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21 Best Road Trip Games For Couples

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Road trips are an enjoyable and frequently exciting pastime to undertake when you want to spend quality time on an adventure with your boo. Road vacations are usually an excellent opportunity to connect with the people you care about, whether with relatives, friends, and your partner.

Long, intimate road trips are something many couples adore. However, it’s easy to overhype the occasion, and the ideal car trip with your loved one can end up being pretty boring when you factor in all the driving.

This is where travel games for couples, particularly travel card games, travel board games, Bananagrams, or other spoken games, come into play, except if you plan on being on the road for several hours.

Quite often, you’ll need to take a rest from the road, and playing games are the ideal way to pass the time. As a result, here are some of the best activities like car games, guessing games, and word games that can be played with your significant other to make the most of your road trip together.

Best-Of by Category

Best Verbal Road Trip Games For Couples

Here is the list of the game that can be played verbally:

1. Play bingo


Long road trips can lead to boredom. That’s where the idea of automobile bingo enters the picture. Instead of digits, you play with items you see along the way, specific circumstances, or automobile brands.

I gotta lot of time for car bingo. You can make a game over cows in fields, colors of cars, brands on big rigs – anything!

You and your ride or die can construct a list of stuff you expect to see on your trip to the location, and the person who isn’t driving can check them off as you see things. It’s not top-level, but it’s free, keeps everyone’s eyes on the road and surroundings, and it’s good for small talk, and victory is fun!

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2. Telling a Story

Telling a Story

It’s not so much of a game as simply exchanging memories with your spouse or making something up as you go along for a few hours.

However, if you want to kill boredom while also learning more about each other, this is a classic.

Sticking to particular storytelling genres, such as humiliating stories, family stories, and so on, can turn it into a game. This way you can learn more about each other for hours and not get bored.

You can also challenge each other to make up a news story, or play the one-word story game, where you each take it, in turn, to say one word to a story you tell!

3. Unusual Color/”Yellow Car”

Yellow car on the road
Qijin Xu / Unsplash

This is a simple but fun game that couples can play to pass the time while on the road. It could also lead to some heated discussions on a technicality, and you’ll always be able to detect your spouse cheating!

The game itself is rather straightforward. Before the trip, you make a list of unusual colors for automobiles you want to see, and as you travel, you keep track of how many cars of that color you see; the person who sees the most wins.

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4. Ten Questions/Twenty Questions

Ten Questions

This is a fun game to play, especially for newlywed couples. This is also a fantastic method to understand them and start a conversation with them.

This, on the other hand, isn’t a game where you ask ten questions; it’s more of a game of chance. So, your partner comes up to have something, whether it’s a film, a star, or something else entirely. The goal is to figure out who your spouse is thinking of, but you only have ten questions to ask.

5. True or False

True or False

Again, this is a fantastic game to play if you’re driving. The game begins with one of you presenting a “fact,” and your companion would have to estimate whether or not it is accurate.

Simple yet effective, this game can lead to some interesting discussions with your companion, which only adds to the excitement!

6. Unfortunately


Have you ever watched the film Just go with it?

The principle is the same: one person says something like, “We’re going on a road trip! Unfortunately, I forgot to bring snacks for the vacation.” The other person needs to answer by saying something like, “I brought snacks, but unfortunately, I forgot to pack refreshments for the trip.”

This game gets hilarious real quick!

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7. Atlas


This game’s principle is simple: one player begins by identifying a country in the world, and the other player must answer by identifying another country, beginning with the letter that the previous country ended on. Peru, Uruguay, Yemen, Nepal – see where I’m going? The first person who can’t name a country or repeats one already mentioned loses.

It’s a fun and simple travel game that’s also kind of about travel. What’s not to like?

Another great thing about Atlas is you can really play it with any topic. Take animals, for example (dog, goat, toad, deer), or modes of transportation (car, rowboat, tricycle, electric scooter).

Alright, let’s move on before I get sucked in.

8. I Spy


If you are a human person existing on planet Earth, you can’t claim you’ve never played this game before. It’s an oldie and a goodie for those who are particularly devious with their choices.

The goal is simple: you begin by stating, “I spy with my little eye, something…,” and then describe something you have seen on the road like “something blue” or “something beginning with R.”

Your companion must then determine what it is. This can also be played with a point system or the rules combined with ten questions, so the guesser has a limited number of attempts.

It’s a good one for kids and may get disregarded as a child’s game, but crafty spies can make this game last for days!

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9. Sing-along


This is an awesome activity that can be rather humorous and fun to play if you are a couple who loves music and knows the lyrics to many songs.

You may set a time limit during which you can only communicate with your spouse using lyrics, which is a great way to freshen up your song memory and induce groaning laughter.

10. Deciphering license plates

Deciphering license plates

This activity is for you if you want to use your intellect and have a great chuckle with your companion on your long journey.

For example, if a license plate game reads ALI 003, you could deduce that it means “Alabama, Louisiana, and Indiana to be 3 US States.”

11. Lyrical links 

Couple singing while driiving
detailblick-foto / Adobe Stock

This game is similar to any other song-related game or movie game. It’s an incredibly entertaining and amusing method to learn about your partner’s musical tastes.

The game begins with one of you singing the song to the best of your ability, followed by your partner performing a song that begins with the sound or word that the prior song ended on.

You might add variety to the game by having a second participant sing a song with similar opinions.

12. Letters of the alphabet

Alphabet Letters on tiles
Sven Brandsma / Unsplash

The goal is to uncover words that the other person has thought of in his mind and encode them into clues. They can encrypt the words and give hints of that using billboards, license plates, signs, and similar things to make the other person guess the next alphabet.

The person who wants to guess the letter has to be given some clue, e.g., You can ask the person to look at a certain billboard and locate the desired letter and guess the next one.

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13. Acknowledgement

Couple smiling while on a road  trip
Fanti/ / Adobe Stock

This is a fantastic game if you don’t think you love your partner enough or want to develop new ways to complement them. But there’s a catch: each complement must be arranged orderly, e.g.,

You may complement your partner by starting with Big eyes are attractive and the second one says, Thin nose is a must, the first one then says pink lips and starts to get compliment each other looks.

14. Kiss, marry and kill

Excited African couple driving car and smiling
Prostock-studio / Adobe Stock

This cheeky classic (with various NSFW iterations of the name) is also a wonderful approach to learning about your partner’s expectations for their relationship, as well as their true feelings regarding friends, associates, or the rich and famous.

The rules are straightforward: one of you goes first, naming three people. Your companion must then choose between kissing, marrying, and killing each one.

This game gets hilariously savage, but it’s a great game to learn about one another!

Here is a collection of all the finest couple road trip games available.

Best Road Trip Games For Couples

1. TableTopics to Go Road Trip

TableTopics to Go Road Trip Card Game

TableTopics is a collection of card games suited for both couples and families taking a break from driving. It’s a deck of cards featuring thought-provoking and entertaining discussion starters.

This particular collection is intended for use on a road trip. It’s jam-packed with travel and driving-related queries. And it’s the ideal thing to do on a lengthy car ride with your lover.

It can set the tone for adventure, help you answer the big questions in life, and allow you and your spouse to exchange recollections and preferences from past road trips. You’re sure to learn a lot about each other and have a great time.

This is a card game for the whole family. As a result, you can play it with your children or a group of friends too.

It’s a pack of 40 three-by-three-inch cards, each with a single question. They come in a tiny package that is ideal for storing in the glove compartment.

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2. TableTopics Destination Anywhere

TableTopics Destination Anywhere deck of cards games

The TableTopics series continues with this deck of cards. This one is a lot bigger, with 135 cards and questions all centered on the theme of travel. These cards are three by three inches and come in a beautiful acrylic box, like the last set.

It’s a great game for couples, families, and groups of friends to play on a road trip. As a result, you can apply it to a variety of situations.

You’ll learn about each other’s tastes, interests, and travel dreams while playing this game. You’ll have the opportunity to share exciting trip recollections. It’s the ideal game for passing the time on a long journey.

Even though this set isn’t particularly romantic, it will undoubtedly strengthen your relationship with your lover as you delve deeper into your discussions.

As a result, this game has the potential to bring you two closer together and possibly reignite some sparks. You’ll feel like you’re on a drive date with all the fresh facts you’ll learn about each other!

3. After Dinner Amusements: Travel Trivia

After Dinner Amusements: Travel Trivia card game

Another series of card games with questions is After Dinner Amusements. This package includes a variety of entertaining and educational facts about world geography and culture.

This collection of 50 cards measuring 2.5 by 2.5 inches comes in a small tin box.

This is the ideal option for you or your lover if your companion is a bit of a nerd. You can put your knowledge to the test and learn new topics together.

Like the previous road trip games, this game is also acceptable for children so that you may play it with your family or friends on long travels down the line.

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4. After Dinner Amusements: Which Would You Choose?

After Dinner Amusements: Which Would You Choose? card game

The After Dinner Amusements series continues with this deck of cards. Like the previous one, this collection has 50 2.5 by 2.5-inch cards.

The only difference is that there are no trivia questions here. This game has 50 thought-provoking and humorous dilemmas.

It’s the ideal pastime for a road trip with your partner!

It will make you chuckle, and you may learn some surprising facts about each other.

5. Word Teasers Speaking of Love

Word Teasers Speaking of Love card game

This couple’s road trip game is definitely on the romantic side. It has the capability of turning a long car journey into an exciting driving date.

This deck comprises 150 cards with love-related questions on them. Although it isn’t a trivia game, the cards have answers on the back.

It’s designed to spark a dialogue with your significant other. You can discuss one other’s perspectives on romance-related themes and learn new things about each other.

After a long discussion, look at the back of the card and compare your thoughts and ideas to scientific facts or thoughtful comments.

It’s a fantastic option that will make a lengthy drive enjoyable and romantic.

6. Our Moments Couples

Our Moments Couples card game for couples

This is a very popular card game for couples and one of my personal favorites. This set was created for you and your significant other to play together.

It’s a deck of 100 cards, each with a question that will help you learn new things about your partner while bringing you closer and closer together.

Unlike the other sets, this one includes some saucy sex and intimacy-related questions! It holds a lot of promise for serious flirting.

It’s an excellent choice if you’re searching for a profound, romantic, and flirting game to pass the time on a long journey.

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7. I Should Have Known That!

I Should Have Known That!

This is another entertaining trivia car game that will keep you both interested on a car trip.

It’s a 100-card set with 400 trivia questions that’s relatively substantial and popular. The aim of this game is to put you to the test on everything you should know.

In this game, there is truly a scoring system. So, if you and your partner are competitive, this will most likely be your cup of tea!

This collection contains a lot of amusing and inventive questions. It’s ideal for a couple, family, or group of friends on a road trip.

Other Road Trip Activities For Couples

Other activities for couples vacation to do on a road trip are listed below. Sitting in a car for long periods might be tedious, so try these tips!

Stop For A Picnic And Bring A Packed Lunch

Couple on a romantic picnic
Tim Collins / Unsplash

Everyone comes together over food. Making a picnic is a good method to save money, but it also provides a reason to choose a lovely spot to stop along the road.

Instead of stopping at a petrol station, use the Road Trippers app to discover a fun place to settle along the way and have some delicious homemade road trip meals.

Go For A Walk On The Other Side Of The Road

Couple on a romantic walk
Jason Leung / Unsplash

Why not hunt for a lovely detour en route to go for a jog if you’re a guest and have access to a mobile phone?

Taking frequent pauses and exercising helps break up the monotony of long stretches of highway travel. Why not go off-route to a park and have a walk instead of pausing at the services?

You can use the Road Tripper’s App, but you can also use Google Trips or Google Maps to find locations to visit along the road. If you come upon a beautiful area, pull over and take some shots to remember the sightseeing you witnessed along the way.

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Final Thoughts

Some of the most incredible, interesting, and entertaining car and road trip games for couples you can play with your loved other. Many of the games listed above are merely random road trip games that anyone may play, even couples.

These games are just a handful from a lengthy list of the most indulgent and engaging games available. These activities will allow you to delve deeper into your partner’s private life and get to know them better while providing laughter and positive sentiments.

Because, like with any escape room/mystery room, the greatest way to avoid boredom during long car journeys is to play some exciting, one-on-one interactive games with your partner.

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