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10 Best Things to Do in Mannheim, Germany

From enjoying the beautiful sights of old-style structures, museums, and parks, there are numerous amazing things to do in Mannheim. If touring the city interests you, read on to see what it has to offer.

Mannheim, Germany, is a beautiful city with much to offer to both the natives and tourists. The city has numerous attractions for all ages. And, there are various sites dedicated to arts, crafts, and music.

From the historic Klusensteine caves to the beautiful parks, Mannheim has something for everyone. But you have to know where to go and which places are worth visiting when you get there.

That’s why we have compiled this comprehensive list to help you learn more about the best things to do in Mannheim, Germany. If you’re planning a solo or family trip to Germany, you’ll find the following info extremely useful. With this guide, you’ll be able to plan your trip around Mannheim quite easily.

That said, here’s what to do in Mannheim and the surrounding areas.

Mannheim Guided Street Art Walking Tour
1. Mannheim: Guided Street Art Walking Tour Top Recommendation

This guided walking tour will expose you to urban artwork from national and international artists throughout the city. You will enjoy paintings, murals, sculptures and interactive art in public spaces across the city center. The tour includes a stop at the open gallery 'Stadt.Wand.Kunst', which houses over 50 artworks by renowned street artists from all around the world. The tour is ideal for both locals and tourist who want to explore Mannheim's artistic side!

Mannheim Segway Tour along the Neckar River
2. Mannheim: Segway Tour along the Neckar River

See Mannheim from a new perspective - on a Segway! Ride along the Neckar and hear about its history and sights. Your guide will take you to the Museum Ship, Neckar bridge and Rheinpark boardwalk. The tour starts at the office of 'Mannheim Tourismus'. From there we ride to the Jungbusch Bridge where our boat awaits us that takes us across the river into Mannheim city center. After crossing the river, we enter Lauterbach Park (a green area in front of the Old Town.

Experience the Local Food around Mannheim
3. Experience the Local Food around Mannheim

This unique food tour will take you through the diverse food spots of Mannheim's local area, We will be stopping by one of the oldest Turkish Restaurants in town as well as one of the best bakeries to get some freshly baked breads. So whether you are a cheese lover or just want to try something new, we got you covered!

Fun & Best Things to Do in Mannheim, Germany

You shouldn’t wonder anymore about what to do in Mannheim, Germany. Here is a comprehensive list of tourist attractions, nightlife, points of interest, and museums.

1. Make Your Way to Mannheim Water Tower (Wasserturm)

Mannheim fountain center

The Mannheim Water Tower was constructed in the early 1800s, visitors can’t help but stare at this charming Baroque structure.

The sandstone water tower is the city’s most identifiable landmark and is one of the top Mannheim attractions to visit. Its strategic location makes it a prominent point of interest.

The sculptures depicting various mythical creatures that decorate the grounds surrounding the tower are also quite appealing, as they are intriguing. 

Though the water tower was partly destroyed during the Second World War, the structure has been renovated to bring back its charm. It’s such a beautiful place for a photoshoot.

You’ll cherish the peaceful ambiance and the scenery. And, if you are looking for a cool place to hang out and picnic with friends or family, this is a good pick.

The location is easily accessible, and it’s a nice spot to catch some sun and rare views. The flowers are always in full bloom, and there’s insurmountable calm in the middle of a swarming city.

Wassertum, as the locals fondly call it, is such an excellent place to meet up with your friends as you enjoy takeaway lunch or coffee in the heart of the city. It’s one of the top things to see in Mannheim, Germany.

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 2. Tour Luisenpark Gardens

Tea house in Chinese garden in Luisenpark, Mannheim
Imants Ozolins / Shuttertsock

The historic park of Luisenpark Gardens is also among the most visited Mannheim tourist attractions. First, there are numerous activities you can participate in throughout this beautiful, spacious park. You will enjoy a butterfly house, or a picnic, on the scenic lawn overlooking Kutzerweiher Lake. This is after wandering through the elegantly designed rose garden and Chinese gardens. The Chinese Garden in this park has the continent’s largest Chinese tea house.

You can also rent a Gondola for a leisurely ride around the lake. There are many other exciting things to see on the property, including an extraordinary plant greenhouse, aviaries, and aquariums.

And, the cost of admission is 6 EUR. People of all ages can visit the park and enjoy some time at the zoo with different animals and a tiny botanic garden. You can stroll around the park with a loved one and have a great afternoon in the middle of Mannheim.

And with only five euros for every ride, you can enjoy a boat ride for a whole hour. For nature enthusiasts, you’ll certainly enjoy feeding the Koi fish, which are in abundance on the lake.

Luisenpark, Mannheim offers the most serene environment to sit and relax as you try to figure out your next move in life. 

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3. Kunsthalle Mannheim

Kunsthalle Mannheim exhibits
Kunsthalle Mannheim / Facebook

If art boils in your blood, visiting Kunsthalle Mannheim fits among the best things to see in Mannheim for you. The building shows off a spectacular collection of modern art and is one of the top attractions in this region of Germany.

Finished in 1907, the building was initially built to house a temporary art exhibit to commemorate the 300th anniversary of the town. But the building stayed after the event and has since been utilized to accommodate the town’s art collection and several unique exhibits.

Some of the distinguished artists whose masterpieces are included in the collection include Monet, Van Gogh, and Liebermann. The museum is a stone’s throw away from the Mannheim water tower. You can also access the museum on foot from the Central Railway Station.

You’ll part with just 9 euros, for adults, to enter the place while children below six years access it free. If you are traveling with your family, it will cost you around 15 euros only to access the museum. 

You’ll, however, pay additional cash for workshops, tours, and unique exhibits. From Tuesday to Sunday, you can visit the museum between 11 AM and 6 PM. On Wednesday, it’s open between 11 AM to 6 PM.

Kunsthalle Mannheim is one of the top Mannheim tourist attractions that’s worth a visit.

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4. Mannheim Palace

Mannheim Castle

It’s the second biggest baroque palace in Europe. The Mannheim Palace was constructed in the 18th century and initially served as the principal residence of Prince-Electors of the Palatinate branch.

Today, the University of Mannheim utilizes the structure. Still, there’s a beautiful museum also with all the magnificence of this baroque palace on display.

Worth gazing at is the splendidly decorated Knight Hall with its carpet inlay flooring. Also, the intricate ceiling paintings, by renowned Cosmas Damian Asam and Trabantensaal, with their classical furniture presentation, will be worth your time.

The university and the Schloss are strategically located as it’s only a 5-10 minute walk from the Jesuitenkirche, close to where you can park your car.

You’ll see unique rooms, listen to awesome music, and even dance to baroque music if you like. Although the interior has been renovated and partly modernized, you’ll have a great sense of what it was once.

Mannheim University shares the grounds with Mannheim Palace. You have to pass through the main entrances to find it. Though it may seem a little bit uninteresting to visit, the provided audio guide comes in handy.

You’ll find a hidden gem on the museum’s ground floor- the bonafide rococo library of the original ornate library of Electress Elisabeth Augusta. Though you cannot enter, you will peep through a glass panel.

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5. Tour Reissinsel

Woman n a swing at Reissinsel
Reissinsel, Mannheim /

If your soul is yearning for contact with nature when you are in Mannheim, you do not have to travel far. Just a short walk on the Reißinsel island will refresh both your body and soul. This is because the enchanting of the Rhine Valley, and unpolluted forests invite you to dither and dream.

You’ll breathe deeply and slowly while listening to the ageless songs of over fifty bird species that call this forest their home. It’ll be such a magical and breathtaking experience.

Touring Reissinsel will help you escape your daily life for a moment. It’s not exactly what you would look for in the central city, but it’s correct.

Few spots in Mannheim are as idyllic as Reißinsel and the nearby Waldpark. If you are looking for some relaxing things to do in Mannheim, this would be one of them. Also, remember to pass through the orchard to see different types of apples.

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6. Mannheim TV Tower

Mannheim Tv Tower

If you want to view the entire Luisenpark at once, climbing the Mannheim TV tower is a good idea. It’s near one of the park’s entrances, and you can return later with the same park ticket.

It is a 205-meters tall telecommunication tower, with a revolving restaurant at 124 meters high revolving restaurant. There is also an observation deck at 120 meters.

Arial views of Luisenpark, the city, the Palatinate forest, and Odenvald are spectacular from here. They form part of the most beautiful things to see in Mannheim.

To go to the top of the tower, you’ll pay 7 euros for the elevator. Students and children part with 5 euros. The cafe is the only one that revolves. And, you’ll have to book if you need to eat, as it’s ever crowded.

It will be a great experience to view the skyline from the tower as the upper part turns around slowly, allowing you to enjoy Heidelberg, Mannheim, and the nearest cities.

7. Hang Out at Paradeplatz

Foundation in Paradeplatz
Eberhard / Adobe Stock

The Paradeplatz (parade square) is the heart of Mannheim, where two shopping streets, Planken and Breite Strasse, intersect.  A bronze pyramid, Gabriel de Grupello, designed in the 18th century, dominates the center.

It’s a nice place to visit and has numerous shops, restaurants around. There are also pubs around the area that just like breweries in Cologne serve great beers. The fountain in the center is also quite appealing.

Hanging out at Paradeplatz is one of the simplest yet fantastic stuff to do in Mannheim. However, the place can get a bit crowded with locals basking in the sun, eating lunch, or just passing through. But, it still feels nice to gaze at the statue from different angles and admire a renovated three-century figure.

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8. Take a Tour to Jesuit Church

Mannheim Jesuit Church

The Church is a historic and artistically significant Catholic church in Mannheim, Germany. The construction of the church began in 1733 and was finished in 1760. It was dedicated to St. Francis Xavier and St. Ignatius of Loyola. Air attacks severely damaged the church during WWII, but it was restored, in its historical style, using original pieces after the war.

The exterior and interior of the church have many stunning elements. For instance, the double-towered facade, and the four cardinal virtues statues are simply stunning. Also, the 75-meter-high dome on its exterior, adds to the charm.

The interior also showcases marble pilasters, plus a dome with clips from the order’s founder’s life. And, the “Crowned Silver Madonna” from 1747 is the most significant sculpture.

A tour of this church is certainly worth your time. You’ll like your experience here as you marvel at the central dais with the giant dome. It took almost a lifetime (30yrs) to construct.

It was ravaged during the Second World War, and it took twenty years to restore it. So, it’s only fair to stop by and reminisce about the wonder that the Jesuit church is.

It is open daily from 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM, and you’ll find ample parking near its vicinity. To visit the church as a group, contact the administration or the Dean to make arrangements.

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9. Herzogenriedpark

Flowerbeds in Herzogenriedpark
Management / TripAdvisor

If you are traveling with your kids and need a beautiful place to spend time, Herzogenriedpark is the place to go. It’s an excellent place to hang out with everyone, even the senior citizens.

It’s a hidden gem in the city and among the most exciting things to do in Mannheim, Germany. The park features playgrounds for the kids, a small zoo, and picnic grounds. There’s also a lake, with boats, just in case you want to take a ride as you view the magnificent park.

You’ll also find restaurants and cafes where you can quench your thirst and sort your belly with some delicious German delicacies. Most restaurants have grills and seating should you desire to bring and grill your food. A massive climbing frame, a rosarium, a trampoline (at an affordable fee), and a giant paddling pool are some of the features that stand out in the park.

In addition, the park hosts superb medieval markets, sports, and St. Martins procession for the little ones. So, check on their website to know when they’ll take place.  The park will allow you to enjoy healthy fun activities. For instance, there is a tennis court for you to play tennis, if you make a reservation. 

Kids and toddlers also are not left behind in this fun. There are many swings, slides, flowers, water features, and playgrounds where they can run around carefree.

However, bring some snacks with you as the kiosks are not always open. Herzogenriedpark is a suitable location to spend your warm summer day.

10. Planetarium Mannheim

Planetarium building architecture in Mannheim
Dwra /

The Planetarium Mannheim is a great place to visit for people of all ages. It has a number of exhibits that will educate and entertain visitors. Some of the exhibits include “Our Solar System”, “The Sky Tonight”, “Exoplanets”, and “Black Holes”.

The Planetarium also offers shows that are sure to amaze visitors. Some of the shows include “Stars of the Pharaohs”, “Journey to the Centre of the Milky Way”, and “Back to the Moon”.

To get to the Planetarium Mannheim, visitors can take public transportation or drive. What do you think? Is there a better way to spend an afternoon or evening than learning about the universe and our place in it at the Planetarium Mannheim?

What to Do in Mannheim at Night

There are a lot of things to do in Mannheim at night, no matter your taste or preference.  You will have a lot of bars, dance clubs, and pubs to choose from. You can dance your night away in one of the clubs or drown your sorrows with top-of-range liquor or wine available in the unassuming bars.

The city is a dream for anyone who loves music and nightlife. There are also plenty of locally owned music venues, where you can catch live concerts on most nights to soothe your tired ears.

There is no shortage of things to do when you visit Mannheim, Germany. Do you want to dance the night away at one of the many dance clubs in Mannheim?

Or do you need to drown your sorrows at one of the obscure Romantic Happy Hour clubs hidden throughout the city? ThereIn Mannheim, there is something unique for everyone.


What is Mannheim, Germany known for?

Mannheim is known for its long history of world-renowned innovations, particularly in the motor industry. Some of the most famous inventions to come from Mannheim include automobiles, bicycles, and tractors. The Forbes magazine estimates that Mannheim holds about 4.95 patents per 10,000 residents, making it one of the most inventive cities in the world.

What is there to do in Mannheim at night?

There is plenty to do in Mannheim at night! Some popular attractions include visiting the Mannheim baroque palace, seeing the “Light ISTANBUL” art installation, checking out the Antebush district, going for a walk in Mannheim Harbor, touring the Herzentinogenerijad hall, exploring Luisenparks Mannheim, and enjoying a cup of tea at a Chinese teahouse. Plus, there are always plenty of events and concerts happening in town – so be sure to check out what’s going on during your stay.

Is Mannheim worth visiting?

It’s definitely worth visiting! Mannheim, Germany is an underrated European city to visit with an increasingly expanded range of boutique hotels, tourist attractions, and a hipster town center.

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