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Between flight cancellations and illnesses, travel insurance is more important than ever. But sorting through your options can feel overwhelming (not to mention frustrating as your inbox fills with emails from required sign-ups).

So, if you’re looking for a more streamlined way to view various insurance plans, you’ve likely stumbled upon I’ll share my review with you so you can understand how it works before deciding if it’s a good fit for you.

What is Logo

The travel insurance industry has over 100 years of protecting travelers since its conception. New companies are popping up as they cater to an ever-evolving array of travel destinations and risks. recognized the challenges travelers face with weeding through countless offerings and prices from these travel insurance providers. They aimed to make it easier for travelers to sort through their options. And so begins their story. Website uses computer-generated technology to find the best travel insurance companies and plans according to travelers’ data and needs. They’re a member of the US Travel Insurance Association (UStiA) and are owned by DigiVentures Holdings, LLC.

Together, these credentials make a trustworthy resource for travelers-to-be wanting to compare travel insurance plans.

Furthermore, many respected media outlets (including VT!) have featured, including AARP, NBC, and National Geographic

How Works Partners Partners partners with well-known travel insurance companies to show customers the best travel insurance options. 

So, when you visit and type in your information on their website, their system will quickly comb through their partner’s offerings, showing you the best travel insurance choices within seconds. has high standards for the providers they choose, working almost exclusively with major insurers, ensuring that all offer 24/7 emergency assistance and a range of plans.

Some of the travel insurance agencies that works with include:

You can view a full list of the different companies that works with on their main homepage.

Coverage Options

The beautiful thing about is that you control the plan you choose for your travel security. Your age, place of residence, where you’re traveling to, and budget are some factors that will play a role in what kind of coverage options you’ll have to choose from.

Below are some examples of the many travel insurance coverage possibilities that TravelInsurance may present to you:

  • Trip cancellation coverage
  • Trip interruption coverage
  • Lost luggage recovery or compensation
  • Medical coverage (including emergency medical care, medical expenses, emergency medical evacuation benefits, pre-existing conditions, etc.)
  • Coverage for flight delays or flight accidents
  • Accidental death or dismemberment
  • Rental car insurance strives to show you options for the most comprehensive coverage for the lowest cost.

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A review wouldn’t be complete without addressing its features that do and don’t work well. Let’s explore each.

Benefits of

  • You don’t need to fill out separate forms for each of the travel insurance agencies that works with
  • No email spam – will only ask for your email if you buy a package
  • All providers offer 24/7 emergency support
  • An intuitive, user-friendly website
  • A detailed comparison between different insurance options
  • It’s often more economical to purchase through
  • You can sort insurance options according to your budget
  • You’ll receive a confirmation email almost instantly after making your purchase
  • Many resources for understanding the nuances of different coverage options
  • The ability to build single-trip plans AND multi-trip plans

Areas for Improvement With

  • They don’t offer support if you need to file a claim
  • They’re an insurance policy facilitator, not a provider

All in all, many more pros outweigh the cons of using However, people’s biggest misconception about this company is that they’ll hold your hand through any questions or insurance claims you have after purchasing your policy.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case at this time. Instead, you’ll need to work directly with the company providing your insurance policy should you need assistance after buying your plan.

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How to Register for Form
Example of a Filled Out Form on Gett Insurance Quotes

Now that I’ve set the foundation of TravelInsurance pros and cons let’s learn how to register for it. 

Here’s some good news: If you’re not a fan of creating another password, you won’t have to do it with Instead, “registering” involves giving them key details about your trip and clicking “Get Quotes Now.”

I’ve filled out’s insurance form (which you can find on their homepage) several times. I’ve always gotten my insurance plan options within five seconds.

Information That Needs

You don’t have to give your social security number (or national equivalent). However, they will ask you for several personal details, including:

  • Trip cost
  • Main destination
  • Trip dates
  • Number of travelers
  • Traveler ages
  • Permanent residence
  • Citizenship
  • Initial trip payment date

Managing a Group

The most memorable trips are often when you travel with friends and family. makes it easy for groups looking to snag a great travel insurance deal, allowing you to select more than ten travelers.

If you’d rather not pay the way for your sister-in-law’s cousin or best friend’s neighbor, you can opt to see the prices per individual.  Once you decide on a plan, you can divide payments among different credit cards.

That way, everyone benefits from lower group travel insurance rates compared to if they all applied separately for insurance through Read more about’s group plans to see if it fits you.

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How to Pick Plans

When the page shows’s coverage options, you’ll notice prices in large, blue numbers to the right of the information tables. As you scroll down, you’ll see that offers the following details:

  • The name of the travel insurance company
  • Links to reviews about the company
  • The percentage of people that recommend it
  • Name of the plan
  • The company’s A rating (with “A” being the highest)
  • Link to more information
  • An option to request a quote via email
  • Highlights of the essential coverages 

If you’re experiencing analysis paralysis with so many options, rest easy. Below are the strategies I recommend for sorting through’s plans.

By looking at the sidebar of the page of plans, you’ll see a section labeled “Narrow Your Search.” Click on this bar if the drop-down isn’t already appearing, and you’ll see a range of travel insurance categories with the number of policies that include them. coverage often shares some similarities between plans. Trip cancellation and trip interruption insurance are common examples that I’ve seen in my searches.

Decide which coverage choices are the most important to you. Then, select those by clicking on the box to the left. As you tick each box, will automatically update the search results.

Remember that if you have specific requirements about how you want your travel insurance plan to look, you may need to practice a bit of flexibility.

So, play around with checking the boxes to find the best-fit combination for you.

Option #2: Click the “Add to Compare” Button

Another savvy feature on is the “Add to Compare” button, which you’ll find beneath the plan quote. 

Once you select two or more plans from the initial overview page that shows you, a button will appear saying “Compare Now.”

Click that button to bring you to a user-friendly chart highlighting each plan feature. Green checkmarks and red “x’s” make it easy to determine what each plan does and doesn’t offer.

Every detail on the chart has a clickable link that’ll provide you with more in-depth information about a specific policy if you click on it.

A Note On COVID-19 Coverage

COVID-19 is understandably on every traveler’s mind these days. So, makes it easy on its customers by offering a “COVID-19 FAQs” button under each travel insurance company it presents to you.

The link will provide instant information on the company’s COVID-19 coverage policy, including situations such as:

  • The traveler contracting COVID-19, making them ineligible to travel
  • The traveler contracting COVID-19 during the trip
  • Business partner or child caregiver tested positive for COVID-19, requiring the traveler to stay home

How to Make a Claim on How to File a Claim
How to File a Claim on

One of the reasons why I wanted to write this review is to help you set your expectations about what does and doesn’t do.

When filing a claim, can’t help you out. That’s because isn’t a travel insurance provider. Instead, they show you the best options of the travel insurance companies they partner with.

So, even though you’ll pay on, you’re purchasing your plan through a specific travel insurance provider.

Nevertheless, doesn’t leave you completely in the dark. Instead, they offer guidance on how to file a claim with your insurance company. I’ve rounded up the main takeaways for you below:

Contact Your Travel Insurance Company Before Filing a Claim

That’s right – instead of pouring time into filling out the perfect insurance claim, take the time to call or message your travel insurance company to understand if your situation is applicable for a potential refund.

They won’t be able to confirm with 100% certainty about a reimbursement until they receive your claim. However, the insurance company will be able to give you a feel for how likely you’ll get compensated for whatever travel snag you face.

One piece of advice I recommend is asking what you can do to improve their acceptance of your claim. You never know – you might get a tidbit of information that could push your claim into the reimbursement pile!

Go Overboard With Sending Proof

When filing an insurance claim, there’s no such thing as insufficient supporting documents. The more evidence you can show your insurance company that a travel event went down, as you described, the higher the chance of your claim getting accepted.

The good news is that your insurance company won’t make you jump through hoops by guessing what they need. For example, if you can’t travel because you’re sick, they’ll tell you you need to show a doctor’s note. 

But to make it all the better, if you need a prescription, you may want to show the receipt proving you purchased it. The more you can go above and beyond with your proof, the better off you’ll be.

Managing a Claim Denial

Just like doesn’t manage the claims process, they also aren’t responsible for the outcome of a claim. Nevertheless, if your travel insurance company denies a claim, you’ve got another recourse—filing an appeal.

Yes, this involves more paperwork and isn’t a process anyone wants to go through. However, according to, travel insurance companies honor appeals around 50% of the time.

You can contact the Better Business Bureau for support as a last recourse. The good news is that works with highly regarded travel insurance companies. Therefore, provided that your situation falls within your coverage, the chances are high that the insurance company will compensate you. Review: Is It Worth It? (2024)

Our Review: Learn if it's worth it, explore coverage options, and compare quotes to find the best travel insurance plan.

Product Brand:

Editor's Rating:


  • No email spams
  • 24/7 emergency support
  • User-friendly Website
  • Offers detailed insurance comparison More economical to purchase


  • Don’t offer support if you need to file a claim They’re an insurance policy facilitator, not a provider


Do you still have questions about how works? Below are some answers to common inquiries.

Does offer country-specific insurance information?

Yes, provides insurance information for dozens of countries. The data is for people traveling to these countries, not necessarily those from them.

How many people need to travel for group benefits?

You’ll qualify for group insurance if you have at least ten people traveling with you. The biggest benefit you’ll receive with group insurance is lower rates, 

How does choose its partners? has many criteria for choosing which travel insurance companies to partner with. High-quality reviews, 24/7 emergency support, a diversity of plans, and outstanding customer service are examples of what looks for.

What accreditations does have? is a member of the UStiA and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. In addition, DigiVentures Holdings, LLC, which owns, is up-to-date on its licenses in California.

How can I contact

You can contact via live chat or phone. Their office hours are 9:00 a.m.- 8:00 p.m. EST Monday – Friday. 

Does charge money for their service? doesn’t charge service fees for purchasing a plan on its website. Instead, they receive a kickback through the travel insurance companies they work with.

In many cases, it’s the same amount of money or even cheaper to purchase an insurance plan on than on the insurance company’s website.

The Bottom Line

I hope this review has helped you understand how the company operates and what to look out for. Personally, I’ve had positive experiences using I love how easy it is to compare plans. Filling out my information once and not receiving follow-up emails from countless insurance companies is also a huge plus. isn’t a set-it-and-forget-it type of company. Instead, it’s your responsibility to read through the different insurance plans so you can choose the best fit for your situation.

Once you buy an insurance plan, you’ll surely feel more relaxed and confident as you prepare for and take your trip.

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