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Best Pizza in Minnesota: 19 Top Pizzeria Options

Can a person be trusted if they say they don’t like pizza? I’m not sure, I can’t think of one person I’ve met that doesn’t like it. Who doesn’t love pizza?

There are a million different combinations you can try…but the basics must stay the same. With a crispy crust, the sauce is a must, and it better has boatloads of cheese. If any of those pieces of the puzzle are missing, we have a pizza problem.

Below is a list of the best pizza in Minnesota. Personally, I have been to a number of these pizza parlors around the Twin Cities and can vouch for many of them. Laidback atmospheres with friendly faces accompanied by prompt service to get the pizza into your mouth, straight from the oven.

You don’t want to miss the best pizza in Minnesota. So let’s take a look at the best pizza places that Minnesota has to offer (not in any particular order).

1. Pizza Luce´

Pizza Luce Logo Minnesota

Possibly one of the most famous, and most talked-about pizza parlors throughout the Twin Cities is Pizza Luce´.  The first shop opened in 1993 and has grown exponentially over the years. There are nine locations within the Twin Cities and the tenth location in Duluth.

A popular hangout spot for bar-hoppers, and late-night show-goers; Pizza Luce´ has always been a destination for all crowds. One of the reasons it is so popular, the menu has a growing number of gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan-friendly options.

Specialty pizzas are few and far between on the menu, where they have options for just about every taste bud out there. No wonder you hear people buzzing about it all the time!

Pizza Luce´ has been hailed as having an expression of freedom for employees for as long as the establishment has been open. The owners take pride in self-expression and encourage freedom of self. Employees are allowed to bear their body art and piercings.

They also allow team members to come back to their jobs after touring with their bands if they are inclined to do so. Bandmembers from Minnesota collectives such as Cadillac Blindside and Motion City Soundtrack have been part of the Pizza Luce´ team before!

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2. Cossetta’s

Front of Cossetta's Saint Paul, Minnesota

Located in the heart of downtown St. Paul, Cossetta’s has been a staple in the Twin Cities for over one hundred years.  Starting in 1911 as a tiny food market, Cossetta’s has grown into a staple for Minnesotans of all ages.

This pizza palace is considered some of the best pizza in St. Paul. This giant, sprawling three-story building sits on the corner of north Chesnut Street and 7th Street west, which is conveniently two blocks away from the Xcel Energy Center.

A very popular spot before a big game or concert! There is an entire Italian market on the first floor, that has just been recently expanded to three times the original size. 

With many options to choose from, you can take home real authentic Italian ingredients for your chef-inspired meal. Or take home a ready-to-bake meal for the entire family, for a quick restaurant-quality dinner.

Also available are their house-made sauces so you can try and replicate their Minnesota-famous pizza! The Italian market is a hit among Cossetta’s, but the real reason people go is for the pizza. A quick assembly-line style for the grab-and-go eaters.

Travel up to the third floor where you can sit and relax on the patio with friends and family while you wait for a hot pizza pie to come out of one of their massive pizza ovens.

Loaded with all of the toppings to pick and choose from, these pies are loaded with ingredients to make your mouth water for another slice.

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3. Red Wagon Pizza Company

Interior of Red Wagon Pizza Company
Source: Tripadvisor

Up next on the list of top pizza options in Minnesota is Red Wagon Pizza Company. This pizzeria has gained nationwide attention and remains a staple in the Twin Cities.

This may have something to do with the fact that it was featured on both Diners Drive-Ins and Divesand Andrew Zimmern Cooks. 

Locally owned and operated by the Campbells, Peter and Jacquie have established a love of pizza from Peter’s early childhood days with his grandfather.

The original Red Wagon was a small mobile pizza oven that started off catering at small events and selling pizza by the slice at the Linden Hills Farmers Market.

It has now grown into a large-scale operation with one location in south Minneapolis on Penn Avenue, serving pizza and some of the best beers in Minneapolis on tap.

Although their catering van was parked for the year due to COVID-19, Red Wagon Pizza Company is back catering events and weddings by the spring of next year. In the meantime, they have pick-up catering for the do-it-yourself party planners.

Their pizza is such a hot commodity they now offer frozen pizza shipped to your door in all 50 states.

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4. Black Sheep

Black Sheep Pizza in Minnesota

As coal was used in the first pizza ovens in the United States, Black Sheep Pizza is the first in Minnesota to do it like it was in the old days.

Mainly found in areas along the east coast in New York, coal-fired pizza has not made its way to the midwest. That is until chef Jordan Smith brought the authentic way to make pizza right to Minnesota’s doorstep.

With three locations, and a kiosk in the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, Black Sheep Pizza has made its way to one of the top pizza options in Minnesota.

Let me tell you, this pizza place is good as the picture looks! With locations in the airport, Minneapolis, and St. Paul, there’s no excuse for not trying Black Sheep Pizza while visiting the Twin Cities.

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5. Pizzeria Lola

Tomato Pizza Pizzeria Lola

Who doesn’t like woodfired pizza?  That smokey taste, the melty, ooey-gooey cheese, and that nice crisp, crunchy crust you get with a woodburning oven. The combination of flavors is nearly untouchable.

At Pizzeria Lola, they take their pizza seriously. Ann Kim, the chef, and owner of Pizzeria Lola named her artisan pizza joint after her dog. Inspired by her mothers cooking, there is Korean-themed pizza that steals the spotlight on the menu that is a Korean BBQ pizza.

Unique menu items serve as an extra gift for your tastebuds and should not be overlooked!

Pizzeria Lola has a takeaway menu, for all your curbside options. Or take away their parbaked pizza, meaning you can serve the pie whenever you’d like! Just a quick heat to make the cheese melty and your pizza is ready in minutes!

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6. Hello Pizza

Hello Pizza Facebook

Ann Kim’s second pizza spot is inspired by her days on a shabby couch in her New York college apartment. Taking ingredients found in any New York pizza-by-the-slice shop, Hello Pizza has found a way to replicate the taste found in New York. Right down to the grease.

I accidentally stumbled upon this place while looking for places to eat on my lunch break one day. Let’s just say I didn’t try any other pizza in the area.

The ease of counter service, the friendly atmosphere, all the pizza by the slice, you just can’t go wrong! Especially when you’re on a time crunch, and it tastes as good as it does.

At Hello Pizza, buying merchandise doesn’t just help the pizza shop. All profits go to Northside Achievement Zone, “a non-profit whose mission is to help end generational poverty and build a culture of achievement in North Minneapolis.”

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7. Young Joni

Young Joni Facebook

Ann Kim’s third pizza parlor is a culmination of her other two spots founded in the Twin Cities. A mix of easy-eating pizzas, along with that signature woodfired taste, Young Joni does not disappoint and is easily the best pizza in Minneapolis.

The menu consists of a mix of different items, some items have been called “genre-bending.” The menu includes her woodfired pizzas and other classic dishes from the other two restaurants.

Ann Kim and her pizza spots are very popular, even outside of Minnesota. In 2019 she became the first woman, and woman of color, to receive the James Beard Award for “Best Chef Midwest.” She has been featured in several different publications including the New York Times and Forbes.

Pushed back to 2021, Ann Kim plans to open a fourth restaurant called Sooki & Mimi. This time she will be making tacos instead of pizzas.

With not much information given forth, fans will have to wait patiently for the opening of her newest installment around Minneapolis.

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8. Rocco’s Pizza

Large Pizza from Rocco's Pizza in MInnesota

Being from Minnesota, I have tried a lot of these pizza places. Rocco’s Pizza was by far one of my favorites.

I remember the crust being so crispy, yet so soft and fluffy. The flavor was unique in its own way. There was an authentic feel to the whole pie. Their menu isn’t extensive by any means, but the classics are there.

*Hint hint: the chicken alfredo special is the best pizza on the menu (if you’re into that sort of thing).

Rocco’s Pizza also includes deep-dish and Chicago-style pizza crust options for an upcharge; which I would say is well worth the extra change.

With seven locations to choose from around the metropolitan area, find your nearest Rocco’s this weekend and see for yourself!

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9. Nino’s Pizzeria

Nino's Pizza

I lived on the north side of St. Paul for a while, and one of my good buddies made friends with the owner of Nino’s, Fabio. Therefore, I may be a bit biased, but I have to say they know how to make a delicious pizza over there. This establishment is probably one of the least-known pizzerias in Minnesota, making it extra special.

Get it to go by the slice, or order the whole pie, whatever your heart desires. The authentic Italian feel of the pizza makes it taste that much better. My buddy and I would always go for the classic, same order every time. A little routine never hurt anyone, right?

Friday or Saturday would roll around and a large pepperoni pizza and Italian fries would be delivered to the doorstep like clockwork. The drivers were there so much they got to know our names! If that doesn’t vouch for a good slice of pizza, I don’t know what does.

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10. Mesa Pizza

Mesa Pizza in Minnesota

This joint is the top option for pizza in Minnesota for anyone living in Dinkytown or Uptown. If you haven’t been to Mesa Pizza, I highly recommend going there immediately after reading this. Grab yourself a slice or two of their famous mac n’ cheese pizza, and ask yourself why you haven’t made this decision sooner in life.

By-the-slice options or specialty pizzas on the menu are the go-to options for anyone who knows about Mesa Pizza. With over fifty different menu options to choose from, there is a selection for nearly every taste preference out there. Anything from a bean burrito, to a barbeque steak and fries pizza, the possibilities are endless.

Stop in today and see what unique concoction of pizza ingredients piques your interest!

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11. Skinner’s

Delicious greasy Skinner's pizza

Although this isn’t your typical “pizza joint” Skinner’s does offer delicious, warm, greasy pizza on their menu.

Possibly another biased selection since I’ve eaten so many of their Italian fries… these Italian fries are something out-of-this-world. Everything from the garlic to the olive oil, they put pizza fries in a separate category from everyone else including your favorite pizza spot.

A multitude of options on the menu to choose from, including a pizza section. There are classic choices, including a Reuben pizza, which, if you’re into that sort of pie, is apparently delicious.

With a tiny dive-bar feel to it, Skinner’s has that small-town nuance. They make great food, with an extensive menu and classic picks for pizza.

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12. Pi-Wood Fired Pizza

Wood Fired Pizza

Traveling outside of the Twin Cities, let’s travel south to Rochester, Minnesota. Said to be the best pizza in Rochester, these pies are woodfired and fueled by locally-grown white oak. Starting at a scorching 900° Fahrenheit, their wood-fired oven craft pizzas take between two and three minutes to fully cook.

You know the ingredients are fresh because they don’t even have freezers in their establishment! Just coolers to keep the cheese and other fresh ingredients below room temperature.

For all the pizza enthusiasts reading this, we all know that wood-fired oven pizza has that unique, smokey flavor. The beauty of the process is that every pizza will taste slightly different. 

Depending on the wood being used and the temperature the pizza is cooked at. Looking for other activities in Rochester? Check out this full list of the best things to do in Rochester, MN.

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13. Donatelli’s

Donatelli's amazing pizza

This Italian restaurant has been a staple in Minnesota for generations, 42 years to be exact. Donatelli’s has a large menu, and portion sizes to go along with it! Their pizzas are not exactly small either.

Their food speaks for itself, as people from all over Minnesota drive to come to this small Italian restaurant to taste the food. Even Guy Fieri came to do an episode of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives!

The classic Italian spot boasts classic pizza selections. Including their famous “Heart Stopper” with the warning: Not Weight Watchers™ approved.

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14. Grand Pizza

Grand Pizza slices

Set in the idyllic downtown of Stillwater, Minnesota this pizzeria has its own takes on the classics. There are fond memories of walking there after school with my friends to grab a few pizzas together.

Grand Pizza’s famous white sauce is kind of the talk of the town, so if you stop in, make sure to try it. The Lumberjack pizza is not for the fainthearted. With nothing but meat, sauce, and crust, it is a hearty pie, in all aspects.

Try one of their other specialty pizzas, otherwise build your own from an extensive list of ingredients! While you are in the area check out these other best things to do in Stillwater.

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15. Pizza Man

Pizza Man Facebook

Boasting over thirty different locations around the Minnesota and Wisconsin area, Pizza Man has been a staple establishment throughout these two states for nearly 45 years.

Every Pizza Man you experience is going to be a little bit different. These are all locally owned and operated, even though Pizza Man is considered a chain. I personally have been to the one in Stillwater, Minnesota is a wonderful place to get pizza (and they also have amazing tacos, don’t ask me why!)

The non-fussy, easy-going atmospheres and menus of Pizza Man make for a simple meal at a decent price. All Pizza Mans’ have different menu options, no two are the same. So make sure to find the Pizza Man nearest you for one of the top pizza options in Minnesota.

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16. Sarpino’s Pizzeria

Sarpino's slices

With 48 Sarpino’s to choose from across the United States, you’ll be eating pizza all across the country! There are nine locations in Minnesota, talk about options for pizza around the Twin Cities.

Sarpino’s Pizzeria updates its menus quite often, so make sure to eat your favorite pizza while it’s on the menu because it might not always be there. There are many menu choices and different options at each location. Make sure to check out the store nearest your location and check their menu selections.

These pies are crafted with care and quality and are known to have speedy delivery times. Who doesn’t love a pizza that’s well-crafted and served while it’s hot out of the oven?

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17. Red’s Savoy

MN shaped pizza from Red's Savoy

Red’s Savoy is a classic household name for pizza in Minnesota. Serving up classic pies on a thin crispy thin crust pizza, there is no way you can go wrong. Ask your parents about Red’s Savoy, they’ve been around since 1965.

Of course, there are classic choices such as a veggie, or bacon cheeseburger pizza. The fun options include Hawaiian and a pizza named after local radio personality Tom Barnard.

Building your own pie is always an option as well!

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18. Pino’s Pizza and Pasta

Pino's Pizza

Disclaimer: This is the Pino’s Pizza and Pasta in White Bear Lake, Minnesota. Not associated with Pino’s Pizza in Woodbury, Minnesota.

Pino’s Pizza and Pasta owner is coincidentally the brother of the Nino’s Pizzeria owner in the above-mentioned article! Who’s pizza pie is better? That is for you to decide!

Serving a similar style across town, Pino’s Pizza and Pasta is both similar and different to his brother’s establishment. These delicious creations are baked to perfection with the same love and care as Nino’s. The brother’s passion for pizza really shows in their work.

With an extensive menu, and only two size options; medium or extra-large, no one leaves hungry after eating a pizza from Pino’s.

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19. Pig Ate My Pizza

Pig ate my Pizza, Minnesota
Pig Ate My Pizza / Facebook

Heard of Travail? Well, then if you haven’t heard of Pig Ate My Pizza, we have problems. This is a sister restaurant of Travail and currently stands at its old location. If you know Travail, you know that they are masters of delicious food.

PAMP as they call it – is one of the best craft pizza joints in the Twin Cities. It’s a brewery plus pizzeria that offers an amazing vibe featuring house-brewed beer, cocktails, wine, and an excellent appetizer menu.

They have a ton of different styles of pizza coming straight out of a wood-fired oven. They are known for their Piggy Pie, which is a play on a Cuban sandwich turned pizza. PAMP also makes its own hot sauce which has been a local favorite for making a simple cheese pizza that is much more delicious.

This pizza in the Twin Cities is a must-stop if you are visiting and if you live in the area (and haven’t been) we have problems.

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Reference this list to help fill your cravings. Enjoy every bite of the warm, crunchy, cheesy, saucy, melty, meaty pizza you choose. It doesn’t matter where, because the options for the best pizza in Minnesota are truly endless!


Does Minnesota have good pizza?

Minnesota has a lot of great pizza, and we ranked several of the best options in this list ranging from coal-fired pizza to New York Style Pizza to even Detroit Style Pizza, Minnesota has it all when it comes to delicious pizzas.

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