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Emergency Numbers in Germany

Just like any other country you visit you have the unfortunate chance of having an emergency in Germany.

It is important to have the knowledge of how to deal with any problems that may arrive. Feel free to print out this page and utilize it on your trip.

Emergency Phone Numbers in Germany

Phone cab, Emergency Phone Numbers in Germany
Police (Polizei)110
Fire Department (Feuerwehr)112
Ambulance (Krankenwagen)112
Car Emergency (ADAC)
(ADAC would be the equivalent to AAA in the United States)
0180 222 2222
* Operators of each agency speak English, at the very least they can get someone to speak with you that does.

U.S. Embassies in Germany

U.S. Embassies in Germany
Gie?ener Str. 30, 60435 Frankfurt am Main
Tel.: (069) 7535 – 2100, Fax: (069) 7535-2277
Neust?dtische Kirchstr. 4-5, 10117 Berlin
Tel: (030) 2385 174
Willi-Becker-Allee 10, 40227 D?sseldorf
Tel.: (0211) 788 – 8927, Fax: (0211) 788 – 8938
Alsterufer 27/28, 20354 Hamburg
Tel.: (040) 411 71 100, Fax: (040) 411 71 222
Wilhelm-Seyfferth-Stra?e 4, 04107 Leipzig
Tel: (0341) 213-840 After-hours emergencies only: (0341) 213-8413
K?niginstra?e 5, 80539 M?nchen
Tel: (Within Germany)(089) 2888-0 (Outside Germany)+(49)(89) 2888-0

*All embassies closed on American and German holidays.

British Embassies in Germany

Berlin and New L?nderBritish Embassy Berlin – Consular Section
Wilhelmstr. 70/71
10117 BerlinConsular enquiry point
Tel +49 (0)30 / 20457-0Opening hours
Monday – Friday
0900 – 1200 and?1400 – 1600hrs
Nordrhein-WestfalenBritish Consulate-General
Yorckstrasse 19
40476 D?sseldorfTel +49 (0) 211 94480
Hessen, Rheinland-Pfalz and
British Consulate-General
Yorckstrasse 19
40476 D?sseldorfTel +49 (0) 211 94480
Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein,
Bremen and Niedersachsen
British Consulate-General
Harvestehuder Weg 8a
20148 HamburgTel +49 (0) 40 4480320
BayernBritish Consulate-General
B?rkleinstrasse 10
80538 M?nchenTel +49 (0) 89 211090
Fax +49 (0) 89 21109 166

* Following a review of overseas representation by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the British Consulate-General in Frankfurt and Stuttgart has closed.

Local Police Services

Local Police Services

German police or Polizei in german language can be called at phone number 110. In situations like loss of property, pickpocketing, getting lost, or any other non-emergencies, this number can be called also for a life-threatening situation like home break and entry intruders.

Police in Germany

Police in Germany patroling

A German police officer will appear in a green outfit and a white car. The Federal Police is made up of several units, including police officers, border guards, railway protection inspectors, air traffic controllers, and riot cops. Many railway stations and airports are located near areas where the majority of English is spoken.

Fire Emergency Services

Fire Emergency Services

Fire Department or Feuerwehr in the German language. The number to call for any kind of fire problem is 112 can also be called if you are having trouble breathing or feeling lightheaded due to smoky conditions. They can also be called for rescue services.

Fire services in Germany

Fire services in Germany

The majority of German fire departments are members of the Freiwillige Feuerwehr, while a lesser number serve in professional fire brigades. In addition, the German fire department performs a variety of tasks for their community, including wildfire prevention and evacuation assistance.

You can also contact the fire crew at 112 Germany’s most significant emergency number, which is available in English. In the event of a major catastrophe, the fire department recommends that you immediately call the police regardless of its severity. The majority of German firefighters are members of the national fire brigade force (Pflichtfeuerwhr).

Medical Emergency Services

Medical Emergency Services, ambulance

For medical emergencies, the ambulance service or Krankenwagen in the german language can be called at 112, which is also the number to call for a means of emergency transport. You can also contact the medical emergency service at any time by calling 1450.

Emergency Medical Services in Germany

doctor attempted to the emergency

In life-threatening situations, an emergency ambulance service for transport can be called at 112, on the other hand in other non-emergency health situations, this number can be called at 1450. A German ambulance does not transport by aircraft, rather it is available for ground transportation only.

Emergency Doctor in Germany

Doctor in surgery

In the event of an emergency, you can go to any hospital that is open and request medical assistance. A list of hospitals in Germany can be found on the German Federal Office for Health Education website.

You may also contact a doctor directly by calling the doctor service at 116117. The number 116117 is available in English and provides immediate consultation with a doctor.

Car Emergency Services

emergency cab

ADAC is a German automobile club, similar to AAA in the United States. The ADAC provides different services outside of Germany than it does within its borders. When calling for help or assistance, you can call their service phone number 0180 222 2222 which is available 24/7 and will put you through to an English speaker.

ADAC German automobile club

One important thing about using ADAC as a car emergency service is that you must be a member of the club. If you are not a member, there are still other services available to you while in Germany.

Fortunately, there are many car clubs in Germany offering the widest spectrum of transportation support. They also have a wide local service network so they may have local transportation to the location they’re needed.


The two most important emergency call numbers are 110 and 112. Both numbers may be called from any location in Europe. According to EU statistics, a 9-second reaction time is required for a 112-minute phone conversation.


When do you call 116 117?

The German health care system permits individuals to seek medical assistance as long as their problems are not triggered by sudden emergency interactions. In the event of an ailment that prevents the patient from being transported to any hospital, may dispatch the doctor to the home.

Since remembering all of these emergency numbers may be difficult, it’s recommended to keep a small notebook containing all of them.

If you can’t wait days, call 110 or 112; a regional center employee will try to comprehend the scenario and will inform a doctor. The patient is immediately directed to the nearest hospital if he or she is unable to travel there.

How do I find a nearby hospital?

The Deutsches Krankenhausverzeichnis (DKV) or ‘German Health Directory’ is a list of hospitals in a specified region. When a patient arrives at an emergency department in Germany, they must go to an Emergency Department (Notaufnahme). The users may get the URL of their site on this website under ‘Hospital List.’

How about utility and telecommunication services in Germany?

In the event of a suspected gas leak, contact your fire department or emergency services provider on 112. Contact your energy company directly to report an outage.

Health Insurance Services in Germany?

If you are covered under a German health insurance provider and are seeking medical assistance, you will need to present your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). The EHIC confirms that you are entitled to receive necessary medical care during your visit to Germany. If you do not have EHIC health insurance, you may be required to pay for the cost of your medical care services.

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