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14 Best Things to do in St. Cloud, Minnesota

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St. Cloud is a wonderful small city in Minnesota, usually overlooked by tourists targeting the Twin Cities. If you think the same way, this list of things to do in St. Cloud, MN, might change your mind.

Choosing a destination can be tricky when planning a short retreat or a long vacation with your family. In this case, you should choose a location that offers a combination of thrilling and relaxing attractions.

Similarly, it should have diverse natural, cultural, and historical attributes to entertain the family daily. I think a few better options in the Midwest tick all the boxes than St. Cloud.

One of Minnesota’s most breathtakingly beautiful and culturally rich cities, St. Cloud attracts hundreds of visitors and foreign tourists annually. However, if you’re wondering what to do in St. Cloud, I have you covered. Check out this list of fun activities to create your best itinerary.

Things to Do in St. Cloud, Minnesota

1. Explore the Munsinger and Clemens Gardens

Munsinger Clemens Formal Gardens, one of the best attractions in St. Cloud
Cynthia –

Address: 1515 Riverside Dr SE, St Cloud, MN 56304, United States

If you want to witness a scenic amalgamation of nature and history, the Munsinger and Clemens Gardens should be the first addition to your itinerary. Constructed in the 1930s, the Munsinger Gardens are a popular stop for residents and tourists alike. Later, in the 1980s, they were refurbished to incorporate the seven-acre Virginia Clemens Rose Garden area.

The gardens overlook the Mississippi River and showcase scenic views and landscapes, making them ideal for photographers and nature lovers. They feature beautiful flower beds and fresh vegetation and embody a serene aura. The garden is a nature-lovers paradise with more than 1,100 roses blooming in the vicinity, surrounded by various shrubs and trees.

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, exploring the Clemens Gardens will be one of the best things to do in St. Cloud, Minnesota. Besides the Clemens Gardens, the Perennial Gardens feature a replica fountain from the pre-civil war area, a must-visit for history buffs.

Similarly, if you’re interested in shopping, the garden has a cute gift shop for gardening items and nature-related souvenirs. These include concert series and Sunday food festivals, so check them out.

To reach the Munsinger Gardens, take the State Highway towards Kilian Boulevard and head north towards the gardens. Admission is free for families so that you can enjoy an affordable trip during your stay in the city.

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2. Visit the Stearns History Museum

Stearns History Museum Building
McGhiever / Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0

Address: 235 South 33rd Ave S, St Cloud, MN 56301, United States

Built as a flagship project of the Stearns County Historical Society, the Stearns History Museum preserves the historical heritage of St. Cloud. Visitors can witness the historical stories and events of the St. Cloud and Stearns County region, making it an educational experience for your children.

The Stearns History Museum remains open throughout the week; however, the timings differ on Sundays, so check them out before heading towards the vicinity. Depending on the time of your visit, you’ll have to pay a nominal entrance fee of around $7-$10.

The museum is located at 33rd Avenue, St. Cloud, and is easily accessible through public transport. Similarly, the building is completely handicapped-accessible, so you can be worry-free while taking your differently abled friends along.

The exhibits span two floors, including 20,000 family history files, 500,000 photographs, and 1900 oral histories. Additionally, six video presentations will enthrall your kids with the state’s historical aspects.

Moreover, the museum also has a children’s room and a souvenir gift shop. Also, the building is surrounded by beautiful gardens managed by the Stearns County parks system. After exploring the exhibits, you can plan a picnic with your family.

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3. Head Towards the Beaver Island Trail

Beaver Island Trail Scenery
curioustravelor2010 / TripAdvisor

Address: Beaver Island Trail, St Cloud, MN 56301, United States

Spanning across what used to be a charter railroad of the Minneapolis and Northwestern Railway Company, the Beaver Island Trail offers some of the best activities in St. Cloud, MN.

Today’s two larger segments of the previous railroad route are part of the trail. This makes up a five-mile stretch alongside the Mississippi River, where hiking enthusiasts can have a good time. The asphalt trail is easily accessible by boat or ferry and has a few landmarks you can check out.

These include the St. Cloud State University and the St. Cloud River’s Edge Convention Center. If you plan carefully, you can plan a day full of fun activities and educational experiences around the Beaver Island Trail.

The entrance fee is around $7-$10, with concessions for children under 10. You can also book a guided tour to learn in detail about the landmarks and buildings along the riverside trail.

While the asphalt trail is great for walking, biking, and driving, it might get boring for people who have visited. To add some thrill to your trip, you can head to the River Walk, where you can run.

Skate and even ski during the winter months. The trail also has downtown access, where you can head after a long day to grab a bite of food. The trail makes for an amazing photo location, especially during the fall, so take your camera to capture some scenic memories.

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4. Hike Through the Quarry Park and Nature Preserve

Granite quarry surrounded by greenery at Quarry Park Reserve, one of the best things to do in St. Cloud, Minnesota
Jacob / Adobe Stock

Address: 1802 Co Rd 137, Waite Park, MN 56387, United States

Covering an area of more than 680 acres, the Quarry Park and Nature Preserve are among the most enjoyable walking trails in Saint Cloud. The park is open throughout the week and attracts residents and tourists year-round.

Designed as a treat for nature lovers, the park boasts four ecosystems: prairie, woodland, wetland, and bedrock. In this setting, you can witness a variety of trees and plants across the vicinity. These include aspen, oak, Indian Paintbrush, prickly pear cacti, and yellow lady slippers.

Apart from the serene natural attributes, this location offers all the fun things to do in St. Cloud. Multiple quarries in the area allow you to indulge in activities like swimming, boating, fishing, and scuba diving.

Besides water sports, you can take up many other thrilling adventures like rock climbing and cross-country skiing in some park areas.

Most importantly, the park also offers relaxing picnic spaces if you want to spend your day reclining with your family. Here, you can spread out your belongings and enjoy the breathtaking view while enjoying homemade snacks.

Moreover, you can carry your barbecue grill and enjoy preparing smoked meats for your family. The park also has small convenience shops and a few food carts where you can grab some essentials for the day.

Quarry Park and Natural Preserve are accessible through public transport and require a nominal entrance fee, making them affordable family getaways.

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5. Hang Out At Old Capital Tavern

Getting Tap Beer

Address: 2 N Benton Dr, Sauk Rapids, MN 56379, United States

If you want to spend a grown-up night having fun without the kids, hanging out at the Old Capital Tavern is one of the best things to do. One of the most popular hangouts in Sauk Rapids, the bar offers a variety of craft beers, bourbons, whiskeys, and scotches for an amazing drinking night with friends.

Similarly, you can try the local cuisine or go for their signature chicken and steak entrees. Besides that, the pub is known for its famous taco dishes, namely its spicy fried avocado taco.

You can visit the Old Capital Tavern at any time of the day. However, if you’re looking for an immersive experience, you should try their Sunday brunch. This special weekend menu combines continental and local dishes that fit residents’ and tourists’ palates.

The restaurant is easily accessible through the St. Cloud metro bus in downtown St. Cloud. If you’re visiting for food and drinks, you can expect to spend anywhere from $20-$50 per head at the restaurant.

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6. Cheer On Your Favorite Team at the Joe Faber Field

Game at Joe Faber Field
LJBurgess / TripAdvisor

Address: 5001 Veterans Dr, St Cloud, MN 56303, United States

The Joe Faber Field is a part of St. Cloud’s Municipal Athletic Complex. The complex has five sections, including a Par 30 golf course, two baseball fields, and two ice areas.

The field opened in 1998 and can hold more than 2,000 people. Complete with concession stands, dining areas, and private group seating arrangements, the stadium is used by the teams at St. Cloud University. Hockey encapsulates the spirit of Minnesota and the Midwest, which means it is one of the best things to do in St. Cloud.

The city is also home to the illustrious Huskies hockey team, one of the best-ranked men’s teams in the country. So, if you’re a sports fan, you can catch a game and enjoy yourself at Joe Faber Field.

The best part is the field offers free entry for children under four. If you’re looking for a fun experience for your children, the field management allows children to run the baseball bases in the complex after every Sunday home game.

7. Watch a Performance at the Paramount Center for the Arts

Actor in a Theatrical Performance

Address: 913 W St Germain St, St Cloud, MN 56301, United States

Originally known as the Sherman Theatre, the Paramount Center for the Arts is a bold centerpiece in the artistic heritage of Saint Cloud.

The city recently celebrated its 100th anniversary after its complete renovation in 1930. The theatre was renamed Sherman Theatre after its renovation, after the Paramount Theatre in New York City.

The center has a set calendar of theatrical performances, concerts, and stand-up comedy shows throughout the year for you to choose from. The theater also has two public presentation spaces where the management holds annual exhibitions for residents and tourists.

If you’re interested in arts, keep an eye on the exhibition schedule and plan your vacation accordingly. Besides that, the center also offers professional art courses for aspiring artists, which you can visit by taking a guided tour of the building.

Today, the visual and performing arts center sits in the historic downtown area and has a calendar of events, from concerts and theatrical performances to stand-up comedy. The theater also has two public exhibition spaces that host several annual exhibitions.

In addition, the theater offers public art courses and studio spaces for aspiring artists and professionals. Located at St Germain Street, the center is easily accessible by car or public transport anywhere in the city.

Book tickets beforehand for your desired events if you’re visiting during the peak tourist season. That’s because the seats for most performances are usually pre-booked at that time of the year. However, you can get walk-in tickets for some events if you travel off-season.

Apart from the Paramount Center of Arts, the Pioneer Palace is also a hub for performing arts enthusiasts. With its 20th-century architecture and historic facade, the building is a sight.

Besides that, it holds around 8-10 performances and productions every year, which you can witness live during your stay. Similarly, weekly jazz performances and acoustic events are held in its Veranda Lounge, which is popular among locals.

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8. Take an Excursion Along the Mississippi River

Although you won’t find many St. Cloud beach things to do, you can indulge in water sports alongside the Mississippi River. As one of the largest river towns in Minnesota, Saint Cloud is known for its fun activities at the riverbank.

Especially if you’re traveling during summer, you will enjoy a crowd of Saint Cloud residents at the riverbank. Start your day from Sauk Rapids and head over to Clearwater.

On your way, you will find many riverside attractions, including Riverside Park, Hester Park, Wilson Park, the Riverbuffs Regional Park, and Saint Cloud’s Country Golf Course.

These parks offer a combination of sports, such as golf, basketball, baseball, cross-country skiing, volleyball, and tennis. Besides that, you can take up various watersports, including kayaking, canoeing, boating, and fishing.

Moreover, you can bring your boats and canoes to enjoy watersports with your family. Even if you don’t have your own, there are many shops and outfitters along the Mississippi River where you can get geared up for your desired adventure.

If you’re not in the mood for sporty activities, you can recline near the riverbank to enjoy the scenic view alongside the city. However, while there’s no entrance fee for hikers and bikers in most parks, you might need to pay an additional fee for any water sports and activities you take up.

9. Explore Lake George Park

Lake George, Minnesota
Management / TripAdvisor

Address: 1101 7th St S, St Cloud, MN 56301, United States

If you’re up for some outdoor activity, visiting Lake George Park is one of the best St. Cloud activities today. The park is close to downtown St. Cloud and easily accessible through public or personal transport.

Lake George Park is full of all kinds of sporting activities. The serene lake offers fun adventures, from kayaks to stand-up paddleboards, fishing boats, and houseboats.

Moreover, you can bring your picnic basket and enjoy reclining on the dry land while enjoying the view. The park is also an attractive getaway for hiking and biking enthusiasts.

While you can enter the park without any fee, rentals like kayaks, canoes, fishing gear, and houseboats will cost you according to the duration of your visit.

Remember, the prices range from high to low during peak and off-season seasons. So, if you’re planning to conduct adventurous activities, keep an eye on your budget or try to plan your vacation off-season.

Apart from sports and hiking, Lake George Park also has outdoor music concerts during the summer. Moreover, it also hosts the popular Middletown Market, where local food trucks offer delicious local cuisine and interesting souvenirs to take home.

10. Indulge In History at St. John’s University

Building in St. John's University
Minnesota / TripAdvisor

Address: 2850 Abbey Plaza, Collegeville, MN 56321, United States

If you’re done exploring the various attributes inside Saint Cloud, you can travel a small distance away from the city to St. John’s University. Located in Collegeville, the university is popular worldwide for its stained-glass panels.

The glass panels are on the St. John’s Abbey Church University campus. Adorned with rustic colors and designs, they are 65 feet tall and 200 feet wide and showcase the region’s rich cultural heritage.

There are many other architectural aspects to behold around St. John’s University. Most importantly, it has a 100-foot-tall bell tower and lush gardens for nature lovers to explore.

Another interesting stop at the university is St. John’s Bible Gallery. A treat for history buffs, the bible gallery holds the original bible owned by St. John, created by the calligrapher Donald Jackson.

It is a 20-30 minute drive from St. Cloud to Collegeville; you can take a bus or drive your car. The university does not charge visitors. However, you can book a paid guided tour to explore its architectural attributes and historical aspects in detail.

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11. Visit St. Mary’s Cathedral

St. Cloud's St. Mary's Cathedral
Management / TripAdvisor

Address: 25 8th Ave S, St Cloud, MN 56301, United States

Whether you’re religious or not, nothing will stop you from appreciating the mesmerizing beauty of St. Mary’s Cathedral, Saint Cloud.

Unfortunately, the original gothic-style architecture of the church erected in 1864 was burnt to the ground. However, the currently standing church was reconstructed shortly after its construction and completed in 1930.

Today, it highly resembles the basilica in Ravenna, Italy. You can visit the shrine of Saint Cloud inside the church, the namesake of the city himself. Besides that, the church has a small museum where visitors can visit historic relics connected to the city’s origin.

However, the most attractive artifacts include an alleged bone fragment of Saint Cloud, pieces of his clothing, and his statue from the 17th century. This church and museum are a must-visit if you’re interested in the city’s history.

St. Mary’s Cathedral is located in central St. Cloud and is easily accessible by public transport. There are no charges for visiting the church or viewing the exhibits in the adjacent buildings.

12. Hike Across the Lake Wobegon Trail

Lake Wobegon Trail Scenery
Lake Wobegon Trail / Facebook

One of the most popular hiking trails in Minnesota, The Lake Wobegon Trail is a must-visit for tourists in St. Cloud. Outdoor enthusiasts can hike through this 63-mile trail and enjoy the scenic view of the city surrounding the serene lake waters.

Besides hiking, you can bike or walk along the renowned trail, which has been featured in various fictional works for its natural beauty and grandeur. These works include the radio show Prairie Home Companion and the 1930 Nobel Prize-winning novel Main Street.

The trail passes several riverside towns, where you can stop for a bite of food at some local eateries. Alexandria and Holdingford are my favorite stops along the Lake Wobegon Trail.

Holdingford houses the largest covered bridge in the country. Besides that, the town is rich in cultural heritage and has a blustering marketplace where you can shop for local merchandise and taste delicious street food.

13. Check Out Breweries and Cideries

Brewery Tap Beer

If you’re interested in tasting wines and beers while observing their making, you should visit the various breweries and cideries in St. Cloud. Beaver Island Brewing is one of the largest breweries in the city, offering a wide array of beers.

Apart from tasting beers and witnessing the unique processes, you can also work for a good cause at Beaver Island Brewing. Every Wednesday, they have an event where a percentage of all sales and tips are donated to local charities.

So, if you plan to stop at the location, make sure you do so on a Wednesday to contribute to a good cause. Similarly, you can visit local breweries, including The Pantown Brewing Company, Milk and Honey Ciders, and Bad Habit Brewing.

Some of these breweries also offer guided tours for first-time visitors. Check out their website before planning your itinerary so you can pick a day for the visit.

14. Shop at Crossroads Center

Hanged Clothes in the Market

Address: 4101 W Division St, St Cloud, MN 56301, United States

Crossroads Center is one of the largest malls in downtown St. Cloud, Minnesota. If you want to spend an evening shopping for your loved ones back home, this mall is the best place to check out.

The mall is a major regional hub, boasting five anchor stores: Macy’s, Target, Sears, JCPenny, and Scheels All Sports.

Besides that, it has some of the most popular clothing brands, such as H&M, Hot Topic, Victoria’s Secret, and Francesa’s. Other popular stores include Men’s Wearhouse, Bath and Body Works, and Kay Jewelers.

Apart from shopping, you can enjoy the various entertainment options available at the mall, such as movie theaters and gaming arenas. To end your evening, grab some go-to fast food from eateries like Chick-fil-A, Subway, and Sbarro at its food court.

Most importantly, the mall has free wireless internet and a play area for children so they can stay out of your way while you shop. Located west of the State Highway, the mall is easily accessible by car or public transport.

What is St. Cloud Known For?

Munsinger Clemens Formal Gardens, one of the best attractions in St. Cloud
Cynthia –

St. Cloud, nicknamed Granite City due to its world-renowned mining industry, offers some of the best tourist attractions in the Midwest. It is a nature-lovers paradise alongside the meanders of the great Mississippi and Sauk Rivers. It is commonly the first stop for outdoor enthusiasts visiting Minnesota.

Apart from its breathtaking natural attributes, St. Cloud is known for its historical and cultural heritage. You’ll find exploring museums, marketplaces, and art galleries some of the best things to do in St. Cloud.

Residents and tourists in St. Cloud enjoy their time at its luxurious parks, gardens, and serene walking paths. Besides, there are many fun things to do in St. Cloud along the two rivers, such as boating, fishing, and canoeing.

Moreover, if you’re up for some thrill, you can enjoy watching performing arts, theatricals, and even a hockey game on its Joe Faber field. St. Cloud activities offer the variety you need for family or friends, from its popular Munsinger Gardens to the renowned St John’s University.

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