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14 Best Things to Do in Redding, California

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Redding is one of the best places to visit in Northern California for outdoor adventures. It is a small city with much to offer regarding nature, art, and culture. The weather is usually friendly most of the year, so you can enjoy visiting the city if you love hiking, exploring, or biking.

However, the city can get very hot and windy sometimes. As such, it is advisable to carry a hat to shield you from extreme weather. Redding is also a family-friendly city with many activities for kids and adults. And regarding security, it is a relatively safe city to visit, too!

So, if you are planning a visit, what are the fun things to do in Redding to make your trip memorable? Let’s find out! But before embarking on your trip, ensure that you have the right travel insurance coverage to cover any mishaps you might encounter. We recommend using to lock in your trip.


Things to Do in Redding, California

1. Visit Turtle Bay Exploration Park

Visit Turtle Bay Exploration Park
Image by Tripadvisor

Address: 844 Sundial Bridge Drive, Redding, CA 96001, United States

Turtle Bay Exploration Park is a great place for nature lovers to visit. It is a family-friendly park where you can bring your kids for fun. You can also use the outdoor space for get-togethers with friends and family.

The park is a non-profit environmental education center covering over 300 acres. This vast land has a community that features McConnell Arboretum, Botanical Gardens, and the Turtle Bay Museum to satisfy your learning curiosity.

When visiting Turtle Bay, you’ll have a chance to learn about forestry, various water features, and wildlife exhibits. Even if you are not keen on learning, you can enjoy scenic views from the botanical gardens and waterfalls. Unfortunately, pets are not allowed in the park or botanical garden for safety reasons.

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2. Take the Sacramento River Trail

Sacramento River Trail
Image by Tripadvisor

Address: Sacramento River Trail Redding, CA, USA

If you love nature walks and scenic views, the Sacramento River Trail is a great place to visit in Redding, California. The trail starts from the sundial bridge and extends to the Keswick dam. You can enjoy a morning jog on the long trail and take a break at Lake Shasta to enjoy the scenic views or even dip.

The trail is suitable for walking, cycling, or strolling your kids with a stroller. If you own a dog, this is a good place to walk your pup along the trails! While walking, you can relax on the restrooms and park benches spread throughout the route. There is also a bicycle route where you can rent a bike and enjoy cycling.

This trail connects to the Sacramento River Rail Trail, offering even more stunning views of the Sacramento River and surrounding mountains.

These trails offer some of the best free things in Redding, including whitewater rafting on the massive Sacramento River (assuming you have your gear). Taking a guided tour of the Sacramento River is also an excellent way to fully enjoy the area’s offerings.

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3. Visit the Shasta State Historic Park

Shasta State Historic Park
Image by Tripadvisor

Address: 15312 CA-299, Shasta, CA 96087, United States

For those interested in history, Shasta State Historic Park should be on your list of things to do in Redding. This historic park provides much information, including about the California Gold Rush.

If you want to learn about this historic city, it is advisable to start at the Courthouse Museum. The place has all the artifacts and information you might need about the area, all in a charming historic building.

After fueling your curiosity, you can go outside at your leisure. And if you have a packed lunch, you can eat at the picnic tables and enjoy the scenery.

Apart from being a favorite place for historians, Shasta State Historic Park is also great for adventure seekers and spiritual ones. The city was believed to be home to a spiritual chief who descended from heaven and settled on Mount Shasta.

The chief is believed to have fiercely fought Llao, the god of the underworld, who lived on Mount Mazama. They threw lava and rocks at each other, a sign denoting volcanic activities on these mountains. Want to know more? Pay a visit! Everything about this famous chief can be found there!

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4. Tour Lake Shasta Caverns National Monument

Lake Shasta Caverns National Monument

Address: 20359 Shasta Caverns Rd, Lakehead, CA 96051, United States

Lake Shasta Caverns are some of the most stunning natural wonders in Northern California. It’s a family-friendly location, so you can come with your family and create some great memories.

They are found on the shore of Lake Shasta, a manmade lake covering over 360 miles of shoreline. Lake Shasta is considered one of the largest manmade water features in the state and offers many water activities for visitors to enjoy.

On the other hand, Lake Shasta Caverns, which date back over 200 million years, are made of limestone. And they have some of the most beautiful features, including stalagmites, stalactites, flowstone, and soda straws. So, if you want to see some incredible rock formations, Lake Shasta Caverns is the place.

As for Lake Shasta, it’s quite crowded during summer, as it also offers numerous activities for visitors. Boating is one of the most popular activities on the lake. As such, many kayaks, pontoons, and other small water vessels floating on these waters will meet your summer visit.

Also, you can enjoy several scenic views from here, such as Mount Shasta. Shasta Dam is also a few minutes from Lake Shasta, and you can alter your tour to feature the two sites.

PRO TIP: If you want to visit Shasta Lake, getting a guided tour to enjoy the caverns is not bad!

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5. Explore Lassen Volcanic National Park

Lassen Volcanic National Park
Image by Tripadvisor

Address: California, United States

If your list of things to do in Redding is not enough, there’s more beyond the city! For instance, you can take a day trip to Lassen Volcanic National Park, less than an hour from the city. Here, you’ll not only have a chance to experience nature, but you can also see active volcanoes up close.

The park has many activities to offer. If you are outdoors, you can hike on the 150 miles of trails and enjoy scenic views. You can also enjoy stargazing or camping in this extensive park. Some of the best hiking trails here include Devil’s Kitchen and Echo Lake. However, be careful when hiking.

Most of these hiking trails are covered with snow for the better part of the year and can be dangerous. The 30-foot snow makes Lassen Volcanic National Park a great destination for skiing and snowshoeing!

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6. Visit the Old City Hall Arts Center

Old City Hall Arts Center

Address: 1313 Market St, Redding, CA 96001, United States

The City Hall Arts Center is a historic creative community space from 1907. If you’re an art lover, you will definitely want to add this stop to your itinerary!

This creative hall is a top Redding attraction with much to offer regarding art. You can enjoy numerous art classes or spend your day admiring the exhibitions of some of the local artists. If you were unsure what to do in Redding when it’s raining, include this super little art museum on your list!

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7. Admire Whiskeytown Lake and National Recreational Area

Whiskeytown Lake and National Recreational Area
Image by Tripadvisor

Address: Whiskeytown, CA 96095, United States

Whiskeytown Lake is a great place to visit if you want to drive from the city. The lake is surrounded by the Whiskeytown National Recreation Area, which has many activities.

When visiting the lake, you can enjoy boating, swimming, and fishing. The recreational area also has more activities, such as hiking, biking, and even horse riding.

As for scenic views, some waterfalls provide stunning views and great relaxing places. This is an excellent place for nature lovers to experience nature in its purest form. It is only 15 minutes from the city center so you can make an easy day trip any time. Don’t miss out; this area is stunning!

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8.  Splish-splash at WaterWorks Park

Splish-splash at WaterWorks Park
Image by Tripadvisor

Address: 151 N Boulder Dr, Redding, CA 96003, United States

If you are in the mood for some thrill, the best place to visit is WaterWorks Park. The amusement park is most active during summer and is one of the top attractions in Redding for families.

This terrific place offers various water activities, such as slides and pools, for all to enjoy! The best thing is that no matter your age, you will always find something amusing to do here.

Whether traveling alone or with your family, WaterWorks Park is a perfect fit. If you’re visiting Redding during the summer, don’t forget to spend a day at WaterWorks Park!

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9. Relax at Swasey Recreation Area

The Swasey Recreation Area
Image by Tripadvisor

Address: Redding, CA 96001, United States

The Swasey Recreation Area is an incredible place for outdoor activities. It’s a favorite spot for runners and bikers who want to take some time in the wild.

The Bureau of Land Management operates the area, mainly composed of woodlands. Therefore, if you are looking for a challenge, you can do mountain biking, as the area has plenty of bumps and jumps. For runners who want to enjoy nature, the area has a lot of wildflowers and scenic views to soak in.

Depending on the weather and the time you visit, you can easily see Mount Shasta from the Swasey Recreation Area. If you are still not satisfied after your excursions here, you can visit the adjacent Mule Ridge Trail!

10.  Take in a show at Cascade Theatre

show at Cascade Theatre
Image by Tripadvisor

Address: 1731 Market St, Redding, CA 96001, United States

For a relaxed afternoon in the city, you can visit the Cascade Theatre. This theater dates back to 1935 and is loved by the community. It is a great place to interact with the locals, learn more about the city, and take in a show.

No matter when you visit, there are always great shows, from live music to theater performances and comedy shows. You can also enjoy arthouse films from the region as well as national films.

Also, besides offering the community and visitors endless entertainment, the theatre is a good place for lovers of art. In the theater, you will see a backdrop of Art Deco interior design from the 1930s. It is a good place to look for artistic inspiration or to gawp at.

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11.  Marvel at the iconic Sundial Bridge

the iconic Sundial Bridge

Address: Sacramento River Trail, Redding, CA 96001, United States

You cannot visit Redding without visiting the Sundial Bridge. This is one of the city’s most iconic attractions and greatest landmarks. Visitors flock to the bridge every year to get a peek!

The most attractive thing about the Sundial Bridge is its unique design. It is made with a glass walkway and lights up when it gets dark. You can take a walk across the bridge as you enjoy the design.

The bridge also runs across the Turtle Bay Exploration Park (all the more reason to visit!), and it’s one of the best places in town to view the Sacramento River.

12. Go wild at Oasis Fun Center

Oasis Fun Center
Image by Tripadvisor

Address: 3330 Cascade Blvd #2217, Shasta Lake, CA 96019, United States

Are you looking for fun things to do with kids at Redding? Oasis Fun Center is your answer! The place is ideal for people of all ages, and you’ll always find something fun to do.

There are plenty of indoor and outdoor activities, so you can have fun no matter the weather. Children can enjoy rides and mini golfing, while adults can participate in adult games like axe throwing and go-karts.

After a fun-filled day, you can enjoy a delicious meal with the family. There are a variety of dining options available!

13.  Visit the Matson Vineyards for a Tipple

Matson Vineyards

Now, who doesn’t love a glass of nice wine? Wine lovers will enjoy a visit to Matson Vineyards, one of the best places to visit in Redding for adults!

The vineyard is on the city’s outskirts, making it a great place for a day trip. It is also known for producing one of North America’s best wines.

When you visit the winery, you will get an opportunity to sample different wines produced here. You can visit for a wine-tasting event or book private events for more fun!

It is also beautiful scenery for picnics, and you can enjoy your wine in the middle of this stunning vineyard.

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14. Tour Downtown Redding

Take a Tour Downtown Redding
Image by Tripadvisor

On your last day in the city, you can take a shopping trip to Downtown Redding or taste some of the area’s best food. The downtown district is a cultural and art center—plus, it’s the best place to grab a drink. If you want to enjoy everything downtown has to offer, ensure that you wear a good pair of sneakers and walk around!

Walking around is the best way to experience the city. You can shop for artifacts and other things and enjoy some sweet food from the restaurants here.

Are you looking for a place to refuel or grab some brews with your buddies? Stop by 1724 Downtown Bar & Grill. They have a sensational menu and a ton of beers on tap.

Apart from shopping and eating, you can also take some time to visit the cultural centers and museums that are located in the city, including;

  • Redding Sculpture Garden
  • Turtle Bay Exploration Park
  • Cascade Theatre
  • Shasta Historical Society

Best Places to Stay In Redding

1. Americana Modern Hotel Top Recommendation

If you're looking for Redding hotels, you will love the excellent service and great value at Americana Modern Hotel. All rooms have free WiFi and free parking is available. Private bathrooms are provided in each room at Americana Modern Hotel, as well as a flat-screen TV. The hotel has a shared lounge where guests can relax with a drink.

2. Comfort Suites Redding - Shasta Lake

Comfort Suites Redding - Shasta Lake offers the very best in affordable comfort and convenience. Located just off Highway 44 near I-5, the hotel boasts an indoor heated pool and hot tub, a fitness center with sauna and tennis court access. The hotel is within walking distance of the new Mercy Medical Center Hospital and just minutes from shopping at Redding's Lake Boulevard Mall.

3. Best Western Plus Hilltop Inn

The Best Western Hilltop Inn is conveniently located 4 miles from the Redding Convention Center and Turtle Bay Exploration Park, 5 minutes' drive to Sundial Bridge and Turtle Bay Bird Sanctuary. The hotel offers guests free WiFi internet access. Guests can enjoy a breakfast buffet daily at the restaurant. Guest rooms include coffee/tea makers, hairdryers, complimentary toiletries and cable TV with HBO channels. Parking is free on site for all guests staying at the hotel.

1. Americana Modern Hotel

The Americana Modern Hotel
Image by

Address: 1241 Market St, Redding, CA 96001, United States

If you are looking for a location near the airport, the Americana Modern Hotel is your best choice. It is a fun, three-star hotel with all the necessary comforts, including a seating area.

The rooms have basic furnishing that you would expect in a standard hotel, such as a desk and television. It is also a family-friendly hotel, meaning you can bring your kids and pets too. The outdoor part of the hotel is beautiful, with a fireplace and a picnic area for a good time.

2. Comfort Suites Redding – Shasta Lake

 The Comfort Suites Redding Shasta Lake
Image by

Address: 1195 Grand Ave, Redding, CA 96003, United States

When visiting Shasta Lake, you can stay in Comfort Suites, Redding. It is a few miles from Sundial Bridge, making it strategic to visit the stunning redding attraction and the different parts of Redding it connects. The rooms are comfortable, with air conditioning, private bathrooms, and a sofa.

This is a favorite hotel for couples, although it is also family-friendly. During the hot summer months, there is a swimming pool, and there is a hot tub in every room for cold days. Outside the hotel, you can sit on the fireplace and outdoor furniture or enjoy the sun deck.

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3. Hampton Inn and Suites Redding

The Hampton Inn and Suites Redding
Image by

Address: 2160 Larkspur Ln, Redding, CA 96002, United States

The Hampton Inn and Suites, Redding, is located at the center of all activities in Redding. When staying in the hotel, you can easily visit downtown and the Waterpark. The hotel offers a grab-and-go breakfast so you can take something before you start your trip.

This hotel has tastefully furnished rooms with everything you need, such as a television, a work desk, and a microwave. After a long day touring the city, you can go to the gym or relax in the outdoor pool. You can come with your pets, but there is a charge.

4. Oxford Suites Redding

Oxford Suites Redding
Image by

Address: 1967 Hilltop Dr, Redding, CA 96002, United States

If you are looking for a family-friendly hotel, visit Oxford Suites Redding. It is also a great place to stay if you want to be close to the airport.

The hotel has all the basic furnishings you need for your comforts, such as a private bathroom, linen, and towels. If you like staying outdoors, you can use the outdoor furniture available.

5. Hope Inn Redding

Hope Inn Redding
Image by

Address: 19177 Hollow Ln, Redding, CA 96003, United States

You do not have to stay in a hotel while in Redding. The Hope Inn Redding guest house is a warm place to stay. You get a warm reception in the guest house with a barbecue and sun terrace.

Unlike a normal hotel, the suite is a beautiful and quiet place. One thing that makes the place stand out from the rest is the tastefully furnished rooms. The rooms have cozy pillows, warm duvets, and everything you need to stay comfortable.

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Is Redding Worth Visiting?

Welcome sign of Redding California with clear skies, vibrant flowers, and a stone base.
Sundry Photography –

Absolutely yes! There are great things to see and do in Redding, especially for outdoor lovers. Also, it is a reasonably affordable city compared to other cities in the United States.

For instance, if you are traveling on a budget, it is one of the most affordable cities to visit in California. There are also many free things to do in Redding.

There are also numerous fun activities for outdoor lovers. However, it’s advisable to carry sunscreen because the weather can get scorching in some areas. The city is ideal for sightseeing, nature walks, and learning about the area’s history.

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