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14 Best Travel Humidifiers in 2023

Looking for a humidifier to take with you on your travels? Here are the best travel humidifiers to buy today.

As we approach the winter season, the drop in temperatures can have an adverse effect on your health and skin. This means that it’s important to keep the humidity levels in your house between 30-50%. Research shows that when the humidity in the home exceeds 50% it can result in mold and infestation.

The right humidifier can maintain the moisture in the air while helping you combat the occasional cold or sinus. If you are planning to buy a humidifier, there are a number of things to consider.

For instance, the number of gallons of output the humidifier can produce along with the number of times it takes to increase the humidity levels. If you are on the hunt for a new humidifier, here are the best travel humidifiers to buy by category:

Best Budget Travel Humidifiers

Let’s take a look at the top humidifiers for the budget shopper:

1. Tao Tronics Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier

taotronics humidifier

The Tao Tronics Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier is great if you are looking for something on a budget. The humidifier comes with a 4-liter tank, making it ideal for multiple rooms in your home. When filled completely, the humidifier can run for up to 30 hours and heat up rooms that are 322 square feet or smaller.

If you want to change the level of humidity in the room, you are able to do so by adjusting the display panel. There are three levels to choose from. The Tao Tronics humidifier is also sound-free so you can have it on while you sleep as well.

In addition to this, it also comes with a microporous filter which is great for getting rid of bad odors. But the filter needs to be changed every four months. Reviews say that the humidifier is very easy to clean which is always a bonus. The product is available on Amazon.

2. Levoit Cool Mist Humidifier

Levoit Cool Mist Humidifier

If your home has large open spaces, the Levoit Cool Mist Humidifier is a great option. The humidifier comes with a 4.5-liter tank and can heat up rooms as big as 538 square feet. It can run for approximately forty hours.

Like the previous one, the Levoit humidifier has three different settings that can be adjusted with the click of a button.

It also comes with a section for essential oils so that the mist has fragrance. Essential oils add some Zen to the room and are a great addition to humidifiers. When the water levels are low, the humidifier turns off automatically. It can be refilled using the small compartment on the side. The product also comes with a cleaning brush for ease of use.

Best Travel Humidifiers for Large Rooms

Here are the best travel humidifiers for large rooms.

3. Vornado Evap4 Evaporative Humidifier

Vornado Evap4 Evaporative Humidifier

For a powerful humidifier that can heat up large rooms, the Vornado Evap4 Evaporative Humidifier is a great choice. The humidifier comes with a capacity of four gallons and can heat up rooms as large as 1000 square feet. It produces an output for 24 hours.

A key feature of the Vornado humidifier is its deep blades that do a great job of absorbing all the dry air in the room.

The humidifier can be adjusted to three different speeds on the control panel. The lowest speed runs at 750 RPM and the highest speed goes at 1600 RPM. You can change this based on the desired temperature in the room.

Refilling the humidifier is also quite simple because it comes with a detachable water tank. In addition to this, it can also determine how much circulation is needed in the room based on the current temperature.

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4. Elechomes UC5501 Ultrasonic

Elechomes UC5501 Ultrasonic

If you are looking to humidify large spaces, consider getting the Elechomes UC5501 Ultrasonic humidifier. The product has a large holding capacity of 6 liters but comes with a clean finish making it ideal for your home.

It can operate between 12 to 40 hours. The maximum humidity levels that the system can provide is 550 ml/h.

Another great feature in the Elechomes humidifier is the temperature of the mist. Depending on the season, you can change the settings to generate hot or cold mist. There is also a 360-degree nozzle for maximum humidity.

The humidifier is also intelligent. That is, it can detect how much humidity is required to reach the desired level.

Once the limit is set, the humidifier will turn off automatically, thus saving on energy. It also comes with an LED screen.

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5. PureGuardian H7750 Warm Mist


The PureGuardian Humidifier is perfect if you are looking for a device with a long run time. The product has the ability to produce both hot and cold mist and humidify rooms that are as large as 572 square feet. The 1.32-gallon tank can help it cover a lot of ground. It can release mist for up to 90 hours.

The product also comes with Silver Clean protection which prevents the accumulation of mold and bacteria in the tank. It also has a SmartMist sensor that can adjust the level of output at any given time.

Customers will also receive a 3-year warranty when they buy the product.

Best Travel Humidifiers for Small Rooms

Here are the best travel humidifiers for small rooms:

6. Crane Humidifier Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifiers

Crane Humidifier Ultrasonic

If you have smaller rooms in your home, the Crane Humidifier is a good choice. This humidifier is super-lightweight at just 4.5 lbs. It also comes in a tear-drop shape with a sleek finish.

The transparent water tank also comes with indicator lights and stay green while the tank is full. When the levels are lower, the light turns red.

The humidifier is ideal for rooms of 500 square feet. Given its compact size, you can even put in on your nightstand. The water tank can be detached and filled making it easier to avoid any spills.

It can hold up to 1 gallon of water but this should suffice for 24 hours given the size of the room. The humidifier is also very easy to clean.

It would be a great addition to a van or trailer.

7. Taotronic Humidifier

Taotronic Humidifier

This Taotronic Humidifier is super compact and perfect for any tabletop in a small space. The device weighs just 3.04 pounds and can hold up to 4 liters of water. It has a mist speed of 300ml/H and can produce an output for 12-15 hours. There is also a 360-degree rotatable nozzle for maximum impact.

The humidifier is noiseless so you can use it during the nighttime as well. Once the water runs it turns off automatically. When cleaning just detach the tank and use a cleaning material to scrub the insides.

But when operating the humidifier make sure to only use distilled water as regular water can create white dust in the system. However, its not small enough to throw into your backpack.

8. Geniani 3L Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

GENIANI Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

If you are looking for a humidifier that offers value for money, the Geniani Humidifier is an ideal option. The product is also fairly small and easy to move around the house. It comes with a 3L or 4L water tank which can run for more than 24 hours on the low setting.

A great feature of the Geniani humidifier is that it does not require a filter which can save some money. In addition to this, there is also a timer setting that lets you decide how long you want the device to release a mist. You can customize this based on your daily routine.

There is a nightlight if you want to use the product in the bedroom. But you have the option to turn this off if you are sensitive to light.

In terms of cleaning, you just need a simple washcloth to get the job done. The device is also fairly easy to pull apart to clean the interiors. The only downside is that it does not provide an outlet for essential oils. But it is small enough to carry with your luggage.

Best Travel Humidifier Portable

If you are looking for a humidifier to take with you on your travels, here are the best travel humidifiers:

9. Fancii Cool Mist Personal Humidifier

Fancii Humidifer

This compact humidifier is perfect to take with you on your travels- you can pop it right into your bag. There are two options when it comes to the Fancii product. You can opt for a USB-powered device or a battery-operated one if you prefer something wireless.

The humidifier has an opening at the top where you can fit in 20 oz bottles so you don’t need to carry anything but the base of the humidifier with you. You can set the timing of the humidifier to 2,4 or 6 hours.

Once the time is complete, the humidifier shuts off automatically. At just 3.68 pounds, this humidifier is perfect for travelers. However, the device only works with bottles that have standard necks and not small necks. This product is also a great gift for travelers.

10. InnoGear Humidifier

InnoGear Essential Oil Diffuser

If you enjoy road trips, the InnoGear humidifier is the perfect addition to your car. The size, shape, and power usage of the device make it ideal for cars or vans. It can fit right into your cup holder. In terms of power usage, InnoGear can be plugged into a USB port.

There are two different mist settings to choose from and you even have the option of adding essential oils. The device also comes with mood lighting and can either change colors or remain a single color. While this product is great by all means, the only downside is the dimensions of the container. The internal tank can only hold 3.5 Fl oz. of water, given the dimensions of the device.

Once the water runs out, the device shuts off automatically. This tradeoff is worth it considering the number of features the InnoGear humidifier has.

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11. Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier Portable

Crane Humidifier

The incredibly compact Crane Humidifier comes with its own bag and adapter. With a water tank of 0.25 quarts, the device can humidify rooms that are 100 square feet or smaller.

The USB port also makes it ideal for travelers as you can plug it into your car or hotel room. But there is an additional adapter that you can plug into a socket but you would need to change this depending on the country you are in.

The product also has antimicrobial features to avoid the accumulation of bacteria in wet environments. However, the only downside to this product is the weight. At a little over half a pound, this device is slightly heavier than other portable ones.

But if you are okay with the extra weight, this product has no other downsides to speak of.

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Best Travel Humidifier Overall

Here are the best travel humidifiers that check all the boxes:

12. Honeywell HCM-350

Honeywell HCM350W Germ Free Cool Mist Humidifier White

If you are looking for a humidifier that’s ‘smart’, the Honeywell HCM-350 is a perfect choice. The device is self-regulated and ensures the humidity levels in the room are just right. Instead of releasing light mist, the HCM-350 releases water vapor.

This avoids the possibility of a puddle of water which can happen with a mist. The device can humidify 250 square-foot living rooms and can run for up to 18 hours a day. If the mist release is set on low, this can go for as long as 24 hours. It’s also a perfect option for the bedroom because it doesn’t make any noise.

Cleaning the water tank is also quite simple. The HCM-350 comes with a ‘Germ-Free’ tag meaning that it does not require too much cleaning. Moreover, the filter is antimicrobial meaning that it filters out the germs in the water before the vapor is released into the air. The only downside is that the filter needs to be replaced at least once a month depending on the usage.

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13. TTLife Ultrasonic

TTLIFE 6L Warm and Cool Mist Humidifiers for Large Room

The TTLife Ultrasonic is ideal for humidifying different rooms in the house from the children’s room to the bedroom. The device offers a large water tank of 5.5 liters and can operate for more than 40 hours at a time.

While the maximum output per hour is 550 ml, this is all you need to humidify an average-sized room. What makes this product unique is the resin filter which can lower the white coating by 90% while softening the hard water in the tank.

The product is also known for having much better durability than its competitors. You can also control the humidity level on the LED-lit control panel. Although the product comes with a high price tag, its features make it worthwhile.

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14. Homech Cool Mist

Homech Cool Mist

For something a little more on budget, the Homech Cool Mist is a good choice. The product comes with all the basic features you need in a humidifier and does the job well. This device comes with a large 4 L water tank which is can run for as long as 13 hours. However, if the mist release is set to low, this can even go as long as 60 hours. The maximum output of the humidifier is 300 ml per hour.

The Homech also comes with a 360-degree nozzle that’s 24 inches long. This ensures that the mist spreads evenly across the room. If the water in the tank is low, the device knows when to shut off which can save energy.

If you are looking for a humidifier for large spaces, this device is a perfect choice.