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19 Best Parks in St. Paul, Minnesota to Visit

19 Best Parks in St. Paul, Minnesota to Visit

Visiting Minnesota to look for great parks to see? Saint Paul is an excellent destination for travelers looking for a place to have memorable adventures and perform an array of ideal, delightful, and great recreation because there are many parks in St. Paul.

The town is a historic center housing numerous spectacular ancient landmarks and must-see stunning tourist destinations. Below, we have prepared a list of the best parks in Saint Paul.

Best Parks in St. Paul, Minnesota

Hidden Falls Regional Park

Hidden Falls Regional Park

Address: 1313 Hidden Falls Dr, St. Paul, MN 55116, United States

Hidden Falls Regional Park is a charming park and destination not to miss when visiting Saint Paul, Minnesota. It is situated alongside the Mississippi River cliff under the town’s Dam.

The park was chosen as one of four major park sites for the City of Saint Paul by Horace Cleveland, a nationally recognized landscape architect and park planner, in 1887. The park was named after a small spring-fed waterfall featured in the park.

This wonderful and engaging regional park has over 6.7 miles of lovely paved trails, providing a gorgeous and exquisite setting and picturesque view ideal for an afternoon stroll and other outdoor activities.

The Hidden Falls Regional Park trails follow along a great pathway where tree shades envelop the ground. There are also wooded bottomlands and scenic picnic areas connected to the majestic path of Mississippi River Boulevard.

Hidden Falls has an open shelter that offers over 16 sturdy picnic tables and seats. Available drinking fountains, fire rings perfect for camping, one fishing pier, trails for walking and biking, and barbecue grills, Hidden Falls Regional Park provided facilities and amenities.

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Como Regional Park

Como Park Conservatory in St. Paul

Address: 1199 Midway Pkwy, St. Paul, MN 55118, United States

Como Regional Park is a beautiful wilderness destination in Minnesota. It is one of the parks in St. Paul designed and established by Superintendent Nussbaumer.

An icon who strongly advocated that all park visitors can take advantage of a wide range of free or low-cost leisure events, facilities, and educational opportunities.

Thus, over a century, the park has worked as an essential purpose in providing the surrounding community with a good recreational place to meet and cater to the demands of the subjects of Saint Paul.

The Como Regional Park is a fascinating land that houses the spectacular Como Lake, Como lakeside pavilion, zoo and conservatory, event rentals, and reservations. The park is a destination filled with natural wonders, enthralling sceneries, and a place perfect for outdoor gatherings and adventures.

The facilities and amenities in this beautiful regional park are outstanding and provide great convenience for recreational activities. It has a nice paved trail perfect for walking, biking, or running, barbecue grills, Three fire rings, a spacious play area, and more.

Lilydale Regional Park

Address: 950 Lilydale Rd, St. Paul, MN 55118, United States

Lilydale Regional Park is a lovely and serene park with a forested floodplain along the Mississippi, with excellent facilities and amenities for the community.

Like the other parks in St. Paul, the Lilydale Regional Park provides a great area for everyone in the community to do various recreational activities and a great spot to unwind.

The park offers a spacious space for all ages to have fun and perform outdoor activities. The park provides a well-made walking and bike trail and a playground with great accessories and objects for children to play with.

Lilydale Regional Park offers a serene, clean, and spacious picnic area. Other amenities, such as restrooms and parking spaces, are also available. It is a great spot to spend quality time and relax away from the buzzing city streets.

Cathedral Hill Park

St. Paul Cathedral in Cathedral Hill Park

Address: 215 Summit Ave, St. Paul, MN 55102, United States

The Cathedral Hill Park is a lovely, open, grassy hillside park that offers uninterrupted views of the ivy-covered Cathedral of Saint Paul and features fine dining establishments, one of the city’s most charming areas.

The park was acquired in 1979 and has become one of the most attractive places for tourists to visit and explore the magnificent St. Paul’s Cathedral.

The park’s expansive open space, which leads up to the Cathedral’s front steps, means that no structure can ever block a direct view of this magnificent historical landmark. Cathedral Hill’s architecture has the same craftsmanship as other Saint Paul neighborhoods.

These impressive structures are just a few blocks from the Cathedral’s breathtaking city view. Visitors can take in the beautiful scenery and a wide range of dining and picnic options in the park, as well as nearby bakeries and coffee shops.

Book lovers and enthusiasts will cherish this great spot in St. Paul because it is the childhood home of great author F. Scott Fitzgerald.

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Cayuga Park

Address: 198 E Cayuga St, St. Paul, MN 55117, United States

Looking for a great destination to unwind and appreciate a serene spot in the middle of busy city life is easy because Cayuga Park is one the best spots to relax in town. The park is a public space open to the general public to do an incredible amount of outdoor reaction and admire the beauty of nature.

Cayuga Park is located in the charming town of St. Paul, Minnesota, where the new spectacular trails of Brook Regional and Gateway State meet. The park offers various routes ideal for scenic afternoon walking and biking.

It has picnic grounds, playgrounds, sports facilities, and BBQ grills. The serene and ideal location of Cayuga Park makes the area a perfect destination to appreciate the beauty of nature and get inspired to write a piece or paint; after all, it is also the park’s purpose as a recreation center.

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Phalen Regional Park

Sunset At Lake Phalen
Image by McGhiever / CC BY-SA 3.0

Address: 1600 Phalen Dr, St. Paul, MN 55106, United States

Phalen Regional Park is a gem for outdoor enthusiasts and community gatherings. This expansive park is a green space and a hub of activity and cultural exchange, highlighted by the “Xiang Jiang Pavilion.”

This pavilion, inaugurated in 2018, celebrates the cultural bridge between St. Paul and Changsha, China, marking a unique feature of the park. With amenities ranging from athletic courts and fields to a golf clubhouse and seasonal skating rink, it offers diverse experiences.

The park is also home to Lake Phalen, one of St. Paul’s largest lakes, offering picturesque landscapes and recreational activities.

Harriet Island Park

Harriet Island Regional Park
Image by Gabriel Vanslette / CC BY 3.0

Address: 200 Dr Justus Ohage Blvd, St. Paul, MN 55107, United States

Harriet Island Regional Park is a lovely and tranquil urban park that stretches across the river from downtown St. Paul. It is located near downtown Saint Paul, along the Mississippi River. It is an award-winning park, one of Saint Paul’s most popular.

Harriet Island Regional Park is named after a visionary and outstanding educator. Dr. Justus Ohage gave the park to the Saint Paul community in 1900 as a gift to be used as a leisure area to support the community’s well-being.

Harriet Island offers panoramic views of St. Paul and the majestic Mississippi cliffs and hosts hundreds of exciting events, including festivals, parties, and weddings.

A 5,000-square-foot year-round rental facility is one of the Harriet Island Regional Park’s amenities. Due to its spacious area, it is ideal for hosting events like weddings, parties, and more.

From the EcoArts Festival to the yearly Irish Fair, Harriet Island Regional Park is the setting for a few of the city’s summer performances and events.

Irvine Park

Fountain in Irvine Park, Saint Paul

Address: 251 Walnut St, St. Paul, MN 55102, United States

Irvine Park is a charming neighborhood park situated right next to the downtown west part of Saint Paul, Minnesota. A number of lavish and fascinating historic homes can be found in the park.

The park is one of the most popular outdoor wedding ceremony locations, as it is nestled in a tranquil, cloudy, and lovely neighborhood within the historic Saint Paul region.

In 1849, two gentlemen named John Irvine and Henry Mower Rice drafted plans and mapped out a design for a wonderful community park where Irvine Park is now in the heart of the neighborhood.

In 1973, the public acquisition of the land for urban renewal was completed, resulting in the park’s architectural significance being recognized. Park features include a pavilion with electrical outlets that hold approximately ten people. The park is filled with great amenities that are convenient for each visitor.

These amenities included a streaming fountain, a beautiful gazebo with electrical sockets catering to 10 people, ample seating, and a sturdy picnic table.

The spectacular sceneries of Saint Paul, the historic community in 19th-century style homes, and an ornate fountain that serves as a highlight of the site create a great ambiance to the park.

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Cherokee Regional Park

Address: 700 Cherokee Heights Blvd, St. Paul, MN 55107, United States

Cherokee Regional Park in St. Paul is a lovely park that is one of Minnesota’s most scenic valley land parks. The park spans 100 acres on both sides of the Mississippi River. A Cherokee Regional Trail passes through the park and connects to downtown Saint Paul and other riverside trails.

In the early 1900s, with attention to the capability of leisure and natural green areas, Cherokee Regional Park went through excellent park development.

And now, it is considered one of Saint Paul’s most visited parks, bringing in lots of community and international visits a year. The availability of two great open-air shelters accommodates and contributes to the regional park’s popularity and high demand during the year.

The many convenient facilities are playgrounds, sports courts and fields, picnic tables, campfires, and grills. The park provides pleasant and breathtaking views of mature trees and diverse wildlife, connections to the river, and access to adjoining trails.

The park offers fun and spectacular scenic views of a variety of towering lush trees and diverse wildlife, as well as access to the river and interconnecting pathways.

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Crosby Farm Regional Park

Crosby Farm Regional Park

Address: 2595 Crosby Farm Rd, St. Paul, MN 55116, United States

Crosby Farm Regional Park is an adventure-filled park to visit over 6.7 miles of paved trails that provide a beautiful setting for an occasional and regular walk, run, bike ride, and other outdoor activities.

Routes that pass along the Mississippi River’s wooded bottomlands, along the wetlands giving way to Crosby Lake. In addition to the park’s spacious spot for picnics, it connects to the Mississippi River Boulevard trails.

The park started when an English gentleman refugee named Thomas Crosby secured acres of land. The land he acquired in 1858 includes the beautiful southwest valley.

Today, the incredible landscape is honored by the Crosby Farm Regional Park, naming the park after the land’s owner. Crosby Farm Regional Park is a perfect place to discover and wander its excellent walking and bike trails to enjoy the scenery of the river and forests.

It is a destination for birdwatching, especially during spring and fall migration. The park’s north end provides a helpful and convenient bicycle repair kiosk.

This famous park is an ideal spot to avoid the bustle of busy and noisy city life. It is also known for its diversity of life, leisure activities, and peaceful surroundings.

Indian Mounds Regional Park

Indian Mounds Regional Park Sign

Address: 10 Mounds Blvd, St. Paul, MN 55106, United States

In 1893, the great Indian Mounds Regional Park was one of the region’s historic and charming parks. The park is located upriver from the first ancient Kaposia village site, within Dayton’s Bluff St. Paul’s east downtown, where it is a burial ground for over two American Indian cultures.

The park is atop Indian mounds that dot the bluff’s edge and can be walked along. Visitors to the park are urged to treat the monuments respectfully, like any other burial ground.

The park has concrete trails that cross the hills, joining into other park pathways. The view of the Mississippi River and the St. Paul skyline is outstanding and fascinating.

The park’s amenities include trails ideal for strolling, biking, skating, picnic gourds, a play area, art exhibitions, grills, and more.

Boyd Park

Address: 335 Selby Ave, St. Paul, MN 55102, United States

Boyd Park is situated on the charming northern part of Selby Avenue between Virginia and Farrington. It is fine, lovely, and filled with lavish green trees, land, and a park dedicated to the town’s great African-American union leader.

Boyd Park was named after Frank Boyd Park, a great leader of two St. Paul’s unions, as an honor. A bust of him in the park reads, “A fighter for / His union / His people / His class.” Boyd Park includes a fully equipped playground, a large picnic area, and stroller-friendly paved walkways for family strolls.

The playground has the proper equipment, like a swing set, tubes, and children. It also includes an amenity to a small and lovely music area and a good mini library. There is also free drop-in Fitness in the park, a program the park offers to the community.

Pedro Park

Address: 114 10th St E, St. Paul, MN 55101, United States

Pedro Park is a beautiful park to stroll around and visit at the corner of 10th St. E and Robert St. N. It is also located in a lively and developing section of Saint Paul’s downtown. Formerly, the park was the site of Pedro Luggage Center, and the influential Pedro family gave the land to the City of Saint Paul.

Pedro Park is a 45-acre site home to lovely flower meadows. The delightful flower garden results from a project that turned the plot of land into a community rendezvous point.

The park has amenities that cater to every park-goer’s need and give convenience inside this beautiful park. The park is a perfect place to relax and unwind, with great scenic views.

The serene ambiance and shades from the park’s trees create a good mood to enjoy a leisure stroll, jogging, biking, and a lovely afternoon picnic within Pedro Park.

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Carty Park

Playground at Carty Park, St. Paul, Minnesota
Photo /

Address: 705 Iglehart Ave, St. Paul, MN 55104, United States

Carty Park is an ideal park that provides a beautiful spot to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature surrounding the town of St. Paul, Minnesota. It is one of the best spots to bond with family and friends and do fun recreational activities.

The park provides excellent amenities where visitors can see many sturdy picnic tables, large picnic spots, and BBQ grills. There is also a big and thoroughly furnished playground where children can play on the eastern part of Carty Park or play basketball and tennis courts.

The wonderful park offers a great recreation program, a free summer program where every youth joining the program can join outdoor games, arts and crafts, and other recreational activities. Aside from creating programs for the youth, the park also has a fitness program for all ages, where outdoor exercise classes are held throughout the summer.

Alden Square Park

Address: 1169 Gibbs Ave, St. Paul, MN 55108, United States

Located on the western part of Minnesota’s wonderful town State Fairgrounds, the Alden Square Park is anything but a lovely square to visit. The park is a triangular land area ideal for spontaneous, delightful picnics and spacious enough blocks to throw around a baseball.

The park’s central amenity is a pavilion, picnic grounds, sports facilities, and a playground. Alden Square Park is an ideal spot to condition your body with various outdoor and recreational activities.

The scenic view of the park and its serene ambiance make it an excellent place to stop by and do a delightful afternoon walk and warm up.

This lovely, family-friendly park is ideally suited to the neighborhood. It is a park for all ages and a spot created for the community’s welfare. Alden Square Park is undoubtedly a public park that significantly contributes to the State Fairground’s development and the community’s wellness.

Rice Park

Address: 109 W 4th St, St. Paul, MN 55102, United States

Rice Park is a great public park to visit and relax away from the busy streets of downtown Saint Paul, Minnesota. Rice Park is home to special events such as interesting festivals and live concerts in the town throughout the year.

The park was founded in 1894 and was donated to the city by regional representatives. It was consistently referred to as “Irvine & Rice’s extension” by State Sen. Henry M. Rice and regional pioneer John Irvine.

Rice Park is a tranquil oasis amid a bustling city. The landmark provides a European ambiance through the park lighting, lovely fountain, statues, benches, and neighboring national iconic areas. The park, which has two vertical walkways and is built like a trapezoid, serves as a pathway, shortcut, lunch break, concert grounds, and haven.

The park’s main highlight is the beautiful surroundings of the lovely nature, Saint Paul Hotel, and other notable landmarks and establishments near the park. Rice Park’s unique highlights include outdoor platforms, Peanut cartoon-inspired sculptures, and sports and gaming areas.

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College Park

Park Bench at College Park in Saint Paul, Minnesota
Source: Foursquare

Address: 2223 Carter Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55108, United States

College Park is a beautiful neighborhood park serving as a recreation spot for the St. Paul, Minnesota community.

This beautiful park provides the best facilities that visitors can use for recreational activities such as exercising, enjoying an afternoon park delight, having good picnic dates, and playing around the park.

The college park is a family-friendly spot where a family can spend quality time together on a picnic. A group of friends can also bond through a sports game, and the community interacts with each other while visiting and spending a great time in the park. The beauty of College Park is one of its best features, aside from being a community recreation center.

Nevertheless, the park has a significant contribution to each of its visitors. It impacts the community’s wellness and provides a pleasant spot to relax, unwind, and relieve stress.

Summit Overlook Park

Summit Overlook Park
By Mc Ghiever

Address: 418 Summit Ave, St. Paul, MN 55102, United States

Summit Overlook Park is a lovely park named “Summit Overlook” because of its location overlooking the summit. The park has a triangle shape similar to the formation of its neighboring park Nathan Hale.

Aside from spectacular views and scenic landscape sceneries throughout the town’s Western route, the park highlights its main centerpiece of the majestic and outstanding Eagle sculpture. The Summit Overlook Park is a great spot for families to spend quality time together while enjoying a picnic.

A group of friends can connect with fun and spontaneous recreational activities, and when visiting and having fun in the park, the great community can engage with one another.

The park is undeniably a public space that has significantly contributed to the growth of Summit Overlook Park and the city’s overall well-being. This lovely, family-friendly park fits in well with the surrounding area. It’s a park for people of all ages and is dedicated to the community’s well-being.

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Mattocks Park

Address: 441 S Macalester St, St. Paul, MN 55105, United States

Mattocks Park is a beautiful public place with a great community recreation center. The park offers a shaded children’s play area and grassy open spaces perfect for incredible outdoor adventures.

Mattocks Park, a popular neighborhood park among residents, offers many activities for people of all ages. On the western side of the park, there are pleasant sports courts that cater to tennis players; on the other hand, half of the court is your basketball games, a play area with items and structures to play on, and a children’s apparatus.

Mattocks Park is the perfect spot for a fun-filled day out with friends and family! Get your competitive juices flowing, then settle into an idyllic picnic. Softball fields make it ideal to have some friendly rivalry under the sun.

Plus, you can play other classic games like tag or frisbee! And when you’re done playing? Relax in stunning surroundings as you appreciate Mattock’s natural beauty.

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