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19 Best Restaurants in Victoria, Minnesota

Exploring Victoria and hungry? No problem! There are many fascinating and charming restaurants in Victoria that undeniably serves the best food and delicacies.

Victoria offers something for everyone, and its restaurants are no exception! With restaurants ranging from classic to avant-garde, you’re sure to find something that strikes your fancy.

If you’re looking for a high-end experience beneath the stars or a casual meal out with friends, Victoria has plenty of restaurants that can help satisfy your craving for delicious food and drinks. No matter what kind of atmosphere you’re looking for, you’ll be able to find great restaurants all throughout Victoria.

A captivating city with incredible restaurants to check out. Visiting this great town will make your stay in Minnesota worthwhile and provides many memorable experiences to keep.

Best Restaurants in Victoria, Minnesota

Let’s get into the best restaurants in Victoria that you need to try sooner rather than later.

The Noble Lion


Address: 7940 Victoria Dr, Victoria, MN 55386, United States

Craving for American food while traveling in Victoria, Minnesota, is attainable because of The Noble Lion. It is a spectacular and welcoming restaurant that serves excellent American cuisine and dishes to enjoy. The restaurant also has a bar that provides a great variety of drinks to taste.

The seating offered in the restaurant was indoor seating and patio seating. The indoor seating is ideal for eating delicious food with a warm, cozy, and great ambiance, while on the patio is it great for a scenic dinner.

The food served in The Noble Lion is all made from scratch and undeniably delightful. They have a good list of the dinner menu, and choices of wines, cocktails, and beers served at the restaurant’s bar.

Small servings like bread, curds, and meatballs are offered in the restaurant, and medium servings of foods like salads and calamari. Steaks and burgers are on its extensive menu, and delectable desserts were also available.

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Victoria House

Address: Steiger Lake Ln, Victoria, MN 55386, United States

Victoria is an incredible destination to visit in Minnesota, for aside from being the home of lakes and parks, it offers numerous excellent restaurants to eat at.

One of the best restaurants in town is the lovely eatery of Victoria House. The restaurant is also one of the popular spots that satisfy cravings and serves excellent and delicious food. It is a decent and straightforward American restaurant perched in the lovely town of Victoria. The restaurant is ideal for seeking a great place to snack, eat lunch, and enjoy a dinner of American food.

Victoria House’s interior is lovely and welcoming, and its outdoor seating is lovely, where beautiful tables are set ideal for customers who want to appreciate and behold the town’s beauty.

They offer a menu of American dishes such as mouthwatering burgers, delightful steaks, and a variety of pasta dishes. Aside from delicious food, Victoria House offers a menu of fine wines and craft beers.

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Winchester & Rye Restaurant

Winchester & Rye Restaurant Interior
image by vgroten/TripAdvisor

Address: 7929 Victoria Dr, Victoria, MN 55386, United States

Dine-in with class is the ambiance of the Winchester & Rye Restaurant of Victoria, Minnesota shows. It is one of the restaurants in Victoria and is recognized as one of the best places that serve mouthwatering cuisines. A charming restaurant satisfies the cravings of its locals by serving delightful and delicious foods as well as fine beverages.

The menu of Winchester & Rye Restaurant is separated into two were; the first one is a variety of delectable food offers, and the other one is for the list of beautiful drinks such as craft beer, exquisite wines, and numerous cocktails.

Most of the food served in this delightful restaurant was salads, pasta, sandwiches, burgers, pizza, and side dishes. The interior and ambiance of the restaurant show elegance, exquisiteness, and class that dining in Winchester & Rye Restaurant experience is fascinating.

It is a beautiful and ideal place to eat delicious foods as well as enjoy a lovely and excellent dining experience.

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Vic’s Bar and Grill

Vic's Bar and Grill Aerial Vew
image by Twinsguy/TripAdvisor

Address: 7900 Quamoclit St, Victoria, MN 55386, United States

Looking for a warm and friendly place to eat in Victoria, Minnesota, is easy to spot for the Vic’s Bar and Grill provides such a wonderful ambiance.

The restaurant is known to be one of the great restaurants in Victoria that offers excellent food and provides a delightful dining experience. Vic’s Bar and Grill’s charm, great food, cold beverages, and live music to groove in reasons why it is a great spot to eat.

The restaurant offers a variety of delicious and incredible food to taste. Burgers of this charming restaurant were award-winning, bestsellers, and one of the reasons for the popularity and love the restaurant receives.

Vic’s Bar and Grill provides a fun and friendly atmosphere that becomes a great hangout spot to eat and drink cold beer and another beverage to enjoy. Live music is blasting and creating an excellent restaurant mood adding to the distinction of the restaurant’s charm.

Victoria Burrow

Victoria Burrow Interior
image by Management/TripAdvisor

Address: 7999 Victoria Dr, Victoria, MN 55386, United States

Victoria is a lovely Minnesota town with a variety of recreational opportunities. The Victoria Burrow is among the spots in the city where you can do such.

It is well-known as a delightful restaurant that serves exquisite and delectable cuisine. The Victoria Burrow is also a recreation destination, in addition to being a charming diner.

A spot that meets the desire for fantastic food and the opportunity to engage in a variety of indoor leisure activities. It has a fun ax tossing game, a lovely compact golf course, and a selection of arcades to enjoy.

Victoria Burrow is a restaurant catering to people of all ages who are starving and want to have a good time. It’s a one-stop shop for both those searching for the right place to eat fantastic meals as well as participate in entertaining indoor activities.

The recreations provided by this delightful restaurant are dynamic not only for guests in the neighborhood but also for locals and tourists.

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Ruby’s Roost Bakery & Coffee

Ruby's Roost Bakery and Coffee Building
image by Bethany Byman/TripAdvisor

Address: 7924 Victoria Dr #101, Victoria, MN 55386, United States

There are many great food places in the town of Victoria, Minnesota, and Ruby’s Roost Bakery & Coffee is one of the best restaurants in Victoria to visit. It is a charming café that provides delightful pastries, great coffee, and food to enjoy while touring around the spectacular town of Victoria.

The baked goods that Ruby’s Roost Bakery & Coffee offers were all made from scratch providing delightful and fresh delicacies to enjoy.

A variety of baked goods to taste and enjoy is offered by this lovely café from cookies, cupcakes, donuts, pieces of bread, and other baked goods to savor. Tiny Footprint Coffee is one of the coffees Ruby’s Roost Bakery & Coffee proudly serves. The coffee and baked goods of the café compliments pleasingly which boosts one’s mood.

This small lovely café is an ideal place to relax, enjoy a cozy ambiance, bond with family and friends and enjoy baked goods with a cup of fragrant coffee on the side.

Check out these best coffee shops in Minnesota.

ENKI Brewing Taproom & Eatery

ENKI Brewing Taproom & Eatery

Address: 1495 Stieger Lake Ln, Victoria, MN 55386, United States

Victoria is a lovely town in Minnesota with a great eatery and bar strategically located near a picturesque Stieger lake and stunning scenery. It is the ENKI Brewing Taproom & Eatery.

It is a lakeside brewery that provides excellent craft beers, other beverages, and mouthwatering foods to taste. The ideal location has offered incredible scenery and atmosphere for dining and drinking.

The food served in the pleasant brewery of ENKI Brewing Taproom & Eatery was all-bar-style snacks that complement their freshly brewed beer and other fine beverages.

The charming lake near the brewery provides superb scenery ideal for a dinner date, gatherings, or celebration, and a wonderful backdrop to drink spectacular beer.

The great food, stunning sceneries, and fine craft beers that ENKI Brewing Taproom & Eatery offers is undeniably a place to relax, bond, and enjoy the wonder of nature while holding a glassful of excellent local craft beer.

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Roulette’s Pizza

Address: 1550 Arboretum Blvd, Victoria, MN 55386, United States

Looking for a lovely pizza place that offers mouthwatering and savory pizza in the charming town of Victoria is found in Roulette’s Pizza, a fascinating pizza place. It is a good and famous pizza parlor that is one of the best places to eat and enjoy great food in the town.

This pizza restaurant provides a welcoming and cozy atmosphere aside from the great pizzas they make. Roulette’s Pizza offers a eat all you can option during lunchtime aside from a menu where pizza is the main star.

The menu of Roulette’s pizza revolves around pizza, pasta, appetizers, salads, sandwiches, as well as savory desserts. Pizza is the main dish that is locally and freshly made and served in this pizza place, and it has different variations ideal for picky eaters and health-conscious kind of eaters. There are choices of specialty pizza, gourmet pizza, and gluten pizza with a variety of flavors to choose from.

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Floyd’s Bar

Clinking Beer Glasses
image by vgroten /TripAdvisor

Address: 1758 Arboretum Blvd, Victoria, MN 55386, United States

An old-school type of restaurant and bar to enjoy in the lovely place of Victoria is Floyd’s Bar. It is a beautiful spot to taste great food and is known to be one of the best food places not to miss when in Victoria, Minnesota with classic Minnesota foods.

The bar offers a variety of delightful dishes, brews, drinks, and a tremendously memorable dining and drinking experience. Floyd’s bar is an excellent stop before and after exploring the beauty of Victoria, for it is accessible to various parks and attractions the town has. Known to be the best place to replenish all the energy exerted in a great Victoria exploration.

The food served is primarily burgers, tacos, a list of savory appetizers, sandwiches, and salads. Some of the items on the menu at Floyd’s Bar have changed from breakfast and lunch menus.

Since the place is a bar, there are a variety of cocktails, beers, and various beverages that they serve, which works and suits well with the food they offer.

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The Social Ice Cream Parlor

Ice Cream flavors

Address: 1700 Stieger Lake Ln, Victoria, MN 55386, United States

Sweet tooth will love and enjoy The Social Ice Cream Parlor in Victoria, Minnesota. While exploring the town and craving delicious ice cream, this charming ice cream parlor satisfies the craving for a sweet and cold serving.

The parlor shop is a great place to enjoy and taste some of the great food in town. The Social Ice Cream Parlor opened its shop to the community of Victoria in August 2014.

It is a charming shop that has n interior and ambiance of an old-style ice cream parlor shop that makes it look timeless and pleasing to visit and eat delicious ice cream. The shop offers various delicious flavors where the classic chocolate and vanilla flavors can be found.

There are also flavors that are new and interesting to try. Social Ice Cream Parlor provides lovely indoor seating with tables as well as outdoor seating that provides incredible scenery of the charming town where it is established

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Oak 19 Fare & Refreshment

Address: 3000 Town Course Dr, Chaska, MN 55318, United States

The lovely town of Chaska in Minnesota has a great bar and grill that provides a variety of great drinks and food to taste. One of the lovely restaurants in Victoria is not to miss!

This excellent food place is the Oak 19 Fare & Refreshment. It is one of the best and most well-known food places to stop by in the incredible city of Chaska.

Oak 19 Fare & Refreshment provides a great selection of beverages to try, from outstanding local craft beers to a selection of fine wines, and alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. The restaurant serves a wide range of delectable and fantastic cuisine.

The food menu is composing made from scratch burgers, pasta, and salads, as well as excellent complimentary snacks to the beverages the restaurant and bar offer.

The atmosphere Oak 19 Fare & Refreshment gives where ideal for a great and lively dining experience, and the ambiance of its bar is suitable for drinking and tasting the great beverages it offers. The fantastic food, atmosphere, and fine craft beers of this charming food and bar place are undeniably great.

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Willy McCoys

Willy McCoys Interior
image by Twinsguy/TripAdvisor

Address: 320 Pioneer Trail, Chaska, MN 55318, United States

The spectacular city of Chaska, Minnesota, is one of the spots where the excellent restaurant of Willy McCoys is located. Willy McCoys is a great food place that offers incredible and delicious dishes that make the restaurant one of the best places to visit.

Aside from the delightful food, Willy McCoys offers a wide range of beverages to sample, including excellent freshly brewed beers, good wine, and alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. The restaurant offers a diverse menu of mouthwatering and spectacular dishes. The menu they have revolves around great appetizers, delightful salads & soups, tasty burgers, tacos, sandwiches, and more.

Some of the meals and foods offered in Willy McCoys complement the beer and other beverages they offer. The charming food place has an ideal and classic ambiance of a beautiful and dynamic dine-in experience. With the drinks Willy McCoys offers and its fantastic restaurant ambiance, sipping and savoring great beverages is fascinating and remarkable.

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Seasons Restaurant

Seasons Restaurant Interior
image by vettechick/TripAdvisor

Address: 1 Oakridge Dr, Chaska, MN 55318, United States

The beautiful metro of Mahtomedi in Minnesota has a fantastic food place that provides a variety of great drinks and food to dig in. It is the lovely Seasons Restaurant, a spectacular and lovely food place.

The eatery is also one of the most common destinations to satisfy hunger and enjoy excellent and delectable refreshments. It is a stunning restaurant recognized as one of the town’s restaurants to check out.

Seasons Restaurant provides a great variety of delicious and delectable cuisines on its menu and features a great ice cream shop that has over eight delightful flavors to try. The menu features savory appetizers, delicious bowls of salads, satisfying burgers, sandwiches, and a kid’s menu that includes corn dogs, chicken tenders, and grilled cheese.

Special meals were also offered in Seasons Restaurant, where such incredible meals were served on specific dates and days in a week. Some of the special meals served were deep-fried tacos and fish fry specials.

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Joey Nova’s Pizzeria

Joey Nova's Pizzeria Entrance
image by Management/TripAdvisor

Address: 5655 Manitou Rd, Excelsior, MN 55331, United States

Joey Nova’s Pizzeria, a fascinating pizza spot, is a lovely pizza place that offers delectable and flavorful pizza in the charming town of Excelsior in Minnesota.

The main course served in this beautiful joint is pizza, which is made locally and freshly. It is a well-known pizza joint that is one of the finest shops in town to satisfy cravings for delicious food.

Apart from the delicious pizzas, this pizza parlor has a pleasant setting. The ambiance creates a sound and light atmosphere to enjoy and share authentically from scratch pizza and other delicacies to eat. Joey Nova’s Pizzeria’s menu features New York-style pizza, pasta, a set of side dishes, salads, calzones, and sweet treats on its menu.

With the shop’s comfortable atmosphere and extensive selection of mouthwatering foods, and refreshing collection of drinks to share, Joey Nova’s Pizzeria provides a fascinating and memorable dining experience.

One of Excelsior’s best food places to stop by and savor freshly cooks meals. Love pizza? Check out these best pizzerias in Minnesota.

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Hazelwood Food and Drink

Hazelwood Tonka Bay
Credit: Hazelwood Food & Drink

Address: 5635 Manitou Rd, Excelsior, MN 55331, United States

Hazelwood Food and Drink – Tonka Bay, an enthralling restaurant, is a delightful eatery in the charming town of Excelsior, Minnesota, that serves delectable cuisine and flavorful drinks.

A quaint restaurant feeds the appetites of its customers by providing mouthwatering foods and excellent drinks. Salads, pasta, sandwiches, burgers, steaks, salmon bowls, and a variety of delicious appetizers made up the majority of the menu at this great American joint and bar.

It’s a lovely and perfect place to eat delicious meals while also having a pleasant and comfortable dining experience. The establishment is also one of the most common destinations in Excelsior to indulge cravings, featuring outstanding and delightful meals as well as exquisite beverages to enjoy.

Hazelwood Food and Drink – Tonka Bay has a cozy interior that is comforting and lovely, ideal for enjoying a great meal, and great for spending quality time. An ideal place to enjoy the company of family and friends with a glass of excellent drink on the side.

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Sake Sushi

Sushi Roll

Address: 104 Pioneer Trail, Chaska, MN 55318, United States

Craving delicious sushi and fantastic Japanese food while traveling in Minnesota can be satisfied at a Japanese joint Sake Suki in the fascinating town of Chaska. It is an informal Japanese food place and is known to be one of the best restaurants to check out and order a variety of great food in town.

Minnesota is a land with diverse cultures, and spotting Japanese and international restaurants are typical, and the sushi restaurant is one of them. A charming place to taste a variety of mouthwatering Japanese foods.

Sake Suki offers a wide range of trendy and delightful Japanese cuisines, as well as an extensive steak menu to enjoy. As the restaurant’s name says, the main dish they serve is also their bestseller where sushi, and there is a beautiful selection of sushi on their menu.

The stylish dining restaurant has both a fabulous and chic mood for a delightful and diverse dine-in trip.

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Pasta Zola—Chaska

Italian food

Address: 188 Pioneer Trail, Chaska, MN 55318, United States

There are many great restaurants in the fascinating town of Chaska were mostly served American cuisine, but there is a beautiful Italian restaurant situated in the city.

This fantastic restaurant is Pasta Zola—Chaska, a lovely Italian food place where a tasty variety of Italian food is served. It is one of the well-known and best restaurants to stop by and eat delightful food.

Pasta Zola—Chaska is a family-owned and operated casual restaurant with a diverse menu of must-try delicacies. Pasta, delectable soups, salads, and magnificent Italian pizza are all on the menu.

The restaurant also serves vegetarian and gluten-free meals to a wide range of customers. The interior and ambiance of the restaurant are relaxing, quaint, and lovely, whereas the fragrant Italian-style pizza is compelling and mouthwatering.

Pasta Zola is found in the town of Chaska and other locations in Minnesota, such as Shakopee and Prairie Center.

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India Bar & Grill

Indian Food in India Bar and Grill
image by Amy P/TripAdvisor

Address: 162 Pioneer Trail, Chaska, MN 55318, United States

The diversity of culture in the town of Chaska and Minnesota is notable, where various shops offer international mouthwatering delicacies and meals not to miss.

One of the proofs of diversity in culture is the beautiful Indian food place, India Bar & Grill. This lovely restaurant and bar are not only proof of variety but also known as one of the best places to eat and enjoy great drinks in town.

Based on the name of the restaurant, it offers a variety of delicious Indian food and beverages to try. It is a relaxing food place that caters to and offers vegetarian food options.

It is an ideal destination for those seeking foods with a kick of different spices and compelling fragrances of herbs used in each dish served in this fascinating destination.

India Bar & Grill features a lunch buffet where numerous spectacular Indian and a mixture of western mouthwatering foods if provided. There are also an array of fine wines and sensational beverages to enjoy in the bar section of the restaurant.

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Al & Alma’s Supper Club and Charter Cruises

Plate of Salmon and Vegetables at Al & Alma's
Salmon at Al & Alma’s

Address: 5201 Piper Rd, Mound, MN 55364, United States

Dine in with class in the elegant place with a timeless ambiance of Al & Alma’s Supper Club and Charter Cruises. A fantastic restaurant in the picturesque town of Mound, Minnesota. It is a restaurant that is regarded as one of the best in town for providing delightful delicacies.

A quaint restaurant that fills the appetites of its community and visitors by presenting delectable meals and quality beverages. It’s a lovely and perfect place for delicious food and a delightful dining experience. The food served in this charming restaurant is all made from scratch and has a variety of meal options such as gluten-free, vegetarian, and regular meals that were undeniably delightful.

The food served in Al & Alma’s Supper Club, and Charter Cruises was undeniably fascinating and delightful. Its drinks are a collection of exquisite wines, beer, and a variety of cocktails to share and enjoy. The restaurant shows elegance, and an incredible fine dining experience is provided.

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