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16 Best Hotels in Cappadocia for Couples

If you have an upcoming trip to Cappadocia, your accommodation needs are all sorted by this article. Here’s a list of the best hotels in Cappadocia which offer couples the most memorable moments.

Cappadocia is one of the most visited places in Turkey. It has a quaint landscape that was formed millions of years ago as a result of volcanic activity. Some of the most unique features of this area include valleys, cone-shaped rock formations, and caves with houses. 

This has made Cappadocia an iconic tourist site in Turkey. And as a result, many accommodation places have sprung up all over Cappadocia. Some of the best places to stay are the famous cave hotels, although there are numerous other modern hotels for people who want contemporary luxury and space.

best cave hotels in turkey

These hotels offer the best views of the Cappadocian landscape. And guests are also frequently treated to magical hot air balloons floating in the background.

If you’re a couple planning to visit Turkey, below are some of the best hotels in Cappadocia for couples.

Best Hotels in Cappadocia for Couples

1. The Museum Hotel

Museum Hotel Aerial View
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The Museum Hotel is one of the best hotels in Cappadocia. It is situated in a town called Uchisar.  One of the best attractions of this hotel is its dreamy heated pool. This means guests can swim throughout the year, even during winter.  According to management, this pool is one of the most photographed hotel swimming pools.

The Museum Hotel is situated in restored historic ruins. The rooms are decorated with artifacts and antiques, enhancing that museum feel. It’s surely a thing of spectacular beauty.

This hotel has a wide range of rooms depending on your needs and budget. All rooms have essential things like air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, TV, a kettle, and a safety deposit box for valuables. If you want more luxury, you can book the deluxe or spa suite with a Jacuzzi and massage table.

The menu is impressive too. Ever had a Turkish breakfast? Be prepared to enjoy mouthfuls of fruit and vegetables fresh from the hotel’s garden. Museum Hotel is arguably the best cave hotel in Cappadocia.

2. DoubleTree by Hilton Avanos – Cappadocia

DoubleTree By Hilton Avanos Cappadocia Building
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Families run most hotels in Cappadocia. But DoubleTree by Hilton is different, making it ideal for couples looking for a corporate experience. It has the usual high standards expected from the Hilton brand, complete with freebies and complimentary treats.

It’s about 20 minutes from the town meaning the atmosphere is very serene. The hotel also offers one of the best views of the rugged Turkish hillside.

This one has more modern rooms than the other cave hotels on this list. All of them are carpeted and designed in Turkish-style décor and themes. Each room has a TV, minibar, free Wi-Fi, and a kettle for instant drinks.

For additional luxury and pampering, there’s an on-site spa that offers a sauna and massages. There is also an onsite pool and gym for those who want to keep fit. Other amenities include a beauty salon, concierge, tour desk, and foreign currency desk.

You will get a free daily buffet breakfast, while the other meals can be arranged through the onsite restaurant.

3. Argos In Cappadocia

Argos in Cappadocia Hotel
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The Argos Hotel is situated in a former monastery. And, it has its own vineyard and winery, which is amazing. The Argos Hotel has a good blend of antique and modern décor in its halls and rooms. All the rooms are set in natural stone buildings and they come with essential standard provisions like Wi-Fi, a minibar, and a kettle.

On top of this, the rooms have a private bathroom and a fireplace that are handy during winter. There is an underground tunnel that leads to some of the rooms. This offers a good reminder of what the tunnels were originally meant for. It also gives a historic feel to the hotel.

Built facing the Pigeon Valley, the views are priceless. Every room also has a private outdoor area for exclusivity. Do you see why it is one of the best hotels in Cappadocia?

Also, for those who want adventure, the hotel can arrange hot-air balloon rides and tours on horseback or quads. The hotel also organizes shuttles for transporting guests to and from the airport.

4. Ariana Sustainable Luxury Lodge

Ariana Sustainable Luxury Lodge Aerial View
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This hotel offers luxury on a budget, as suggested in its name. The hotel is found on top of Uchisar Valley. This offers visitors the perfect views of the valley slopes from the comfort of their rooms.

From afar, you can tell that the hotel is a marvel of architecture because of how well it blends into the surrounding. There are 11 suites at the Ariana Luxury Lodge, each of which has been given the name of a goddess.

Ariana is actually the name of an ancient goddess of the sun. The suites are decorated using precious stones, antique mosaics, and handcrafted details. They are also equipped with designer furniture and private marble bathrooms.

For added convenience, room service is available around the clock. And, there is an onsite American- style restaurant that prepares meals using fresh vegetables and local ingredients.

The grounds are well-maintained with manicured lawns offering the perfect background for photos and relaxation. This luxury lodge is truly a home away from home for couples.

5. Taskonaklar Rocky Palace

Taskonaklar Hotel Architecture
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With its rooms and suites that perfectly marry comfort and simplicity, the Taskonaklar is a couple’s delight. The hotel overlooks one of the most beautiful valleys in the Cappadocia region, offering priceless views from the hotel rooms.

Taskonaklar has charming traditional rooms that evoke a mix of history and romance. Each spacious room has free Wi-Fi, Turkish rugs, a fireplace, and other essentials. The hotel also offers complimentary local wine to all guests.

You can book the deluxe suites if you want a private hot outdoor bathtub and terrace. Accommodation doesn’t get any better than this, so Taskonaklar is among the best hotels in Cappadocia for couples. 

The hotel also has an onsite restaurant and a bar. Also, you don’t have to stay in the hotel all day. The staff can help you organize treks on foot or horseback in the valley.

And if you want more adventure, you can take part in private-guided hot air balloon tours of nearby valleys. For those with their cars, the hotel offers free private parking.

6. Goreme Inn Hotel

Goreme Inn Hotel Architecture
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This boutique hotel is located on a small hill just outside Goreme town. Its location affords visitors panoramic views of the beautiful valley. Also, it has a more contemporary design which distinguishes it from the other best hotels in Cappadocia.

Although it lacks genuine cave rooms, the Goreme Inn Hotel has tried to replicate that Turkish aesthetic. The rooms are constructed using the same light-colored stone found on caves. Glass lanterns and large pottery have also been strategically placed around the hotel to complement the design.

The rooms are large and modern, and the floors are paneled with wood and adorned with Persian rugs. Each room has free Wi-Fi among other essential amenities.

Included in the rates is a daily Turkish-style breakfast. This means a lot of pastries, cheese, fruits, vegetables, and cereal. You can enjoy your meals while relaxing on the large stone terraces facing the valley.

The staff here are friendly and available around the clock. If you want to go sightseeing, they can arrange regional tours for you. Alternatively, you can make these arrangements yourself through GetYourGuide.

7. Sultan Cave Suites

Sultan Cave Suites
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Sultan Cave Suites is one of the best hotels in Cappadocia, especially for couples looking for the perfect place to make memories. It was taken here if you have seen the iconic photo of the terrace with a table of fruits, a cushion, and dogs. That’s how popular this terrace is. The hotel staff has to patrol the terrace to keep strangers away constantly.

The hotel offers breakfast as part of the fee charged. This is served buffet style with tea and coffee flowing from antique kettles. You can have breakfast on the beautiful terraces while watching floating hot air balloons in the background.

For the other meals, guests can order on their tab from the in-house Turkish cuisine restaurant. You can also order meals from nearby restaurants if you wish. There is a bar on the rooftop for guests to place their orders. The rooms are spacious, carved from stone, and include amenities like free Wi-Fi, a minibar, and luxury showers.

8. Carus Cappadocia Hotel

Carus Cappadocia Architecture
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Carus Cappadocia Hotel is also among the best hotels in Cappadocia. Although it is located in Goreme, it is not a cave hotel. It offers a modern experience for couples who do not want to sleep in cave rooms.

Some of the amenities available at this hotel include a restaurant, a bar, and a garden. There is also a terrace where guests can sit and view the surrounding landscape. The restaurant has an expansive menu. Guests can enjoy a wide variety of meals from a continental breakfast to an à la carte lunch.

Every room at Carus Cappadocia has a desk, a TV, a fridge, and a private bathroom. Room service is also available on demand. And if you want the internet, it is available all around the hotel. There is also an indoor pool and a sauna.

The area around the hotel is popular for activities like cycling, and hiking, and the staff can help you arrange for bicycle rentals.

Guests can also visit some nearby attractions like Göreme National Park, Göreme Roman Castle, Rose Valley, and Sunset Point. You can get tickets to these places on Viator, and make this a trip to remember.

9. Kismet Cave House

Kismet Cave House Architecture
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Kismet Cave House is one of the oldest cave hotels in Cappadocia.  The hotel has a fiercely loyal following because of its wonderful hospitality and unforgettable ambiance.

The hotel’s affordable pricing also makes it one of the few cheap cave hotels in Cappadocia. It is certainly ideal for couples traveling on a budget.

With only 8 cave rooms in the hotel, it means that guests receive a privacy level that is rare in bigger hotels. And even though the hotel is small, it compensates for this with its unforgettable charm and character.

The rooms have been cut into a hillside chimney, and are furnished with tasteful Turkish carpets.  Also, a terrace on the rooftop gives beautiful views of the town.

Breakfast is included in the rates, and it consists of simple but delicious meals inspired by Turkish cuisine. You can also get homemade dinners but that is an out-of-pocket arrangement with the staff.

Kismet Cave House is centrally located. This means that guests can easily and conveniently access most of the attractions around the Goreme area. There is even free airport pick-up for those staying at least three days.

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10. Casablanca Garden Hotel

Casablanca Garden Hotel room
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The Casablanca Garden Hotel is situated in the Nevsehir area. Although not a cave hotel, it is one of the best hotels in Cappadocia.

The hotel offers 14 forms of accommodation, meaning there is a lot for guests to choose from. The basic amenities in every room include a minibar, free bottled water, a premium satellite TV, and a private bathroom.

All rooms also have a seating area where you can hang out as a couple in the privacy of your room. There is also free Wi-Fi around the hotel, allowing guests to surf the internet from anywhere.

The hotel has a seasonal outdoor swimming pool, a bar, and a garden. There’s even a terrace where guests can relax. The hotel also has an onsite restaurant that serves a free full buffet breakfast every morning.

You will get a 24-hour front desk and room service. Airport transfer services are also available at an extra cost. You can book an affordable direct flight to Nevsehir Airport from wherever you are and enjoy a vacation of a lifetime.

11. Cappadocia Inn Cave Hotel

Cappadocia Inn Cave Hotel Room
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Located in the heart of Goreme National Park, this hotel faces two picturesque landscapes – the Kizil Valley and Zemi Valley. This means that from their hotel rooms, guests have an excellent view of the surrounding.

There is also a terrace on the rooftop from where you can see the stunning landscapes of Goreme. And addition, the Cappadocia Inn Cave Hotel has a large garden where you can relax with your spouse.

Unlike many other cave hotels, this hotel is not made entirely of cave rooms – some are built using stone. Each room has air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, a minibar, and an electric kettle for hot tea or coffee.  Some rooms also have a spa bath for those who want additional luxury. 

Breakfast is included in the price, and it’s served buffet style. Also, you may decide to enjoy your meals as you watch the hot air balloons floating over the valleys. However, the balloons fly early, so you may have to wake up early.

If you want to ride one, the hotel can arrange one. There is free and secure parking for those in their cars.

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12. Doors of Cappadocia Hotel

Doors Of Cappadocia Hotel View
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Doors of Cappadocia Hotel, also fits among the best cave hotels to stay in Cappadocia. It is located within the Fairy Chimney of Goreme and offers a great traditional cave experience with a touch of modernism.

This hotel has 18 cave-style rooms, which are well-built and tastefully furnished with a blend of traditional and modern décor. Each room has a TV, minibar, a kettle for hot beverages, and large private bathrooms. In some rooms, a whirlpool tub is separate from rainfall showers.

There is an expansive terrace on the rooftop with beautiful views of the area. Guests are even allowed to have their meals from there. There is also an outdoor pool on the terrace with sun loungers where guests can relax.

The hotel serves a full Turkish breakfast, while the rest of the meals can be prepared on order. There is also a bar for those who would like a drink. And room service is available throughout the day.

The next time you’re in Turkey, visit the hotel to enjoy these things that make it one of the best hotels in Cappadocia.

13. Kelebek Special Cave Hotel

Kelebek Special Cave Hotel in fairly chimneys

The Kelebek Special Cave Hotel is situated in the heart of the iconic Fairy Chimney of Göreme. From the hotel, you can see the town of Goreme sprawled at the foot of the valley. Kelebek offers the best that Turkey has to offer.

The rooms are built-in cave enclaves and beautifully decorated with Cappadocian fabrics to offer the best feel. Every room also has a fireplace and a private balcony, from where you can enjoy the panoramic views stretching to Uchisar and Cavusin.

Other amenities provided in the room include satellite TV and air conditioning. The suites are equipped with marble bathrooms and a bathtub.

The hotel also has a sauna and spa where guests can get a Turkish bath and massage from professional masseurs. And the outdoor swimming pool, equipped with sun loungers, crowns the whole experience.

If you love Turkish food, you will be in for a treat. The hotel’s onsite restaurant offers the best of the local Cappadocia cuisine. Hotel pick-ups are available from the bus station in Goreme town to the hotel.

14. Gamirasu Hotel Cappadocia

Gamirasu Cave Hotel Room
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The Gamirasu Hotel offers the ultimate cave experience. The rooms are built deep into volcanic rock with vaulted ceilings. Each room is furnished with traditional Turkish décor and offers free Wi-Fi and a private bathroom tub.

Some rooms also have hot bathtubs and massage treatments. An outdoor pool is also operational during warm weather, especially in the summer. Cave suites surround it.

The hotel has a beautiful rose garden that guests can visit, with a few lucky ones enjoying the view directly from their rooms.

Quality food is part of a memorable hotel experience. Gamirasu doesn’t disappoint with its fresh meals prepared using organic products. There is a free full Turkish breakfast every morning, complete with honey, fruit, local jams, and cream.

If you want adventure, you can visit nearby attractions such as the Nikolos Monastery.

15. Cappadocia Palace Hotel

Cappadocia Palace Hotel Building
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Are you looking for cheap cave hotels in Cappadocia? The Cappadocia Palace Hotel is one of the most affordable hotels in the area. It has a classic design as it was built in the 19th century.

Although managed by a family, it still qualifies as one of the best hotels in Cappadocia. The owners always go out of their way to offer quality services.

The rooms are nicely decorated with Cappadocian fabrics and antiques collected from all over Turkey. This gives the rooms a homely feel. Some of them have a spa bath and are built facing the hotel’s garden.

Cappodocia Palace Hotel doesn’t compromise on quality, and the food offered is proof of this. Every day, guests are treated to freshly prepared food using the finest Turkish ingredients. You can have your meals from the patio or request room service.

The hotel is near some tourist attractions such as the Göreme Tarihi Milli Park and the Temenni Tepesi Wish Hill. And the hotel can help you make arrangements to visit these places.

16. Phocas Cave Suites

Phocas Cave Suites Luxurious Room
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This hotel is in Cavusin Village, two miles from the Goreme town center. Its rooms are built in the traditional cave design. There is also a large terrace to offer visitors spectacular views of the Fairy Chimneys and charming rock formations.

The hotel offers a full breakfast buffet at the hotel’s cave restaurant, which is prepared using the best local products. You can also sample some wine from a wine house built into a cave.

Each room at Phocas Cave Suites is equipped with cable TV, a mini-bar, a safety deposit box, and tea or coffee-making facilities. The bathrooms in the rooms have a rainfall shower and hairdryer. Also, guests can enjoy a Turkish bath in one of the hot tubs on the premises.

Wi-Fi is free and accessible from anywhere in the hotel. And concierge services are also available on request. If you want, you can also get airport transfer services at an additional fee.

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