9 Best Boat Tours in Frankfurt, Germany

Bridge and Buildings in Downtown Frankfurt

Whether you want to go on a boat tour for sightseeing or one that offers romantic boat rides, there are boat tours in Frankfurt for everyone. If you travel alone or with family or friends, boat tours are a great way to visit this European city.

If you fly into Frankfurt International Airport on your trip to Germany, you might as well look into some of the river cruises that Frankfurt offers.

Frankfurt is a city known to be the headquarters of the European Central Bank, but this city has a ton of amazing destinations all within reach along the Main and Rhine.

With one sightseeing cruise, you can see the top attractions in Frankfurt and the beauty of this amazing country along the way.

A Frankfurt river cruise can vary from small ferries to large cruise liners, depending on what type of trip you are looking for and how long you would like your trip to last. Below is an example of some trips you can partake in on the Main River.

You’re reading this because you want to know more about boat tours in Frankfurt am Main. Plenty of great river cruises exist, so let’s dive into some of our favorite tours in this spectacular city.

Best Tours by Category

Best River Cruises & Boat Tours in Frankfurt

Ruedesheim and Bingen (day trip)

Rüdesheim Bingen Aerial View

Price: Approximately 20 EUR

On the Main, you first pass Hoechst Industrial Park, but soon you can see the first vineyards near Hochheim, the place responsible for the term “Hoch,” coined by the Victorians. Short after the Kistheim lock, you reach the Rhine.

You pass Biebrich Castle and numerous small towns embedded in vineyards of the “Rheingau,” finally, you reach the most famous “Drosselgasse.”

Here, you can stroll through those narrow, picturesque streets and do a local Riesling wine tasting. Does it get any better than this?

A Short Cruise Through Frankfurt

View of Frankfurt Skyline and Main River

Price: Approximately 6 – 10 EUR, depending on the time you select

Cruises can vary from small ferries to large cruise liners, depending on what type of boat ride you are looking for and how long you would like your boat ride to last. These cruises are all located on the Main River and are a great option for a sightseeing cruise if you only have so much time in Frankfurt.

These cruises start at Hoechst Industrial Park and pass by vineyards near Hochheim, the place responsible for the term “Hoch” coined by Victorians.

Get an unusual view of Frankfurt. While touring the city on the water, the city’s skyline seems even more impressive. While we chug along the river Main, you will discover sights the “land lovers” will never see.

This little cruise is not only a good idea for all the visitors of Frankfurt looking for a special photographic motive, but it is also an ideal short trip for small groups or even the whole family.

Or just let it be your very special lunch break. If you would like to make the trip an overall pleasure, you can usually grab some exquisite food, selected wines, cold beer, lemonade, coffee, cakes, etc., so you do not have to leave the sightseeing tour on an empty stomach.

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Day Trip Rhine and Main River Cruise Boats from Frankfurt

Rheinstein Castle in the Rhine Valley

The riverboats leave Frankfurt often for day trip excursions and pleasure cruises. This sightseeing cruise on the Main and Rhine rivers is easily accessible from Frankfurt.

Primus and KD boats offer different sightseeing tours with meals or refreshments during normal work hours. Day trip cruises take you to additional locations, including Middle Rhine and Loreley Valley.

You can opt for an audio guide and audio commentary if you’d like to learn more about the history of the top attractions along the Main and Rhine Rivers.

Take the rail to a more economical alternative, Rudesheim or any other Rhine Valley town. If you take a train into the Rhine Valley, book a wine tasting in addition to your cruise.

Alternatively, finding a river cruise that offers wine tasting on board is not too hard. Visit the GetYourGuide day cruise options for the Rhine Valley from Frankfurt.

Circle Sightseeing Pleasure Cruises from Frankfurt

Frankfurt Skyline at Night

Frankfurt am Main circular sightseeing cruises are 50 minutes upstream, turning close to Gerbermühle or downstream, converting to the Griesheim Schleuse – lock. These city tours

These cruise boats leave at least seven times daily in March between April and October. These boats also leave most weekends. The skylight night tour shows the lights of Mainhattan (Main and Skyscrapers remind New York + lots of wishful thinking!)

This is one of the best night tours in central Frankfurt and offers a great way to see the magical glow of this beautiful city. Be sure to check the ticket prices in advance or consider booking your evening cruise with GetYourGuide before you arrive in Frankfurt.

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Loreley River Cruise (day trip)

Loreley River Scenery and Cruise

Price: Approximately 30 EUR

Loreley is a small town of mostly 1,500 inhabitants. The breathtaking scenery of this town on the top of a rock overlooking the Rhine and surrounded by vineyards made Loreley one of Germany’s most famous places.

The boat ride from Frankfurt to Loreley offers an outstanding castle view. Here, you can stroll through narrow, picturesque streets and sample local wines from the Rhine region!

A trip to the Loreley – made famous by the song is an experience you will not soon forget. On the Lorely or Rhine Valley, you will see various castles and a beautiful view. You go as far as Ruedesheim.

There, you can transfer to a ship that takes you to St. Goarshausen. Your journey back can be by train, and the cost is usually included in the cruise price.

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Aschaffenburg or Seligenstadt (day trip)

Houses in Aschaffenburg, Germany

Price: Approximately 21 EUR

Aschaffenburg is a city in southwestern Germany. It is the capital of the Bavarian administrative region of Lower Franconia and has a population of around 70,000 people. Aschaffenburg is situated on the river Main and Rhein-Main-Donau Canal.

The impressive architecture of the Aschaffenburg Castle can be seen as it rises above the banks of the Main river long before you have reached the town. These extraordinary river cruises run alongside the historic Aschaffenburg Castle.

These river cruises will provide an excellent experience on the river Main to see the Frankfurt city skyline and give you a medieval town river cruise experience where you can see castles and medieval houses. The ship glides past the historic “Pompeiianum” before docking in the “Raft” harbor.

Coffee and Cakes at the Rheingau

Rheingau, Germany Vineyards

Price: Approximately 17 EUR

The Rheingau is a historic region in Germany that lies to the west of the city of Wiesbaden, south of the Taunus mountain range, northwest of the Odenwald, and northeast of the Rhine River in the Rhine Valley.

Let yourself be abducted by taking a sightseeing cruise to one of the most beautiful areas in Germany in a deluxe interior motor yacht as the sun slowly sets.

You will sail past some enchanting wine-grower villages toward the “Rheingau” while enjoying excellent snacks amidst this romantic scenery. Check the ticket prices and consider booking your tour before arriving in Frankfurt.

Seligenstadt (day trip)

Old Timber Homes in Frankfurt Germany

Price: Approximately 18 EUR

Seligenstadt is a town in the German state of Hesse. It has its location in the Odenwald. Seligenstadt is, together with Michelstadt and Nidda, the administrative center of the Hessian Odenwaldkreis.

The boat tours on the Main River run through this town with old and half-timbered houses. The boat tours will allow you to experience boat tours on the Main and on Germany’s most romantic river.

It is a boat tour replicated in Disney cartoons and is one of Germany’s most celebrated boat tours. You will experience boat rides through narrow, twisting, and cobbled streets and enjoy spectacular views of medieval houses and castles on the way.

The tour will be an unforgettable opportunity to get close to German culture and see some of the top attractions in the great Frankfurt area. In touch with history, this trip takes you up the Main River, past the historic Gerbermuehle Hotel, already used to be a frequent visitor, then via Offenbach to Seligenstadt.

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Frankfurt Cruises for Special Events and Themes

In addition to a regular circular sightseeing cruise and scheduled cruises, numerous special event and theme cruise flights travel from Frankfurt.

Special event cruising ships are available year-round, with New Year’s Eve excursions taking in firework shows, theater, and entertainment. Meal cruises celebrate many times the arrival of the harvest season.

After work ship, cruise services depart a few times weekly with drinks and a nightly disco. Keep in mind that in most cases, reservations are needed. Similar cruises are available from Mainz and Wiesbaden-Biebrich, and Mainz-Wiechch are also available.

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Final Thoughts

A river cruise is an excellent way to experience Frankfurt, the most spectacular city in Hesse, Germany. River cruises on the Main River in Frankfurt are also available for upriver full-day tours to see fortifications and medieval homes.

Germany’s most romantic river cruise is a trip that has been duplicated in Disney cartoons and is one of the country’s most renowned boat trips.

You can get great views of Frankfurt’s unique skyline as well as ancient residences while out on the water. If this article piqued your interest, check out these Frankfurt boat tours on GetYourGuide or Viator for the best pricing.


What boat tours are there in Frankfurt?

There are boat tours in Frankfurt that take visitors across the Main River from the Ober-Main quarter to Taunus, with its beautiful mountains, dark forests, and twisting rivers.

How many boat tours on the Main River are available?

Numerous boat trips are available for tourists in Frankfurt am Main, but there are also specialized boat excursions that go deeper into the city’s various charms.

When you visit this famous metropolis, The Lazy River Boat Company will give you a unique perspective on ancient world culture when you take one of their Buxeckfaren, Nassovator, or Frankfurt sightseeing tours through the historic city center.

There are boat trips in and out of Frankfurt every day, so everyone will find something they like. One of the finest locations on the quayside at Mainkai is where vessels depart, but you can also take riverboat tours along the Taunusanlage S-Bahn bank.

Where are the boat tours located in Frankfurt, Germany?

It depends on what boat tour company you are using. Usually, the boat tours are located at the riverside near the bank or canals.

What languages are available on a Frankfurt boat tour?

Tour boat operators in Frankfurt offer boat tours that are conducted in either German or English.

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