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4 Best Things to Do in Leverkusen | Top Attractions

4 Best Things to Do in Leverkusen | Top Attractions

Planning a trip to Leverkusen but don’t know what is the city’s best attraction to stop by? Leverkusen is one of the smallest cities in Germany; nevertheless, it is lovely and wonderful. Even though it is a small town, there are an array of great things to do in Leverkusen and it is packed with great sceneries not to miss!

It is a charming town that holds numerous attractions, an overwhelming amount, and doesn’t know where to start and what destination to check out first.

Who won’t? It is a blessed city, but do not worry, we wrote and prepared a list of the best attractions to visit when planning to travel to Leverkusen.

Fun & Best Things to do in Leverkusen, Germany

Schlosspark Schloss Morsbroich

Schlosspark Schloss Morsbroich, Leverkusen

Address: Gustav-Heinemann-Straße 80, 51377 Leverkusen, Germany

Rating: 4.3 out of 5

The Morsbroich Castle in Leverkusen, Germany, is a castle in Germany which dates back to the 14th century of German history. The first mention of the castle is from 1328, where it is mentioned as being owned by one John Moir von dem Brioche.

Perhaps more than most buildings in Germany, the castle has changed hands many times, falling into different ownership in successive regimes. The current form today is due to a renovation from the 18th century built in the baroque style; it was extended in the 19th century.

The castle is now the building in which the Municipal Museum of Contemporary Art is housed. The castle was originally on a lease to the city of Leverkusen in 1948, and the city used the castle as a center for the exhibition of art from 1951.

Eventually, the city was able to buy the castle totally in 1971.

The museum displays a vast collection of art from artists with different styles, nationalities, and backgrounds, all within the post-war, contemporary, modern art movement. The works on display include over 300 paintings or sculptures.

Artists such as Andy Warhol, Gerhard Richter, Yves Klein, and Alexander Calder. There is also a very robust display of art done on paper at the museum.

In the summer, open-air events – “Morsbroich Summer” – are held at the castle’s grounds. The castle’s grounds are a public park, and they attract many people who want to take a stroll or relax in the park.

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Neuland Park

Things to do in Leverkusen

Address: Nobelstraße 91, 51373 Leverkusen, Germany

Rating: 4.3 out of 5

The Neuland Park in Germany is a public park located in Waldorf, southern Leverkusen. The park shares a border with the Rhine River on the river’s eastern bank.

The park covers an area of over 25 hectares, and it is situated on land that used to be a landfill. Bayer, the German pharmaceutical, used the area to dispose of waste from its plant from 1923 to the late 1940s.

Eventually, the area had to undergo some modifications, most notably waterproofing, to prevent water from getting into the waste beneath the area before a garden could be planted there.

Construction of the park began in 2004, and several different types of trees, shrubbery, and flowers were planted following designs by the Brosk Office.

In April of 2005, the garden was opened for the first time for Leverkusen’s horticultural show, and it has been accessible to the public since then.

The park features beautiful themed gardens with different flowers and plants blooming in different seasons planted. There are also playgrounds situated in the park for younger visitors with different games and sports available. At the boomerang, which is the park’s heart, twelve play stations stand next to each other inviting challengers.

The park is situated in such a position that several roads lead to it through several different modes of transportation. The junction of the Leerkusen’s western motorway is right on the park’s doorsteps. It can also be reached via the train stations located at Leverkusen Mitte and Opladen.

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Japanischer Garten Leverkusen

Leverkusen, Germany

Address: Kaiser-Wilhelm-Allee, 51373 Leverkusen, Germany

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

The Japanischer Garden in Leverkusen, Germany, is a public garden and park with an Asian theme. The garden is found on grounds belonging to the German pharmaceutical giant Bayer AG in Flittard, Cologne, which is just on the edge of Leverkusen.

The garden was originally located somewhere else, but it was moved in 1960 to its current location. The garden was the brainchild of Carl Druisberg, who was excited about the garden culture and Japanese gardens in particular after he went on a journey around the world.

Initially, just a normal garden planted in 1912, Druisberg began expanding the garden in the unique style he witnessed on his travels to Japan in 1926. The garden was first opened to the public in the 1950s and continues to be public to this day.

The garden features several Asian-themed attractions, including a tea house containing statues of Buddha, geishas, and dragons spouting water.

There are cherry trees, chrysanthemums, and camellias in the garden, which gives it a very distinct far eastern ambiance.

Lanterns adorn curved gates, sequoia trees bloom, turtles splash around in the ponds, and golden maples blossom. There is also a special bridge in the garden, the Mikado bridge, which was made exactly like a bridge found in Japan’s temple city of Nikko.

The different variety of plants in the garden combines to make it a spectacular show of colors as redwood trees stand side by side with golden maples, papyrus plants, and chrysanthemums.

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Wildpark Reuschenberg

Address: Am Reuschenberger Busch 6, 51373 Leverkusen, Germany

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

The Wildpark Reuschenberg in Leverkusen, Germany, is a wildlife and nature park. The park is located in the western part of the Reuschenberg forest in Germany‘s Leverkusen-Küppersteg area.

The park was opened in 1976 as a project by the Leverkusen Wildlife Park group which sponsored the project and initially managed it.

Eventually, the city of Leverkusen would take over the running of the park and run it until 2008 when the Lebenshilfe-Werkstätten Leverkusen / Rhein-Berg gGmbH took over the running of the park.

The park ran into some financial problems and was supposed to be closed in 2006, but the situation was remedied, and the park remains open for now.

The park originally began as a couple of aviaries, but it has expanded to include over 200 animals of more than 80 different species. The animals on display include such exotic species as the lynx, the wildcat, and the ferret.

Other more common species such as the stork, otters, goats, sheep, and deer are also common. Tours through the park are possible, and there is also a sitting area where people can sit and look out at the park’s animals.

The park is a perfect place to visit with the family as it has a children’s playground on the premises for kids. There is also an area for picnics where you can sit with the family and have a snack. There is also a bistro with a sitting capacity of 60 for people in search of a meal.

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