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48 Hours in Split Itinerary: How to Spend Your 2 Days

48 Hours in Split Itinerary: How to Spend Your 2 Days

Split is a charming old city on the Dalmatian coast. Not only is it Croatia’s second-largest city, but it’s also the cultural center of the country, making it the perfect place for a weekend visit. If you’re lucky enough to be spending 48 hours in Split then you’re going to need a serious plan in order to see even half of what’s on offer.

Having been lucky enough to spend some time in this gorgeous city myself, I’ve done the hard work for you. If you are wondering if Split is worth it, you may be convinced after following my travel experiences step by step.

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Here is the perfect 2 days in Split itinerary, pack your bags, and let’s get going!

What to Bring on a Trip to Split Croatia

Split town viewed from above

The first thing on anyone’s list has sadly got to be packing. Although it isn’t all that exciting, it is necessary, and doing it right is going to save you heaps of time in the long run.

Split has a wonderful Mediterranean climate, with really hot summers and fairly chilly winters. You’re best visiting between April and September when the weather is reliably above 18 degrees.

Lightweight clothing is a must, as are strong sunscreen and a hat for the middle of the day. This 48 hours in Split is going to be a jam-packed one, so shoes that you can walk comfortably in are also essential.

Other than clothes there are a couple of special items that you shouldn’t be without. When I travel anywhere I like to find myself a book about the area and there just so happens to be a brilliant one that’s set in Split.

Chasing a Croatian Girl is not at all about chasing a Croatian girl as the title suggests, but is rather a hilarious, self-deprecating account of falling in love with a Croatian woman and moving to Split with her.

The descriptions of the setting and the people will help you to fall in love with the city before you even step off the plane.

The final item that you’ve got to have in your suitcase is a mask and snorkel, or at the very least some goggles. Split’s warm waters are home to some spectacular sea life and it would be a shame to miss it.

For those who are experienced snorkelers, a separate mask and snorkel will allow you to dive deeper with a little more freedom in the water. However, those who are less confident snorkelers may find an all-in-one option feels safer.

Another nice perk of full-face snorkel masks is that they often have camera holders, so you can capture all of your underwater experience hands-free.

Where to Stay in Split

Hotel Plaza Marchi in Split, Croatia

Split, Croatia has a thriving tourism industry, which means that there are plenty of options for places to stay. If you don’t mind forgoing some luxuries in exchange for a little more spending money then a hostel can be a budget-friendly option.

The Split Hostel Booze & Snooze offers an incredibly cheap room, right in the center of town. It’s the perfect budget option as long as you aren’t afraid of late nights and a rowdy crowd.

This hostel is ideal for those who want to meet lots of young people, have loads of fun, and aren’t into early mornings. If you’d like a more relaxing stay then there are several options available. There are plenty of hotels and guest houses in the center of town, which range in price considerably.

If you really want to splash out then the Hotel Park Split is around 104 euros per night, but you’d be staying in a true slice of history. This five-star hotel has been inviting guests since 1921 and offers exceptional rooms with unparalleled views of the sea and gardens.

If you’d like to spend a little less, but still want your home comforts then the Grgur Ninski Rooms is a small B&B that lies within the historic Diocletian’s Palace and will only cost you 55 euros per night.

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Places to Visit in Split

Sunset Over the Harbour in Split, Croatia
Kyle Kroeger/ViaTravelers

Now that you’re all settled into your room, it’s time for a good bit. How to spend a weekend in Split. There is far more than you could possibly fit into just 2 days, but there are some things that you absolutely shouldn’t miss.

Beaches in Split

Split Croatia Boardwalk

The importance of a good breakfast can never be underestimated, especially when there’s so much sightseeing to do, so either tuck in at your hotel, or head straight to Dvor. This gorgeous restaurant has a terrace that looks right out over Firule Beach, with views of the islands of Brac and Solta in the distance.

Treat yourself to the set breakfast and enjoy a fluffy omelet, fresh juice, a fruit salad, and of course, possibly the best coffee in the city. It is a little on the pricier side, but the food is regularly featured in the Michelin guide and the view really takes some beating.

After breakfast, it’s time to hit the beach. The sun is generally less fierce before 1 pm, so either early morning or late afternoon are the best times to go. Firule beach is in a sheltered cove, so the water is always calm.

The top end of the beach is shaded by trees, but if you want to be near the water then there are deck chairs and parasols that you can rent. The water is crystal clear and a short swim away from the beach is a little rocky outcrop, where you can rest your legs before swimming back to land.

Although it would be quite easy to spend the whole weekend here, don’t get too comfortable, there’s an afternoon of sightseeing to be done!

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Split Old Town

Bell Tower of Diocletian's Palace in Split

One of the best things to do in Split is to get a good look around the Old Town. The Golden Gate of the Diocletian’s Palace is the perfect place to start and is also the starting point of most historical tours.

If you feel like getting the gist of the town quickly then a tour is a great place to begin. In an hour and a half, you should be able to cover most of the historic buildings. However, if you prefer to explore at your own pace, then here are the bits that you must not miss.

Golden Gate of Diocletian’s Palace

Sphynx in Split
See if you can find both of the Syphnx as you travel around the Diocletian Palace.

As mentioned before, The Golden Gate is a good starting point. This is the entrance to the palace and at midday, there is a display put on by the guards here that’s worth catching if you can.

From here make your way to the basement halls, you can peruse the stalls selling locally made wares, or pay a small fee to view some of the historical artifacts in the lower-down ruins.

Cathedral St Domnius

After this, take a walk through the town looking out for the Cathedral St Domnius, with its unusual octagonal domed roof, the Egyptian sphinxes outside the temple of Jupiter, and the church of Saint Rok.

Take your time exploring the streets of the Diocletian’s Palace, and maybe grab yourself an ice cream, or a pancake from one of the many street vendors. Then take an hour to freshen up and it’s time to head out for dinner and dancing.

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Things to Do in Split at Night

We can’t even begin to think about how to spend 2 days in Split, without thinking about what to do at night. Of your 48 hours in Split, a fair chunk of it is going to be after dark, which is great, because that’s when this city truly comes alive.

Konoba Kod Joze is the place to be for dinner this evening. This quaint little tavern has been providing tourists and locals alike with delicious Dalmatian cuisine for more than 30 years.

It’s right in the old town, but a little tricky to find as it’s down a very windy street, pop in the location on your phone to make sure you find it easily!

Although the menu is all simple, fresh, traditional food, some of the standout dishes include cured ham and local cheese, quickly grilled catch of the day, the black squid risotto, or if traveling during the right season, game stew, caught by the owner himself.

Once your dinner has gone down, it’s time for a drink and a dance. The big clubs are outside of town, so if you’ve no plans to be up in the morning then grab yourself a taxi.

Otherwise, there are plenty of lively bars in the old town. Ghetto Club is a great place to start. It’s a bar and art gallery hybrid, which offers affordable drinks, interesting works to look at, and an ever-changing, always eclectic playlist.

The courtyard is brilliantly atmospheric with flaming torches and room for dancing. Take a walk upstairs to the music room where you’ll find a grand piano and great views out over the courtyard below.

From here it’s up to you where the night takes you, but plenty of local people make Ghetto Club their start and endpoint!

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Discover Dragons and Castles

It’s already halfway gone, and to think you were wondering what to do in Split for 2 days! This morning is all about nerding out. If you haven’t heard of Game of Thrones yet then where have you been for the last decade?

Whether you’re a fan or not, there are some buildings in and around Split that were used for filming some of the series, that really deserves a visit.

There are tours that offer a comprehensive guide to each and every street location that was filmed on, which are perfect for die-hard fans. Of course, if you’d just like one of the highlights for your 48 hours in Split, then you can always take it yourself.

One of the main filming areas was just outside Split at Kliss Castle. This old castle looks out over the city and once provided an important vantage point for preventing intruders. It was widely used as the city of Mereen so there are parts of it that might well be familiar.

Walking around the castle is particularly beautiful, so if you want a different view of the city, take a couple of hours to look around the countryside here.

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Live the Life of Luxury

48 hours in Split
Chartering a boat is simple from Split harbor.

For the final part of your 48 hours in Split, why not really treat yourself? From the harbor, there are plenty of boats that can take you out to any of the nearby islands.

A blissful afternoon can be spent setting sail from the harbor and heading to Hvar Island. This island is one of the richest nearby and provides a holiday home for many of the rich and famous.

Choose one of the boats that will take you swimming in the open ocean first, with a stop for lunch, before mooring in the harbor at Hvar. Once in Hvar, you can take your time to explore the town. The buildings here are all white-washed with terracotta roofs.

It’s incredibly picturesque and its winding streets make the perfect place to pick up any souvenirs that you didn’t yet manage to find in Split and settle down for a drink before heading back to shore again.

Though there are plenty of places to sip in the sun, The Cocktail Bar Bolero is perhaps the bougie-est. This club is positioned a little above the promenade and offers incredible cocktails, served to a soundtrack of soothing world music.

Settle down in a wicker chair, drink in hand, and promise to give yourself longer than 48 hours in Split to explore this gorgeous part of the world next time.

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