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Visiting Gásadalur, Faroe Islands: Rich in Beauty

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Gasadalur is a small village on one of the Faroe Islands. This place draws visitors from far and wide because of its beautiful sceneries, including the Múlafossur waterfall.

Visitors here also enjoy the view of Goose Valley, wild geese, puffins, and other sights on Vágar Island. It is also an ideal place for hikers. Gasadalur is a perfect choice for tranquil sightseeing and long walks.

Múlafossur Waterfall and Skyline

We will focus on what this small village has to offer visitors and other neighboring attraction sites. Read on to discover how to make your hike there successful and memorable.

About The Gasadalur Village

Gásadalur, Faroe Islands
Photo: stignygaard

Gasadalur is one of the most isolated villages in the Faroe Islands of Denmark. This small village is home to a dozen people. Before the single tunnel road was completed in 2004, getting there was a difficult task.

The only available options when visiting Gasadalur village used to be a strenuous hike around the mountain, using a boat, or flying there in a helicopter. These were all challenging, expensive, or both, making it largely inaccessible. This almost made Gasadalur a ghost town.

Over time, the village population declined every year. No one was willing to make the tricky journeys to this small village, sandwiched between two mountains at the corner of Vágar Island. Despite the picturesque features, Gasadalur almost collapsed due to its inaccessibility.

Most people who walked to the Gasadalur had to go through the long steep slopes of Eysturtindur mountain. The extreme weather conditions made this forced hiking a hell on Earth in winter. It would be best if you prepared for the hike because it isn’t a stroll in the park.

There was a breakthrough when one of the single-lane tunnels through the Eysturndur mountain was completed in 2006. This road opened the small village to the world, and is why many more people started visiting Gasadalur.

Gásadalur Tunnel and Mountains

But since the road through the mountain is only a single-lane tunnel, you must wait at the entrance if there is oncoming traffic.

Villagers and travelers all appreciate the construction of this tunnel road. There has been an increase in the population in the village and the number of people visiting Gasadalur village.

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What to Do in Gasadalur Village

Gasadalur may be smaller than other villages on the Faroe Islands but is never short of amazing views and hiking activities. The landscape of Vágar Island is a stunning attraction. Consider doing the following when you visit Gasadalur:

Going to Múlafossur Waterfall in Gásadalur

Múlafossur Waterfall

The Múlafossur waterfall in Gásadalur is a must-see feature when visiting the Faroe Islands. It is one of the best sites because of its stunning view. The drops from this waterfall go straight into the Atlantic Ocean, creating a panoramic view worth your time.

You also get to view the highest mountain on Vagar Island. Árnafjall Mountain rises 722 meters in the air. The landscape around it is breathtaking.

Most people who go to Gasadalur village head straight to the Múlafossur viewpoint to glimpse the waterfall. It is located about 300 meters from the main road, a gravel road that leads directly to this spectacular point. You can park your car right at the junction where the gravel road begins.

The road to the waterfall viewpoint passes through a gate. This gate remains closed to stop sheep from coming down! You can see the waterfall from this point, but it is still not close enough for photography.

Continue walking down the road until you get to the staircase. If you are brave enough, take a walk down the stairs. Be careful because the steps can be slippery, and the handrails are loose.

You will see a warning sign telling you not to go to the water. Some people ignore it – you can also try it, but remember to be careful.

Gásadalur, Faroe Islands
Photo: DavideGorla

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Watching Puffins in Gasadalur

Parliament of Puffins

Puffins are beautiful birds you can see in Gasadalur. You can see them if you hike to the Gasadalur viewpoint. Puffins are freaking cute. Their black coats, white breasts, and colorful beaks add to the panoramic view of Gasadalur village and surroundings.

Hiking Along the Edge

Gásadalur, Faroe Islands
Photo: arne-list

Hiking is one of the best activities you can do in this village. You should carry your camera to photograph memories of this stunning place. The short hike starts at the gate of the Gasadalur viewpoint. You then take a path crossing the waterfall on a small bridge across the Gasadalur village. From these points, you can see the beautiful views of the island of Mykines.

The full hike starts at a village before Gasadalur called Bour and follows through an old village path that villagers initially used before the car tunnel was constructed. This hike usually takes about 2-3 hours and covers 3.5km.

Hiking along this old path is not a stroll in the park. It passes through a Gasadals Brekkan hill along the route with steep slopes. Going down a steep descent as you approach Gasadalur village would be best.

You need appropriate hiking gear to take on this ever-changing path. Some parts are grassy, but it gets rougher with gravel as you approach Gasadalur village. Don’t attempt it if you have small children.

Hikers in Aberdares
image by DrGichuki is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

The first stretch of the Gasadalur hike starts at the tunnel entrance and runs close to the mountain edge. Halfway along the route, you will meet a plaque bearing the word Liksteinurin or “Corpse Stone.”

This was the old resting point for coffin carriers from Gasadalur village! They used to bury their dead relatives in Bour. So, the coffins had to be carried up the mountain to get there.

As you continue, you will come across the Vigda spring. This spring also has a rich history that the villagers will be willing to share with you. Further down, you will come to Risasporio, a feature believed to be a giant’s footprint.

The road twists down the slope and ascends to the village of Gasadalur. This is where you will get to the climax of your visit. The features we described earlier are at the end of the road.  

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What To Know Before This Hike

The previously remote village opened up to the world by constructing a tunnel road through the mountain. That means a few dare use the old path nowadays because of the challenging hike.

Hikes along this old path are challenging. As said, it is not for kids. Secondly, prepare for ever-changing weather conditions. Fog, rain, and strong winds are most common. If foggy in the morning, we recommend rescheduling your hike and considering a clear day.

Dining At Gásadalsgarður Café

Gasadalur may be the smallest village in the Faroe Islands, but it has facilities for the visitor’s well-being. There is a public toilet, guest house, and a café that serves local Faroese food. The menu consists of traditional Faroese bread with toppings and cakes. You can also find warm drinks for chilly days.

The Gásadalsgarður Café is a multipurpose structure. It also serves as a slaughterhouse for one week every year, usually in the autumn when it is time for slaughter. So, you can expect meat on the menu at the café.   

Other Things to Do When You Visit Gasadalur

Gasadalur Cliffs

Apart from the main activities described, you can do other fun things when you come to the Faroe Islands. Lake Sørvágsvatn offers unique and amazing views. A half-day hike along the shores of the Drangarnir Sea also has things to marvel at during your trip.

You can also go to Trøllkonufingur viewpoint or take a ferry to Mykines to see puffins if you were unlucky and didn’t see them at Gasadalur village. This journey to Mykines also gives you a hiking opportunity to a historic lighthouse.

The Best Time to Visit Gasadalur

Gasadalur is best for a sightseeing outing in the Faroe Islands. That means you want to go there on a clear day, which reliably occurs in summer from late May to August. It is perfect timing to see the iconic puffins around this village.

It is okay to visit this village at any other time of year. However, you will miss out on some of the best things to see here, and the winters can be quite unforgiving.

How To Get to Gasadalur

You can get to this small, isolated village by different means. What you choose depends on your preference, and the following are the available options:

Rental Car

A rental car is the best way to get to the Gasadalur village from the Vagar Airport. It is about a 20-minute drive from the airport.

Public Transport

Another alternative is public transportation, but you have to know the bus route and schedules.


You can walk for an hour from Bour village to Gasadalur. This takes about one hour. Another option is to walk from Sandavagur near Vagar Airport to Gasadalur, a 7-hour journey. Both routes involve passing through rough terrains that are difficult to climb and virtually impossible for young kids.

Guided Tours

A guided tour is the best option for first-time travelers to the Faroe Islands. All your trips will be planned by experts who are familiar with all the routes in the Islands. They also know the best spots with panoramic views to fulfill your trip goals, but they come at an extra cost.

Many guided tours to Gasadalur exist. You might get overwhelmed with the options, but you can consider the following:

Where to Stay When You Visit Gasadalur

Gasadalur Scenic Village

Gasadalur is a small village with only 26 houses. Fortunately, it has accommodation services for guests. You can stay at an Airbnb next to the café or Mulafossur Cottages. It is more unique but a little bit pricier.

If you want to explore the entire Faroe Islands, the central city of Tórshavn is where you should find accommodation services. They are more comfortable, less exposed to the elements, and located near other facilities. You can choose one from the following recommended hotels:


What is the best month to visit the Faroe Islands?

The best time to visit the Faroe Islands is during the summer months, from May to August. That is when it’s clear for hiking and other activities on these islands.

How do I get to Mulafossur Waterfall?

You can reach the Mulafossur waterfall by a long walk from the village houses in Gásadalur. It is located about 7 miles from Vagar Airport. So, it would be best if you drove through the road tunnel to the only village on the Faroe Islands.

Can you see Northern Lights in the Faroe Islands?

Yes. Faroe Island is far enough north to allow you to see the Northern Lights, but only if the weather is clear. That’s why you should come here during the summer months.

Why go to Gásadalur village?

Gásadalur village offers panoramic views of physical features. You will see the highest mountains, Mulafossur waterfall, and many others. Also, you can hike the trails through the village.

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