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9 Best Health Insurance for Travel Nurses

If you are a traveling nurse, you must be wondering about available health insurance for travel nurses. We have created a quick list of some of the top options.

Health insurance for travel nurses is oftentimes a complicated consideration. When you’re on the road and relocating multiple times a year, you need reliable health insurance without any gaps.

You also don’t want to pay a fortune for it. Travel nurses are an important part of the US healthcare system. The need for travel nurses (nurses who travel to different locations and work temporarily) came about as a result of a shortage of nurses.

So hospitals started hiring nurses as and when their needs arose. Do travel nurses need health insurance? Of course, they do, like everyone else. They may take care of the sick, but they themselves are also prone to getting sick.

Summary; Our Top Picks

Best Health Insurance Overall Global Medical Insurance
Best Budget Health Insurance ChoiceAmerica®
Best Health Insurance for US Visitors
Atlas America
Best International Health Insurance SafetyWing
Best Health Insurance for Pre-Existing Conditions ChoiceAmerica®

So having a healthcare plan that covers their needs while traveling to different states is a must.

Best Health Insurance Options for Travel Nurses

There are basically two options for travel nurses for health insurance: agency health insurance or private health insurance. Most travel nurses work with agencies on a contractual basis, who station them across the states on assignments.

These assignments are normally for 13 weeks but can be as short as 8 weeks or as long as 24 weeks. So you first have to decide whether you want to stick to the coverage provided by your agency or find your own health insurance.


VisitorsCoverage Logo

VisitorsCoverage is a travel medical insurance company that provides visitors to the United States with comprehensive medical insurance coverage.

The policy covers emergency medical expenses, including those associated with a pre-existing condition. In addition, the policy also provides coverage for lost baggage and trip cancellation.

  • Comprehensive coverage for a wide variety of medical expenses
  • Affordable plans for individuals and families
  • The fast and easy online application process
  • 24/7 global customer service

If you need travel nurse health insurance that will be reliable for both medical purposes as well as traveling. VisitorsCoverage is a great option for you. Read our full VisitorCoverage review if you’d like to learn more about their policies and offerings.


SafetyWing Insurance Logo

SafetyWing is the perfect travel insurance solution for young travelers and digital nomads. No matter where you are heading, SafetyWing has you covered. Whether you’re camping in Thailand or trekking in the Amazon, this affordable provider focuses on helping independent travelers that may find themselves at risk of unforeseen circumstances and accidents.

SafetyWing offers trusted, reliable coverage so that you can get back on track as quickly as possible. As a digital nomad, you will often be living in other countries for short periods of time and SafetyWing makes sure that your insurance works no matter if it says ‘US’ or ‘Thailand’ on your passport. You can trust that SafetyWing will be there whenever something goes wrong while you explore the world. Read our full SafetyWing review to see if this is the right option for you.

  • Protection regardless of your location
  • Help arrives quickly in the event of an emergency
  • Low premiums that fit any budget
  • Choose the coverage that meets your specific needs


InsureMyTrip Logo

InsureMyTrip is one of the top medical insurance options for travel nurses. They have a wide variety of plans to choose from, and they are always up-to-date on the latest changes in health insurance regulations. This makes them an ideal choice for anyone looking for travel health insurance.

InsureMyTrip also offers excellent customer service. If you have any questions about your policy, or if you need to file a claim, their customer service representatives are always ready and willing to help. They also offer a wide range of resources on their website, so you can learn more about your policy and what it covers.

If you’re looking for travel medical insurance for your next travel nursing assignment, InsureMyTrip is a great option to consider. They have a wide variety of plans to choose from, and they offer excellent customer service.

So if you’re looking for health insurance for travel nurses, InsureMyTrip is a great choice.

  • Stay healthy while traveling with routine and preventive medical benefits
  • Prescription drug benefits and other non-emergency medical benefits
  • No expensive medical bills to worry about
  • The website is packed with resources that will help you understand your policy

AIG Travel Guard

Travel Guard Logo

AIG Travel Guard offers a wide variety of travel insurance plans to fit your budget and needs. We offer plans for individuals and families, as well as group coverage and international plans.

AIG Travel Guard is committed to providing you with the best possible customer service. Their representatives are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you find the right plan for your trip and to answer any questions you may have.

For more information or to purchase a plan, visit AIG Travel Guard online today.

  • Medical emergencies can strike anywhere, at any time. Be prepared with Travel Guard.
  • Get access to doctors and the right medications no matter where you are in the world.
  • We can coordinate your medical evacuation from even the most remote areas. 
  • You’re covered for pre-existing conditions, unexpected events, and expensive medical evacuations.

Atlas World Trips

Atlas World Trips Logo

Atlas World Trips offers the best travel medical insurance plans for your domestic or international trip. Their plans are designed to provide you with the coverage you need while traveling, and their customer service team is available 24/7 to help you with any questions or concerns you may have.

With Atlas World Trips you can travel with the peace of mind that your healthcare needs will be taken care of while you are away from home. No matter what your plans are, Atlas World Trips has you covered. Get the best travel medical insurance for your next vacation and get out there.

  • Plans available for individuals, couples, and families
  • Covers you while traveling in over 190 countries
  • Get help with emergencies such as medical evacuations, hospital stays, and more
  • Trip interruption benefits can help reimburse you for lost trip costs

World Nomads

World Nomads Logo

World Nomads is the top and most trusted option in travel insurance. If you are a travel nurse, you’ll likely want coverage on your travels along the way or anything you do in your new destination.

World Nomads provides comprehensive coverage for nurses who are working in different parts of the world. The insurance policy is also customizable, which means that you can choose the coverage that best suits your needs.

  • Covers you for overseas medical emergencies
  • Get coverage for your electronics, sports, activities, and more
  • Cancellation policies available in case of last-minute emergencies
  • 24/7 emergency assistance helpline

Like what you are hearing? Read our full World Nomads travel insurance review.

Best Health & Medical Insurers for Travel Nurses

If you’re not completely satisfied with the coverage the health insurance provider your agency uses or you just feel the pros of private health insurance outweigh the cons. Then, Opt for the following best health insurance companies for travel nurses:


Cigna Logo

Cigna is one of the largest health insurance providers in the country. So it can make a good choice for travel nurses if they want to get individual or family insurance. This means wherever you go for a nursing assignment, the policy stays valid.

Cigna offers relatively affordable PPO and HMO plans, although you should stick with the former. If you’re a nurse with diabetes and rely on insulin, you can save quite some money on your insulin every month with their insurance plans.

For those who are a stickler for savings, this private insurance provider will save you some decent money on healthcare expenditures.


Aetna logo

Aetna offers many affordable options for individuals and families. As a travel nurse, you may want to save money by buying the cheapest plan available. However, that shouldn’t mean compromising on coverage.

This company has a vast network as well and offers discounts on many essential healthcare services. What makes Aetna ideal for travel nurses is its mobile insurance application. You can find all the information you need on the go.

Blue Cross Blue Shield

Blue Cross Blue Shield logo

Blue Cross Blue Shield provides healthcare plans with coverage in all 50 states, which makes it a good health insurance company for travel nurses. However, Blue Cross Blue Shield works more locally than Blue Cross and Blue Shield, so do your homework as to how it will work out when you move across state lines for nursing assignments.

You can also benefit from Blue365 discounts on health and wellness products, which as a travel nurse, you’ll need a lot of. This is also a good choice if you need specialty care due to some chronic conditions or serious illnesses.

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Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente logo

Kaiser Permanente is available in eight states, including California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Virginia, Maryland, Georgia, and Hawaii, as well as Washington D.C. So if you’re in one of these states and don’t get stationed out of state very often, this could be your choice.

Their premiums are quite affordable, especially if you go for an HMO. For instance, they have the largest HMO network in California, so no matter where you are in the Golden State, you’ll be able to find an in-network doctor through your PCP.

Even if you are out of the coverage state, you’ll receive coverage for emergency and urgent care through Kaiser Permanente.

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United Healthcare

United Healthcare logo

United Healthcare is the country’s biggest health insurance provider that offers multitudes of plans. While you can certainly get annual coverage, you can also go for short-term coverage to fill the gaps between your agency-provided coverage.

Dental and vision can be purchased separately, so you can save money by going for a medical-only. They also have other products that may benefit you as a travel nurse. For instance, if you get stationed abroad as well, you can also buy their travel insurance.

Again, it’s one of those providers that have a vast network, so you’ll have access to in-network doctors in most states and counties.


HumanaOne logo

Those travel nurses looking only for short-term health insurance plans should consider HumanaOne’s short-term plans. These plans are some of the most affordable in the country.

You can get this plan for a minimum of 30 days, which can be helpful for covering the days you’re off duty. Even if you want coverage for the whole year, HumanaOne’s rates are competitive. It’s the third biggest insurance provider in the country, so you can expect expansive coverage in all 50 states.

HumanaOne offers both HMO and PPO, but their HMO may be too limited for a travel nurse. Even if you’re working in nearby states or the same state, you should go for their PPO. If money is not an issue, you may even want to try the indemnity plans, which give you a lot more freedom.

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Molina Healthcare

Molina Healthcare logo

Molina Healthcare works in over eighteen states, with partial coverage in a few of them. It’s still one of the top ten health insurance providers in the country. Its plans will save you quite some money as almost all plans involve no co-pays.

It’s the best preventive health insurance provider that covers some of the essential services, at least in the states its network is present. So as you grow old, you can continue to stay on their coverage and enjoy the many wellness and preventive perks they offer.

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Agency Health Insurance Plan

Agency health insurance plans can be a quick solution for your healthcare needs, but it’s not without some disadvantages.

Pros of Agency Health Insurance Plans

The number one advantage of going with the agency’s health insurance plan is that you avoid the hassle of finding a healthcare plan.

Agencies usually have a default provider and a standard coverage, so there aren’t many choices to choose from. More importantly, it’s a lot more affordable than going for private health insurance.

It’s basically similar to how corporate companies offer their employees health insurance at reduced rates. They do so because of the cheaper rates they get because they bring in so many people into the provider’s system.

Another benefit is that you may get wholesome coverage with dental and vision benefits as well. You might not have to shell out more money for these additional coverages.

Cons of Agency Health Insurance Plans

The problem with going with your agency’s health insurance is that it may only be valid when you’re on the job. This may create gaps in your coverage when you’re not on an assignment. You don’t want to be left without coverage for days when you’re not stationed at a hospital.

You may not be covered if you’re working for another agency as well. Also, your deductible might increase. On the contrary, if you do stick to one agency, you may not make as much money as you can by working for multiple agencies.

Much like other job-linked health insurance plans, you only have coverage as long as you’re working. As soon as you’re terminated, your coverage ends, which can be stressful.

health insurance for travel nurses

Private Health Insurance

Private health insurance fills some of the gaps found in the agency-provided healthcare plan. However, that doesn’t mean it’s without some disadvantages.

Pros of Private Health Insurance

Private health insurance plans will cover you throughout the year, no matter if you’re on the job or not. This saves you from any potential pitfalls because of the gaps in agency health insurance coverage.

Another big benefit is that you can register and work with several agencies. Your coverage will cover you regardless of which agency assignment you’re on. This means you can earn more money and work every week if you want to.

Lastly, you have the freedom to find and choose a plan that meets your medical needs if you have a condition. While agency plans provide coverage everywhere you go, that doesn’t mean it’s always good. With a private insurance provider, you can go for a reliable plan.

Cons of Private Health Insurance

The main case against going for private health insurance when you’re a travel nurse is the high cost. These plans would almost certainly have higher premiums and copays compared with the agency’s plan.

However, that can be offset by earning more through different agencies. Another con you need to watch out for is the coverage.

Remember, you’re a travel nurse traveling through different states, so you need coverage everywhere. A private health insurance plan with a mostly local network will not work for you.

PPO vs. HMO for Travel Nurses

When going for private health insurance as a travel nurse, you’ll have to choose between a PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) or an HMO (Health Maintenance Organization).

You should go for a PPO as it has a bigger network expanded in many states. You’ll be able to find an in-network health practitioner everywhere you go.

In comparison, an HMO uses a Primary Care Physician (PCP) that refers you to specialists. That means you’ll have to change PCPs often or simply pay more as you travel and consult with doctors outside of their network. You can also go for POS (Point of Service), which is a combination of the two. It will be cheaper than a PPO.

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Do Travel Nurses Qualify for Subsidies for Private Health Insurance?

Generally, no. There aren’t any subsidies for private health insurance for healthcare workers. However, it may vary by the health insurance provider.

Also, you may be eligible for some federal assistance depending on your income as a travel nurse, which will ultimately lower your premium.

You may also be ineligible for Medicaid as your travel nurse’s salary might be higher than the low-income qualification threshold.

So at the end of the day, you pay the same as any other individual for private health insurance.

Do Travel Nurses Receive Healthcare Coverage?

Most registered nurses are eligible for getting healthcare coverage by their employer’s insurance provider. However, they do contribute to the premium.

Similarly, travel nurses can also get coverage through the agency they are registered with and pay premiums through their wages.

Can I Get Private Insurance in Addition to Agency Health Insurance?

You can get private health insurance in addition to the insurance plan provided by your agency, but that will up the cost.

The best solution is to go for short-term private plans for periods when you might not have agency coverage, for example, vacation days or transit days between assignments.

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Health insurance while traveling is absolutely essential because you never know when you might need medical help. The best health insurance for travel nurses is one that provides good coverage without any gaps and outrageous costs. If your agency provides such a plan, it would be best to stick with that and save money.

Otherwise, choose from one of the top private health insurance providers.

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