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12 Best Travel Humidifiers in 2024

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It might seem like traveling with a humidifier is excessive, but it can be a game changer for anyone who hates dry air or has sensitive sinuses. When searching for the perfect humidifier to bring along on your travels, look no further – here are the ultimate travel-friendly humidifiers available today.

Don’t let a drop in temperature and humidity affect your skin and health—keeping the air moisture between 30% and 50% is crucial. If it exceeds 50%, research has shown that mold growth and infestation can occur. You don’t want that, right?

Do you need to combat those pesky colds and sinus irritations? Then a humidifier would be best. With just the right one, you can maintain moisture in the air.

We’ve reviewed and tested the best portable travel humidifiers on the market, considering portability, capacity, and efficiency so you can travel with one less worry.

Top Picks by Category

Category Product
For Compact Travel JISULIFE Portable Mini Humidifier
For Use with Essential Oils InnoGear Essential Oil Diffuser
For Long Lasting Hydration MOVTIP Portable Humidifier
Budget Pick Hey Dewy Portable Facial Humidifier

Best Travel Humidifiers

1. JISULIFE Mini Portable Humidifier

JISULIFE Mini Portable Humidifier for Travel
JISULIFE Mini Portable Humidifier / Amazon

Are you traveling with parched skin? Do you wish you could have a humidifier in your bag? Introducing the JISULIFE Mini Portable Humidifier, made for all travelers! It’s among the best portable humidifiers and gives you a luxurious humidity boost no matter where your journey takes you.

This mini humidifier is super lightweight and easy to take on the go. Plus, it comes with a removable tube and cotton filter for quick cleaning–you can even unplug the USB cable and bring it anywhere in the world. It’s convenient since you can plug into any power source, including a laptop, cell phone adapter, or power bank.

The JISULIFE Mini Portable Humidifier is a great device. It has an automatic shut-off function that shuts off when the water runs out. And it’s versatile, too.

You can use decorative water bottles or jars, fill up your drinking glass at work, or even plug it in a disposable water bottle if you’re on the move and instantly enjoy those sweet, moisturized air vibes.

2. HoMedics Portable Humidifier for Travel

HoMedics Portable Humidifier for Travel with color-changing accent light
HoMedics Portable Humidifier for Travel / Amazon

The HoMedics Portable Humidifier for Travel answers all your troubles with dry air. This device can make ultrasonic cool mist appear just about anywhere – giving your desktop, car, or personal space the perfect amount of moisture.

Plus, it’s so simple to use – fill up the 8.5-oz tank, and you’ll get 10 hours of runtime when plugged in and a whopping 3.5 hours with battery power, thanks to Clean Tank Technology. What more could you want?

The HoMedics Portable Humidifier for Travel has so much to offer. It has adjustable mist settings—choose between continuous or intermittent spray—plus a built-in accent light with a cool color change setting that you can switch on or off anytime.

There’s so much to love about this portable humidifier. Not only is it whisper-quiet, making it the perfect addition for nighttime use, but an auto-shut-off timer ensures it doesn’t have to worry about running all night long. And if you need more incentive to purchase, three wicks are also included—time to make your space ultra comfortable and cozy.

3. FORID Portable Mini Cool Mist Humidifier

FORID Portable Mini Cool Mist Humidifier
FORID Portable Mini Cool Mist Humidifier / Amazon

Have you ever gone on a trip and noticed how stuffy the air feels? Or does working in your office or bedroom seem so uncomfortably dry? If that sounds familiar, let’s hear it for the FORID Portable Mini Cool Mist Humidifier.

You can take this tiny guy anywhere with minimal effort. Plus, it helps out big time by giving extra moisture back into the air – so no more feeling parched.

The FORID Portable Mini Cool Mist Humidifier is revolutionary with its ultra-quiet operation at close to 26 decibels, quieter than the library – perfect for creating a peaceful atmosphere while you sleep. Plus, it’s fantastic for relieving your baby’s congestion or allergies – quickly soothing those dry throats and blockages.

The FORID Portable Mini Cool Mist Humidifier has two spray modes—continuous for three hours and intermittent for up to six hours. Plus, it holds a fantastic 250ml of liquid. Talk about moisturizing your dry skin and preventing peeling—this evaporative humidifier sure knows how to do the job right.

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4. Fioyal Portable Mini Humidifier

Fioyal Portable Mini Cool Mist Humidifier
Fioyal Portable Mini Humidifier / Amazon

Get the Fioyal Portable Mini Humidifier for your next trip, and you’ll be glad you did. This mini humidifier is so tiny it fits into your pocket – plus, you can easily plug in its USB cable to any power source.

Get optimal humidity quickly with its innovative ultrasonic technology, as it produces a warm mist output of 35 ml/h. And best of all, you’re guaranteed improved air quality around you – no questions asked.

The amazing Fioyal Portable Mini Humidifier will serve all your humidity needs. With a short click, you can start the continuous spray mode and increase the humidity level quickly.

Press the button again and switch to the intermittent spray mode for maximum comfort. It also has an auto-shut-off system, which will automatically stop running when the water levels are low, so it’s safe.

The Fioyal Portable Mini Humidifier does more than humidify—it’s also an essential oil diffuser! All you have to do is add 2-3 drops of your desired essential oils to the included aromatherapy pads and fill the room with delightful, soothing scents. This desktop marvel hydrates and refreshes dry air, reduces anxiety and headaches, and reviews even say it boosts job performance.

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5. Crane USA INC EE-5950 Travel Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

Crane USA INC EE-5950 Travel Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier
Crane USA INC EE-5950 Travel Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier / Amazon

Put your travel worries aside because the Crane Travel Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier is here. This ultrasonic humidifier gives you a fine mist output that works to get rid of that dry air no matter where you are, so now you can humidify small rooms, cars, desks, and offices with ease – it even works in any cup of water.

The Crane travel humidifier is the perfect companion for people on the go. Not only does it come with an 8 oz travel cup that fits perfectly into car cupholders, but its ultra-compact size and accompanying travel bag make taking this device wherever you go a breeze.

Don’t let being away from home stop you from experiencing the great benefits of having a humidifier – pack it in your bag and enjoy soothing air no matter where life takes you.

6. Multifun Portable Humidifier

Multifun Portable Humidifier  with Rainbow Colors Night Light
Multifun Portable Humidifier / Amazon

Check out this awesomely tiny and lightweight Multifun Portable Humidifier. It’s portable, so you can bring it with you anywhere.

Plugging it in? It’s not a problem–it even works with your USB port. And don’t worry about it slipping around; the non-slip design will ensure your new buddy doesn’t move an inch.

Now, let’s get to the juicy stuff: the humidification! The Multifun Portable Humidifier has two mist modes to deliver moisture: continuous fogging over 8 hours and intermittent misting for an electrifying 16 hours.

No droplets are left behind, either. It works in your bedroom, car, living room, and wherever else you please. It’s perfect to bring along anywhere your vacations take you.

7. LOYRICKY Portable 3-in-1 Mini Mist Humidifier

LOYRICKY Portable 3-in-1 Mini Mist Humidifier
LOYRICKY Portable 3-in-1 Mini Mist Humidifier / Amazon

Check out the LOYRICKY Portable 3-in-1 Mini Mist Humidifier – among the most convenient travel humidifiers ever. It’s perfect for all those travelers who need a reliable misting pal in their pocket.

Its mini size (just 2.8″ x 4.3″) means you can take it anywhere: home, car, bedroom, office, baby room, or overseas adventures. Get ready to witness the miracles that humidity can do, all thanks to this little device.

The LOYRICKY Portable Mini Mist Humidifier has impressive USB charging capabilities, making it hassle-free to power up. Plus, there is no built-in battery—it’s energy-efficient and will keep running for hours. You’re also safe using this one with its excellent automatic shut-off feature that’ll turn the device off when the water runs out.

8. SUNWOOX Portable Small Travel USB Humidifier

SUNWOOX Portable Small Travel USB Humidifier
SUNWOOX Portable Small Travel USB Humidifier / Amazon

Introducing the pocket-sized SUNWOOX Portable Small Travel USB Humidifier – no bigger than a skinny cola can, this lightweight 6.22″ tall and 1.89″ wide gizmo barely weighs 0.5 lb without any water, so it’s as easy to carry around as your everyday must-haves. In other words, plenty of hydration goodness with zero bulkiness.

The device is amazingly powered by USB, which makes it so easy to charge and turn on. Just check the red charging light above the charging port – when it turns white, you’ll know your humidifier has a full energy tank and can now purr away for up to 3 hours before shutting itself off safely.

This portable humidifier has a super cool multi-tank design. It comes with a fantastic, leak-proof travel-size tank, but if you want to use something else, like a cup, water bottle, or barrel, you can! Owning this device is like having every capacity type of humidifier. How amazing is that?

9. Mozeeda Mini Humidifier

Mozeeda Mini Humidifier with 3 mist modes
Mozeeda Mini Humidifier / Amazon

Sick of the dry air when you’re on the move? Check out the super awesome Mozeeda Mini Humidifier – it’s hands down the best travel humidifier among cool mist humidifiers.

It’s uber portable (measuring only 3.11″ x 5.94″) and comes complete with a USB power source for compatibility with any device USB port – perfect for wherever your journey takes you. It will keep your skin moisturized and hydrated, and this game changer will also keep you comfy and healthy.

Love easy-to-use gadgets? Well, you’re going to love the Mozeeda Mini Humidifier. All you have to do is press the power button for one second to control the mist. If you’re itching to switch off that night light – easy peasy – press that same button twice, and voilà – no more night light!

Stop wasting time looking for complicated devices—pack your bags and get your hands on an incredible, small, and effective humidifier from Mozeeda. There is no need for uncomfortable travels again.

10. PALANCHY Rechargeable Portable Humidifier

PALANCHY Rechargeable Portable Humidifier with 7 Color LED
PALANCHY Rechargeable Portable Humidifier / Amazon

If you need a humidifier to join you on your long travels, the PALANCHY Rechargeable Portable Humidifier is a perfect choice. It runs off a rechargeable battery or any handy USB-port power source, giving four hours of cordless, humidified bliss. So when that next long flight or road trip rolls around, relax comfortably – no plugging in necessary.

This excellent humidifier is not just good-looking—it also prioritizes safety. Outfitted with the latest tech, it’ll stay quiet throughout the night and turn itself off if it runs out of water.

So don’t stress about any potential damage to your device or nearby objects: a restful sleep awaits you after unleashing this helpful but discreet device.

11. TIDANT Mini Humidifier

TIDANT Mini Humidifier in Kidsheep color
TIDANT Mini Humidifier / Amazon

Don’t you hate carrying those super bulky humidifiers around on trips? Ditch them and try out the brand-new TIDANT Mini Humidifier.

It’s lightweight and portable – pop it into your bag and take it wherever you need it. Its stylish design means it’ll look perfect anywhere, from your room to your office desk or even when traveling in the car.

Ready to get your chill on? The TIDANT Mini Humidifier is super easy to set up. All you have to do is press the power button for one second, and viola – perfectly controlled mist.

Want a mood enhancer, too? No problem. Press the power button for three seconds, and then you’ll have a night light and colorful light. It’s that easy.

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12. Ankrs Portable Mini Humidifier

Ankrs Portable Mini Humidifier
Ankrs Portable Mini Humidifier / Amazon

The last on our list is the Ankrs Portable Mini Humidifier, a teeny, tiny, lightweight design that fits perfectly into your handbag or backpack. Weighing only one pound, you can bring this great humidifier whenever and wherever you go. Fresh and humid air at home, in the office, or on the road—now that’s what you call versatile.

The Ankrs Portable Mini Humidifier is beyond excellent. It is designed like a jellyfish and sprays out a fantastic mist to instantly create a calming atmosphere. The LED lights have multiple colors that you can adjust with different modes, making them look mesmerizing.

On top of being so visually stunning, this humidifier’s ultra-relaxing aura helps keep your stress at bay, keeping you energized all day.

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Best Portable Humidifier for Travel Buying Guide

Determine Your Needs

When shopping for a travel humidifier, think about what you need it for! Will your trip be long and frequent? What will the weather be like at your destination? How ample is the space where you’ll use it? All this and more matters when picking out the perfect ‘jet-setting’ humidifier.

Portability and Size

When looking for the best travel humidifier – portability is everything. Pick one that won’t take up all your luggage space. But don’t forget to check out more than just size – there’s other crucial stuff, too, such as if it can be easily packed and transported. Also, keep the following aspects of portable humidifiers in mind:

  • Weight: Lightweight humidifiers are more convenient to carry.
  • Dimensions: Make sure the humidifier fits well in your luggage.

Capacity and Runtime

When getting a humidifier, remember the water tank size and how long it can go without a refill. You want to be sure that your device is big enough to do the job but still small enough not to take up too much packing space.

But don’t forget about all the other factors, too – like noise level, filter life, and more. Factors to consider include:

  • Water Tank Capacity: A larger capacity can mean longer runtime without refilling.
  • Runtime: Depending on your needs, look for a humidifier with an adequate runtime to maintain desired humidity levels.

Power Sources

Different travel humidifiers come with varying power sources, so choose one that fits your requirements. Here are common power source options:

  1. AC adapter: This can work in most countries; use the appropriate plug adapter.
  2. USB: Offers versatile charging options and can be powered by laptops and power banks.
  3. Battery-operated: Ideal for off-grid situations; make sure to pack extra batteries.

Noise Level

When shopping for a travel humidifier, ensure you aren’t getting noisy devices. Peek the product specs to see if it’s below 30 dB on the decibel scale—you don’t want to ruin that peaceful atmosphere.

Additional Features

Besides the essentials, some travel humidifiers offer helpful additional features to enhance your experience. Keep an eye out for these options:

  • Aromatherapy: Some humidifiers have a built-in essential oil tray or compartment.
  • Auto Shut-off: A feature that turns off the unit when the water runs out, preventing damage and ensuring safety.
  • Adjustable Mist Settings: Multiple settings allow you to customize humidity levels to your preference.

Considering these factors, you’ll be better equipped to find the best travel humidifier to meet your needs and enhance your travel experience.

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What are the best travel humidifiers available on the market?

I’ve tried many travel humidifiers, but nothing beats the HoMedics Portable Humidifier for Travel, the TIDANT Mini Humidifier, and the Multifun Portable Humidifier. They hit the sweet spot every time and never disappoint.

How do travel humidifiers work?

Travel humidifiers are the coolest thing ever. All you have to do is fill up a bottle or reservoir with water, and it uses ultrasonic vibrations to turn it into a fine mist. Like magic, you get moisture in the air, making your space cozy and comfortable.

Can travel humidifiers be used in hotels and RVs?

I can’t even explain how helpful a travel humidifier has been when stuck in an unbearably dry and stuffy hotel room. It’s great for dealing with dry skin, allergies, and – of course, not that it applies to me or anything – snoring. If you’re traveling frequently, having one of these is just life-changing.

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