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8 Best Flower Bikes in Amsterdam to Visit

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While visiting Amsterdam, you will likely see beautifully decorated flower bikes sprinkled across the city. These flower bikes, which are fabulously decorated bikes with flowers, clocks, brightly colored butterflies, and other floral-inspired features, are not a new feature in Amsterdam. And they have a pretty cool story behind their beauty.

We’ve lived in Amsterdam for a few years and have spotted all the flower bikes. Lucky for you, we have created a flower bike route for you to explore and see all the flower bikes in Amsterdam. Here’s a story about the man behind the bikes and my experience meeting him in person.

The Story About the Flower Bike Man, Warren Gregory

Flower Bike Man, Warren Gregory in Amsterdam
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

An American man named Warren Gregory is behind the flower bikes in Amsterdam, and his story is fantastic. He has become so iconic to the locals that he is now known as the Flower Bike Man.

Warren’s story begins years ago when his wife Michelle couldn’t find the bike she relied on to get around town. Warren’s wife suffers from epilepsy and often struggles with memory issues.

Knowing this could happen again, Warren decorated Michelle’s bike so she wouldn’t struggle to find it. After this, he started decorating bikes around town.

Warren’s primary motivation for decorating the bikes with flowers was to ensure his wife could find her bike, but the entire experience changed the course of his life. He spent some time decorating abandoned bikes that he left along her route home each day. Michelle had a bike to ride home and always knew the way.

Warren continues to make these beautiful flower bikes using bright flowers (both real and synthetic flowers). He is noted as a nice guy and a creative artist, but people love Warren’s bicycles so much they’ve taken over Instagram. You can follow along with the hashtag #FlowerBikeMan.

It gave him peace of mind knowing Michelle rides a bike he created and one that is easily accessible to him. He makes these bikes from his small houseboat. Whenever he creates a new bike, he takes it out before dawn to display it on random streets.

Today, he is often hired to create bikes for local companies and festivals.

How Can You Find Warrant Gregory, the Flower Bike Man, and the Flower Bike Route?

Amsterdam Bikes decorated with colorful flowers
Nataraj / Adobe Stock

The capital’s muted streets come to life with pops of beautiful color when you spot a flower bike along your journey through the area. If you see one, you know the Flower Bike Man has been nearby. You can take a cheerful tour to see some of the bikes.

Due to vandalism concerns, the bikes are no longer along the same route they once were. In January of 2023, the bikes were displayed at FlowerPower West, and the journey began at De Hallen before moving along several other locations. The bikes remained there until April 2023.

Today, the Flower Bike Route is more of a mystery, but there are certain locations where you are more likely to see one. And if you see the flower bike man, say hello!

Best Locations to See Flower Bikes in Amsterdam

Bikes in Amsterdam, The Netherlands decorated with flowers
dennisvdwater / Adobe Stock

Colorful flower bikes are located throughout the city of Amsterdam, and what is rather magical about the entire experience is that new ones show up often. This is meant to be a positive message. You will likely see them when you visit most areas of Amsterdam Central. Keep your eyes open!

The following are some of the best locations for this welcome pop-up distraction. Remember, these beautiful flower bikes can move from one area to another.

1. Spiegelkwartier

Purple Flower Bike Spiegelkwartier, Amsterdam
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

Just two blocks north of the Rijksmuseum, you can find a “blue-tiful” bike. A journey to Spiegelkwartier lets you check out some fabulous design boutiques, antique shops, and dozens of galleries. It’s right outside my house, so I’m constantly walking by it.

Who knows? Keep your eyes peeled, and you might run into me. The historic streets here along the Canal Belt are perfect for catching a glimpse of one of the flower bikes. This location has been the home of a blue bike with bright pink and purple flowers. It’s quite stunning and a great photo spot in Amsterdam.

2. Oudezijds Voorburgwal (Red Light District)

White Flower Bike in Oudezijds Voorburgwal, Amsterdam
selma.hank / Instagram

In central Amsterdam, Oudesijds Voorburgwal is off a canal in the middle of De Wallen within the Red Light District. Here, you can see a beautiful white flower bike. It seems so innocent, which sharply contrasts the surrounding neighborhoods.

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3. Grimburgwal

Grimburgwal Canal in Amsterdam
frdric / Adobe Stock

The purple flower bike on the canal off the Grimburgwal Bridge is a bit more simplistic but offers a simple statement of “love is the cure.”

4. The Fairy Bike That Moves

The Fairy Bike in Amsterdam
The Fairy Bike / Facebook

The Fairy Bike is one of the most magical bikes in Amsterdam Central because the owner of it moves it frequently. She customizes bikes and uses them to get around town (and that means it’s often possible to spot this fabulous, colorful bike just about anywhere.

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5. Bright Pink Bike That Moves

Bright Pink Bike Decorated with Pink Flowers in Amsterdam
jacksampson3 / Instagram

Having been spotted over numerous Amsterdam canals, this bright pink bike with artificial flowers also features a few butterflies and pink spokes.

6. The Record Bike in Amsterdam West

The Record Bike Decorated with Vinyl Records in Amsterdam
miranda_ruiter / Instagram

Warren makes bikes out of more than just flowers. For example, this one is still decorated with red flowers and records of various artists covering the spokes and handlebars. It also moves from place to place but has been spotted in Amsterdam West.

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7. The Red Bike in Amsterdam West

The Red Bike Decorated with Red Flowers in Amsterdam West
flowerbikeman / Instagram

Another bike you may see from one area to the next is the red version. The entire bike, from the wheels to the seat, is red, as are all the flowers (aside from some greenery).

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8. Anne Frank House & Nine Streets

You can usually spot a flower bike near the Anne Frank House. People have spotted one across the canal from Westerkerk. It moves around the Nine Streets, where you can sneak a peek!

Wherever you go in Amsterdam, keep your eyes open for a bearded man on a flower bike. He always goes around to check on his art pieces and install new ones. You never know when you will find one!

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