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Emergency Numbers in Germany

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Like any other country, visiting Germany presents the possibility of encountering emergencies. Whether that’s a minor mishap or a severe situation, being ready and having the right resources can significantly impact you.

This article will equip you with vital details about German emergency services, so you can confidently tackle unforeseen events during your journey. Don’t hesitate to print out this page and keep it close by for easy access!

Emergency Phone Numbers in Germany

Phone cab, Emergency Phone Numbers in Germany
Service Number
Police (Polizei) 110
Fire Department (Feuerwehr) 112
Ambulance (Krankenwagen) 112
Car Emergency (ADAC)
(ADAC would be the equivalent to AAA in the United States)
0180 222 2222

* Operators of each agency speak English, at the very least they can get someone to speak with you that does.

U.S. Embassies in Germany

U.S. Embassies in Germany
Frankfurt Gießener Str. 30, 60435 Frankfurt am Main
Tel: (069) 7535 – 2100
Fax: (069) 7535-2277
Berlin Neustädtische Kirchstraße. 4-5, 10117 Berlin
Tel: (030) 2385 174
Düsseldorf Willi-Becker-Allee 10, 40227 Düsseldorf
Tel: (0211) 788 – 8927
Fax: (0211) 788 – 8938
Hamburg Alsterufer 27/28, 20354 Hamburg
Tel: (040) 411 71 100
Fax: (040) 411 71 222
Leipzig Wilhelm-Seyfferth-Straße 4, 04107 Leipzig
Tel: (0341) 213-840
After-hours emergencies only: (0341) 213-8413
Munich Königinstraße 5, 80539 München
Tel: (Within Germany)(089) 2888-0
Tel: (Outside Germany)+(49)(89) 2888-0

*All embassies closed on American and German holidays.

British Embassies in Germany

Berlin and New Länder British Embassy Berlin- Consular Section
Wilhelmstr. 70/71
10117 Berlin
Consular enquiry point
Tel +49 (0)30 / 20457-0
Opening hours
Monday – Friday
0900 – 1200 and 1400 – 1600hrs
Nordrhein-Westfalen British Consulate-General
Yorckstrasse 19
40476 Düsseldorf
Tel +49 (0) 211 94480
Hessen, Rheinland-Pfalz and Saarland British Consulate-General
Yorckstrasse 19
40476 Düsseldorf
Tel +49 (0) 211 94480
Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Bremen and Niedersachsen British Consulate-General
Harvestehuder Weg 8a
20148 Hamburg
Tel +49 (0) 40 4480320
Bayern British Consulate-General
Bürkleinstrasse 10
80538 München
Tel +49 (0) 89 211090
Fax +49 (0) 89 21109 166

* Following a review of overseas representation by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the British Consulate-General in Frankfurt and Stuttgart has closed.

Local Police Services

Local Police Services

German police or Polizei in the German language can be called at phone number 110. This emergency number in Germany will instantly connect you to the local police force whenever you face a life-threatening situation or other emergencies. It’s crucial to remember this number to receive a quick response and the necessary support when you need it most.

While the number 110 is primarily for emergencies, it can also be utilized for certain non-emergency situations. If you have lost property, encountered pickpocketing, found yourself lost, or faced any other non-urgent circumstances, you can still contact the police using the number 110. They will guide you and provide the necessary assistance to address your concerns.

Suppose you prefer seeking assistance in person or have a situation that requires direct interaction with the police, especially regarding sexual assault or traffic accidents. In that case, you can visit the nearest police station. Most towns and cities throughout Germany have conveniently located police stations that are easily accessible.

German Federal Police Officer

Police in Germany patroling

Get ready to see a German police officer rocking a green uniform and cruising in a white car. The Federal Police is an incredible force consisting of several units, such as police officers, border guards, railway protection inspectors, air traffic controllers, and even riot cops. And guess what? You’ll find numerous railway stations and airports conveniently situated in English-speaking areas.

Fire Emergency Services in Germany

Fire Emergency Services

In Germany, when you’re in a fire-related emergency or dealing with smoky conditions that make breathing hard, you can count on the Fire Brigade or Feuerwehr to rescue you. Just dial 112, and you’ll be connected to the Fire Department quickly. They’ll be there in a flash, ready to provide all the assistance you require.

In Germany, the Freiwillige Feuerwehr is the backbone of the fire departments, consisting of dedicated volunteers who wholeheartedly serve their communities. These incredible individuals undergo rigorous training and willingly devote their time and energy to safeguarding their fellow citizens.

Moreover, Germany also boasts professional fire brigades with exceptionally skilled firefighters who expertly handle fire emergencies and carry out specialized duties.

Fire services in Germany

The German Fire Department goes above and beyond its duty by extending its commitment beyond its own country’s borders. As part of the European Union, Germany enthusiastically joins forces with other countries to exchange resources, knowledge, and top-notch firefighting techniques. This fantastic collaboration enables everyone to work together to boost safety standards and effectively handle emergencies across borders.

Emergency Medical Services in Germany

Medical Emergency Services, ambulance

If you ever have medical emergencies in Germany, remember the magic number: 112. This incredible hotline connects you directly to emergency medical services, guaranteeing that help will arrive quickly right where you are.

Whether you need urgent medical attention or are facing a life-threatening situation, dialing 112 grants you immediate access to the care and support you need. You can even contact the medical emergency service anytime by calling 1450.

doctor attempted to the emergency

An emergency ambulance service can be contacted at 112 during life-threatening situations, while the number is 1450 for non-emergency health situations. It is crucial to note that German ambulances are not equipped for transportation by aircraft and are limited to ground transportation.

Emergency Doctor in Germany

Doctor in surgery

Germany’s emergency medical services are a powerhouse team of highly trained professionals, including paramedics, emergency medical technicians, and physicians. These incredible individuals are armed with state-of-the-art medical equipment and possess the expertise to tackle a range of emergencies. Be it severe injuries or a life-threatening medical situation, they deliver on-the-spot assessment, stabilization, and transportation to medical facilities for further care.

You can go to any open hospital in an emergency and request medical assistance. A list of hospitals in Germany can be found on the German Federal Office for Health Education website.

You may also contact a doctor directly by calling the doctor service or nursing advice line at 116117. The number 116117 is available in English and provides immediate consultation with a doctor.

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Car Emergency Services

emergency cab

ADAC, the German equivalent of AAA in the United States, offers a range of services internationally. To receive prompt assistance, dial their service hotline, 0180 222 2222, which operates round the clock and connects you with an English-speaking representative.

ADAC German automobile club

a man driving ADAC car
Frank C. Müller / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 4.0

One crucial thing about using ADAC as a car emergency service is that you must be a club member. Other services are still available in Germany if you are not a member.

Fortunately, many car clubs in Germany offer the widest spectrum of transportation support. They also have a wide local service network, so they may have local transportation to the location they’re needed.


To summarize, Germany’s emergency medical services are vital in critical situations. The universal emergency contact numbers, 110 and 112, serve as a gateway to immediate assistance in Germany and throughout Europe.

As reported by EU statistics, the astonishingly quick 9-second response time for a 112-minute mobile phone conversation emphasizes the urgency and effectiveness of the emergency response system. These numbers and rapid response times guarantee that help is always within reach, showcasing Germany’s dedication to its residents’ and visitors’ well-being and safety.


When do you call 116 117?

In Germany, you can count on the healthcare system to provide medical assistance whenever needed. If you’re too unwell to go to the hospital, a doctor can visit your home. No need to stress about memorizing emergency numbers – carry a handy notebook with all of them written down.

But, if you urgently need help and can’t wait, dial 110 or 112. A dedicated team at a regional center will promptly understand your situation and arrange for a doctor to intervene. Rest assured, if you can’t reach the hospital, they will ensure you reach there as quickly as possible.

How do I find a nearby hospital?

The German Health Directory, also known as the Deutsches Krankenhausverzeichnis (DKV), is an incredible resource that provides a comprehensive list of hospitals in a specific area.

In Germany, when someone urgently needs medical attention, they can head straight to the Emergency Department (Notaufnahme). And the website even allows users to easily find their hospital’s URL by checking out the ‘Hospital List’ section.

How about utility and telecommunication services in Germany?

Don’t hesitate to reach your fire department or emergency services provider at 112 if there is a suspected gas leak. And if you’re experiencing an outage, make sure to contact your energy company right away.

Are there any Health Insurance Services in Germany?

If a German health insurance provider covers you and requires medical help, don’t forget to bring your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). This fantastic card guarantees you the right to receive essential medical treatment in Germany. But, if you don’t have EHIC health insurance, there’s a chance that you might have to foot the bill for your medical services.

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