10 Best Day Trips from Strasbourg, France

Day Trips from Strasbourg

A visit to Strasbourg, a beautiful ancient city in France, should be on your list of things to do while visiting the country. There are a variety of different day trips from Strasbourg that you can take advantage of to make the most of your French adventures.

The town is a world-class tourist destination that people flock to by the millions and is one of the cities where France gets its reputation as one of the prettiest countries on Earth.

While touring this quaint settlement is highly recommended, you can take your adventure further afield while you’re here. Apart from being a fantastic city, Strasbourg is also an excellent starting point for day trips around the surrounding region.

One of the most remarkable things about the best day trips from Strasbourg is that you aren’t restricted to attractions inside the local Alsace region, which is one of the best things about day travel around France.

Alternatively, you can travel to many European locations, using Strasbourg as your base camp. The town of Strasbourg, the attractions in the surrounding area, and others across various international borders are some of the most recommended things to do to have a great European vacation experience.

Strasbourg is an excellent day trip from Paris as you can get there without a single stop on the high-speed rail.

So, what’re you waiting for? Embark on an unforgettable journey around France and her neighbors, and check out our list of amazing day trips from Strasbourg to help you plan!

The best day trips from Strasbourg

1. Colmar

City of Colmar, France

Enjoy a day in Colmar, just a short jaunt from Strasbourg. It is one of the most popular tourist towns in France’s scenic Alsace region, ranking among the top day trips from Strasbourg.

Check out what it’s like to visit Colmar from Strasbourg from our YouTube channel.

If you happen to be in beautiful Strasbourg, don’t pass up the opportunity to visit another one of the most charming cities in France!

Colmar is less than 30 minutes from the picturesque city of Strasbourg and is easily reachable by car or train. Visiting Colmar is one of the best things to do in Strasbourg with kids.

It is a fairytale town with cobblestone streets and cute half-timbered cottages. Because of the significant number of charming medieval and early Renaissance structures scattered around the city, a visit to Colmar transports you back in time or into the pages of a fairytale.

The Maison Pfister is a well-known attraction in the area and is highly recommended to visit. The spectacular Gothic architecture of St. Martin’s Collegiate Church is another treasure to discover while strolling through the historic district. In addition, you can continue your journey to nearby cities from Colmar.

The best way to see this tiny town is a boat trip around the harbor allowing you to take in the sights of this adorable town.

Colmar is even a doable day trip from Paris as well. Like what you are hearing? Check out these best things to do in Colmar, France.

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2. Eguisheim

Half-Timbered Homes in Eguisheim, France

During your day trip from Strasbourg, you must stop at the historic village of Eguisheim in Alsace’s wine region. If you plan to visit, you should be aware that it’s not straightforward, but a scenic journey nonetheless as it’s one of the most beautiful villages in France.

To get to the village from Strasbourg, it’s best to take a train from Strasbourg to Colmar, then a bus to Wettolsheim, a neighboring village to Eguisheim. You can take a pleasant walk or bike ride from Wettolsheim to Eguisheim.

As you approach this serene little village, you’ll notice a collection of half-timbered houses scattered throughout the town, typical of many settlements in the area.

When you arrive in the town, one of the first things you’ll notice is the Château Saint-Léon, an architectural marvel and former castle transformed into an intriguing church.

You can continue your tour of Eguisheim by investigating the village’s small alleyways that look like they belong in a Disney movie.

You can also visit the striking remains of Château du Hohlandsbourg and Husseren-Les-Châteaux, located above the town’s surrounding hills.

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3. Riquewihr

Colorful Buildings in Riquewihr, Germany

The Riquewihr is another of the quaint tiny towns that are well worth a visit from Strasbourg. Located along the Alsace Wine Route, the charming village of Riquewihr is a well-preserved medieval village composed of the customary rows of half-timbered buildings that this region of France is so well-known for.

It is simple to get to Riquewihr from Strasbourg: take the train to Colmar and take a bus to the town. One noticeable distinction between this town and others in the region is the fortified walls, which still stand today.

During your journey, you can tour several 16th-century houses and some local museums. Three fascinating museums to visit in Riquewihr include the Tour des Voleurs, which exhibits torture devices.

Then, there’s the Dolder Tower armament museum and the terrific Maison de Vigneron. This winemaking gallery centers on the history of winemaking in the region.

Because the town is located in the heart of the Alsace wine region, it is the best place to sample and indulge in some of its celebrated Riesling wines.

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4. Heidelberg

Heidelberg, Germany

Given that Heidelberg is largely regarded as one of Germany’s most compelling cities and one of the day trip destinations that will see you hopping over the Franco-German border. Heidelberg is a charming town bordered by the Alsace region that is one of the most interesting day trips from Strasbourg.

Getting there is an easy train ride. The trip takes only around 1 hour and 40 minutes. Heidelberg has a plethora of amazing sights to view and places to visit. You may stroll through the old town’s main square, the Marktplatz, or see the spectacular ruins of Heidelberg Castle.

When you go on your trip, stop at the picturesque Old Bridge that crosses the Neckar River. Heidelberg has many parks and gardens, particularly the beer garden, where you can unwind and sample traditional German beer to complement all the French wine you’ve been quaffing!

Like what you are hearing? Check out these best things to do in Heidelberg, Germany.

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5. Baden-Baden

Historic Square in Baden-Baden, Germany

Another international day trip can be made from Strasbourg by visiting the German spa town of Baden-Baden, regarded as one of the most important spa towns in the Black Forest.

It is easy to go to Baden-Baden because it is only a short trip from Strasbourg. The train from Strasbourg to Baden-Baden will take you about an hour and a half.

This attractive German town has numerous fascinating attractions and natural wonders to visit. The majestic atmosphere of this friendly town will greet you as soon as your feet touch down on the station platform.

Your trip can begin in the town’s central square, continue through the picture-perfect Lichtentaler Allee, and finally, take in the treasures contained within the Kurhaus building.

Do you want to unwind? The magnificent Baden-Baden Casino, Germany’s oldest casino, is located in the heart of the city, not to mention the plethora of spa resorts dotted throughout the town offering primo pampering.

The city’s cultural culture is especially noteworthy; it is home to several important art galleries and museums that should not be missed. These museums include the Fabergé Museum and the Frieder Burda Museum.

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6. Freiburg im Breisgau

Freiburg Scenery in Germany

Freiburg im Breisgau (commonly just known as Freiburg) is another German town that can be easily visited from Strasbourg. It is a historic city from which you can see the Black Forest and the beautiful surrounding countryside.

Trains from Strasbourg to Freiburg depart hourly and are connected to the German city of Offenburg. The train ride takes about an hour and a half. 

When you arrive in Freiburg, one of the first things you should do is take in the majesty of the city’s magnificent Gothic cathedral, the Freiburg Minster. It is also recommended to have a pleasant and scenic walk around the town’s streets.

It’s a great place to take a break by one of the many small streams running through the Old Town. As you travel around the town, you can photograph beautiful scenes from Freiburg’s ancient buildings, natural beauty, and tourist sites.

Some magnificent ancient structures, filled with fascinating architecture and oodles of history, have been rebuilt after being devastated during World War II. The Augustiner Museum, a former monastery in town, now houses exhibits on medieval art and is a must-see.

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7. Nancy

Place Stanislas, Nancy, France

Regarding beauty and why Lorraine is considered one of France’s most gorgeous regions, look no further than the city of Nancy in Lorraine, easily accessed from Strasbourg.

Among the many spectacular attractions in Nancy is Place Stanislas, which has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Splendid architecture, exquisite fountains, and impressive golden arches are all featured in the architecture of Place Stanislas.

The Musée Lorrain, which contains some baroque palaces, is well worth a visit. From the city, you can visit the outside limits of the Old Town, where you’ll find majestic old city gates such as the Porte de la Citadelle and the Porte Stanislas, as well as other interesting sights.

You can finish your journey in Nancy by strolling around its park, viewing the art collections at the Musée des Beaux-Arts, or sampling the delicacies of the Lorraine region. In addition, the town is surrounded by outstanding natural beauty, which makes for exceptional hiking.

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8. Metz

Metz, France River and Buildings

While in France, the city of Metz is a great destination to visit if you want to get a taste of Germany without leaving the country. The city is one of the most popular destinations for day trips from Strasbourg. Metz, located northwest of Strasbourg, is a nearby city well-suited for sightseeing.

You have the option of taking a train or a bus to get to Metz. If you use the train, the journey may take an hour and a half and two hours. While taking the bus will take approximately two hours.

The town is intimately linked to Germany because of the German influence it possesses, which is rooted in its proximity to Germany and its historic changing of hands between the two nations.

Metz’s amazing collection of cultural treasures is one of the most picturesque settings to take in the sights. On your journey, a few jewels to see include the Gothic Metz Cathedral, the central square of Place d’Armes, and the Opera-Théâtre.

Modern art may be found at the Musée de la Cour d’Or and Centre Pompidou-Metz. Learning about the town’s French and German history and viewing ancient Roman antiquities discovered locally can be done at the town’s fantastic museum.

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9. Black Forest Open Air Museum

Hiking Trail with Lush Greenery in Black Forest, Germany

The Black Forest is a vast, storied, and magnificent woodland area that stretches between France, Germany, and Switzerland. If you’re interested in the forest but only have a limited time during your travels, the Black Forest Open Air Museum is a must-see to learn more about this legendary forest.

The museum is located on the lush terrain of Germany’s Singersbach Village. The gallery is based on the Vogtsbauernhof farmhouse. It is the only original structure that is preserved well in the museum.

To reach the museum, take public transportation from Strasbourg to Offenburg and then the train to Hausach – this leg of the journey should take about 2 hours. Hausach is about a 30-minute walk from the museum.

The open-air museum explores the region’s culture and history and is home to approximately 20 historic structures. A large attraction such as this (and the journey there from Strasbourg) is not the type of travel for those looking for minimal walking, but trust me, the walking is well worth the adventure.

You can learn about the history of rural life around the Black Forest by checking out the museum exhibits. You’ll see furnished farmhouses, animals dotted across grasslands, and other traditional countryside structures that once covered the region.

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10. Kaysersberg

River in Kaysersberg, France

To experience the true splendor of France’s Alsace region, the town of Kyasersberg is an excellent day trip option from Strasbourg. Due to the town’s proximity to Strasbourg, it’s significantly easier to access by taking a train to Colmar and taking a bus to the city.

On your approach to Kyasersberg, you can take in the countryside’s grandeur and mentally prepare for a magnificent tour of this adorable French town, nestled amongst rolling hills and thick forests.

A must-see attraction in town is a visit to the magnificently renovated fortress of Château du Hohlandsbourg. The town’s fountain, flanked by historic half-timbered buildings, the Fontaine Constantin, and the Weiss riverside are just a few more charming attractions.

Additionally, the scenes from Ancien Lavoir and Pont Fortify in Kyasersberg are perfect for shutterbugs!

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