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18 Best Minneapolis Murals You Need to Visit

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Art is not just found in museums; in fact, art is everywhere. From continent to continent and coast to coast, street art is increasingly famous and has remained a staple of artistic expression since ancient Egypt. There are artists across the planet who use the environment as a canvas to draw their unique and innovative imaginations for the world to explore.

From walls to staircases to billboards and more, these inspired artists use different mediums or techniques to craft thoughtful murals that add life, background, or context to any neighborhood. 

If you’re an avid art lover looking to embrace the history and culture of Minneapolis through artwork, then consider browsing some of the most exclusive wall murals in Minneapolis.

To help you make the most of your Minneapolis trip, we have put together an extensive collection of top Minneapolis murals painted by well-known urban and street artists. These beautifully crafted paintings will tell you the unique story of each place in a personalized way.

But, before exploring these breathtaking and high-definition Minneapolis wall murals, let’s talk about murals in detail.

Best Places to See Minneapolis Murals

Minneapolis is flooded with murals – some of these art pieces are decades old, while others are newer additions. You can find a range of iconic murals of Minneapolis throughout the city. Now let’s talk about these beautiful places you can go to see some of these most breathtaking Minneapolis murals in person.

Here, we have listed the 18 best murals in Minneapolis along with the address, Minneapolis mural artists, and other needed information to ensure an unforgettable experience.

1. Bob Dylan Mural

1. Bob Dylan Mural

Artist: Eduardo Kobra

Location: 1, S 5th St, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55402, United States

Devised by world-renowned Brazilian artist, Eduardo Kobra, in 2015, the Bob Dylan wall mural is one of the most significant works of public art in the country.

A tribute to one of Minnesota’s famous music icons, Bob Dylan, this is a brightly-colored, five-story mural in Minneapolis. The mural describes the three eras of Bob’s incredible journey with three pictures, ranging from his younger to his older self. 

Featuring over a large, street-level parking lot, this vibrant artwork has become iconic to downtown Minneapolis and the Hennepin Theatre District. 

How to Get to Bob Dylan Mural: You can easily get to Bob Dylan Mural with public transportation, either take a bus or light rail. The following lines or routes have nearby stops: 

Bus: 4, 10, 18, 61, 7, 9, 667, 94


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2. I Can Breathe Now

2. I Can Breathe Mural

Artists: Cadex Herrera, Xena Goldman, Greta McLain

Location: 3759 Chicago Ave., Minneapolis, MN, 55407

Created in memory of police brutality victim George Floyd, I Can Breathe Now is a creative and large mural with George’s image in the middle. George Floyd was murdered while being restrained by a police officer with a record of harsh treatment of African Americans. Flouting official policy, training, and human decency, the officer knelt on Floyd’s neck, suffocating him over an agonizing 9 minutes in broad daylight.

George’s last words were “I can’t breathe,” – final words spoken by several African American victims of police brutality, which were finally and belatedly heard worldwide as we all watched George Floyd’s murder in horror. 

The mural bears George’s name in capitals, filled with multiple small figures with fists raised in protest. There’s a giant sunflower behind Floyd’s head with the text “Say Our Names,” followed by the names of other African Americans who were also wrongly killed by police officers – many of these other victims’ families are still awaiting justice. 

This is one of the newest and easily one of the most significant murals in Minneapolis. It’s not a place to click happy selfies – it’s a memorial site and a place for all Americans to reconcile and heal. People from all over the country visit this iconic mural to show their support for civil rights, protest against social injustices, pay respects to victims, and encourage the need for fundamental change that George’s death brought to notice. 

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3. Sign Language Mural: I Really Love You

3. Sign Language Mural

Artist: Not Known

Location: 921 S Washington Ave, Minneapolis

I Really Love You mural is featured on the back of the Periscope Creative Agency building in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This sign language artwork spreads the message of love to the city and people of Minneapolis. The image shows that this “beautiful & colorful hand” mural is elevated and faces the wide-open parking lot. 

Also, it is recommended to visit this mural on weekends as the lot is fully occupied on weekdays, making it hard to get some clear pictures. The parking space is usually empty on weekends, enabling visitors to get as close as they want to pose by it.

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4. Rise Mural
4. Shine Mural

Artist: Color Gypsy

Location: Up Yoga; 4325 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis

RISE & SHINE is another one of the lively uptown Minneapolis murals. These are two large side-by-side murals outside Up Yoga, a yoga studio in Minneapolis.

Rise is on the right, and Shine is on the left. This unique typographic mural sends a beautiful motivational message to people who run into the yoga class. Plus, the bold colors of this breathtaking mural are another highlight. 

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5. The Music Wall or Schmitt Music Wall

5. The Music Wall Mural

Artist: Not Known

Address: 94 S 10th St, Minneapolis, MN 55403, United States

If you’re in Minneapolis, you will notice that many of the downtown Minneapolis murals are based on music, and one of them is — The Music Wall. This is one of the oldest murals in Minneapolis. It’s a beautiful five-story mural on the side of a facility displaying oversized black and white musical notes. 

The building featuring this distinctive mural used to be the office of Schmitt Music in the 1970s.

When the Star Tribune’s columnist called the previously exposed brown brick wall ugly, the owners of Schmitt Music decided to refurbish it by putting up a French piano piece. This is basically the third movement of the piano piece, Gaspard de la Nuit, written by French composer Maurice Ravel. 

One exciting thing about this musical mural is that it is arguably one of the most complex pieces to play for a solo pianist, and quite beautiful to the ear. Knowing this, the mural was then featured in Time Magazine and became famous worldwide. 

Moreover, Schmitt Music Wall became an iconic Minneapolis tourist destination after Prince was photographed in front of this mural during his rise to stardom.

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6. Prince Mural 

6. Prince Mural

Artist: Rock Martinez

Address: 2601 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55408, United States

Speak of the devil and he shall appear!

No mural tour in Minneapolis is complete without visiting a Prince mural. There are a few in town (justly so), but the one on Hennepin is the most well-known.

Prince is much more than just a music legend in the Twin Cities. Minnesotans of all stripes consider him a cultural icon and a music god. 

When Prince passed away in 2016, a part of Minneapolis disappeared with him – the city ached. Prince has played an irreplaceable role in shaping this city, especially the vibrant music culture. 

Located at 26th Street & Hennepin Avenue, the Prince Mural was crafted back in 2016 on the back of a building in uptown as a mourning gift to Minneapolis. 

In an interview with The Current, artist Rock Martinez said he created this mural because “I thought this would be a nice present to Minneapolis and Uptown to help with grieving”. He wasn’t wrong.

Also, this mural is in a tiny parking lot across 26th Street and Hennepin Ave. Overall, we think it’s a must-see Minneapolis mural, essential for any Prince fan.  

7. Greetings from Minneapolis

7. Greetings from MN Mural

Artist: Val Carpenter

Location: 515 1st Ave. NE, Minneapolis, MN, US

If you’re visiting Minneapolis, Greetings from Minneapolis is one of the perfect spots to snap a picture. This mural welcomes tourists across the globe by showing off the breathtaking view of downtown Minneapolis and the stunning Stone Arch Bridge.

There are no details available on the inspiration behind this mural, other than perhaps the iconic city itself. Other than that, located in the Northeast area along St. Anthony Main, this is the hottest neighborhood of Minneapolis to live in!

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8. The Family Partnership Mural

8. Family Partnership Mural

Artist: City Mischief

Location: 1527 E Lake St, Minneapolis, MN 55407, US

Designed by City Mischief Murals, a group of BIPOC artists creating and maintaining murals in the Twin Cities, The Family Partnership Mural is meant to showcase and cherish the strength and diversity of families in the eclectic city of Minneapolis.

Featured on the east-facing exterior wall of The Family Partnership, this gorgeous and cheerful artwork offers a welcoming presence for people accessing services at this building. 

This mural not just brightens the space but also reflects the diverse cultures of Minneapolis neighborhoods, and was designed to connect the varying cultures of the city with the younger generation. 

9. Bde Maka Ska

9. Bde Maka Ska Mural

Artist: Mark Herman

Location: Elzamel Market

This list is incomplete without the Bde Maka Ska mural. The mural features lake Bde Maka Ska, formerly known as Lake Calhoun. In an effort to avoid confusion, both names are features in attractive block capitals.

Also, the beautiful presentation of this street art in Minneapolis offers a perfect backdrop for spectacular photography

10. Sing a Song for Uptown 

10. Sing a Song Mural

Artist: Greta McLain

Location: 1422 W Lake Street

A few blocks from Lake Bde Maka Ska is Sing a Song for Uptown; a massive mural worthy of this list. Filled with vibrant colors, this mural brightens up the center of uptown. Painted as a part of the Good Space Murals project, this multicolor wall displays the photo of an unknown lady giving some serious Frida Kahlo vibes. 

Now one of the major attractions to the uptown region, this project needed a great deal of community fundraising for completion. As this mural is located nearby the lake, you can go for a walk around the chilling water after exploring it. 

Gracing the Lake Street, Sing a Song for Uptown is so damn gorgeous you shouldn’t even think of skipping it if you’re in town!

11. First Avenue Stars

11. First Ave Stars Mural

Artist: Not Known

Location: 701 N 1st Ave, Minneapolis, MN

First Avenue Stars wall is iconic and covers two sides of the music venue, First Avenue, one of the longest-running clubs in the US. The wall displays one golden and over 425 silver stars naming artists who have played at this concert venue, as well as names significant to the city, such as the recently added George Floyd. 

It’s really fun to look around and locate your favorite artist. As mentioned, the wall features only one gold star painted in the memory of the legendary artist, Prince, right near the entrance. 

Getting one’s name in a star is almost as big a deal to musicians as getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The American rapper Macklemore references this wall in one of his songs, Good Old Days. The song says: 

“In a small club in Minnesota, 

And the snow outside of 1st Ave,

I just wanted my name in a star,

Now, look at where we at.”

Overall, it may be a huge deal to musical artists, but getting a star on this wall might be the most prestigious public honor anyone can receive in Minneapolis.

12. Lyndale School Mural 

12. Lyndale School Mural

Artist: Good Mural Project

Location: 34th and Pleasant, Minneapolis

The Lyndale School Mural is the perfect example of how murals can be a community-building and educational tool. Funded by the Minnesota State Arts Board agency, this project brought Lyndale students, staff, and community members together to envision, design, and develop the mural. 

Covering the large wall facing the playground, this mural reflects what school children and community members adore the most about their community. 

Overall, the Lyndale Community School mural showcases the history and culture of the school and neighborhood along with its vibrant, dynamic, and multicultural identity.

13. Cultivate Mural and Garden 

13. Cultivate Mural

Artist: Mike Davis and Chank Diesel 

Location: Central Ave and Lowry Ave, Minneapolis

This is one of the famous Northeast Minneapolis murals. The mural states that Minneapolis’s urban agriculture trend is up and running. 

There are several community gardens and farm-to-table restaurants available in the neighborhood. 

Cultivate Northeast is a well-known community garden that also organizes events and cleanups throughout the year to bring the community together. The fresh produce and beautiful mural are perfect additions to this evolving neighborhood. 

This rainbow mural has been receiving appreciation from the people and is undoubtedly an excellent addition to one of the most gorgeous streets in the Twin Cities.

14. I Like You Wall 

14. I Like You Mural

Artist: Not Known

Location: 501 1st Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN

The I Like You mural is featured on the storefront of a shopping complex, in Minneapolis. Designed with different colors, this mural is a tactful advertising move to engage people and encourage them to shop. 

Also, this store is home to more than 200 local, independent artists, selling a great variety of trending products that people may need. 

15. River Scene Mural

15. River Scene Mural

Artist: Not Known

Location: 515 N 1st Street, Minneapolis

This beautiful water scene is designed on the exterior of a building just outside of Gluek’s Restaurant and Bar in Minneapolis. The lamppost and boats on the mural give an impression of Venice. However, the artist’s intention behind creating this mural is not clear.

16. Baby I’m a Star

16. Baby I'm a Star Mural

Artist: Greg Gossel

Location: 930 Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis, MN

Baby I’m a Star is one of the coolest downtown Minneapolis murals. This Warhol and Prince-inspired vintage comic strip reads; “TAKE A PICTURE SWEETIE – I AIN’T GOT TIME TO WASTE… BABY I’M A STAR!” 

For die-hard fans of Prince, you’ll recognize these are the lyrics of one of his songs, Baby I’m a Star. Furthermore, the presence of this innovative mural brings the downtown region to life.

17. Minneapolis College of Art and Design Murals

17. Minneapolis Art & Design Murals

Artist: Not Known

Location: 146 E 26th Street, Minneapolis

This creative mural is designed on the walls of Minneapolis college, situated just at the backside of the Minneapolis Institute of Art museum. You will get to see a wide range of colorful shapes, patterns, and figures on the walls, including animals and flowers. This series of murals is absolutely amazing and covers several campus walls. 

To explore these beautiful murals, you need to have a pass to enter the campus’s parking lot. But, if you don’t want to pay for the ticket, park your car just across the street for free and walk over.

18. Murals on E 26th Street

18. Murals on E 26th Street

Artist: Not Known

Location: E 26th Street, Minneapolis

From the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, you will see a full-size mural across the street covering the whole side of one building. This is really one of the largest murals in the area – you can’t miss it at all.

Also, heading across West on E 26th street, you will then encounter a series of murals within a few blocks.

What are Murals?

A mural is a piece of artwork designed directly on a ceiling, wall, or any other permanent surface. Murals offer the opportunity to describe any place’s history, create a unique experience, engage people, increase appreciation for the art & artists, and boost the overall attractiveness of a particular space.

Over the last few years, murals have become widely popular. They can be spotted in the exteriors and interiors of several buildings in any community, such as churches, temples, palaces, and libraries, with no limits to innovation and creativity. There are different types of murals, including commercial murals, community murals, live painting, and abatement murals — the list is never-ending. 

All in all, with the rise of street art, murals have become a common phenomenon, and you can find them in every community across the globe.


These are some of the most unique and eye-catching Minneapolis murals you must visit, but there are many other fantastic examples we didn’t have time to list! Some places are easy to reach, and others are a little difficult, but all are worth a glimpse. Whether traveling solo or with your family or friends, we hope you will have fun on your Minneapolis mural-viewing trip!

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