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Artists Point, Grand Marais Framed Travel Print


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Enjoy the serene splendor of the North Shore with our enchanting “Artists Point, Grand Marais” travel print. Perfect for the Eco-Conscious Traveler, who not only values the beauty of pristine natural landscapes but also appreciates the sustainable aspects of their decor choices. Encased in a refined frame crafted from Ayous wood, known for its sustainability and lightness, this print captures the untamed beauty of Artists Point’s rugged coastline and tranquil waters. 

Key Features:

  • Eco-Friendly Elegance: With an Ayous wood frame from renewable sources, you bring both art and an eco-conscious ethos to your home.
  • Gallery-Grade Aesthetics: The matte paper exudes a professional gallery look with a substantial feel, weighing 189 g/m² and a thickness of 10.3 mil.
  • Vivid, True-to-Life Imagery: Printed on high-quality matte paper, the fine details and colors of Grand Marais are preserved, making every view an invitation to explore.
  • Crystal Clear Presentation: The print is shielded by an Acrylite front protector, ensuring a clear view free of glare and safeguarding your print for years.
  • Sophisticated Display: The white mat board enhances the visual appeal, drawing the eye to the vibrant landscape and ensuring it stands out in any room.
  • Ready to Adorn Your Walls: With the included hanging hardware, transforming your space into a personal gallery is effortless.
  • Perfectly Sized: The print dimensions of 21×30cm (size A4) make it a versatile addition to any space, large or small.

Adorn your wall with this framed depiction of Artists Point. Let it be a daily reminder of the planet’s natural beauty, inspiring eco-friendly travel, and a deeper appreciation for our world’s captivating landscapes.

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