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12 Best German Gifts | Gifts from Germany

Are you looking for some incredible German gifts for someone or yourself? Germany is one of the most cultural-rich societies in the world, and you can never lack something to appreciate here. Read on to find out some amazing German-made souvenirs and gifts.

Germany is known for many things. Being the land of over 20,000 castles, numerous parks, lakes, rich culture, and amazing history, there is so much to make your tour fulfilling.

But, what about the friends and family members you left back home? How will they know the beauty that Germany has to offer? Also, how do you keep alive the memories of places you visited?

Souvenirs and gifts are the perfect way to carry on some memories with you and also put a smile upon someone’s face. The good thing is that there are more than enough incredible German gifts to go around.

So, whether you are looking for a special gift for a friend, a spouse, or a family member, you are sorted.

Today, we explore all the amazing German souvenirs and gifts to help make your search easier.

Top German Gifts and Souvenirs

1. Lonely Planet Germany (Travel Guide)

Lonely Planet Germany

If you have a friend or a loved one traveling to Germany, what would be better than gifting them a travel guide? If it’s their first time there, a travel guide will certainly come in handy to help them figure out the places, or even which are the best times to visit.

And, even for a repeat traveler, there’s always something new they can find. This travel guide from Lonely Planet is the ultimate gateway to up-to-date information on what to do and see in Germany. It allows you to better understand this beautiful country, giving you an upper hand once there.

This travel guide includes all the maps to various interesting cities and sites, highlights and itineraries, insider tips, reviews for all costs you might incur, and cultural insights. And, it’s available for different cities across Germany.

If you want to surprise your traveling friend, a copy of this guide would be an unparalleled gift. And, a little German inscription would do the trick of customizing it.

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2. German Phrase Book

German phrase book

Traveling to Germany can become quite enjoyable when you can understand a few German words and phrases. This German Phrase Book is a perfect solution for this.

Whether for you or a friend, this book is certainly helpful. With over 2,500 words and phrases, this guide by Simple Language Learning offers you everything you need to at least understand the basics of the language. It is quite a practical gift to help someone get the most from a German trip.

If you are traveling to any German-speaking country, the book will be an excellent travel companion.

Some of what you’ll get from the Phrase Book includes:

  • German language basics
  • Pronunciation
  • Good to know items
  • Tips to be a better German speaker
  • Helpful verbs and adjectives
  • How to get around (public transport, cab, or hire)
  • Plane travel
  • Accommodation, restaurants, and food
  • Shopping
  • Emergencies, etc.

Anyone would certainly appreciate such a practical gift.

German Christmas Gifts

Germany is home to some of the most famous Christmas markets globally. And, the country’s Christmas culture is undeniably intriguing. Getting some Christmas gifts for you, your family, or friends from Germany isn’t, therefore, a bad idea.

Some interesting Christmas German gifts might include:

3. BRUBAKER Wooden Christmas Pyramid

BRUBAKER Wooden Christmas Pyramid

These are some of the most popular German gifts. And, they are not only unique but also signify the rich culture of German Christmas markets. Ideally, they are perceived to be the old version of the contemporary Christmas tree.

Dating as far back as the Middle Ages, these are unique pieces that will certainly make someone’s day brighter. This particular wooden Christmas Pyramid from BRUBAKER is one such item you can gift someone.

It is an exclusive, hand-painted, three-level Nativity pyramid from Germany, perfect for a wall hanging. Other features of the pyramid include:

  • Handpainted figurines, requiring minimal assembly
  • 18 inches in height
  • One stationary upper level containing the angels, plus two rotating lower levels
  • Six, 0.5 diameter candle holders ideal for candles more than 3.7 inches high (BRUBAKER pyramid candles fit better)

This can act either as a gift or a souvenir to remind you of the time you spend in Germany.

4. Gingerbread Nutcracker

Kurt S. Adler HA0493 Nutcracker - German gifts

If you are looking for some authentic German gifts, gingerbread nutcrackers certainly fit this category. As the German legend goes, these items are a symbol of power and strength. They are believed to keep watch over the family as guard dogs, exposing their strong teeth to ward off evil spirits.

Besides, they are also attractive and unique, making them some of the best souvenirs from Germany to take home.

The HA0493 Nutcracker by Kurt S. Adler is such a piece that you can even get online. This 17.5-inch tall nutcracker is a beautiful wooden gift that symbolizes both the Christmas culture in Germany and adds to your house decorations.

If you are looking for glamorous pieces to lighten the Christmas moods, you might as well try out this one. It comes in white and gold colors with stunning glitters.

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5. Bits of Berlin Wall

Original Piece of the Berlin Wall

What signifies German history more than its famous Berlin wall! Imagine having a piece of this great structure in your living room. The fact is that this is pretty possible.

If you travel to Germany, you can come back with a certified piece of this wall to keep as a souvenir. As they say, the 96.3 miles long wall keeps on giving. The only thing you should ensure is that you don’t travel all the way back, with a concrete piece of an old German house, marked as a piece of Berlin wall – it happens.

The best way to avoid being scammed is to buy from certified places such as the Berlin Wall Memorial or Amazon. A good example of this is the BWBS Piece of the Berlin Wall from amazon.

This is a real piece of the original Berlin wall, perfectly fixed to an Acrylic clear display. It also shows how the wall had divided the city into two distinct powers, the East and the West.

The piece is among the best German gifts, which can also act as an educational tool about Germany and Berlin history.

6. Beer Steins

HAUCOZE Beer Stein Mug

To many people, they might look hideous and unattractive. However, they are some of the best gifts in German culture, portraying the rich German history and traditions (beer drinking, to be precise). Even better, they are not as expensive, and some people, especially beer lovers, will really appreciate the gesture.

They can also be great souvenirs to remind you of the home of some of the world’s greatest beer enthusiasts. Also, whether you want it curved in glass, stone, or porcelain, with or without a lid, the choice is yours.

For instance, the HAUCOZE Beer Stein Mug is a perfect choice. Weighing around 0.9kgs at 9.45†tall, anyone would love this beer stein as a gift. The German-themed ceramic mug can be used either as a decorative piece or as a real mug.

And if you are environmentally conscious, this beer stein is made of premium ceramic, and it’s 100% lead-free. It also comes with a pewter lid.

7. Trenkle Exclusive German Black Forest Weather House

Black Forest Weather House TU 846

How about a taste of some magic and entertainment? This authentic wooden German souvenir is just what you need. The piece even comes with a two-year warranty.

If you want to have a piece of the famous Black Forest, this 100% authentic wood-made weather house is a perfect idea. You can buy it for your friend, your mum, or even your kids. It’s a great piece for anyone.

So, how does this weather-house work?

Well, inside the house, a gut string reacts to any humidity changes. The changes in the surrounding air to either humid or dry cause the string to adjust and twist.

This, in return, makes the woman turn when the air is dry, and the man turns when it’s more humid – an easy but interesting mechanism. And, it’s amazing to have such an amazing piece in your living room.

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German Clocks and Gifts

Cuckoo Clocks are quite popular with Germans. And, although many people associate these items with Switzerland, their origin is the Black Forest, Germany. This is a forested region situated in the Southwest region of the country.

Besides the beer steins and Christmas Pyramids, Cuckoo Clocks are some of the coveted German gifts and souvenirs. While they might vary in quality and style, the basic original design has not been changed for over 300 years.

If you are interested in buying one or two of these authentic German gifts, here are some incredible pieces you can try out.

  1. German Cuckoo Clock 8-day-movement Chalet
Cuckoo Clock - German gifts

This is a wooden, mechanical Cuckoo Clock that anyone would love to have in their house. The clock is designed with a powered REGULA movement from SBS-FEINTECHNIK, a market leader from the Black Forest.

If you want it silent during the night, you can turn it manually via a lever. The clock is mechanical, meaning it’s powered with batteries (not included) and can be mounted on a wall or put on a shelf.

Some of its distinct features include:

  • Wooden hands
  • Wooden dial
  • A wooden bird
  • 2 years warranty

The clock is approved by the Verein die Schwarzwalduhr (Black Forest Clock Association), which means you are sure of quality and authenticity.  Also, the hands are sturdy, and you can move them without affecting the clock’s mechanical aspect.

Every half an hour, the clock calls. And, at the top of each hour, it calls the number of hours. If this is too much noise for you, it has a shut-off option (manual).

  1. Quartz Cuckoo Clock Black Forest House
Quartz Cuckoo Clock Black Forest House

This Cuckoo Clock contains a moving train and music accompanying it. The clock is 100% German-made and authenticated by the Black Forest Clock Association. It’s an exclusive piece that you can buy as a gift for anyone.

The music and the train make it a charming type of gift, perfect for reminding you about Germany and its goodies. It operates on three C-sized batteries and has an automatic night shut-off. This way, you won’t have to worry about disturbing your sleep.

  1. Kintrot Cuckoo Clock Traditional Chalet KT60220
Kintrot Cuckoo Clock

This is also an authentic Black Forest House Handcrafted Wooden Clock, with a wall pendulum. This German gift comes with one cuckoo clock, a pendulum, and two wooden pine cones (decorative).

The clock blends seamlessly with almost any style of furniture and interior décor, making it one of the most suitable German gifts you can buy yourself or your friend. 

As usual, when it’s time, the cuckoo pops from the wooden house, calling. There are twelve variations of melodies to make the clock more interesting.  And when its night time, the cuckoo automatically shuts off.

It’s easy to operate and runs on three C-batteries, which you buy separately. So, want a taste of Germany back home, take back with you one of these. You’ll not even notice the hassle of carrying these gifts from Germany.

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German Food

If there’s something that makes German trips worthwhile, it’s their delectable traditional cuisines. Right from the over 1,500 types of sausages to the tasty Stollen, you can never go wrong with their bites.

But can you buy some as gifts? Certainly yes! If you have someone in love with German foods, why not carry some for them.

If you think you can’t find good foods to take to your friend as German gifts, take a look at these:

  1. Stollen Lemon Cake
Schlunder Citrus Spring Stollen

This is the official version of the German Christmas cake. Coated with scrummy icing sugar, this cake offers the perfect taste of Germany.

And, who doesn’t like yummy stuff? I certainly do!

If you are like me, you’ll undoubtedly love Stollen. Dating back as early as 1474, this German tradition of eating the cake during the Christmas festivities is not new. In fact, it qualified as being fit for kings in 1560.

With this, it’s one of the most loved German delicacies you wouldn’t want to miss. Adding this to your list of the best German gifts is something you’ll never regret.

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12. Martha Stewart Sausages and Spreads Gift Basket

Martha Stewart Sausages and Spreads Gift Basket

Germany is quite famous for its wide range of sausages. In fact, almost every German meal must have a sausage.

While bratwurst is what many people visualize when German sausages are mentioned, there is more to this than you can imagine. Ideally, almost every region has a special kind of local sausage. And if you didn’t know, even the English alphabets aren’t enough to name the numerous types of German sausages.

This particular product from Martha Stewart is one of those sausage brands sold in the US. If you need to gift someone a German meal, this summer grilling a sausage basket is a perfect answer.

The basket includes several delectable pieces of chicken sausages plus some Polish kielbasa. It also comes parked with German sauerkraut and Bavarian mustard, carefully picked by the Martha Stewart store.

So, if you want to make someone’s summer brighter, you certainly should try out this German gift basket.

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