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20 Most Romantic Cities in the World

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Planning your next romantic getaway but don’t know where to go? A city break could be the answer you’re looking for! Romantic cities aren’t all about the hustle and bustle like most cities.

These places effortlessly combine natural beauty, stunning architecture, panoramic views, romantic restaurants, and an unplaceable romance factor that flutters those hearts.

When considering your next romantic escape, consider the activities you and your partner love to do together. Do you love to try the best restaurants in a new place?

Wandering narrow streets, letting fate decide where you end up? Maybe you love to pamper yourself with more luxurious experiences like spa days and wellness escapes.

We’ve rounded up the world’s most romantic cities for your next couple’s escape. Indulge in new and unique experiences in the most romantic cities and destinations across the globe to create beautiful memories with your one and only.

Keep reading to discover the best destinations for the perfect romantic getaway and all the activities you can enjoy!

Our Top Picks by Region

  • North America – Montreal, Canada
  • Europe – Vienna, Austria
  • Asia – Kyoto, Tokyo
  • Africa – Marrakech, Morocco

Most Romantic Cities in the World

1. Florence, Italy

Sunset Over Florence, Italy from Piazzale Michelangelo
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

Florence is arguably the most romantic place in the entire world. I’m cheating here, but Tuscany has the most romantic cities and towns.

It would be bonkers to overlook the entire region! With its stunning landscapes, delicious food, passionate locals, and many attractive cities, there’s nowhere like Tuscany for a romantic vacation.

Art lovers will appreciate the many famous art galleries and museums, such as the Ufizzi Gallery and the Accademia Gallery. Amble along the city’s narrow streets to admire the stunning architecture and landmarks that have stood the test of time.

Take in incredible views of the sun setting over the city from Piazza Michelangelo and then dine al fresco at one of Florence’s phenomenal restaurants. One of the best places for a romantic dinner is Enoteca Pinchiorri, the only restaurant in Florence to earn three Michelin stars.

Escape the city for a short walk and enjoy Tuscany’s fresh air and rolling hills. If you and your partner like wine, tour the surrounding wine regions and sample the most delicious local wines. For a bit more physical activity, take a fun bike ride as you explore the Tuscan countryside.

Most Romantic Hotels in Florence:

2. Bruges, Belgium

Canal at Bruges, Belgium
ecstk22 / Adobe Stock

Bruges is the capital of West Flanders in northwest Belgium. It’s one of the most romantic destinations in Europe because of its charming neighborhoods set along picturesque canals and lovely cobblestone streets.

It is known for its winding canals, charming medieval architecture, incredible food, Belgian chocolate shops, and lively nightlife. While it’s a great place to visit all year round, it’s especially romantic in the winter when the Christmas markets are open.

My husband and I visited in the fall, and though it was a bit rainy, it was still cute to cuddle under an umbrella and cuddle up in cozy restaurants.

Even with its charming surroundings that may make you want to wander all day, there are many museums to explore. The Groeninge Museum, Frietmuseum, and Choco-Story Chocolate Museum are some of my favorites.

Other activities to increase romance include exploring the old town, taking a private boat ride through the city’s picturesque canals, and taking a stroll through the central Markt square.

Most Romantic Hotels in Bruges:

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3. Paris, France

Paris Architecture on the Île Saint-Louis
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

Along with being one of the world’s most popular cities for travel, Paris is a honeymoon capital and famously known as the “City of Love.” With its charming architecture, delicious food, art scene, and unique landmarks, Paris offers the perfect destination for a honeymoon.

Although it can be expensive (and more than a shade cliched), there are plenty of free activities, such as meandering hand in hand through the Luxembourg Gardens or picnicking at Champ de Mars with a view of the Eiffel Tower.

Other romantic activities include an evening cruise down the Seine, ascending to the summit of the Eiffel Tower, and visiting the opulent Palace of Versailles.

The City of Love is chock full of incredibly romantic French restaurants. One of my favorites is Le Train Bleu. It’s close to Gare de Lyon, one of the city’s main train stations, and the interior makes you feel like you’re dining in your royal palace.

Most Romantic Hotels in Paris:

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4. Venice, Italy

Bridge Rialto on Grand canal, Venice
Yasonya / Adobe Stock

If there’s one city in the world-renowned for its romance, it’s Venice. The City of Romance is perfect for couples who enjoy stunning scenery, incredible Italian food, and sightseeing galore.

You can easily spend hours wandering the narrow streets and canals while reconnecting with your love. It would be a shame to visit this romantic place with the love of your life and not go on a gondola ride. Is it cheesy? A little bit.

But it’s a great experience that you two can look back on for years! After your gondola ride, get some more sightseeing by visiting Doge’s Palace and St. Mark’s Basilica. I also highly recommend touring the nearby islands of Murano and Burano! Burano is full of colorful buildings, while Murano is known for its amazing glass-blowing factory.

Wind down with drinks at Harry’s Bar. Since its opening in 1931, it’s been a gathering place for writers, poets, artists, and other creatives. Speaking of the arts, you and your love can enjoy an opera concert or learn how to create a traditional Venitian mask.

Most Romantic Hotels in Venice:

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5. Vienna, Austria

Schönbrunn Palace Gardens, Vienna, Austria
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

If you’re looking for a romantic European city break, look no further than Vienna. With its beautiful architecture, stunning parks, and world-famous opera houses, Vienna is the perfect destination for couples looking to celebrate their love.

The best time to visit Vienna is in the spring or fall when the crowds are minimal, and you can often find sunny days with a crisp breeze. Vienna also has some of the best Christmas markets in Europe as well. So basically, I’m trying to say there’s no wrong time to visit this romantic city!

Vienna’s architecture is breathtaking and adds to the romantic vibes. Some of the most stunning places to see in the city include the Belvedere Museum, The Hofburg, St. Peter’s Church, and Schönbrunn Palace. See it all during a fairytale horse-drawn carriage ride through the city.

It’s also close to other super romantic places such as Salzburg and Innsbruck, not to mention the utterly breathtaking Austrian Alps. You can also take a day trip to Prague, another incredible city often overlooked compared to Paris or Rome.

Most Romantic Hotels in Vienna:

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6. Kyoto, Japan

View of the Golden Temple, Kinkaku-ji, Kyoto
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

Kyoto is a city in Japan that’s known for its stunning temples, beautiful gardens, and traditional culture. It’s a popular destination for tourists, and it’s easy to see why Kyoto is such a special place – especially if you’re here for the cherry blossoms.

This is one of our favorite cities worldwide and a seriously incredible place to visit for any reason. But if you’re looking for one of the most magical honeymoons ever, a trip to Kyoto during spring will create memories that will last a lifetime.

Strolling through beautiful, fairytale-like places can set the mood for romantic escapades to Kyoto. Definitely add Arashiyama Bamboo Grove, the Philosopher’s Path, and Fushimi Inari Taisha to your list of places to visit.

Most Romantic Hotels in Kyoto:

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7. Montreal, Canada

Montreal skyline with yacht in foreground in the Lachine Canal
Daniel Ouellette / Adobe Stock

Montreal is a city that couples love. And Montreal, being one of the most romantic places on Earth, LOVES couples. With its cobblestone streets, European feel, and outstanding parks and museums, Montreal offers a unique and romantic experience for those looking to add romance to their lives – not to mention an abundance of luxury hotels downtown.

This city is a wonderful place to visit year-round, but it is especially magical in the wintertime. You can cozy up over a bowl of poutine at La Banquise or grab a few drinks at Le Darling.

I also recommend going on a sightseeing tour of the old town, passing by beautiful landmarks such as the Notre Dame Basilica, Bonsecours Market, and Rue St. Paul. Then, go ice skating on beautiful Beaver Lake.

If you plan to visit in the spring and summer, you must take a sightseeing cruise down the picturesque St. Lawrence River. You’ll also be spoiled with beautiful parks, including the Montreal Botanical Garden, Mount Royal Park, and Park La Fontaine.

Most Romantic Hotels in Montreal:

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8. Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok Thailand
nukul2533 / Adobe Stock

Bangkok is the capital and most populous city of Thailand. It is known in Thai as Krung Thep Maha Nakhon or simply “The City of Angels” – a well-deserved moniker.

It’s a dynamic, bustling metropolis where the old meets new at every corner. With so many sights to explore, iconic nightlife, and affordable prices, it’s a great place to enjoy a romantic getaway on a budget.

There are over 40,000 temples in Bangkok, many of which are insanely designed with beautiful intricate details. The most famous ones are Wat Arun Ratchawararam Ratchawaramahawihan, Wat Traimit Withayaram Worawihan, Wat Phra Chetuphon Wimon Mangkhalaram Rajwaramahawihan, and Wat Phra Kaew.

It can be a lot to plan, so take the stress out of it by going on a temple tour of Bangkok. While at it, you must also visit the stunning Grand Palace!

Bangkok’s incredible markets are some of the most fun things to experience with your partner. The Maeklong Railway Market and the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market offer an experience for all senses.

You can also embark on a Michelin-guide street food tour around the city by tuk-tuk. These new experiences will surely create a stronger bond and unforgettable memories between you and your person.

Most Romantic Hotels in Bangkok:

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9. Istanbul, Turkey

Touristic sightseeing ships in Golden Horn bay of Istanbul and mosque with Sultanahmet district
ecstk22 / Adobe Stock

Istanbul is known for its culture and history spanning many centuries. It is also one of the most romantic spots in the world due to its grand architecture and beautiful scenery. Istanbul is truly a remarkable place where cultures collide, ideal for a romantic adventure. It’s the only city in the world located on two continents – Europe and Asia.

Couples will enjoy exploring all that Istanbul has to offer, from its remarkable mosques and palaces to its lively markets and restaurants. Two of Istanbul’s most famous monuments are the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia, both stunning and a must-see for anyone visiting Istanbul.

After touring the beautiful landmarks of this ancient city, take a relaxing dinner cruise along the Bosphorus Strait. Admire the city as it lights up once night falls.

For the ultimate romantic Turkish experience, enjoy a spa day at a Turkish Bath. While most hammams are divided by gender, a few offer couples experiences, like Sulemaniye Bath and Raffles Istanbul.

Continue with the relaxation by sipping Turkish tea along the Bosphorus. One of the most romantic spots for tea is Tarihi Çınaraltı.

Most Romantic Hotels in Istanbul:

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10. Rome, Italy

Colosseum in Rome
image by Brittney Liu / ViaTravelers

Rome is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world – and with good reason. The city has historical sites, exciting art galleries, and world-class restaurants. Whether you and your partner want to see ancient sites, have new experiences together, or soak in the city’s romantic vibes, Rome is sure to please.

Enjoy your sightseeing by hitting Rome’s top landmarks, including the Pantheon, Colosseum, and the Roman Forum. Make your way to the Trevi Fountain and throw a coin in together.

It’s said that if you throw a coin into the Trevi Fountain over your left shoulder, you are sure to return to Rome. Grab a scoop of gelato nearby at Venchi, which features a mouthwatering chocolate waterfall and a range of treats for you two to share.

Another romantic spot in Rome is the Castel Sant’Angelo. I even witnessed a proposal on the rooftop terrace of the castle, which features stunning panoramic views, by the way. If you are religious or love to admire religious art, a visit to the Sistine Chapel and Vatican Museums is an absolute must.

Most Romantic Hotels in Rome:

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11. Barcelona, Spain

Park Güell Barcelona mosaic bench and architecture
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

Barcelona is one of the most romantic cities in the world. It’s a place where you can feel the passion in the air, and it’s no wonder many couples choose to visit here. From its fascinating architecture to its passionate culture, Barcelona naturally has a romantic atmosphere that will make you and your lover fall in love again.

The city is full of architectural wonders that definitely deserve to be visited. I recommend stopping at Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, and the Gothic Quarter. These impressive landmarks aren’t very close together, but luckily, Barcelona has a fantastic metro system that is easy to navigate, even as a tourist.

Stroll down Las Ramblas for some quick tapas and delicious sangria. And if you’re visiting in the summer or late spring, you can enjoy some of Barcelona’s great beaches.

Get out of the city for a day to visit Montserrat, a stunning former monastery built into the side of a mountain. This small-group wine and cheese tasting tour will take you to Montserrat, so you don’t have to worry about renting a car, and to a nearby winery, voted one of the best wineries in Catalonia. End your day with a fun dinner and flamenco show!

Most Romantic Hotels in Barcelona:

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12. Las Vegas, Nevada

Aerial view of Las Vegas Strip
vichie81 / Shutterstock

Las Vegas has everything you want for a romantic weekend, from luxurious hotels to world-class dining and entertainment. And, of course, there is the famous Las Vegas Strip, Freemont, and countless clubs, restaurants, and casinos where you can gamble the night away.

You can also get married by Elvis! [Editorial Note: This is legitimately and unironically dope]. No worries if the King of Rock’ n’ Roll is too much! There are plenty of things for couples to do in Las Vegas, such as relaxing by the pool or visiting the numerous museums and galleries. Whether you’re looking for a quiet retreat or an action-packed vacation, Las Vegas will surely please!

You can take a gondola ride through the Italian-inspired Venetian hotel for a chill but always romantic activity. If you’re up for something more thrilling, take a nighttime helicopter tour over Sin City! You could also view Vegas from above at the Eiffel Tower viewing deck at the Paris Hotel zip line at The LINQ.

Most Romantic Hotels in Las Vegas:

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13. Cape Town, South Africa

Overall aerial view of Cape Town, South Africa
michaeljung / Shutterstock

Although it’s not an obvious choice, Cape Town is one of the most romantic spots in the world. This buzzing city is located on the southwest coast of Africa and is known for its terrific weather and stunning scenery. Regarding underrated romantic places to visit, perhaps on an anniversary or a perfect romantic getaway together, Cape Town belongs on the shortlist.

Popular attractions include Hout Bay, Camps Bay, and Table Mountain. Watching the sunset from any one of Cape Town’s stunning beaches is always a good bet for couples! Anyone visiting Cape Town has to stop at Boulders Beach, famous for its adorable colony of African penguins. Thrill seekers can go shark cage diving with South Africa’s infamous Great Whites.

Nearby, you can explore the dazzling Franschhoek Valley, known as one of the best wine regions in South Africa. There is even a hop-on, hop-off wine tram that stops at various vineyards throughout the valley! Back in Cape Town, enjoy a sunset dinner cruise or dinner and a show featuring dishes from across the continent.

Most Romantic Hotels in Cape Town:

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14. Chicago, Illinois

Aerial View of Gold Coast, Chicago
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

Located on the shores of Lake Michigan, Chicago offers beautiful views and plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities. It’s also known for its diverse restaurant scene, lively nightlife, and breathtaking architecture. Chicago is a magical city to explore and one of the best anniversary trip ideas within the United States.

Taking a romantic walk through Millennium Park, going on a river cruise to admire Chicago’s world-famous architecture, and watching the sunset from the Skydeck are just a few things to do in one of the most romantic cities in America.

It’s also great if you’re mad about pizza and shopping – both of which you can find in abundance on the Magnificent Mile! There’s a big debate on the best Chicago deep-dish pizza, the top contenders being Giordano’s and Lou Malnati’s – we’ll let you be the judge.

On top of all the great food and beautiful scenery, Chicago is steeped in history. The best way to learn about this fascinating city is by joining one of the city’s many walking tours. You’ll see most of Chicago’s top attractions while learning about what makes the Windy City unique.

Most Romantic Hotels in Chicago:

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15. Washington D.C.

Capitol Hill Building
Dennis / Adobe Stock

Our nation’s capital can be a pretty romantic place – despite the incompetence of many people pretending to work there. In all seriousness, the many monuments, fascinating history, and countless museums provide endless things to do for a couple.

Washington, D.C., has many excellent hotels, meaning you’ll sleep, eat, and relax while not exploring. During the day, visit sites like the National Mall and museums like the many Smithsonian options, which are free. Spend at least one romantic evening on a dinner cruise on the Potomac for a romantic view of the city.

One of the most romantic times to visit Washington D.C. is cherry blossom season – usually the last week of March until the first week of April. The thousands of pink flowers lining the beautiful monuments are spectacular and awesome for taking photos together. There are even bike tours to make sure you see the best spots.

Most Romantic Hotels in Washington D.C.:

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16. Santa Barbara, California

Aerial View of Koh Tao Island
Tanya Jones / Shutterstock

Great cities aren’t always about sky-high buildings and crowds of tourists. Other laidback cities, such as Santa Barbara, are some of the most romantic places to visit.

This coastal city is surrounded by gorgeous natural beauty that can be experienced through lush gardens, hiking trails, and tranquil beaches, all set foot in an intimate setting.

Spend a day out on the water, either kayaking, sailing, or even taking a surf lesson together. If you want to chill and spend quality time with your partner, Butterfly Beach is a great place to spend a day under the sun.

If you want to immerse yourself in nature, stroll through the Santa Barbara Botanical Garden or hike up to La Cumbre Peak for the best views of the Pacific Ocean.

For a truly romantic experience, enjoy a cupcake and wine tour of Santa Ynez Valley. I mean, seriously – what is better than wine and cupcakes? End your nights off with a romantic dinner out at some of Santa Barbara’s most romantic restaurants, including Bouchon, Zaytoon, Boathouse at Hendry’s Beach, and Barbareño.

Most Romantic Hotels in Santa Barbara:

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17. Heidelberg, Germany

Heidelberg Cityscape
Freesurf / Adobe Stock

Some of Europe’s hidden gems make the best romantic destinations to visit. One of these is Heidelberg, located in southwestern Germany. This charming city is a great place for couples who want to visit a charming historic city with lush scenery, beautiful architecture, and many terrific tourist attractions.

Heidelberg is best enjoyed in mid-late spring and early autumn when changing the leaves best complements its stunning views. It’s one of our favorite places in Germany for secluded getaways. You can stroll through the old town to admire architecture and visit museums.

One of the best things to do in Heidelberg is to visit the ruins of the Heidelberg Castle. The castle features stunning views of the city and its surroundings, making it one of the most romantic places in Heidelberg. End your day on a romantic riverboat cruise or enjoy a delicious food tour through the city.

Most Romantic Hotels in Heidelberg:

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18. Vancouver, Canada

Beautiful view of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
MF / Adobe Stock

While there are a ton of great destinations to visit in the Pacific Northwest, one of the best city breaks in the region is Vancouver, Canada. A popular filming location, this city offers incredible views, easy access to pristine nature, and many attractions for couples looking for romantic things to do.

The city of Vancouver is full of cute cafés and charming restaurants. Visitors will definitely want to take a trip up to the Vancouver Lookout for a romantic view of the city; the Vancouver Art Gallery is another popular choice.

If you’re there between March and October, whale watching in the waters off the city is one of the best and one of the most romantic destinations.

If you have the time, be sure to get out of the city – this part of Canada has some of the best natural scenery in the country, and it’s easily accessible from Vancouver. Helicopter tours, seaplane flights, and gondola rides to mountaintops are great ideas. Let’s not forget Vancouver’s world-class skiing if a little healthy competition fuels your romance.

Most Romantic Hotels in Vancouver:

19. San Francisco, California

Aerial view of San Francisco
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

The cosmopolitan city of San Francisco is one of California’s favorites. With its extremely well-connected airport and abundance of high-end hotels, and the best restaurants around, this is a place a couple could spend anywhere from one romantic night to well over a week.

San Francisco’s neighborhoods are packed with things to do. Shop and dine around Fisherman’s Wharf, Pier 39, and the quirky boutiques and cafés around its slanted streets.

Cross the Golden Gate Bridge and snap the iconic photo of the city. Hop on a daytime sightseeing cruise or an evening twilight cruise around the bay for spectacular scenery with your other half.

Like Vancouver, try to make time to get out of the city on day trips. Napa Valley and its beautiful vineyards are within reach, as are Yosemite National Park and the giant Sequoias of the region.

Most Romantic Hotels in San Francisco:

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20. Marrakech, Morocco

Panoramic view of Marrakech and old medina, Morocco
Olena Znak / Shutterstock

I can’t think of anywhere in Africa more romantic than Marrakech. The gorgeous mosques, lively markets, and friendly people make this desert destination worth a visit with your favorite person. There are so many romantic activities and luxury hotels that you may leave wanting to return immediately.

A stroll through this upbeat city will reward you with gorgeous landmarks, including the Bahia Palace, Badi Palace, Koutoubia Mosque, and the Saadian Tombs. Stop at the lush Jardin Marjorelle before visiting the Medina and Jemaa el-Fnaa markets for a few hours.

While it may be tempting to spend your days lounging at a beautiful hotel, I highly recommend doing fun and adventurous things for at least a day. You can take a scenic hot air balloon ride to enjoy stunning views of the Atlas Mountains, ride a camel, or go on a quad tour.

If you end up pooling the day, have a traditional Moroccan dinner in the desert as you enjoy live entertainment and aromatic hookah.

Most Romantic Hotels in Marrakech:


What is the most romantic city in the world?

The most romantic spot in the world is often considered Paris, France. Known as the “City of Love,” Paris offers an enchanting blend of picturesque architecture, artistic heritage, and intimate cafés. The city’s romantic charm is undeniable, be it a relaxed walk along the Seine, a visit to the iconic Eiffel Tower, or a meal at a quaint bistro.

Which romantic city is the best for a honeymoon?

European cities like Paris, Rome, Venice, and Florence are iconic honeymoon destinations for their romantic scenery, fantastic food, and comprehensive hotel options. However, honeymooners on a budget might consider cities like Bangkok or Istanbul, which offer a ton of romance for less cost.

What are some lesser-known romantic destinations to explore?

Romance seekers not set on the icons might consider cities like Vancouver or Montreal in Canada. While these are undoubtedly well-known romantic spots, they aren’t always the first place couples look to – but they are fantastic places and very close to home. Vancouver is minutes from breathtaking nature, while Montreal is like a little island of Europe in North America where they parler français.

Which romantic getaways have unique cultural experiences or traditions?

Cape Town, South Africa, is a fascinating romantic city for its traditional and colonial history and the experiences you can have in the bush. Marrakech, Morocco, is another excellent choice for its unique Arab and Berber traditions and beautiful architecture.

What is the most romantic city in the United States?

The most romantic spot in the United States is arguably Savannah, Georgia. With its antebellum architecture, Spanish moss-draped trees, and horse-drawn carriage rides, this southern gem is a city out of a romantic novel. The idyllic Forsyth Park, serene riverfront, and lively City Market add to its charm, making Savannah a perfect city for couples seeking romance and tranquility.

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