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16 Best Hot Springs in Montana

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Known by many as “Big Sky Country,” the great state of Montana inspires thoughts of mountains, endless skies, and wild herds of buffalo. However, some of the state’s most amazing gifts are its hot springs, ranging from rustic and undeveloped to luxurious and modern.

Humans have enjoyed the pleasures of hot springs for thousands of years, and many of the hot spring locations in Montana welcomed visitors long before European settlers came to the area. Swimming in mineral water is considered a remedy for some skin ailments, and fans of “soaking” swear that the experience can reduce pain and improve mental well-being.

Editor’s Note: Please know the difference between commercial, developed hot springs featured below and the natural thermal features scattered throughout the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Backcountry and geyser basin pools are not relaxing places to soak they can be dangerous and deadly. There are very few places to soak or swim in Yellowstone National Park.

Montana is a large and spread-out state, and as such, many of its best features require a car and a willingness to get behind the wheel and cover some serious miles. However, the state is home to amazing natural formations like those within Glacier National Park and an endless number of hot springs, making the driving time worth it.

If your Montana vacation plans include a pair of skis, don’t forget your bathing suit. A trip to one of the state’s best hot spring resorts will provide extreme relaxation after a strenuous and eventful day among Montana’s beautiful mountains.

The Best Hot Springs in Montana

1. Quinn’s Hot Spring Resort

Quinn's Hot Spring Resort
Management / TripAdvisor

Address: 190 Hwy 135, Paradise, MT 59856

Quinn’s Hot Springs Resort offers its visitors beautiful heated pools that reach up to 106 degrees, as well as a unique ice pool, which feels amazing when you rotate between the hot springs pools and the ice pool. The resort sits near the Clark Fork River, and many of its cozy luxury cabins offer a spectacular view of the river, canyon, or mountains.

The hot springs resort is also home to two lodges. The Glacier Lodge is an adults-only lodge that caters to couples seeking an affordable getaway. The Andre J. Melief River Lodge is a riverfront lodge styled as an adults-only lodge offering private decks and beautiful river views.

When you’re hungry, Quinn’s Hot Springs offers two restaurants, which include Quinn’s Tavern for casual fare and the Hardwood House Restaurant for fine dining options. The resort offers vacation packages that include access to special events held throughout the year, and overnight guests get unlimited access to the hot springs pools.

The best way to reach Quinn’s Hot Springs if traveling from out of state or by plane is by flying into Missoula, about an hour south of the resort. The resort is remote enough that you should rent a car at the airport unless you’re driving to Montana on a road trip.

Quinn’s Hot Springs Resort offers excellent vacation packages, but you may also purchase a day pass, which gives you three hours to enjoy the hot springs. The resort is relatively remote but not incredibly far from Missoula and has more urban hotel options like the City Center Motel or the Comfort Inn.

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2. Norris Hot Springs

Norris Hot Springs
image by Tillie H/TripAdvisor

Address: 42 MT-84, Norris, MT 59745

Norris Hot Springs is about 35 miles west of Bozeman, the town you’ll fly into when you visit Yellowstone National Park. Norris Hot Springs is a popular hot spring in Montana because of its proximity to Bozeman and the popularity of road trippers driving through Big Sky, Yellowstone, and the skiing opportunities throughout southwest Montana.

One of the interesting features of the hot springs is that the pool is drained every night, allowing cleaning without chemicals. The pool takes about eight hours to fill up for visitors the next day. If you’re on a road trip in your RV, you’ll find a place to park your vehicle in the hot spring and some tent camping options.

Bozeman is also a suitable place to stay overnight when you want to visit Norris Hot Springs for the day, but you’ll need a car to reach the springs. Norris Hot Springs is also an excellent place to unwind after spending a day on a VIP private boutique tour of Yellowstone’s lower loop.

After enjoying your time in the hot springs, you’ll find two opportunities for food near the 50 Mile Grill. The hot springs regularly host musical groups that perform poolside, so check ahead before you arrive to time your visit during a performance.

3. Lolo Hot Springs Resort

Lolo Hot Springs Resort

Address: 38500 W US-12, Lolo, MT 59847

Lolo Hot Springs is another western Montana hot springs about a 40-minute drive from Missoula. The privately owned facility is an excellent option for travelers interested in additional outdoor adventures during the winter and summer. The hot springs are in the middle of the Lolo National Forest and sit on 125 acres of private property.

The area that would become Lolo Hot Springs Resort was enjoyed for hundreds of years by local Indians, and the arrival of European settlers like the Lewis and Clark expedition brought notoriety to the area. A facility was built around the hot springs in the late 1880s and was popular with travelers seeking the health benefits of soaking in mineral water.

Today, the facility boasts an indoor heated mineral pool that reaches 106 degrees Fahrenheit. You’ll also have access to a large outdoor pool when you visit.

In the summer, visitors may pair their visit to the hot springs with activities like frisbee golf, hiking, and horseback riding. Try a hike in the morning and then head to the hot spring for an afternoon soak to relax your muscles.

In the winter, Lolo is a mecca for snowmobiling, and nothing pairs better with snow sports than a dip in a Montana hot spring. Whether you visit in the summer or winter, you’ll have plenty of places to stay, and the town boasts charming lodgings. Try The Lodge at Lolo Hot Springs, a top location.

The Blue Mountain Bed and Breakfast is another nearby option and offers guests some spectacular views in the summer, as well as perks like a complimentary breakfast. The bed & breakfast is just 11 miles from Missoula International Airport, which makes it convenient for travelers arriving by plane. 

4. Fairmont Hot Springs Resort

Fairmont Hot Springs Resort
image by Bob Dahlberg/TripAdvisor

Address: 1500 Fairmont Rd, Anaconda, MT 59711

If you’re looking for a Montana resort experience in a hot spring, look no further than the Fairmont Hot Springs Resort. The resort offers its guests indoor and outdoor pools, as well as options for family vacations and couples retreats. The resort even houses condominiums on the property, and owners get free pool access anytime.

One of the best reasons to visit the Fairmont Hot Springs Resort is the giant 350-foot enclosed waterslide, which deposits riders into the outdoor pool. The waterslide is open year-round and uses naturally heated mineral springs water. According to the resort, the water from the hot spring emerges from the earth at 155 degrees Fahrenheit but is cooled before it reaches the pools.

It’s worth noting that the pools at Fairmont Hot Springs Resort aren’t open for day use, so you’ll need to stay at the resort for free access or bring your RV to stay at the Fairmont RV Park, which will allow you to buy a day pass to the pools. The hot springs resort is in a rather remote area outside Butte, Montana, and the only way the resort can operate is to limit capacity to guests. This limitation creates an exclusive and beautiful resort environment.

If you’re staying at the resort to gain access to the pools, there are a few nearby activities to explore to round out your vacation to the area. What comes to mind is the Historic: Butte, Anaconda, and The Headwaters of the Missouri, Private VIP Tour to learn about some of the area’s history, as well as see the beautiful Art Deco and Victorian-style architecture throughout Butte.

5. Chico Hot Springs Resort & Day Spa

Chico Hot Springs Resort & Day Spa
Image by Ted McGrath used under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Address: 163 Chico Rd, Pray, MT 59065

Chico Hot Springs was established in 1900 by Percie Knowles and William E. Knowles, a Victorian-era couple. They opened a resort called the Chico Warm Springs Hotel, where guests could listen to a brass band, attend weekly balls, and enjoy afternoon tea.

Today, Chico Hot Springs Resort offers all sorts of luxury amenities and two outdoor pools. It still retains a lot of its old-world charm.

Guests may spend time at the facility’s day spa, enjoy fine dining at the historic dining room, and grab a bite to eat at the poolside grill. Visitors who want to stay at the resort may book a luxury or rustic cabin with private decks and personal spa tubs. The resort also offers some fun options for overnight stays, like a custom-built covered wagon for glamping (glamorous camping) and a renovated train car.

As a western Montana hot springs, Chico Hot Springs and the surrounding community are popular places to stay for travelers landing in Bozeman and driving through Yellowstone National Park. Several local river rafting companies operate in the area, so consider a river adventure before you spend the evening soaking in the hot springs.

If you fly into Bozeman and need a ride to Pray but don’t want to drive through the snow, consider the Black Bird Limo & Car Service from Bozeman Airport to the resort. It’s just 27 miles from the airport to Pray, Montana. If you’re visiting Billings, which is further to the east, Chico Hot Springs is probably the closest hot spring near Billings.

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6. The Symes Hot Springs Hotel & Mineral Baths

The Symes Hot Springs Hotel & Mineral Baths
image by Ayla N/ TripAdvisor

Address: 209 N Wall St, Hot Springs, MT 59845

As you travel throughout Montana, you’ll see towns built in almost every era of modern American history, from the Wild West to the present day. If you want to take a trip back to the 1930s, consider visiting Symes and the Symes Hot Springs Hotel & Mineral Baths in the aptly named Hot Springs, Montana.

This unique venue is a historical landmark and features 1930s Mission-style architecture with an outdoor mineral flow pool. Guests of the hotel can enjoy the pool, as well as the day spa in this hotel of total escapism. The pool is open to any visitor willing to pay the entry fee, so you don’t need to stay at the hotel to use the pool.

The facility offers RV hookups and tent spots if you’re traveling with your tent or RV. RV and tent reservations come with two passes to the pool. The facility also has an espresso bar popular with locals and a restaurant called the Symes Bathhouse Grill & Cantina.

Symes is one of the hot springs near Glacier National Park and is about 100 miles south of the entrance. If you’re on a road trip through northern Montana, a stop in Hot Springs is definitely worth an afternoon. You won’t find yourself in the lap of luxury in Hot Springs, Montana, but if you want a vintage, old-school experience, Symes Hot Springs Hotel is an excellent option. 

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7. Elkhorn Hot Springs

Elkhorn Hot Springs
image by Mandy C/TripAdvisor

Address: 339 Hot Springs Road, Polaris, MT 59746

Elkhorn Hot Springs is another historic Montana hot springs that opened its doors more than 100 years ago. The facility offers guests two large pools with water pumped from underground. The facility doesn’t need to use any chemicals to clean its pools because the movement of the water helps clean the pools naturally. 

Elkhorn hot springs range from 92 to 102 degrees, so they’re not the hottest hot springs in Montana, but they have an indoor wet sauna that gets up to 106 degrees. If you want to relax after dipping in the springs, Elkhorn has cabins and lodges for guests. The lodge was built over a century ago and is styled like a dormitory with shared bathrooms.

Suppose you’re interested in a more traditional hotel or vacation home experience while visiting the hot springs. In that case, your best bet is a hotel in Dillon, which is about 35 miles away from Polaris and Elkhorn Hot Springs. You might try Tranquil Silverwood Estates, a fully equipped vacation home. Another option is FairBridge Inn Express Dillon, which offers modern comforts like complimentary breakfast, free Wi-Fi, and a fitness center.

However, you might want to look at the rustic cabins at Elkhorn if you don’t want to drive to the hot springs and would rather stay on the property. The rustic cabins are excellent for large groups, as the biggest can sleep up to 10 people. Some cabins even allow pets but ask for a cabin that allows your furry friends to tag along because some cabins are pet-free rather than pet-friendly.

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8. Jackson Hot Springs Lodge

Jackson Hot Springs Lodge
image by onewickedb/TripAdvisor

Address: 108 Jardine Ave, Jackson, MT 59736

Jackson Hot Springs is another southwest Montana hot spring and is a great option for families. The outdoor pool at the facility is open year-round and features a cool Old West ambiance. The water in the pool at Jackson Hot Springs ranges from 100 to 106 degrees. 

Jackson is relatively remote, so you may consider staying at the hot springs in one of the rooms. If you’re traveling across Montana in your RV, the hot springs offer RV hookups and tent spaces. The hot springs also have a bar and restaurant open all day.

Jackson is known for its hot spring and is a premier destination for snowkiting, a winter sport where people use kites and wind to move over the snow or ice. The town is also the site of the Montana Snowkite Rodeo, which lasts for three days and brings competitors from far and wide.

The largest town near Jackson, Montana, is Butte, but you’ll also find lodging and opportunities for outdoor recreation in the small towns surrounding Jackson. Options include Dillon, Melrose, and an amazing retreat on the Wise River called the Sasquatch Inn Retreat

9. Bozeman Hot Springs

Bozeman Hot Springs
Management / TripAdvisor

Address: 81123 Gallatin Rd, Bozeman, MT 59718

If you want to experience the best of Montana’s hot springs but don’t want to venture too far off the beaten path, Bozeman Hot Springs is an option you may want to consider. The hot springs are about eight miles west of Bozeman, so it’s easy to reach even if you don’t want to travel that far by car.

Bozeman Hot Springs was built over 100 years ago and offers guests more than 12 relaxing pools. One of the facility’s unique features is that its pools range in temperature from 59 to 106 degrees. 

Most hot springs only offer pools at or above 98 degrees, but Bozeman Hot Springs offers several options. You’ll also find dry and wet saunas at the facility and a full fitness center. The hot springs is an excellent venue for families, couples, and travelers, but you’ll need to find lodging at a nearby property since Bozeman Hot Springs is just a day-use facility.

Virtually any of the Big Sky resorts, just a few miles away from Bozeman Hot Springs, are a great option. Try the Big Sky Resort Village Center if you’re visiting Montana in the winter for skiing and plan to visit Bozeman Hot Springs during your stay. The Residence Inn by Marriott Big Sky is another convenient shuttle service option.

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10. Sleeping Buffalo Hot Springs

Sleeping Buffalo Hot Springs
image by Laura C/TripAdvisor

Address: 669 Buffalo Terrace, Saco, MT 59261

You’ll find loads of hot springs in Montana in the southwest portion of the state, but you’ll only find a few options in the northeast. If you’re traveling from North Dakota or Canada, you’ll want to consider Sleeping Buffalo Hot Springs. The hot springs are located in Saco, a tiny town in Phillips County close to the border of Canada and North Dakota, which borders Montana on the east.

The hot springs facility first opened in the 1920s and was once known as the American Legion Health Resort. Water in the pools comes from a well reaching 3,200 feet deep and contains minerals like sulfate, calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium. Fans of mineral hot springs suggest the minerals help boost circulation.

If you’re planning a trip to Glacier National Park and will travel from the east along the Canadian border, Sleeping Buffalo Hot Springs is an ideal stop. It’s the perfect place to rest for the night, especially if you need a place to stay on your way to the park for your self-guided audio-driving tour in Glacier National Park.

You’ll find some cozy rooms at the hot springs with deluxe cabin accommodations and interior suites available. The hot springs also offer RV hookups and a campground for travelers. Don’t forget to dip in the main pool, the hot tub, or the sauna before heading out for more adventures in Northern Montana.

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11. Yellowstone Hot Springs

Yellowstone Hot Springs Aerial View
Management / TripAdvisor

Address: 24 E Gate Rd, Gardiner, MT 59030

Yellowstone Hot Springs is probably the most convenient option if you’re looking for a beautiful place to soak just a stone’s throw away from the entrance to Yellowstone. The facility offers its guests more than 4,000 square feet of beautiful mineral pools, and every pool has an excellent view of the surrounding mountains.

The hot springs were built by a Canadian immigrant from Quebec named Julius J. LaDuke, who tried mining in the area but found a natural mineral spring instead. He was an entrepreneur who decided to build hot tubs along the riverbank where visitors could soak in the hot springs.

Yellowstone Hot Springs is another facility with hot and cold pools ranging from 67 to 104 degrees. The hot springs only operate on the weekend in some seasons, so book your Yellowstone Old Faithful, Waterfalls, and Wildlife Day Tour to coincide with the hours the hot springs are open.

If you want more adventure in the water in Yellowstone, check out the Boiling River of Yellowstone National Park, a natural hot spring in the park and one of the only places you can enjoy a soak. Don’t forget to check the official National Park Service website to ensure the river is open for swimming because it closes occasionally.

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12. Broadwater Hot Springs

Broadwater Hot Springs
Management / TripAdvisor

Address: 4920 US-12, Helena, MT 59601

Travelers in the Helena, Montana, area should visit Broadwater Hot Springs, which offers its visitors the choice of a spring pool, cold plunge, and a recreational swimming pool. The facility keeps its heated pools between 98 and 100 degrees, and its cold plunge tends to sit between 60 and 70 degrees. The recreation pool is about 88 degrees. The cold plunge might not seem cold, but it’s downright chilly in the winter.

The facility also offers other activities beyond soaking, like water aerobics and a recently remodeled fitness area. If you get hungry between your dips in the pool, the hot springs have a restaurant called The Springs Taproom.

Broadwater Hot Springs is an excellent stop in Helena for business. Use the Helena airport one-way transfer to your hotel or take the transfer directly to the hot springs. If you’re in Helena regularly or a resident, the hot spring offers several membership options and a pay-as-you-go rate.

Helena is the capital of Montana, which means you’ll find several excellent places to stay while you explore the hot springs in the area. The Best Western Premier Helena Great Northern Hotel scores exceedingly well with visitors. The Holiday Inn Express and Suites Helena is another option offering several different room selections.

13. Lost Trail Hot Springs

Lost Trail Hot Springs
Management / TripAdvisor

Address: 283 Lost Trail Hotsprings Rd, Sula, MT 59871

The first thing you’ll read when you visit the website for Lost Trail Hot Springs is a notice that the venue is “conveniently located in the middle of nowhere,” which aptly describes the community of Sula. Butte is the closest reasonably sized city to the hot spring, and it’s probably the closest to undeveloped hot springs in Montana that you’ll see that still offer some comforts.

Lost Trail Hot Springs has existed since the 1970s, but travelers have been visiting the area to soak for much longer. A handful of residences were built in the 1890s, and residents started using the naturally heated water in their homes. A hotel was constructed around the turn of the century.

Today, Lost Trail Hot Springs Resort is much more modern, and the current owners are updating it to accommodate families and larger groups. You’ll find RV hookups and a motel for lodging if you want to stay at the hot springs. 

The hot springs offer a unique option for large groups with its Sacajawea Lodge, which can house more than 40 people. You can also stay at the Sugar Loaf Lodge & Cabins in Anaconda, about 70 miles away. Another option is The Forge Hotel BW Signature Collection, also in Anaconda.

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14. Boulder Hot Springs

Boulder Hot Springs
Image by RobstutzCC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Address: 31 Hot Springs Rd, Boulder, MT 59632

Boulder Hot Springs offers its visitors a variety of soaking options, including steam rooms, showers, and indoor pools, as well as an outdoor swimming pool. The facility focuses on personal wellness and features a kitchen using organic food, locally sourced produce, and meat. Boulder Hot Springs is definitely the best Montana hot springs for focusing on wellness and health.

The facility also prohibits alcohol, smoking, and drugs, which helps visitors focus on their well-being during their stays. Travelers interested in relaxing in a hot spring during an adventure vacation will enjoy the peaceful setting of Boulder Hot Springs with its snow-capped mountains and verdant valleys. The property encompasses almost 300 acres of rustic countryside.

The rooms at Boulder Hot Springs Inn and Spa are also peaceful and welcoming, with luxurious and homey touches. The hot springs offer rooms for all visitors, from those who want luxury to travelers on a budget. The hot springs are also an excellent meeting venue, offering rooms for events like work retreats, parties, and weddings.

Boulder is south of Helena and north of Butte and Bozeman, so it’s an excellent destination for travelers anywhere in the state’s western half. You’ll definitely want to have a car available to reach the hot springs.

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15. Spa Hot Springs Motel

Spa Hot Springs motel
Image by Cheri Alguire /

Address: 202 W Main Street, White Sulphur Springs, MT 59645

Spa Hot Springs Motel offers its visitors the choice of three pools. The area is popular with outdoor recreation enthusiasts who spend their days adventuring and evenings soaking in the mineral springs. Snowmobiling enthusiasts consider White Sulphur Springs one of the state’s best areas for the sport.

One of the differences between the Spa Hot Springs Motel property and other springs in Montana is that it’s not located alone in the wilderness. It’s actually situated in downtown White Sulphur Springs. The hot springs are about 35 miles from loads of downhill skiing and cross-country trails, which makes the hotel accommodations at Spa Hot Springs a welcome feature.

The area isn’t solely for winter travelers, however. You’ll also find opportunities for outdoor adventures in the summer along some of the beautiful waterways in the area. Not only is the region famous for skiing and snowboarding, but you’ll also find many companies offering kayaking rentals, water skiing opportunities, and fishing expeditions, all conveniently located near one of the coziest hot springs in Montana.

16. Big Medicine Hot Spring

Big Medicine Hot Spring, Montana
Management / AllTrails

Address: 112 E N Rd, Hot Springs, MT 59845

If you’re looking for a barely developed hot spring in Montana, consider a visit to Big Medicine Hot Spring in the cozy town of Hot Springs. The spring is essentially an outdoor cement pool within the Flathead Reservation in Sanders County. Hot Springs, Montana, is about 75 miles from Missoula.

Montana boasts many beautiful hot springs surrounded by luxurious hotels and resorts, but you may want to try something more rustic. These undeveloped hot springs in Montana will offer some quiet relaxation without all the extras of staying at a resort.

In addition to its status as an undeveloped hot spring, the small spring is affordable and rarely crowded. Some of Montana’s largest hot spring venues can become quite busy during the winter when recreation enthusiasts come to relax. Still, Big Medicine Hot Spring usually has room to spare for you and your friends to enjoy a pleasant hot spring experience.


Does Montana have natural hot springs?

Montana has natural hot springs that are abundant across the state. These hot springs result from geothermal activity beneath the earth’s surface. Montana’s natural hot springs are known for their therapeutic and healing properties, making them a popular destination for relaxation and rejuvenation.

How many natural hot springs are there in Montana?

Montana is well-known for its natural hot springs, with over 60 scattered throughout the state, many of which are open to the public. These hot springs are heated by geothermal activity and offer a unique opportunity to relax in a natural setting. While resorts or state parks maintain some, others are more remote and require a hike.

Are there natural hot springs near Glacier National Park?

Yes, there are natural hot springs near Glacier National Park. One such hot spring is the Symes Hot Springs, located in Hot Springs, Montana, approximately a 2-hour drive from the park. Another option is the Quinn’s Hot Springs Resort, located in Paradise, Montana, about a 3-hour drive from the park. These hot springs offer a relaxing and rejuvenating experience after a day of exploring Glacier National Park.

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