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8 Best Things to Do in Lindstrom, Minnesota

8 Best Things to Do in Lindstrom, Minnesota

Fun and exciting adventures await in the lovely town of Lindstrom, Minnesota, for there are many exciting things to do in Lindstrom. It is a great destination to relax, enjoy the beauty of nature, and start a great travel adventure.

There are many great towns besides the Twin Cities in Minnesota, and Lindstrom is one of them! It may look like a simple town, but as you reach it and discover its hidden gems, it will change your perspective.

Want to explore the town? No worries, this guide will provide you with a list of the best things to do in Lindstrom, where all you have to do is read and start planning your trip and book a hotel in this charming city.

When looking for things to do in Lindstrom, there are golf courses, water sports, trails, lakes, rivers, and a great selection of activities for kids. There are plenty of hotels to choose from near top tourist attractions and local favorites. Outdoor enthusiasts can find plenty of activities from Wild River State Park to Forest Lake to Taylor’s Falls and the Croix River.

Lindstrom Minnesota

Things to Do in Lindstrom, Minnesota

Let’s explore some of the top attractions and things to see in Lindstrom, Minnesota.

1. Visit Franconia Sculpture Park

Franconia Sculpture Park

Franconia Sculpture Park is an entirely free art gallery outside featuring oddities, history, excellent design, and more in a wide-open cornfield. The sprawling acres of land allow you to get lost, gazing and finding sculptures.

It’s an excellent place for people who love both parks and art. I explored the Franconia Sculpture Park for a few hours. Here is a brief tour of the sculptures from our YouTube channel.

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2. Beach Park

Little kid playing in a beach

Address: 12505 Newell Ave, Lindstrom, MN 55045, United States

An array of fun and exciting recreational activities is welcomed in Beach Park of the lovely town of Lindstrom, Minnesota. It is a public park that provides an opportunity to have fun, bond, and engage in an outdoor and recreational endeavor. The park is a part of the town’s excellent destination to visit and enjoy.

Beach Park is a lovely spot with a 3-acre land area that serves as a community gathering place to perform various activities to the local and tourists’ liking.

It is surrounded by nature’s beauty and a delightful, serene ambiance to bask in and relax. The park is in a presented spot with convenient access to South Lindstrom Lake and Newell Avenue’s west-end land.

A boat dock, picnic shelters, fishing pier, play area, pavilion, and swimming area are amenities and facilities for the park. During winter, ice fishing is accessible in Beach Park.

3. Ki Chi Saga Park

Karl Oskar House in Ki Chi Saga Park,  Lindstrom, Minnesota

Address: 29101 Glader Blvd, Lindstrom, MN 55045, United States

Ki Chi Saga Park of Lindstrom, Minnesota, is among the excellent facilities not to miss when looking for an ideal place to stay for a recreation spot to hit in town. It is a delightful park with ample space for visitors to perform various recreation and fun outdoor activities.

The park is in a fascinating and ideal spot with easy access to the fascinating lakes in town, South Center Lake and Linn Lake. Ki Chi Saga Park features a 98-acre recreational land for the community to use and enjoy. It is equipped with excellent facilities and valuable amenities to utilize.

The 19th-century Swedish Immigrant House, Karl Oskar House, is the centerpiece and a part of the park’s highlights. Playgrounds, picnic areas, a pavilion, and scenic trails are part of the amenities provided in Ki Chi Saga Park.

The recreational spot serves as a community recreation place and a destination that offers fun and opportunities to mingle with locals and enjoy nature’s timeless beauty.

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4. All Veterans Memorial

Veteran giving respect

Address: 30525 Linden St, Lindstrom, MN 55045, United States

Honor local veterans in Park Rapids, Minnesota, in the All Veterans Memorial. It is a fascinating park and memorial ground built in 2003 and opened in September 2017.

The park was established to honor the town’s heroes and veterans. It is among the great destination not to miss when traveling in Park Rapids.

All Veterans Memorial features a ground filled with many erected stones that represent the living memorial of the town’s veterans. The park serves not only as a place to stop by and look at the memorial stones but also as a destination where stories and teachings about the nation are shared.

Its fascinating history, military and veteran information, and events that contributed to the image and influence of the town today are also presented.

The memorial park has a museum where everything about the military, war, and the veteran’s military memorabilia is preserved and showcased to raise awareness, teach history, and honor the sacrifices and contributions of the veterans.

5. Moody Round Barn

Moody Round Barn

Address: 24201 Lofton Ave, Chisago City, MN 55013, United States

In Minnesota, the town of Chisago is the home of Moody Round Barn, a lovely building within the town’s remarkable destination, Moody Lake Park. The barn is a simple yet fascinating structure in the town’s beautiful park.

Moody Lake Park is a former farm and home of Elof and Eva Modig from Sweden in 1871. build the barn in 1915. Booking a trip to Chisago will be more memorable if you spot this lovely barn.

Visiting Moody Round Barn is one of the best activities in town and the park. Due to its strategic location within Moody Lake Park, it has become a distinctive and popular spot to stop by.

Various outdoor activities are available from the barn, where taking trails, leisure walking, and more can be done from the barn or when reaching the barn. The big blue barn with a dome roof may look simple, but the history and stories of Moody Round Barn make it more interesting.

Charles A. Moody built it in 1915, a local that changed farming from wheat to dairy. Moody Round Barn is the only remaining and well-preserved round barn in the Chisago.

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6. Chisago Lakes Area

Chisago Lakes
Linda McKusick /

Address: 35 miles northeast of downtown Minneapolis–Saint Paul

Chisago Lakes is a picturesque town in Chisago County, Minnesota, that offers visitors a chance to relax and enjoy the area’s natural beauty.

The town is situated on the shores of three large lakes, which provide ample opportunities for swimming, fishing, and boating. There are also several hiking trails in the area, and the lakes offer a great place to go ice skating in the winter.

In addition to outdoor activities, Chisago Lakes has several shops and restaurants for visitors to enjoy. Whether looking for a relaxing getaway or an active vacation, Chisago Lakes has something for you.

7. Glädje (Formerly Gustaf’s Up North Gallery)

Glädje, Minnesota Building
image by Gladje Gallery/TripAdvisor

Address: 12055 Lake Boulevard, Lindstrom, MN

For over 40 years, Glädje (formerly Gustaf’s Up North Gallery) has filled its walls with the extraordinary beauty of Minnesota’s north-land and Scandinavian art. Experience the intensity and passion in each painting, hand-pulled print, or a beautiful gift.

This has a great blend of art and Scandinavian furniture, and I would make the trip from the Twin Cities solely to check out the latest collection. It’s an excellent place to visit in Chisago County.

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8. Lindstrom Antique Mall

Items for sale in Lindstrom Antique Mall
Lindstrom Antique Mall / Facebook

Address: 12740 Lake Blvd, Lindstrom, MN 55045

Lindstrom Antique Mall is a must-stop for antique lovers. With over 9,000 square feet of antiques– from furniture to vintage sporting goods to Scandivanian items –Lindstrom promises a unique shopping experience for those searching for one-of-a-kind pieces.

Be sure to check out the nice assortment of products on two floors. If you love antiquing, you must visit this legendary antique mall in the heart of the main street.

Places to Stay in Lindstrom

1. Cozy Mother-in-Law Apartment Top Recommendation

Cozy Mother-in-Law Apartment is designed for those who want to spend a few days in Osceola, near Lindstrom. It has a garden and barbecue facilities, and it has its own parking lot. This accommodation will also please fans of relaxation, as it offers an outdoor swimming pool and a hot tub. It is located 24 km from Float-Rite Amphitheatre and 27 km from Wild Mountain Water Park.

2. Modern Lindstrom Condo Less Than 4 Mi to Beach Park!

For a comfortable stay in Lindstrom, the Modern Lindstrom Condo Less Than 4 Mi to Beach Park! features 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom with a shower. The apartment has 2 separate bedrooms and offers guests a flat-screen TV, cable channels, microwave and a fridge.

3. River Valley Inn & Suites

Whether you are in the area for a business trip or want a family vacation near Lindstrom, River Valley Inn & Suites is your best choice. The hotel offers a wide range of services from free WiFi to pool, hot tub and fitness center. All rooms are equipped with air conditioning, microwave and fridge for your convenience.


What is Lindstrom, Minnesota, known for?

Lindstrom, Minnesota, is known for its Swedish heritage and culture. Swedish immigrants in the mid-19th century founded the town, and it still retains many of its Swedish traditions today. Lindstrom is also home to many art galleries and craft stores, and it is a popular tourist destination for people interested in Scandinavian culture.

Is Lindstrom, Minnesota, an excellent place to live?

Yes, in Chisago County, Lindstrom is a great place to live. It is a small town with a population of just over 1,000 people and a reasonable living cost.

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