:1 private chats via SMS, Messenger, and WhatsApp.

According to the company, they have raised millions of dollars from several prominent investors. Some notable names include ACrew, Thayer Ventures, iNovia, Lion Capital, Telstra Ventures, Bee Partners, and Steph Curry’s company, SC30 Inc. At present, the company has over 30 million users worldwide.

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How Does Snaptravel Work?

As mentioned above, Snaptravel uses AI to find discounts on flights and hotels. It gets its inventory straight from hotels, as well as booking websites such as Expedia,, and more.

When landing on, you will see two services: Hotels and Flights. You can choose the best option as per your preference. Let’s learn more about these features, one by one.

Snaptravel Hotel Booking Service

Snaptravel Hotel Booking Service

The Snaptravel Hotels option enables you to find the best deals on hotels in your preferred destination. You can use it to book a hotel in any country. 

Follow the instructions below to get the best Snaptravel hotel deals:

  • Input the city or hotel name, visit date, and the number of guests in the search bar.
  • You can get deals over SMS, Messenger, and WhatsApp. 
  • Click the search bar.  
  • Choose the way you want to receive the deal.
  • You will receive three customized deals for hotel bookings.
  • After that, you can choose the hotel option that best meets your budget and requirements.
  • Confirm your booking.

Before making final bookings, determine if the hotel allows refundable cancellations to avoid any potential hassle later.

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Snaptravel Flight Booking Service

Snaptravel Flight booking page

Snaptravel has a dedicated flight webpage where you can find discounts on flights. Their flight search algorithm gives you unpublished fares. You can choose the one that best suits your needs and budget. Their flight booking option provides you with the best deals on flights.

Snaptravel’s flight service lets you conduct your research online instead of the hotel booking option. You do not receive deals from any messaging apps. Just fill in your travel information, and you’ll receive several flight deals. You can use the following steps to use this feature:

  • Select from Round-Trip, One Way, or Multi-City.
  • Add your origin and destination airports, flight dates, passenger information, and flight class (economy, business, first-class, and more.)
  • You will be presented with many flight options meeting your criteria.
  • Select the flight that best meets your criteria.
  • Add your information, such as date of birth, gender, and contact information. 
  • At last, add payment information.
  • Once your payment has been processed, you will get a confirmation e-mail. 

Note: After choosing the flight, you have 20 minutes to confirm the booking.

Charges of Snaptravel

One of the reasons for Snaptravel’s popularity is that they do not charge extra money. No matter what kind of vacation you are planning, Snaptravel is free. 

Unlike travel agents and other sites, they have no added fees. You only pay for the hotel and flight deals you choose. Consequently, you save money on booking through Snaptravel’s services.

Nevertheless, the company sells its VIP/add-on program. It comes with a small additional cost. However, you get various advanced features, such as:

  • A free call on your behalf for early check-in and later check-out
  • A better room
  • 24/7 concierge service
  • Free customer support

Last-minute reservation is subject to approval by the hotel staff. 

How Does Snaptravel Make Money?

You might be wondering, “if Snaptravel is free, how does it make any money?” Let’s find out. Apart from its premium service, the company generates revenue through the percentage it earns on every travel deal.

On each booking you make through Snaptravel, the company earns a certain amount of commission. Hotels and airlines give commissions on bookings.

The earning method of Snaptravel is similar to that followed by travel agents. However, the company charges commissions from hotel facilities and airlines rather than customers.

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Snaptravel Customer Support Team

Snaptravel Customer Support Page

Snaptravel promotes its customer support system as “Half-bot, Half-human.” This means that a bot will handle some of your basic queries. For further assistance, you can speak to a human.

In our experience, the company does respond within a short period. You will not need to wait too long to get connected. The company provides 24-hour assistance, seven days per week. You can reach them via WhatsApp, SMS, or toll-free number: 1-833-600-5860.

Advantages of Snaptravel

Snaptravel has several advantages over making direct bookings through hotels or online.

1. User-Friendly 

Snaptravel is a user-friendly platform. You get hotel and airline booking options right on the home page. 

Furthermore, the process for booking hotels and flights is also straightforward. Add the basic information about your trip in the fields and hit the Search button. Select the best deal, pay, and get a confirmation for booking.

Snaptravel gathers your information using AI. Therefore, it sorts everything related to your tour all in one place.

Besides the official website, you can also use the Snaptravel App on your mobile device. You can download it from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. The app lets you get hotel and airline deals right on your smartphone.

2. Best Deals on Hotels and Flights

When you make bookings through Snaptravel, you get the best rates on hotels and flights. You will get a lot of choices for hotels and airlines. Therefore, you can compare rates and make the best decision accordingly.

If you compare prices with airlines and hotels directly, you will notice that Snaptravel offers lower prices. Snaptravel hotel deals and discount flight tickets may provide up to 50% lower rates.

3. Different Types of Hotel Properties  

No matter what your budget and requirements are, Snaptravel lets you choose from several options. Therefore, you can select the property that suits your taste and budget. The company gives you an exclusive deal on 200,000+ accommodations. And you can save up to 50% on your stays.

4. It is Absolutely Free

Snaptravel’s services are free. You only pay for flights and hotels you book through the website. They do not charge any commission from customers. If you want to upgrade to their premium program, you will pay $5 per month.

This VIP program has several advantages, including 24/7 concierge service, free support, room upgrades, etc. Nevertheless, you need not buy this paid program to book hotels or flights.

5. Customized Hotel and Flight Deals

Another benefit of using Snaptravel is that you get customized travel deals. They find accommodations for every taste and budget. The company uses AI technology to discover deals specifically for you.

Snaptravel allows you to search for the type of hotel or flight you need. You can request room types and other upgrades as per your requirements.

6. Round-the-clock Customer Support

Snaptravel provides 24/7 customer support whether you have a query or complaint. The company deploys bots and human agents to support you best.

You can access their customer support through Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and SMS. Apart from this, you can also call their toll-free number: 1-833-600-5860.

Disadvantages of Snaptravel

Undoubtedly, Snaptravel has a lot of pros. However, it has a few downsides as well.

1. You Cannot Buy the Complete Package

Snaptravel does not allow you to book a complete package deal that includes a stay and flight together. Unlike Expedia, you will have to book flights and accommodation separately. This could be disappointing for travelers who want to avoid booking things independently.

2. No Points for Hotel Loyalty Program

You might not be able to get points for your hotel loyalty program if you book hotels via Snaptravel. Nevertheless, the good thing is that you do not get such issues with airline points.

3. Some Negative Reviews

If you check for Snaptravel reviews online, you will notice complaints about its customer support. Some travelers find fault with the support system, claiming they do not get in contact with a real person when they are in need. Some people also complained that Snaptravel did not notify them about flight cancellations.

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Snaptravel Reviews

Snaptravel Reviews

The majority of Snaptravel reviews over the internet are positive. However, a few websites show a mixture of reviews. Most of the negative reviews are about fluctuating accommodation prices. It is the same issue that we see with other leading travel providers. Generally, dynamic fluctuation is outside the company’s control.

Snaptravel has an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 on Trustpilot. There are more than 26,000 reviews on Trustpilot about Snaptravel. Even on the Better Business Bureau, It has an A+ rating.

Several times, it has been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, Los Angeles Times, Travel+ Leisure, and TechCrunch. Besides this, prestigious firms such as Travelport, Sabre, and Amadeus have partnerships with Snaptravel.

Snaptravel Refund Policy

A company’s refund policy can be a crucial factor for frequent travelers. Snaptravel lets you cancel some hotel properties and flights and get a full refund. 

However, it depends entirely on the airline and hotel you book. So we conclude that while certain bookings might be refundable, others are not. It’s best to double-check and always read the fine print.

Nevertheless, you may get Snaptravel credits when canceling a booking. You can use these credits on your future bookings. 

Snaptravel’s refund policy says, “SnapTravel is not accountable for any problems in the event of cancellation, overbooking, strike, delay, and other causes.” This means they will not refund for issues beyond their control. Again, it is advisable to read their cancellation policy, as it is subject to change with time.

Snaptravel Payment Options

Snaptravel Payment Page

Snaptravel supports a wide range of payment options. You can pay for your hotel or flight booking with debit and credit cards. The company accepts various cards: Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.  You can also pay for flight and hotel bookings via Google Pay, Apple Pay, and PayPal.

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Get Updates Regarding the Flight

You can contact Snaptravel for flight updates through email and phone. The company gives you a call or shoots an email if your flights get canceled or if there are changes in your route. 

For smaller updates, such as gate changes, etc., you will receive automated messages from the airline. If your flight gets canceled, Snaptravel updates you with the alternative option via phone and email. And if you are at the airport already, you can seek onsite assistance from attendants.

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Contacting Snaptravel

Snaptravel allows you to contact its support team in multiple ways. For instance, you can contact Snaptravel through SMS, Facebook Messenger, or Apple business chat. Nevertheless, calling their customer support number is the easiest way to reach them. Their agents can help you with all your customer service questions.

In case of any inconvenience with the support team, they will send you a message “We are sorry to hear about your experience.” Then, the team will ask you to provide your order id and other booking details so that they can look into the matter further.

Snaptravel Reservation Cancellation

Canceling reservations on Snaptravel is pretty straightforward. You can do it through email or using Snaptravel’s automated chat.

Cancellation is not always free. Sometimes, you get a non-refundable reservation. You might have to pay the fee as per the reservation terms and conditions.

Snaptravel Alternatives: Comparison with Similar Businesses

Snaptravel is a well-appreciated company providing people with the best deals on hotels and flights. The company is known for its user-friendliness and message-driven travel assistance. Let us compare it with some of its alternatives.

1. Kayak


Kayak is a well-known travel meta-search company that provides several ideas for holidays at discounted prices. Nevertheless, Kayak offers its services to anyone completely free of charge, making it easy to find and book hotel facilities via its website. 

Moreover, you get hotel deals via Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, or Apple Business Chat. 

2. is a renowned hotel booking website that lets you book hotel rooms online or by phone. The company was founded by David Litman and Robert Diener in 1991. Its headquarters are in Dallas, Texas, U.S. has about 85 websites in 34 languages. It lists more than 325,000 hotels in 19,000 locations worldwide. Snaptravel does not have a listing of hotel properties. It uses AI to filter the best possible deals on hotels and flights.

3. is another popular alternative to Snaptravel. The company has a head office in Singapore, serving customers worldwide. 

Similar to Snaptravel, it provides booking services for flights and hotels. However, you can also use it to book airport transfers, trains, attractions, and tours. is a part of the Group, which is a NASDAQ-listed company. The company has an extensive network of 1.4 million hotels in 200 countries and regions. Apart from this, the company has a flight network of more than 2 million individual flight routes.

4. Skyscanner

Skyscanner Logo

Skyscanner is a well-known alternative to Snaptravel. The company was founded in 2003. Skyscanner is a metasearch engine and travel agency headquartered in Edinburgh, Scotland. The website is available in 30+ languages. About 100 million+ people use it per month.

The company provides you with deals for flights and hotel rooms. Apart from this, it also lets you rent cars. Skyscanner claims that more than 100 million people worldwide use its app to make their travel plans. 

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5. Agoda

Agoda Logo

Agoda is a Singapore-based online travel agency that provides the best price for hotel rooms, flights, travel activities, vacation rentals, and airport transfers. 

The company has its head office in Singapore. Currently, it operates as a subsidiary of Booking Holdings. Robert Rosenstein and Michael Kenny founded Agoda in 2005. Today, the company has a team of 4000 people. 

Like the Snaptravel app, Agoda also has a mobile application to make search and booking stress-free. The mobile app is available in 38+ languages.

Agoda searches and compares hundreds of travel sites immediately. It enables travelers to look for hotels as per their requirements. There are more than 2.5 million properties listed on Agoda.

On Agoda, there is a section titled “Today’s deals” where you can look at several offers for savings.

6. Hopper

Hopper Logo

Hopper is a renowned metasearch engine that finds great hotel rates and discounts from online booking websites. Subsequently, you can choose the best hotel deals that suit your budget.

Today, like Snaptravel, it is a reputable name worldwide. At present, the company serves countries worldwide. Hopper allows the deals on hotel rooms to come directly to you for millions of hotel properties. And you can do all this with just a few mouse clicks. 

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7. Sonder

Like Snaptravel, Sonder provides a different experience for finding and staying at hotels. From simple self-check-in to boutique bathroom amenities, they focus on bringing the best of a hotel without any formality.

As a result, you can maximize the experience you need and want no matter where you are in the world.

8. ZenHotels

ZenHotels is a notable online hotel booking service. It allows you to book properties in 220 countries and regions. The company lists many hotels, hostels, villas, apartments, and more. ZenHotels is a part of the Emerging Travel Group of Companies.

It offers the best deals on hotels and business trips. The company has more than 1,700,000 properties worldwide. Like Snaptravel, ZenHotels is known for its low prices, 24/7 dedicated customer support team, and flexible payment options.

Is Snaptravel Legit?

There is no doubt that Snaptravel is a legit company. It has been serving travel enthusiasts since 2016. It helps people find the best hotel and flight deals. And it all happens without interacting with any travel agent

You can look for the best deals for your budget travel from the comfort of your home or workplace. The best part is that you do not pay anything to use Snaptravel.

Another prominent reason to trust Snaptravel is that it is associated with prestigious companies. In fact, Peter Kern, the CEO of Expedia, and NBA player Stephen Curry had once invested in the company.

If we ignore a few negative comments, Snaptravel has decent ratings. You can see their positive feedback on TrustPilot, Better Business Bureau, and Google Play Store.

The company provides you with a seamless experience. You can browse the Snaptravel hotels and flights list on your smartphone with a few touches.

Snaptravel is user-friendly and offers better rates. They have a user base of over 30 million users. It is a guarantee that people appreciate their great service.

If we put everything together, we can conclude that Snaptravel is worthwhile. Moreover, as they do not charge extra, you can try Snaptravel without any problem.

Final Thoughts

Snaptravel Review: Is it Legit to Use?

Whether you are traveling for business or fun, it is a good idea to check out deals on flights and accommodations. Here is a Snaptravel review you will need to read.

Product Brand: Snaptravel

Editor's Rating:


  • Free to use
  • Great customer support Custom deals
  • User-friendly


  • No full package options
  • No loyalty program

Snaptravel seems to be worth using for hotels and flight booking. The company has satisfied customers worldwide who appreciate its best rates.

Snaptravel might not be a good option for those travelers who expect changes in their travel plans. As we mentioned above, most Snaptravel hotel reservations are non-refundable. Consequently, you must confirm the correct reservation information from the hotel and airline beforehand. If possible, get written confirmation.

Snaptravel acts like a real travel agent. However, it uses AI to show consolidator inventory, bulk prices, and private contract rates. Since those best rates are not available to the public, you find a deal unavailable anywhere.


How does Snaptravel sell travel deals at cheap rates?

Snaptravel sells hotel deals at the best rate. However, how does it manage to do that? Hotel properties sell unsold inventories at a low price but do not show the price publicly. SnapTravel allows you to book hotels at the same great rates. The discounted price is not public as you book your hotel over a private 1-1 chat. 

Can I trust Snaptravel?

Yes, you can. Snaptravel is a recognized platform launched by Hussein Fazal and Henry Shi. It has over 30 million users.
The company has an A+ rating in BBB (Better Business Bureau). Furthermore, Snaptravel has been operating for a long time. It has helped thousands of people get the best hotel and flight deals. You will not have a negative experience.

How does Snaptravel find the best deals?

Snaptravel uses advanced artificial intelligence to search for the best hotel and flight deals. It filters thousands of hotel properties from different sources and offers the best possible options.
When suggesting deals, the company considers price, location, quality, and overall value. You can look through more hotels while you get the top 3 recommendations.

Does Snaptravel Offer Travel Insurance?

You do not get travel insurance from Snaptravel, as they do not sell it. You can buy it separately from an insurance company. Nevertheless, the company offers TravelGuard flight insurance through AIG, a well-known provider.

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