These Are The 10 Cheapest Countries to Fly to in Europe

Vineyards in Douro Valley, Portugal

Exploring Europe can be a costly affair, but savvy travelers know that certain destinations offer the allure of enchantment without the steep price tag. Your wanderlust can be satisfied on a budget by targeting countries where the cost of airfare dips surprisingly low.

Eastern and Southern European regions are particularly renowned for their affordable travel options and are a little more off the beaten path. Here, you’ll find some of the cheapest countries to fly to in Europe – regardless of your origin.

By focusing on less frequented airports and destinations, you can uncover hidden deals that make European adventures much more accessible. You’ll truly stretch your vacation budget further in these countries and their popular cities.

By researching airfare and airlines, and aligning your travel dates with off-peak seasons, you can explore European countries and cities without draining your budget. It also pays to know which countries have a low cost of living and cheap accommodations.

These places aren’t just wallet-friendly; they are treasure troves of fascinating culture and history. From the vibrant street life of Lisbon and the medieval architecture of Krakow to the serene beaches of the Black Sea Coast, these destinations promise rich experiences for bargain prices.

1. Portugal: Europe’s Atlantic Gem

Aerial view of a city and ocean in Faial island of Azores, Portugal
Jakob Otto/Wirestock Creators / Adobe Stock

Recognized for its affordability, Portugal has a rich tapestry of culture and history, food and booze, and incredibly friendly people. Discover flight deals that make incredible cities like Lisbon and Porto accessible destinations for a European adventure.

Lisbon: Historical Wonders

Yellow tram on Lisbon, Portugal streets
Filip / Adobe Stock

Lisbon has affordable accommodations and inexpensive local cuisine awaiting your discovery. Portuguese food is typically light, zesty, and fresh, with punches of rich flavor!

Wander through the Alfama district, with its cobbled streets leading to the historic Castelo de São Jorge. Breathe in centuries-old tales etched into the cityscape as you find yourself in a place that feels like it’s yet to be discovered.

Porto: Port Wine and Scenery

Colorful buildings and boats in Porto, Portugal
anko_ter / Adobe Stock

Porto’s allure lies not only in its world-famous Port wine but also in its budget-friendly nature. Delight in the Duoro Valley views, savor tastings at renowned Port cellars, or traverse the Dom Luís I Bridge, all without burdening your wallet.

Porto ensures your visit is as economical as it is memorable. It was the top pick of author Woodrow Matthews in our 2023 Destination Roundup. Woodrow chose it partially because “Porto is now home to new direct flights to the US and Brazil, as well as a fast-growing number of European destinations served by low-cost airlines.”

2. Spain: Diverse Cultures and Rolling Landscapes

Plaza de los Naranjos in Marbella, Spain
sushaaa / Adobe Stock

In Spain, your travel experience combines tons of affordable flying options with a cornucopia of cultural and scenic attractions and world-famous beaches. From the bustling streets of Barcelona to the artistic heart of Madrid, there’s a slice of Spain for every taste and budget.

Barcelona: Catalan City Life

A sunrise in Barcelona as seen from Park Güell
Pajor Pawel / Shutterstock

The Catalonian capital Barcelona greets you with its vibrant street life and iconic architecture. Navigating this cosmopolitan city is convenient and budget-friendly, especially with public transportation.

Attractions such as the Sagrada Família and Park Güell, both masterpieces by architect Antoni Gaudí, offer a feast for your eyes without straining your wallet. Barcelona has long been a “hidden gem” among European destinations.

Madrid: Artistic and Cultural Hub

Part of the Madrid, Spain skyline
ESB Professional / Shutterstock

Madrid serves as Spain’s cultural soul, boasting prestigious art museums like the Prado and Reina Sofía. Delving into Madrid doesn’t have to be costly; you can uncover free entry hours at museums and savor traditional Spanish cuisine at local markets.

Madrid a prime destination for culture aficionados on a budget. It’s easy to access through a variety of low cost carrier airlines that operate within Europe.

Ibiza: Mediterranean Madness

View of Cala d'Hort beach with sunbeds and umbrellas and beautiful azure blue sea water, Ibiza island, Spain
pkazmierczak /Adobe Stock

The world’s party capital! If you’re looking for the best of European nightlife, enjoy nightly gigs from world-renowned DJs at iconic clubs from dusk until dawn.

For culture vultures, check out the Castle of Ibiza, the Catedral de Santa Maria de la Neu de Villa d’Eivissa, the Sa Punta Galera, and the ramparts around the Dalt Villa. Or just soak in the sun at one of the countless beaches.

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3. Greece: Ancient Ruins and Balmy Beaches

Meteora, Greece
Voyagerix / Adobe Stock

Greece offers a blend of historical splendor and scenic beauty like no other. Traveling here allows you to explore ancient ruins and relax on pristine beaches, all within a tight budget.

Athens: Gateway to Antiquity

Athens Acropolis in Greece
moofushi / Adobe Stock

In Athens, the cradle of Western civilization, you’re greeted by iconic sites like the Acropolis. Affordable flights to Athens International Airport act as your launchpad to this storied city.

The rich history and vibrant culture here come at a surprisingly low cost, giving you a value-filled experience steeped in antiquity. You’ll feel like you’re walking back through time as you explore these storied streets.

Santorini: Picturesque Island Getaway

Whitewashed buildings and blue domes in Imerovigli, Santorini
Maurizio De Mattei / Adobe Stock

Santorini beckons with its jaw-dropping cliff-side ocean views and sunsets that ignite the sky. Beyond its caldera, the island’s renowned beaches and the crystal-clear Mediterranean waters invite you for a swim.

One of the habited Greek Islands, including the likes of Mykonos and Crete, Santorini stands out for both its breathtaking vistas and its capacity to cater to budget-conscious travelers seeking a serene escape.

You can find some seriously cheap villas and flats here. To get the best deal, visit in the shoulder seasons or in the off-season. You’ll be surprised at what you find off-peak!

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4. Bulgaria: Eastern Europe’s Hidden Treasure

Amazing aerial view of National Palace of Culture in the city of Sofia, capital of Bulgaria
Eduard Valentinov /

Bulgaria is a simply beautiful country. It offers a remarkable mix of culture and affordable travel options, making it a top destination for budget-conscious explorers.

Sofia: History Meets Modernity

Aerial view of Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Sofia, Bulgaria
Lukas / AdobeStock

When you visit Sofia, Bulgaria’s capital, you’ll discover a city of centuries-old churches alongside modern-day architecture. Not only can you immerse yourself in rich history, but you can also enjoy it all without straining your wallet.

Sofia is well-known for its reasonable prices, especially when it comes to accommodations and nights out. Enjoy a quiet trip or head out to the bars – really, you can shape your trip to Sofia and Bulgaria in a million different ways.

The Black Sea Coast: Summer Fun

Aerial view of the Black Sea Coast and Sozopol, Bulgaria
SCStock / Adobe Stock

Summer adventure awaits on Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast, a unique, budget-friendly beach destination. From the fun-filled sands of Sunny Beach to the more tranquil town of Sozopol, you’ll find that your money goes far here, affording more sun, sea, and relaxation on a budget.

5. Hungary: Thermal Baths and Ruin Bars

Ruin Bars of Budapest
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

Hungary presents an affordable European getaway, where you can soak in thermal baths and explore rich historical sites without stretching your budget. The best of Hungarian culture can be sampled in Budapest.

Budapest: The City of Spas

Crowd in Szechenyi Baths, Budapest

In Budapest, you’re in the heart of Hungary’s spa culture, a testament to the nation’s historical affinity towards thermal baths. Here, the Széchenyi Baths and Gellért Baths are must-visit destinations woven into the fabric of local life, where architecture and history converge.

With this bathing legacy dating back to the Turkish conquest, you’ll find a dip as r ejuvenating as it is culturally enriching!Prices are generally wallet-friendly, with great food being easy to find for pennies.

You can enjoy a great night out on the cheap at one of the city’s many “ruin bars.” Accommodation is also famously cheap, especially in the off-peak seasons.

6. Romania: Counts, Castles and Carpathians

Aerial view of Belvedere Brașov, Romania
Cryo / AdobeStock

In Romania, lovers of history and nature can find a less than traveled destination like no other. So get ready for a cost-effective cruise among the Carpathians and revel in Romania’s gorgeous scenery and unique history without straining your wallet.

Transylvania: Myths and Mountains

Dracula's Castle in Romania with an eerie sky and bats
Chursina Viktoriia / Shutterstock

Transylvania beckons with its moss-covered castles and folklore-laden villages. You can find Bran Castle here, sitting atop a rock.

Associated with tales of Count Dracula, its locale totally helps feed the legend. Explore this gothic masterpiece, along with the picturesque rural landscapes which also belong in fairytales – all on a thrifty budget.

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7. Latvia: Baltic Beauty on a Budget

Rundale palace and Rundale in Latvia
Latvia ronstik / Adobe Stock

The tiny Baltic state of Latvia offers you an affordable escape with a rich historical tapestry, especially in its capital, Riga, known for its stunning architecture. It’s still something of a hidden gem and well worth checking out.

Riga: Uncover Art Nouveau Treasures

Riga, Latvia at twilight
vkphotos / Adobe Stock

Riga feels a lot richer than it is. Home to some unique spins on Art Nouveau architecture, the city is chock-full of charming architectural wonders.

You might even be able to stay in one without breaking the bank! Hostel accommodations start at 25 EUR for larger dorms, with smaller ones at around 15 EUR per night. Explore the Old Town for a touch of history and climb St. Peter’s Church for a nominal fee to witness panoramic city views.

8. Poland: Storied Cities and Glorious Scenery

Aerail landscape of Sopot down city
Piotr Wawrzyniuk / Adobe Stock

We can’t forget Poland. It is a big country that provides an enriching travel experience. It’s home to an illustrious history, lush countryside, world-famous attractions, and friendly people, all at an affordable price point. Poland’s vibrant culture and resilient past make it a captivating destination for budget-conscious travelers.

Krakow: Old World Charm

St. Mary's Church in Krakow, Poland
eunikas / Adobe Stock

In Krakow, you can step back in time as you stroll through the Main Market Square, one of the largest medieval town squares in Europe. The affordable cost of living allows you to find decent lodgings and eat well to enjoy the historic sites, like Wawel Castle and the Cloth Hall, without stretching your budget.

Warsaw: The Resilient Capital

Sunset view in Warsaw royal castle
Mike Mareen / Adobe Stock

Warsaw, the Polish capital, is a phoenix rising from the ashes of war. It offers a juxtaposition of Soviet modernity, vibrant post-Pact architecture, and stirring history.

Your exploration can be rich yet economical, from the elegant streets of the Royal Route to the evocative Warsaw Uprising Museum and the ruins of the Warsaw Ghetto. The city’s extensive parks provide a natural escape within the urban landscape.

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9. Czech Republic: Bohemian Rhapsody

Aerial view of Kutna Hora

Your journey to the Czech Republic merges rich history with vibrant culture amidst an affordable European escape. It’s a symphony of experiences for those yearning to explore Central Europe without straining their wallets.

Prague: City of a Hundred Spires

Old Town Prague, Czech Republic
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

Discover Prague, where countless Gothic and Baroque spires pierce the sky. Prague captivates with its blend of history and modern urban life, making every moment here a trip to remember.

It’s hard to describe just how beautiful this historic city is – walking anywhere feels like you should pay for it. Stroll along the iconic Charles Bridge to the Old Square, marvel at the 14th-century astronomical and see what I mean.

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10. Croatia: Adriatic Delight

Bay of Hvar, Croatia
rustamank / Adobe Stock

Your journey to Croatia offers an affordable passage to some of Europe’s most stunning beaches and historic coastal cities. Embrace the blend of crystal-clear waters and rich history.

Dubrovnik: Dazzling Coastal City

Dubrovnik, Croatia View of Old City and Fortress from Castle

Affordable flights to Dubrovnik lead you to a wealth of medieval history. Surrounded by imposing stone walls, your travel budget stretches further as you explore the shimmering Adriatic Sea.

Walk the streets of “King’s Landing” from Game of Thrones! Or you can be less of a nerd and discover Banje Beach for a sun-soaked afternoon.

Split: An Ancient Retreat

Split, Croatia's Mostar Old Bridge
Brittney Liu / ViaTravelers

Split presents a vibrant mix of modern life and beach bumming amidst ancient Roman architecture. It’s easy to spend a couple of days in this relative paradise without spending a mint.

Relax on Bacvice Beach, a hub for locals and tourists alike, or have your mind blown by the sheer size of Diocletian’s Palace. Split’s also a gateway to island hopping on a budget.

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