Split’s Diocletian Palace Canvas Art – Croatian Cultural Travel Print


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Capture the essence of wanderlust with ViaTravelers’ eco-friendly travel print, a window into the immersive experiences of Kyle Kroeger’s explorations printed on a durable and artistically expressive matte canvas. Whether you’re reminiscing about past adventures or sparking dreams of future journeys, this eco-conscious piece brings sustainable beauty and cultural richness into your space.

  • Unique Proprietary Coating: Ensuring longevity and vibrancy, our canvas boasts UL-certified Greenguard Gold inks, known for producing premium, gallery-level images.
  • Eco-Friendly Construction: Commitment to our planet guides our craftsmanship. The profile radial pine frame is sourced from FSC-certified renewable forests, standing as a testament to our sustainability promise.
  • Quality Latex Inks: Printed with non-hazardous, non-toxic, and non-flammable latex inks, our canvases are as safe as they are stunning.
  • Secure & Stable Hanging: Featuring easy-hanging hardware and enhanced with two soft rubber dots at the back corners, your canvas will remain securely in place, providing peace of mind alongside visual pleasure.
  • Slight Dimension Flexibility: Tailor-made to embody perfection, our canvases may come with a subtle size deviation tolerance of +/- 1/8 (3.2mm), ensuring the unique charm of your travel artwork.
  • Low Maintenance: A simple wipe with a damp cloth will keep the dust away, making it as effortless to maintain as it is delightful to view.

Embrace your adventurous spirit with this captivating piece from ViaTravelers, offering an inspiring glimpse of the world’s cultures ready to adorn your home with sustainable elegance.

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