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13 Best Salem Ghost Tours: Day & Candlelit Night Tours

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Salem is best known for the famous witch trials of 1692. The development of mass hysteria within the community led to more than 200 people being accused of practicing witchcraft, and twenty innocent people were executed as a result of the witch hunt.

Salem is well-known around the country as being one of the most haunted cities in America. So, today, we will dive into this haunted location and show you some of the top Salem tours you can participate in if you are looking for a dose of history, culture, and fright.

You will find Salem ghost tours during daylight hours as well as nighttime tour options if you are looking for something scarier.

1. Salem Waterfront Hotel & Suites Top Recommendation

The Salem Waterfront Hotel & Suites is the perfect place to stay when visiting Salem, Massachusetts. The hotel is located on the waterfront, so you can enjoy stunning views of the ocean while relaxing in your room. The hotel also has its own restaurant and lounge, so you can enjoy a meal or a drink without even leaving the property. And if you're looking to stay fit and active during your visit, the hotel has a fitness center and an indoor heated swimming pool. Wi-Fi access is also available throughout the property, so you can stay connected during your stay.

2. Hampton Inn Salem, Ma

Stay at the Hampton Inn Salem, Ma hotel and enjoy all that Salem has to offer. This 3-star hotel is located close to many Salem attractions, including the Glendale Cove Beach, the Salem Witch Museum, and the Peabody Essex Museum. The Hampton Inn Salem, Ma offers a variety of amenities to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable, including an indoor pool, a fitness center, and a concierge service.

3. The Salem Inn

Step back in time and stay at The Salem Inn, a beautiful property consisting of 3 historical homes. Set in America's oldest seaport, this inn is only steps from famous sites. Guests can enjoy free daily breakfast, free WiFi access, free parking and coffee makers. The rooms at The Salem Inn are named after a piece of Salem history and some rooms feature a fireplace, a whirlpool bath and kitchenette. Guests can also enjoy free passes to a nearby fitness center

Best Ghost Tours in Salem, Massachusetts

A good ghost tour will fill you in on the history of the location you are visiting and give you as many sordid details as possible relating to the haunted tales of the past that still linger.

The best night haunts are led by experienced and knowledgeable guides who are well-versed on the ins and outs of the city. Here are our top recommendations for the best Salem Ghost Tours.

1. Salem Forest Lore Tour

Salem Forest Lore Tour

The Salem Forest Lore Tour is a one-mile, guided hike that is sure to incite goosebumps. This tour takes you out of the downtown area of Salem and puts you in the woods, where you will see how witches perform magic and why nature is so important to them.

You will have the opportunity to experience real-life witchcraft on this guided hike. You will also learn more about the curative herbs witches use.

This Salem ghost tour is limited to a small group of 15 members to prived everyone with a more personalized ghost tour experience. Before embarking on your haunted experience, be sure to wear your hiking boots and come with your growing curiosity.

The guided tour takes you through science, history, and philosophy in the Salem Woods. The tour starts at 75 Wilson Street. You will be only steps away from downtown while walking with the Mushroom Witch through the magical Salem Woods.

Read more about the Scary Forest Tour and dive into Salem’s history.

Tour price: from $30

Duration: 60 to 90 minutes

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2. History & Hauntings of Salem Guided Walking Tour

History & Hauntings of Salem Guided Walking Tour

The History & Hauntings of Salem Guided Walking Tour provides you with a local historian who will guide you through the streets of Salem. You will hear the account of 400 years of Salem’s history as you admire the architecture that dates back hundreds of years. 

On this Salem ghost tour, you will even hear the scary story of the Joshua Ward House. This happens to be one of the most haunted places in all of Salem. Be ready to hear all about the lady in black. The guide may even show you a photograph of the spirit suspected of being a witch.

The best part of this Salem tour is meeting real practicing witches while you tour the city. The tour will take you along the haunted seaport, the McIntire District, and then the Old Burying Point Cemetery.

Find out more about this ghost tour here.

Tour price: from $30

Duration: Approximately 1 hour, 45 minutes

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3. The Salem Night Tour

The Salem Night Tour

The Salem Night Tour is another one of the best night ghost tours Salem has to offer. During this guided walk, you will be led through some of the most haunted places in Salem while also learning more about the history and hysteria surrounding the Salem Witch Trials.

Salem night tours allow you to visit cemeteries and Saint Peter’s Episcopal Church and have the chance to walk amongst the unmarked graves of the Puritans in the cemetery. This tour is geared more toward the history of Salem, which is ideal if you are a history buff with a thirst for knowledge.

Don’t miss any astonishing and informative Salem night tours. Get your tickets right here.

Night tour price: from $26

Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes

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4. Salem’s Spooky Spectres Walking Ghost Tour

Salem's Spooky Spectres Walking Ghost Tour

During Salem’s Spooky Spectres Walking Ghost Tour, you will hear intriguing ghost stories of murder and mystery. You will get to see all the haunted locales in Salem, including the Old Salem Gaol, the haunted Pickman House, and Wicked Good Books.

You will also tour Old Burying Point, Town Hall, the Joshua Ward House, and the Lyceum. It is more than just a historical ghost tour. It is a tour riddled with Salem’s dark history as it includes macabre stories relating to the sordid history of the Salem Witch Trials.

We expect you not to be intimidated by this information and take this unique Ghost Tour!

Tour price: from $26

Duration: 1 hour

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5. Satanic Salem Walking Tours

Satanic Salem Walking Tours

If you are interested in another evil side of history, consider joining a Satanic Salem Walking Tour. One of the most visited places in Salem is the Satanic Temple. The guided tour takes you around the city of Salem while teaching you more about its history.

The tour guide will keep you engaged and captivated for the duration of the tour while relaying real facts and teaching you about the city’s dark history minus all the tourist dramatics. It is a no-fluff, no-nonsense tour about witchcraft and the occult.

In the meantime, for further information about this tour, click here!

Price: Starting at $20

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

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6. Mysteries & Murders of Salem Guided Night Walking Tour

Mysteries & Murders of Salem Guided Night Walking Tour

You have come to the right place if you are an adventurous traveler and don’t mind a few scares.The Mysteries & Murders of Salem guided night tour allows you to skip the history part and get straight to the action: the scary side of what happened.

You will only hear the stories of bloody murders and sinister ghost sightings. It is a tour that takes a different approach, which is interesting for those who may be tired of hearing about the Salem Witch Trials and want to explore the other side of the city’s dark history.

During the tour, you will hear the tale of the Boston Strangler and see if he ever stepped foot in Salem. You will also hear stories of a famous hitman who frequented the area.

You will have the opportunity to tour the city at night when it is at its spookiest!

Don’t waste time and book this tour today!

  • Price: from $40
  • Duration: 1 hour 40 minutes to approximately 2 hours

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7. Salem History & Sightseeing Guided Walking Tour

Salem History & Sightseeing Guided Walking Tour

Now, let’s delve into a more historical approach to Salem, but that doesn’t mean it will be any less scary. On this Salem tour, you can listen to the city’s history as you visit the Witch House and many more haunted sites.

Also, you will find out more about New England’s past, the witchcraft trials, and the American Revolution. This tour is less scary and more educational. You will learn more about the famous Salem witch trials, Colonial Massachusetts, and the city’s historic architecture.

When the tour gets to the trial’s memorial, the tour guide will give you a complete and detailed account of why the events of 1692 happened.

This will prove to be much more than just a ghost tour. You will learn about one of the most haunted cities in America more retrospectively. It is also one of the longest walking tours on our list of the best ghost tours in Salem.

Get your tickets right away and explore the History tour!

Price: $40

Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes

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8. Curses and Crimes Candlelight Walking Tour in Salem

Curses and Crimes Candlelight Walking Tour in Salem

The Curses and Crimes Candlelight Walking Tour in Salem, Massachusetts, is perfect for those craving more of Salem’s history and the Witch Trials. Your tour guide is a historian who specializes in the history of witchcraft.

The tour details the darker side of the city’s history, including the dark reality of the trials, the Old Witch Gaol, the curse of Sarah Good, the old Salem Jail, and much more.

You can learn more about this tour here.

Price: from $20

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

9. Self-Guided Smartphone Ghost Walking Tour in Salem

Self-Guided Smartphone Ghost Walking Tour in Salem

If you prefer to take a tour on your own without the aid of a tour guide, then you should consider the Self-Guided Smartphone Ghost Walking Tour in Salem. On this tour, you will visit the Ropes Mansion. While there, simply press play on your phone, and you will be guided on your tour through the spooky streets of Salem.

Once you start the tour, it does not expire and can be taken at any time, making this a great deal. We recommend you listen to the tour with headphones or earplugs.

The narrator for the tour is one of a kind and will not attack your ears with only facts. At the beginning of this self-guided tour, you will hear about the old ghost owner of the Ropes Mansion and then proceed to the garden, where you will hear all about the ghosts that burned in the mansion.

You will also visit the Witch House, Salem Inn, the Bewitched Statue of Elizabeth Montgomery, Salem Old Town Hall, Rockafellas, Joshua Ward House, 15 Front Street, the Old Burying Point Cemetery, and the Salem Witch Trials Memorial.

Price: From $5

Duration: 40 to 50 minutes

10. Requiem for Salem Walking Ghost Tour

Requiem for Salem Walking Ghost Tour

The Requiem for Salem Walking Ghost Tour offers the usual spooky hauntings, covers mature themes, and uses adult language. It is an adults-only walking tour that lets you get to know the darker side of Salem while you explore its most haunted locations at night.

During this tour, you will visit Old Burying Point Cemetery, stop at Proctor’s Ledge Memorial, Ropes Mansion, and then the House of the Seven Gables, one of the most well-known houses in all of Salem.

You will learn more about each historic location while immersing yourself in the true stories surrounding their dark history.

To learn more about this adult-only walking tour through Salem, click here.

Price: From $34.99

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

11. Dark History: Hauntings & Witchcraft Hysteria

Hauntings & Witchcraft Hysteria

The Dark History: Hauntings & Witchcraft Hysteria is a walking tour through Salem in which you can visit some of the spookiest and most popular haunts, including the ever-popular Witch House, Chestnut Street, and Burying Point Cemetery.

On this tour, you will hear more about the Puritans’ founding of the city in 1626. You will also learn more about their search for religious freedom that would ultimately end in fear, suspicion, and anger.

Your expert guide is an experienced storyteller and will recount many of the details surrounding the hysteria of the Salem Witch Trials and discuss some of the local legends and hauntings taking place hundreds of years ago to today.

To learn more about this spooky tour, click here.

Price: From $32

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

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12. Midday Haunted History of Salem Walking Tour

Midday Haunted History of Salem Walking Tour

If you prefer a daytime tour to a nighttime tour, then the Midday Haunted History of Salem Walking Tour is definitely one to consider on your next visit to the historical city of Salem.

On this daylight tour, you will dive into the city’s history. It starts with a family-friendly introduction and allows you to explore the city on foot as you travel the cobblestone streets and the haunted cemetery.

You will discover more about the paranormal activity in this infamous town as you visit sites with documented hauntings and shroud yourself in dark tales of mystery and murder.

To learn more about this daytime walking tour through Salem, click here.

Price: From $15.58

Duration: 1 hour (approximately)

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13. Bewitched Historical Tour

Bewitched Historical Tour

When choosing the Bewitched Historical Tour in Salem, you will have the expertise of a licensed guide as you tour this infamous city.

The guide will lead you on a journey through time as you can visit over a dozen famous local destinations with historical significance. During this tour, you will uncover the real history behind Salem while exploring its colonial roots.

You will get to see one of America’s oldest cemeteries, where you can pay your respects to the victims of the 1692 Salem Witch Trials. Some of the stops you can expect on this spooky ghost tour include:

  • the Old Witch Jail,
  • Old Town Hall,
  • Old Burying Point Cemetery,
  • Salem’s first church,
  • the Salem Witch Trials Memorial,
  • the Bewitched Statue,
  • St. Peter’s Church, and more.

Price: From $30

Duration: 2 hours (approximately)

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Other Scary Experiences in Salem

In addition to the guided tours through Salem, you can find other fun things to experience around the city, as you will see below.

Witch Cottage Photo Shoot

Witch Cottage Photo Shoot

We know this doesn’t count as a ghost tour. However, the scenography that this photoshoot offers is simply out of this world. Just think about it for a second. Imagine going to one of America’s most haunted cities and returning home with a beautiful witch-themed album of yourself as a souvenir.

Yes! This studio provides a witch-themed costume photoshoot inspired by the events of 1692 in Salem. A professional stylist will make you look like an authentic witch or wizard.

Their wardrobe is filled with hundreds of costumes for all sizes and genders, spanning different ranges, including dark, stylish, and even fancy!

The photographer will capture you in multiple poses on a theatrical set. Book your photoshoot before you visit!

Price: From $70

Duration: 45 minutes (approximately)

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Combination Passes

Combination Passes

Take more than one tour and save some money on your trip! Explore the dark history and past of Salem in the History Tour. And right after that, take the Spooky Walk with this Double Trouble Combination Pass.

The Steps Through 1692 History Tour is a 45-minute walk through downtown Salem. You will learn more about the hysteria of 1692 and the events that unfolded.

In this double-ticket value package, you can also experience Salem’s Spooky Spectres Walking Ghost Tour. You can take a 60-minute tour through the historic city while visiting some of its spookiest spots.

You can also try out the Triple Threat Combination Pass, which allows you to experience three tours! This pass allows you to take the Wandering Witches tour, Steps Through 1692, and finish with Salem’s Spooky Spectres tour.

Double Trouble Combination Pass: From $40

Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes to 1 hour 45 minutes (approximately)

Triple Threat Combination Pass: From $56.42

Duration: 1 hour 45 minutes to 2 hours 30 minutes (approximately)

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Taking one of these Salem tours is a great way to learn more about Salem’s history while experiencing many of the same things a paranormal investigator may experience as you visit these spooky places.

You will learn more about the infamous hysteria that ensued hundreds of years ago and discover the haunted history of the past that makes Salem, Massachusetts, memorable.


What is there to do in Salem at night?

Salem is a great city to explore at night, with plenty of activities available for visitors. Some of the best Salem ghost tours can be found at night, and other attractions, such as museums and theaters, are also open late. There’s always something exciting to do in Salem.

Does Salem, Massachusetts, have a Halloween parade?

Salem, Massachusetts, has an annual parade called the Salem Haunted Happening. Salem Haunted Happening welcomes everyone from young adults to older adults. Families typically enjoy the Grand Parade, which marks the official kick-off of festivals every year, and most families bring children on the day they will be there. Many local businesses close down for this event each year,, and activities go on all week.

What is the best ghost tour in Salem?

Salem Ghost Tales is Salem’s longest-running ghost tour. It will take you on a terrifying night through Salem’s most haunted locations for 45 minutes of chills and thrills. Salem is full of history, mystery, amazing stories, and various personalities filled with drama, tragedy, and suspenseful moments are ingredients to make you shiver many times! Join Salem’s best actors portraying people who once walked these streets in the past to bring haunting occurrences back to life.

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