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26 Best Day Trips from Salt Lake City, Utah

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Salt Lake City isn’t particularly small, but its location makes it the perfect spot as a base camp for day trips. SLC is a terrific jumping-off point for visiting the surrounding areas. Day trips from Salt Lake City are easy to plan and enjoy, especially if you spend at least a week in the city.

Finding a fun and affordable day trip can be challenging, especially if you’re on a budget. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best day trips from Salt Lake City that are fun and affordable.

There’s more to enjoy from budget-friendly options like mountain biking the adventurous terrain, spending time in the Bonneville Salt Flats, seeing Park City, or chilling in nearby hot springs.

Salt Lake City, located near the tip-top of Utah, is ideally placed for road-trip-bound travelers. There are other states to explore, stunning nature landscapes to enjoy, and an expansive world to experience. Particularly for nature-focused adventurers, day trips from Salt Lake City are some of the best anywhere in the country.

Day Trips from Salt Lake City, Utah

1. Great Salt Lake

Great Salt Lake View

If you’re looking for a day trip that’s a bit typical and an obvious selection, consider visiting the Great Salt Lake, the namesake of Salt Lake City. This massive saltwater lake is one of the unique places in Utah, and it’s only a 20-minute drive from Salt Lake City.

There are plenty of things to do at the Great Salt Lake, including swimming, sunbathing, picnicking, and more. However, one of the best things to do at the Great Salt Lake is to enjoy the stunning views. Beautiful mountains surround the lake, and the sunset over the water is breathtaking.

The lake and surrounding area can get quite hot during the summer, so bring sunscreen and a sun hat. No lifeguards are on duty in the Great Salt Lake, so swimming comes at your own risk.

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2. Bear Lake

Bear Lake in Utah, United States
Joe Farah / Shutterstock

Bear Lake is a gorgeous freshwater lake on the Idaho-Utah border, and it’s known affectionately as the Caribbean of the Rockies because of its bright turquoise waters. It’s only about two hours north of Salt Lake City. The water gets its unique color from the limestone deposits that melted down when the lake was formed.

This lake is a renowned destination for outdoor activities, and it draws visitors from nearby towns like Laketown and Garden City. Bear Lake State Park is one of the incredible day trips from Salt Lake City for families to spend the day between Rendezvous Beach and Cisco Beach.

Both spots have boat ramps and marinas so that you can make a day of it. If you’re lucky, you might even glimpse some of the unique native wildlife that calls Bear Lake home, including sculpins, cutthroat trout, and Bear Lake chub.

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3. Solitude Mountain Resort

mountain view of Solitude Mountain Resort  during winter
Solitude Mountain Resort / Facebook

Solitude Mountain Resort is one of the most popular skiing destinations for experienced skiers and snowboarders. You could rent the gear for the day, enjoy the slopes on your own, or book in to learn a lesson or two. Less than an hour from Salt Lake City, this resort area attracts many visitors because of its intimate feel and extreme terrain.

When planning a trip to Solitude Mountain Resort, choosing a place to stay that’s close by easy on the budget is essential. The Inn at Solitude is an excellent option for those who want to be close to the action.

The Inn is just a short walk from everything and even offers ski-in/ski-out access. It also has a heated outdoor pool, a hot tub, and a fitness center for visitors to enjoy.

For those who want a more luxurious experience, Stonebridge Condominiums offers upscale accommodations. These condos have full kitchens, fireplaces, and private balconies. They also have access to an outdoor pool, a hot tub, and a fitness center.

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4. Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge

Snow covered mountains reflect in partially frozen water in Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge, Utah
TSchofield / Adobe Stock

Address: 2155 W Forest St, Brigham City, UT 84302

Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge is a spectacular 724,000-acre National Wildlife Refuge along The Bear River Delta and flows through Box Elder County. The refuge, founded in 1928, is a significant habitat for millions of migratory birds yearly, including eagles and tundra swans.

You can learn about these bird species and wetlands at James V. Hansen’s Wildlife Education Center at the refuge. Otherwise, the 12-mile auto-tour loop opens daily between sunrise and sunset, and an audio-guide tour explores the area’s wild places.

You can also fish in the Bear River from the refuge during the fall and summer months. Some fish you’ll likely see (and hopefully catch) include carp, catfish, and even bullheads.

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5. Ogden Valley

Autumn color in the Ogden River Valley in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah
Martha Marks / Adobe Stock

Ogden Valley is a great place to visit, no matter what you want. Ogden Valley Canyon, 45 minutes from Salt Lake City, provides a fantastic base to begin learning climbing and two other challenging rock faces.

The Valley is home to sparkling lakes and sputtering rivers, making it the perfect place to spend a day fishing or swimming. You’ll also find many great restaurants in Ogden and the surrounding area.

Go to Powder Mountain in winter and get your snow legs at Utah’s biggest ski resort. If you’re looking for something more relaxed, there are plenty of options for that, too. Horse and bike rides are also available for those looking to explore the area, not on foot.

Editor’s Note: Pow Mow is, in my opinion, the best ski area in the country… if you’re not the type to send Corbet’s. There are no crowds, a ton of terrain, and the best green chili I’ve ever had.

When planning a trip to Ogden Valley, it’s essential to choose a place to stay close by and convenient. There are a few great places to stay near the Valley.

One affordable option, especially for families who need an atmosphere to keep the kiddos entertained, is the Holiday Inn Express Ogden. This hotel has an indoor swimming pool, is pet-friendly, and is central to Ogden’s offerings.

Though the valley isn’t far from Salt Lake, it’s a good idea to stay in the Ogden Valley for a day or two and explore.

6. Bonneville Salt Flats

Wide angle view of Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah create a mirror reflection scene on the water, looking surreal
melissamn / Shutterstock

The Bonneville Salt Flats is one of Utah’s most distinct geographical regions within Tooele County. At only 90 minutes away, a visit here is one of our more perfectly timed day trips from Salt Lake City. These salt flats are from the Pleistocene-era Lake Bonneville that covered most of the Grand Basin in ancient times.

After the water evaporated and disappeared, the salt flat remained, creating a unique environment miming tundra lands. Visitors may view the flat salt panorama through I-80 near Wendover, overlooking a spot that allows walking around the flats.

Despite the peaceful environment, it’s essential to take careful measures to explore the flats. The Bonneville Salt Flats are a fragile ecosystem easily damaged by people walking on them. When visiting the Bonneville Salt Flats, please stay on designated trails and paths to avoid damaging this unique and beautiful landscape.

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7. Cove Fort

Cove Fort in Utah, United States
Clifton / Adobe Stock

Address: UT-161, Beaver, UT 84713

Cove Fort is a beautiful historic fort in Millard County that Ira Hinckley established at the command of Brigham Young in 1867. Cove Fort is an essential gateway for early explorers traveling along the Mormon Highway. Two and a half hours from the state capital, this is one of our longer day trips from Salt Lake City, Utah.

Cove Fort was also an important communication center, home to telecommunication offices, blacksmith shops, and Pony Express stops. After private use for the first 20th century, Cove Fort was restored to the Church of Latter Day Saints in 1988 and is available to the public for visitors and historical sites.

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8. The Natural History Museum of Utah

Dinosaur Bones at the Natural History Museum of Utah
vadiml –

Address: 301 Wakara Way, Salt Lake City, Utah 84108

The Natural History Museum of Utah is an affordable and accessible museum within the University Research Center of Utah that shouldn’t be missed if you find yourself in the state. In Salt Lake City, spending a day here enjoying the multitude of exhibits is easy.

Over a dozen permanent exhibits display billions of years of Utah’s natural history. From Native Voices, the Great Salt Lake, and dinosaur exhibits in the Past Worlds gallery, there’s a wide swath of histories to explore. These galleries aren’t to be missed, especially if you are interested in geology, Paleontology, or zoology.

The museum is also great for kids, with interactive exhibits that capture their attention. Especially with the temporary exhibits that come through the museum, there are topics far outside Utah’s history. Some of the museum’s previous exhibits have included Egypt: The Time of Pharaohs, Antarctic Dinosaurs, and The Power of Poison.

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9. The Heber Valley Railroad

The Heber Valley Railroad station operates passenger excursion trains along a line in Provo Canyon. It is a heritage railroad based in Heber City, Utah

Address: 450 S 6th W, Heber City, UT 84032

The Heber Valley Railroad is a heritage railroad that runs 16 miles across Utah’s landscape. The train runs along the former Colorado and Rio Grande West Railroad lines from 1899 to 1968. Passenger trains resumed on this line in May 1993 after the last private train ceased operations in 1990.

Excursion trains take visitors on a three-hour journey around the area. Along the way, visitors will see natural wonders such as the Deer Creek Reservoir, Mount Timpanogos, Cascade Mountains, and Sundance Mountain Resort.

Throughout the year, the train company does specialty rides. This includes a holiday-centered Polar Express, a 90-minute Deer Creek Express trip, superhero-themed rides, rock-and-roll rides, and more. If you don’t take any other day trips from Salt Lake City, we highly recommend taking the 45-minute drive to enjoy a serene train ride.

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10. Cedar City

Cedar city in Utah State
Abdulelah Fakhrani / Shutterstock

Cedar City is an excellent destination for those who love nature and culture. The town is Cedar City’s largest settlement and Iron County’s only real town.

It is located approximately four hours from Salt Lake City, making it a convenient destination for weekend getaways. Cedar City is primarily known for being the home of the Utah Shakespeare Festival.

Cedar City is also known for its picturesque setting and proximity to some of its most popular tourist attractions, including Bryce Canyon, Zion, and Capitol Reef. The village also provides a gateway of access to the Grand Canyon North Rim, one of the most popular destinations for adventurers in the Western United States.

Because this city is several hours from Salt Lake City, making a day trip out of it isn’t very reasonable. That said, there are plenty of hotels in town to rest before returning to the road.

We suggest the SpringHill Suites for a comfortable and affordable stay. Here, you can enjoy free parking, complimentary breakfast, a pool, and spacious suites to stretch out in.

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11. Park City

Park City, Utah, USA downtown in autumn at dusk.
SeanPavonePhoto / Adobe Stock

Park City is an elegant resort city east of Salt Lake City and it’s known for being one of the best ski towns in the world. The city hosted events at the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics and has the largest ski area in the country.

Given its penchant for celebs and gorgeous real estate, it is no surprise that Park City is also one of the most expensive destinations in Utah. So, while day trips from Salt Lake City to this gem in the mountains won’t save you money, Park City is a beauty.

Visitors have excellent skiing and snow skiing options at Park City Mountain Resort and Deer Valley Resort. Park City features America’s most extensive collection of ski resorts. During the summer, award-winning mountain biking routes meander along mountain peaks, making Park City a desirable summer and winter destination.

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12. Crystal Hot Springs

Crystal Hot Springs, Utah
Elisabeth / TripAdvisor

Address: 8215 UT-38, Honeyville, UT 84314

Crystal Hot Springs is one of the largest natural warm springs in the world, and they’re situated within an hour of Salt Lake City. These springs are considered warm because they form at the convergence of a hot and cold spring. Plus, these springs contain the highest mineral content in the country.

This spring, opened to the public in 1901, is formerly known as Madsen Hot Springs. The spring was a vital rehabilitation area for soldiers injured during World War Two, who flocked to the site in droves seeking medicinal properties. The hot springs remain a vital tourist attraction today, where the pool is warm and excellent for swimming, soaking, and rejuvenating.

Crystal Hot Springs offers an excellent opportunity to experience one of the world’s great natural wonders. These hot springs are a terrific day trip destination to soak away the stress of an over-packed vacation. We’ve all been there.

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13. Antelope Island State Park

An overlooking landscape view of Antelope Island State Park, Utah
Cheri Alguire / Shutterstock

Antelope Island State Park is the perfect destination for a day trip if you love animals. The island is home to dozens of antelope and bison species and countless bird species. Mule deer, bighorn sheep, and other desert-dwelling critters can also be seen.

Several hiking trails wind through the natural habitat of the island’s resident animals so you can get up close and personal with some of Utah’s most majestic creatures. Just remember to respect wildlife and never get too close.

Photographers will also love Antelope Island for all of the incredible nature there is to capture. While they aren’t permitted most of the year, drones are allowed with a permit from December through February so that you can snap some stunning aerial shots of the island’s landscapes.

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14. Logan, Utah

Aerial View of Logan, Utah in Summer
Jacob / Adobe Stock

Logan is famous for being home to the American West Heritage Center and Utah State University, which offers various cultural activities throughout the year at its beautiful galleries, concerts, and theaters. At only 75 minutes outside Salt Lake City, Logan is an excellent stop for people looking for culture-related day trips.

Visitors can enjoy Logan’s cultural performances at the Utah Festival Opera and Musical Theater at the Ellen Eccles Theatre, which presents classic films, ballets, concerts, and even national tours of musicals. Or, if you need some animal viewing, you can hang out at the adorably named Zootah.

Despite being a petite city, Logan provides many opportunities to explore and experience something new.

15. Fishlake National Forest

Lower Bowns Campground at Boulder Mountain, Fishlake National Forest, Utah
Sergey Malomuzh / Shutterstock

Address: 115 E 900 N, Sevier, UT 84766

Fishlake National Forest is one of the most beautiful places in Utah; in fact, it’s widely considered the state’s gem. It’s known for its towering aspens, encircling mountainous meadows, and lush prairies filled with wildflowers.

Fish Lake is the park’s centerpiece and the state’s largest natural mountain lake. The views differ year-round, so whether you come in summer, winter, fall, or spring, you will discover something new and breathtaking.

Fishlake is a great place to hike, fish, camp, and enjoy nature. It’s only about two hours away from Salt Lake City, making it possible for adventurous day trips, though you may want to stay nearby.

There are several excellent options if you’re looking for a place to stay while visiting Fishlake. The Best Western Paradise Inn is on the lake’s edge and offers stunning views. Or, for something more rustic, try the Fish Lake Lodge right in the forest’s heart.

16. St. George

St. George Cityscape
Kit Leong / Shutterstock

St. George is a beautiful city located in southern Utah. It’s known for its red sandstone cliffs, golf courses, and hiking trails.

The city also houses several art galleries, museums, and some of the best restaurants in Utah. This city is situated near the Arizona border, four hours from Salt Lake City, and it’s rife with 19th-century buildings like the Brigham Young Winter Home.

One of the most popular attractions in St. George is the Snow Canyon State Park. The park has sandstone cliffs, slot canyons, sand dunes, and volcanic cinder cones. The canyon is great for hiking, camping, mountain biking, and rock climbing.

Another great attraction close to St. George is Zion National Park. The park is home to some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world, and easy access makes St. George one of the best places to stay if you’re excited to explore Zion.

Hiking trails wind through canyons, past waterfalls and rivers, and up to scenic lookout points.

17. Provo

An aerial view of downtown provo Utah
Allison J. Hahn / Shutterstock

Only about an hour outside Salt Lake City, Provo is where much of Utah history has taken place. Known as the Garden City because of its orchards and gardens, Provo remains a bright spot among the rugged wilderness.

Brigham Young University is located in Provo, Utah, and the campus has several attractions, including the Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum, the BYU Museum of Art, the BYU Museum of Paleontology, and the Covey Center for the Performing Arts.

BYU also houses the Provo Utah Temple, an important place of worship for Church of Latter-day Saints members. Visitors to Provo can enjoy various activities and attractions centered around the city’s Mormon history. However, there are plenty of outdoor activities, like visiting Utah Lake State Park or the Provo River.

If you want to stay in Provo, consider a stay at Temple Square, a historic hotel in downtown Provo’s heart. Or perhaps the Hampton Inn & Suites Provo or Marriott Provo Downtown. The Marriott, for example, has an indoor pool and hot tub, whereas Hampton offers complimentary breakfast.

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18. Midway

scenic view at Midway

Midway is a lovely town in Wasatch County, within an hour of Salt Lake City, Utah. The charming Heber Valley city was founded in the middle of the 19th century and has now become a hub for outdoor recreation with its stunning Homestead Resort, renowned for its ski areas.

Because of the surrounding Wasatch Mountains, Midway is referred to as Utah’s Swiss Alps. It was named as such by the Swiss settlers during the 1850s who thought the area resembled the Alps back in the old country.

Visitors can take advantage of outdoor activities year-round with some of the best possible cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, and skiing in the winter months. Midway offers a great escape from bustling Salt Lake City with its quaint streets, farmers’ markets, and local restaurants.

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19. Mount Timpanogos

Colorful wildflowers on Mount Timpanogos, Utah, USA
Juancat / Adobe Stock

Mount Timpanogos, or Timp, is the second-highest peak in the Wasatch Mountains, found within the beautiful Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest. The towering mountain peak soars above the skylines of the nearby cities. Timp is covered with heavy snow during winter, providing a spectacular landscape photo opportunity or a challenging hike.

For those feeling adventurous, several hiking trails lead to the summit. If you plan on going to the lovely mountain peak, the best time of year to do so is in early August.

It should take roughly nine hours to complete. However, the most popular route is the Aspen Grove Trail, a moderate 5-mile hike.

Otherwise, if you want to enjoy the views without the strenuous hike, the Mount Timpanogos Scenic Byway offers a winding road that leads to several lookout points. No matter how you choose to experience Mount Timpanogos, it is sure to take your breath away.

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20. Eden

Pineview Reservoir outside of Eden
K. Bradley Washburn / Shutterstock

Eden is one of Weber County’s most beautiful places, home to Nordic Valley Ski Resort and Powder Mountain. It’s so stunning that when it was being developed in 1859, the surveyor Washington Jenkins named it after the Garden of Eden.

The city is on the beautiful North Fork of Ogden Creek near Pineview Reservoir. Eden is less than an hour away from Salt Lake City and offers an excellent opportunity to enjoy all that the Wasatch Range offers year-round. Guests are welcome to travel the Needles Express Gondola to a height of 8500 feet, where they can take in the stunning views of Ogden Valley.

In the winter, Eden is an excellent place to enjoy all the lovely resort town offers. The ski resort was used during the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics, and it provides a variety of slopes for all levels of skiers and snowboarders.

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21. Dinosaur National Monument

Canyon of Yampa River in the Dinosaur National Monument in north western Colorado / Adobe Stock

Dinosaur National Monument is a must-visit if you live in Utah or Colorado. The Dinosaur National Monument is a U.S. National Monument located in northeastern Utah near the town of Jensen, Utah. Be warned; this is a six-hour journey from Salt Lake City.

This monument is famous for containing one of the world’s largest concentrations of dinosaur bones. In Dinosaur National Monument, a dinosaur is buried beneath a rock pile.

The monument also has many petroglyphs, carvings, or drawings made into stone. These petroglyphs can bring you back in time and help you understand the cultures of those who once lived here.

Today, it is possible to visit this site and enjoy the stunning desert and untamed river flows through the deep canyons of the region. To best enjoy the Dinosaur National Monument from Salt Lake City, consider staying a day or two in nearby Vernal, Utah. If you want to make a theme for the trip, get a room at the Dinosaur Inn & Suites.

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22. Gobblers Knob

Summit of Gobblers Knob in Utah
Christopher Brosky / Shutterstock

Gobblers Knob is an impressive mountain peak that overlooks Wasatch Mountain and Salt Lake City. The hike was designed for adventurous enthusiasts and followed the Alexander River Trail.

This mountain’s silly name dates back to 1964. It refers to the turkeys the Big Cottonwood Mining District attempted to raise after the mines closed. These area turkeys were also short-lived because mountain bobcats made them into meals.

The peak is visible in the east. When you turn south, you’ll be welcomed with breathtaking panoramic views of Grandeur Peak and Salt Lake City.

Just shy of seven and a half miles, the hike to the peak is considered a challenging route. Even so, Gobblers Knob is a fantastic trek for people wanting to get up and above Utah’s Wasatch Range.

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23. Mirror Lake Scenic Highway

Mirror Lake Scenic Byway between Wyoming and Utah
tristanbnz / Adobe Stock

Mirror Lake Scenic Highway is one of the most beautiful and serene drives you will ever experience. If you’re up for a day on the road, it’s only two hours outside Salt Lake City and takes roughly 90 minutes to complete.

The Mirror Lake byway takes you through picturesque mountains and forests, surrounded by many peaceful lakes. The byway even leads into some of the UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Numerous stopover locations along the Mirror Lake scenic highway allow you to spend hours driving, taking photos, or taking short walks. One stop along the way can include the picturesque Bald Mountain Pass, which has the highest paved road in the state. The best time of year to enjoy the scenic drive is autumn for some colorful leaf-peeping.

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24. Goblin Valley State Park

Goblin Valley State Park, Utah, US
IrinaK / Shutterstock

Address: 18630Goblin, Valley Road, Green River, UT 84525

Goblin Valley State Park is a picturesque Utah state park named for its unique Hoodoo rock formations referred to as goblins. These strange-looking rock formations were created by the erosion of sandstone and protected by the surrounding rocks.

Goblin Valley State Park is home to the world’s most extensive Hoodoo Formation and is a popular destination for travelers looking to explore the area’s unique geology. There are plenty of options if you’re looking for a place to stay near Goblin Valley State Park since it is three and a half hours outside Salt Lake City.

There aren’t a lot of places to stay close to the park, though one spot where you can spend the night for the day trip away from city life is the Cathedral Valley Inn. This no-frills hotel has a pool and complimentary breakfast and is pet-friendly.

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25. Sundance Mountain Resort

Sundance Mountain Resort in Utah
Sundance Mountain Resort / Facebook

Address: 8841 Alpine Loop Scenic Byway, Sundance, UT 84604

Once owned by actor Robert Redford, the Sundance Mountain Resort is one of the country’s premier ski resorts. Redford purchased a subdivision once. Known as Timp Haven in 1968 and named it Sundance after his role in the 1969 film Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. By 1979, Redford had begun the conference that became the Sundance Institute and home to the Sundance Film Festival.

A visit to Sundance is among the most fantastic day trips from Salt Lake City because it’s less than an hour away. Especially if you aren’t big on skiing or winter sports, just a day in this charming resort town might be enough for you.

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26. Big Cottonwood Canyon

The gorgeous mountain peaks of Big Cottonwood Canyon
Aneta Waberska / Shutterstock

Half an hour outside of Salt Lake City, Big Cottonwood Canyon awaits. This tour from the city is one of the easiest ways to see the scenic landscapes of Utah. Despite its name, there are several easy hikes through this gorgeous place. Just over half a mile, the Mill B South Trail, for example, is so friendly it’s even appropriate for strollers!

If you’d rather take to the road to see more of the canyon, there is a 15-mile scenic byway. You’ll pass several points to stop off to take photos, but if you drive the whole scenic route straight through, it will take about an hour.


Is it possible to visit any national parks near Salt Lake City for a day trip?

Yes! Two of the biggest national parks in the area are Zion National Park and Capitol Reef National Park. Many people use Salt Lake City as a base for exploring Utah’s “Big Five,” too. You can also visit the Fishlake National Forest and the Dinosaur National Monument, and don’t forget about the Great Salt Lake.

What are the best ski resorts near Salt Lake City for a day trip?

Utah is full of incredible ski resort areas to visit. SLC provides quick access to Big and Little Cottonwood Canyon. LCC is home to Alta and Snowbird, and BCC is where you’ll find Solitude and Brighton.

Are there any hot springs or natural pools near Salt Lake City to visit for a day trip?

Absolutely. The Madsen Hot Springs and Crystal Hot Springs are within driving distance from Salt Lake City.

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