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21 Best Places to Visit & Things to Do in Hessen, Germany

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What are some of the most popular attractions in Germany’s central region? There are a plethora of exciting activities to do in Hessen. This area is known for its lush woodlands, spectacular views, and Wiesbaden as the capital city. Hessen has a lot of interesting things to do. It’s a historical state with many significant landmarks.

You can explore old castles, go hiking in the forests, and visit famous museums. Many modern attractions, like theme parks and shopping malls, also exist.

Whatever your interests, you’ll find something to enjoy in Hessen. If you’re looking for a great German vacation destination, check out this region. Traveling in Hessen means embracing discovery travel—a wonderful trip.

If you also want to chase this experience and are eager to explore the state of Hessen, read more. The list prepared below is a guide to planning your trip to Germany.

Things to Do in Hessen & Places to Visit

1. Römerberg


Address: Römerberg 26, 60311 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Frankfurt is an unquestionably charming town in the German state of Hessen. It is home to spectacular landscapes, tourist attractions, and places of interest.

Römerberg, a significant and enthralling historical plaza, is one of the state’s historic sites. Since the 15th century, it has been relatively close to the Römer, an old Frankfurt City Hall.

It is a well-known tourist attraction and destination in Hessen, surrounded by historic marketplaces, cobbled streets, majestic medieval structures, half-timbered houses, and breathtaking scenic views. The square is a must-see spot in Frankfurt for anyone planning to visit the state of Hessen.

Römerberg is a famous meeting and tourist destination in Frankfurt. The square’s focal point is a statue of Justitia, the Roman goddess of justice. It is called the Gerechtigkeitsbrunnen or the Fountain of Justice. The central square was severely damaged during World War II, but nearly all of its magical history has been restored.

Visiting the town center during the Christmas season is one of the most incredible things to do in Hessen because Römerberg is home to one of Germany’s largest and oldest Christmas markets in Germany.

Check out one of the many guided tours along with a pairing of a boat tour of Frankfurt to learn about the history of the largest city in Frankfurt.

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2. Main Tower

Frankfurt's Main Tower

Address: Neue Mainzer Str. 52-58, 60311 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Do you want to get the spectacular overlooking view of Frankfurt and Hessen? Main Tower has you covered. It is the skyscraper in Frankfurt, which has 56 floors and a 200m skyscraper. The tower provides a variety of relaxation and top-notch indoor adventures. It has five pleasing underground floors and offers city views from its two observation decks.

Apart from admiring the picturesque views of the town, there are other exciting things to do in the Main Tower. The tower has a remarkable contemporary art attraction and exhibits, especially for art lovers. Visitors can also keep in shape at the Skyscraper fitness center.

Main Tower’s restaurant and sitting room on the 53rd floor provide delicacies for those searching for a beautiful meal and a place to pass the time.

The structure was designed in an excellent spot, near other iconic tourist destinations and hotels in the city, making it even easier to detour for leisure and behold the city’s beauty through its viewing platform. If you like what you hear, check out these other top things to do in Frankfurt.

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3. Karlsaue

Orangerie Kassel
Michael Wolf /

Address: Auedamm 18, 34121 Kassel, Germany

Are you looking for a memorable and scenic outdoor adventure in Hessen? Karlsaue, a fascinating state park located in the town of Kassel, has you covered!

The park is considered the second-largest park in the city, next to Wilhelmshöhe Mountain Park. It is a picturesque and majestic ample green space under the Hessen Kassel Museum Landscape management.

Karlsaue, also known as Auepark, is a 150-hectare park in town that provides extensive public space and is used as a recreation spot. The park is also close to other beautiful attractions in Kassel, the Orangery Palace, and the vibrant city center.

It was once just a marsh along the river Fulda, and today, it is a beautifully landscaped garden. From a Baroque garden, the park has been transformed into a less geometric and more romantic English-style garden with a botanical garden full of flowers and rare plants surrounded by trees.

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4. Zoo Frankfurt

Zoo Frankfurt Building
Sina Ettmer /

Address: Bernhard-Grzimek-Allee 1, 60316 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

“Visiting Frankfurt is among the great cities in Hessen, Germany. The Zoo Frankfurt is located in a town where fun outdoor adventure awaits.

This zoological garden is among the best destinations in the city. It offers opportunities for all ages to have fun, discover and earn new things, and enjoy the city. Located in the inner city’s eastern part, the zoo was founded in 1858, making it Zoo Frankfurt, Germany’s second oldest zoo.

The place aims to provide protection and raise awareness to protect and conserve, not the second oldest zoo in Germany, founded in 1858. Zoo Frankfurt spans 11 hectares, providing sufficient space to cater to and house different animal species.

Want to stay for a while? Book a room at Hotel am Zoo. The zoo has over 450 animals, including domestic, wildlife, as well as marine animals.

Some exciting animals in the Zoo Frankfurt were Lizard species such as Bearded and thorny dragons, Tree Kangaroos, European beef-eater birds, Spectacled Bears, and Howler Money.

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5. Kurpark Bad Homburg

Temple in the park of Bad Homburg in spring
Circumnavigation /

Address: 61348 Bad Homburg, Germany

Bad Homburg is a beautiful city in Hessen home to one of Germany’s largest and most beautiful spa parks. It is a large and fascinating part to visit, and this spectacular destination is among the listed sites of the town’s historical interest because it is the only park designed by the infamous Royal Prussian Garden Director-General Peter Joseph Lenné outside Berlin and Potsdam.

Kurpark is designed as an English landscape park covering an area of nearly 40 hectares. It has rolling meadows, lush trees, and dense bushes.

The park’s avenues, interconnecting trails, and charming lake add to its beauty. For a unique travel experience, visit Bad Homburg and take a scary tour. Kurpark’s historic structures and memorials were gradually added to its grounds over time.

The Hölderlin, Lenné, and Emperor Wilhelm I Monuments are some of the exciting monuments spread across the park’s grounds. Brunnensälchen, Castel Church of Schlosskirche, Kaiser-Wilhelms-Bad, and the Orangerie were historic buildings in Kurpark.

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6. Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe

Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe, Hessen

Address: 34131 Kassel, Germany

In the heart of Europe, nestled within Kassel, Germany, lies the majestic Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe. This expansive park, covering 2.4 square kilometers, began its creation in 1696 and is the second-largest hillside park in the world, as well as the largest in Europe. For visitors to the castle seeking a picturesque locale, the Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe offers an idyllic retreat.

The park’s inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites roster on June 23, 2013, acknowledges its stunning vistas, its exemplification of European architectural and horticultural design, and its overall beauty that invites exploration.

The towering Hercules monument and the grand 350-meter cascade that leads down to the Wilhelmshöhe Palace are among the park’s most illustrious features. The park’s Baroque expanse, complete with its ancient and intricate hydro-pneumatic water features, has captivated visitors for three centuries.

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7. Wiesbaden City Palace

Wiesbaden City Palace
H-AB Photography /

Address: Schloßpl. 1-3, 65183 Wiesbaden, Germany

Want to check out fascinating castles and palaces in Germany? Wiesbaden, Germany, there is an ideal and wonderful place to visit.

This palace is the Wiesbaden City Palace, commonly known as the City Palace. It’s a neo-classical building that was erected as the centerpiece of the city of Wiesbaden. The palace was built as the Dukes of Nassau’s residence and was completed by 1841.

The palace was built a modest size due to the lack of space within the city proper. Nevertheless, it is a spacious and grand home for the Duke, who wants to be close to the citizens. The palace is equipped with several wings and has about 145 rooms.

The three-story Wiesbaden City Palace, built with a decorative tower, archways, and a slate ceiling laid in herringbone designs, imparts appeal and its name to the town’s central square. The palace was severely destroyed in the Second World War.

It was restored and became the seat of the Hessian state parliament and a fantastic attraction in town.

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8. Palmengarten

Palmengarten Frankfurt
Marco /

Address: Palmengarten der Stadt, Siesmayerstraße 63, 60323 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Palmengarten, one of Frankfurt’s three delightful botanical gardens, is also the town’s green oasis. The garden features a stunning scenic view and a variety of plant collections.

It occupies approximately 22 hectares of land in the city’s Westend-Süd district. It is a famous and notable tourist attraction that should not be missed when visiting Frankfurt.

The greenhouse has been accessible since March 16, 1951, as an outcome of the luxurious collection of tropical plants owned by the Duke of Nassau. This outdoor recreation spot is now a tropical oasis in the metropolis, home to many plant species.

Palmengarten features a fascinating flower and butterfly house that visitors of all ages can enjoy. Either to see different plant collections or to interact with butterflies. There are also stores and restaurants to check out in the garden.

Apart from observing the facility’s plant collection, there are many other activities available that kids will love during the summer, such as its important play areas and a water play area.

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9. Hessenpark

Hessenpark Deutschland
Clyde / AdobeStock

Address: Laubweg 5, 61267 Neu-Anspach, Germany

Detouring Neu-Anspach, Germany’s unique museum, Hessenpark, is among the best things to do. It is a fascinating open-air museum in Hessen.

The museum was founded in 1974 by the Hesse State Government, which Albert Osswald leads. Most beautiful things displayed in the museums are Hesse’s lovely half-timbered buildings.

In this open-air museum, a variety of historical buildings were showcased in various assemblies. There were over 100 house displays in Hessenpark as of 2006. Visiting the museum is like getting a trip back in time. Most of the houses exhibited originated from numerous villages around the state.

Aside from the dwellings showcased in Hessenpark, there are also buildings in the museum, such as the church, farms, shops, and a village school.

The museum also has a historic market square where souvenirs, shops, and restaurants are accessible. Traditionally made products can be purchased in their shops, and the restaurants serve delicious traditional German delicacies from the region.

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10. Iron Footbridge

Iron Footbridge frankfurt
travelview / ShutterStock

Address: Eiserner Steg, 60311 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

The Iron Footbridge is a well-known tourist attraction in Frankfurt. It is also known as Eiserner Steg, a reinforced concrete pedestrian bridge.

A huge footpath walkway on the Main River in Frankfurt, Germany. It links Frankfurt’s Old Town to the fascinating neighborhood of Sachsenhausen. The structure was designed in 1868; by 1911, it had been broadened, equipped, and elevated. Daily, roughly 10,000 people cross the bridge.

The bridge is also recognized as the “Love Lock Bridge” because of its thousands of interconnected locks. The Iron Footbridge was the first bridge redeveloped in Germany after World War II.

It is among the top things to see in the old town of Frankfurt as well as in the state of Hessen, and the bridge is close to some of the city’s most popular tourist destinations, as it connects one township to the other.

The bridge is a fantastic tourist destination to see close up and even from a distance, a historical monument that delivers spectacular views and an ability to connect and path to the town’s places. It is close to Adina Apartment Hotel Frankfurt Neue Oper and Miramar Hotel.

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11. Schlossgarten

Schlossgarten Fulda
Branko Srot / AdobeStock

Address: Pauluspromenade, 36037 Fulda, Germany

The Schlossgarten, also known as the Schlosspark, is an enchanting location that should be on your itinerary when visiting the state of Hessen. Nestled within the charming historic center of Fulda, Germany, this park is a vast expanse of lush scenery and regal beauty.

The garden’s panoramic views captivate visitors. A trip to this park is visually rewarding and educational, providing insights into Fulda’s history. The heart of the garden is the Schloss itself, surrounded by manicured lawns and a striking fountain with a statue that stands proudly before the castle.

A leisurely walk through the Schlossgarten is among the most enjoyable activities here. Visitors can soak in the tranquil atmosphere and the garden’s scenic splendor.

The Schlossgarten is easily accessible near Fulda’s notable landmarks, including the town’s cathedral. The Schloss Palace is also open for tours, adding another layer to your visit.

Guided tours are available for those interested in the area’s deeper narrative. These tours incorporate the park and palace and provide narratives on the region’s historical context, importance, and the legacy of the Fürst bishops who once governed the town.

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12. Goethe House

Goethe House Architecture
helmutvogler / Adobe Stock

Address: Großer Hirschgraben 23-25, 60311 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Frankfurt is a beautiful place to visit in Hessen in Germany, a charming town brimming with spectacular museums. The Goethe House is among the best museums in town and is a not-to-miss. It is the birthplace of the infamous artist Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

It is a historic and significant home in Großer Hirschgraben, Frankfurt, where the great artist spent his youth and created classics. Art enthusiasts and tourists can visit the gallery to follow the steps and learn more about Goethe.

The impressive work of ‘Götz von Berlichingen’ is completed within the halls of this museum. He also finished the original version of ‘Faust,’ as well as the excellent ‘The Sorrows of Young Werther.’ In this dwelling, works that made Goethe famous right away.

The Goethe House is maintained, kept intact, and publicly accessible to commemorate Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and his phenomenal works, regarded as Germany’s most outstanding significant contribution to literary history.

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13. Niederwald Monument

Niederwald Monument and Skyline

Address: 65385 Rüdesheim am Rhein, Germany

In the land of Hessen, particularly in its town of Rüdesheim am Rhein, Germany, one of the most historical regions in Germany. This is a fascinating monument that can be seen. This monument is the Niederwald Monument, also known as Niederwalddenkmal.

It is a famous and significant monument within the UNESCO World Heritage site of Rhine Gorge. The monument is among the best places to visit, a spectacular tourist attraction that is beautiful to see and a destination not to be forgotten.

State Castles and the Gardens of Hesse maintain the Niederwald Monument. Germania’s monument is made of bronze and stands strong on the top of the Rhine. It represents the establishment of the German Empire following the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-1871.

The monument also shows war incidents and recalls the Rhine’s historical importance as a boundary waterway. The overall system emerges at 38.18 meters and weighs approximately 75 tons. Other beautiful things to see within the monument’s vicinity were the Adlerwarte, Niederwald Landscape Park, and Niederwaldbahn.

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14. Römer

Römer, Frankfurt

Address: Römerberg 23, 60311 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

One of the most enjoyable things to do in Hessen, Germany, is to check out the town of Frankfurt. It is a charming destination with beautiful sceneries, iconic attractions, and historical sites. Römer is one of the must-see attractions in Frankfurt.

This ancient structure is located near some of the town’s most popular destinations and tour places of interest, including the Old St. Nicholas Church.

Römer is an essential and distinctive tourist attraction and a great place to visit. The Frankfurt Town Hall comprises various residences and six courtyards from different periods. It is a great museum built as a three-level complex.

It previously served as a venue for trying to trade and book stores. It is now used for weddings and official gatherings. The spaces inside Römer were mainly closed to the public, but snapping photos and appreciating the neo-Gothic frontage and the beautiful cobbled alleys are among the best things to enjoy.

The old Town Hall is surrounded by and near some interesting spots, such as Römer. You can roam the attraction on a scenic walk or rent a car at Kayak.

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15. Taunus Wunderland

Taunus Wunderland frankfurt
TWL Muckel / CC BY-SA 4.0

Address: Haus Zur Schanze 1, 65388 Schlangenbad, Germany

Fun and exciting things await in Schlangenbad, Germany! The town has a beautiful amusement park that brings happiness and a memorable trip to Schlangenbad.

This amusement park is Taunus Wunderland. It is an outstanding tourist attraction not to miss when visiting the beautiful state of Hessen, Germany. The park is a nature-themed family place with various rides and attractions.

Taunus Wunderland is a place for all, with various fun activities, rides, and a petting zoo for young and adults. The amusement park has five lovely mascots: Muckel, Betty, Grandpa Alfred, Uncle Benno, and Aunt Rosi. Among the great things to enjoy in the park were its four theme areas: a candy floss land, a farm, a dinosaur valley, and an area with many things to discover.

Taunus Wunderland has about 52 spectacular attractions for those who seek thrilling adventure. Some of these were a petting zoo, a water slide, Dino riding, and a puppet Theater.

Hungry after exploring and enjoying the park? No worries. There are about six restaurants in town where you can experience a culinary journey.

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16. Lohr Park

Lohr Park Autumn Scenery
Joerg / Adobe Stock

Address: 60389 Frankfurt, Germany

Enjoy a trip to a location where you’ll only encounter the stunning majesty of nature. It is one of the most popular committee locations and is ideal for viewing.

It’s an enjoyable and straightforward place to spend quality time alone or with loved ones. The park also offers a variety of recreational opportunities. It has many activities for children, teens, and grownups, as well as sports fields, trails, play areas, and picnic areas.

Lohr Park is a recreational area where residents and visitors can enjoy themselves. Brisk walking, running, trying to play in the play area, and admiring the splendor of stunning scenery are all possibilities in the park.

Witnessing the breathtaking beauty of the apple orchard and the park’s vineyard is an important part of a visit to the park. Its undeniable beauty and scenic surroundings make it a great spot for nature lovers. Lohr Park is a green sanctuary where you can relax and enjoy nature. When you’re in the park, getting hungry is not a problem; refreshments stand ready to serve each park visitor.

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17. Städel Museum

Städel Museum Building

Address: Schaumainkai 63, 60596 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

What so see an interesting gallery while in the state of Hessen? The Städel Museum of Frankfurt, Germany, is among the ideal museum to detour.

It is a charming museum known as Städelsches Kunstinstitut und Städtische Galerie—this art museum houses Germany’s significant art collections, which are pleasantly preserved and displayed.

In 1815, Johann Friedrich Städel, a notable banker and businessman, established the Städel Museum as a civic foundation. Since the museum was built in the 1800s, it is acknowledged as among Germany’s oldest museum foundations.

A variety of Renaissance Baroque and contemporary art is held in the museum. Also, numerous European art masterpieces from the past seven hundred years, from the fourteenth century to the present, are in the Städel Museum’s care.

Visiting the museum allows every art enthusiast to see its 600-plus collection of notable sculptures. The museum also houses about 3,100 paintings and 100,000 drawings from remarkable artists, and about 5,000 prints and photographs are in the Städel Museum.

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18. Schloss Braunfels

Schloss Braunfels
David Brown / AdobeStock

Address: Schloss 1, 35619 Braunfels, Germany

A stunning castle is among the many thrilling activities and most beautiful places in Hessen, and a medieval castle in Braunfels, Germany, awaits your discovery. The Schloss Braunfels is a romantic castle that appears straight out of a fairy tale book. From afar, the fort welcomes visitors with an amazing perspective.

The lovely little town of Braunfels is centered around the Schloss Braunfels. For generations, it has served as the home for noble families. It’s now home to the family line, but they occasionally open their doors to visitors. Its former castle was reconstructed over the years and kept being modified and expanded.

Aside from Schloss Braunfels itself, there are numerous appealing things to see in the castles. It has a museum, the Princely Family Museum, the Castle Church, and a Café. Because of the castle’s ideal location, it also provides excellent access to various focal points and sightseeing possibilities.

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19. Hessisches Landesmuseum Darmstadt

Hessisches Landesmuseum Darmstadt
Sina Ettmer / AdobeStock

Address: Friedenspl. 1, 64283 Darmstadt, Germany

Darmstadt is a charming town featuring many attractions, one of which is the Hessisches Landesmuseum Darmstadt. It is a large multidisciplinary museum that houses various diverse art, culture, and natural history collections. In 1820, the museum was instituted by donating the local princely state Landgravine Karoline to the Grand Duchy of Hesse.

Natural objects, physical instruments, old German altars, paintings, and glass paintings from the collection of Landgravine Karoline and her son Ludwig X are some of the displays in the museum.

Hessisches Landesmuseum Darmstadt is among Germany’s few galleries where art, culture, and natural history are housed and exhibited under one roof.

The house has many mammal fossils of Johann Heinrich Merck and fascinating natural history exhibits. The museum’s 17th-century Dutch and Middle Ages paintings, copper engravings, precious minerals, ivory, and fossils are among the collections on display.

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20. Freizeitpark Lochmühle

Freizeitpark Lochmühle
Management / Tripadvisor

Address: Lochmühle 1, 61273 Wehrheim, Germany

Looking for a memorable and fun outdoor adventure? An adventure-filled attraction awaits in the Municipality of Wehrheim in Hessen, Germany. This attraction is the Freizeitpark Lochmühle, a wonderful and eventful amusement park for all ages.

It is a forested park that provides a fun and exciting adventure as well as spectacular scenery. The amusement park I built for children, younger teenagers, and families who seek a great place to enjoy and relish various recreation.

Freizeitpark Lochmühle is situated within the forest of Wehrheim, which provides access to beautiful landscapes as well as the opportunity to enjoy different park attractions or join a fan park tour, trails, rides, and pony trekking.

For those who aren’t into rides or leisure park tours, Freizeitpark Lochmühle has about 50 barbecue huts and locations where you can chill and grill. Aside from rides, tours, and grills, Freizeitpark Lochmühle also showcases a Petting zoo in its animal nursery, where children interact with various animal species in their enclosure or nursery.

The park is also a former farm that continues to offer an agricultural exhibition on the tractor railroad where daily life on the farm is presented as its extensive collection of farm animals.

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21. Hike the Kellerwald-Edersee Forest

Kellerwald-Edersee Forest
AVTG / Adobe Stock

The Kellerwald-Edersee forest is a beautiful place to hike and explore. There are many trails to choose from, and the scenery is stunning. The forest has a long history, dating back to the 12th century when it was first mentioned in a document.

Over the years, it has been used for hunting, timber production, and recreation. In 1974, it was designated as a national park, and today it is a popular destination for visitors from around the world.

You can also enjoy a variety of outdoor activities in the forest, such as fishing, camping, and mountain biking. If you’re looking for a great nature escape, the Kellerwald-Edersee forest is definitely worth checking out.

The Kellerwald-Edersee forest is in north-central Germany, near Kassel and Frankfurt. It can be reached by car, train, or bus. If you’re driving, the forest is easy to find—follow the signs to the “Kellerwald-Edersee National Park.” The park is open every day from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

If you’re taking the train, the closest station is “Bergheim.” From there, it’s a short walk to the forest. Finally, if you’re taking the bus, the nearest stop is “Bergheim/Walde.”

Places to Stay in Hessen

1. Hotel Brunnenhaus Schloss Landau Top Recommendation

Looking for an enchanting and idyllic stay? Then look no further than Hotel Brunnenhaus Schloss Landau! Boasting a beautiful garden, terrace and bar, this 4-star hotel will make you feel like royalty. And the best part is that you don't have to spend a fortune to enjoy all this luxury – free WiFi and private parking are included in your stay! All rooms come complete with a flat-screen TV in both the living/sleeping area and private bathroom, as well as high quality beds from the Schramm manufactory, a desk and wardrobe.

2. Sunset Hotel

The Sunset Hotel is the perfect place to stay for those who want to enjoy all that Kelsterbach has to offer. The rooms are spacious and well-equipped, with everything you need to make your stay comfortable. The hotel is situated in a great location, with easy access to all the best attractions in the area. And if you're looking for a little extra relaxation, the hotel also has a terrace where you can enjoy the beautiful sunset.

3. Apart Hotel Fulda

Looking for a great place to stay in Fulda? Check out Apart Hotel Fulda! The rooms come with all the amenities you need for a comfortable and relaxing stay, including air conditioning, a flat-screen TV with satellite channels, a fridge, a coffee machine, and more. Plus, the hotel offers free WiFi so you can stay connected during your visit. It is conveniently located near some of Fulda's top attractions, including Schlosstheater Fulda, Sankt Antoniusheim, Kohlhaus, and Horas


What is Hessen, Germany, known for?

There’s no question that Hessen has a rich history and culture. Frankfurt is the largest financial hub, and Frankfurt Airport is the busiest airport in Germany. In addition, there are old Hessen towns worth exploring, such as Bad Homburg or the beautiful towns in the Rhine Valley.

Is Hessen a city in Germany?

It is not a city but the German state of Hessen.

What are the best places to visit in Hessen, Germany?

There are many great places to visit in Hessen, Germany. Some of the top destinations include the Schloss Vollrads castle, Frankfurt city center, the Philippsruhe Palace, the upper middle Rhine Valley, and the Kloster Eberbach monastery.

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