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20 Best Takeout Restaurants in the Twin Cities

Takeout just hits differently sometimes. There are some places around Minneapolis that were truly destined for takeout. Not because their ambiance is bad, but because the type of food is meant for a cozy Sunday inside your own home. These are the best takeout restaurants in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis and St. Paul) that you need on your stay-at-home rotation (from a local).

Are you a takeout fanatic? Don’t get me wrong. I’m a huge fan of getting outside and enjoying a unique atmosphere that isn’t the same as your living room.

But, there are moments when your living room + epic food sounds like the best way to spend your night. You can’t eat your restaurant’s favorite food and watch Netflix at the same time if you are in the restaurant.

So, we have some of the best options for you to consider for takeout in the great Minneapolis area.

Best Takeout Minneapolis

Let’s get into the best Minneapolis take-out restaurant options to satisfy your cravings.

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo Restaurant in Minneapolis

With some of the best chicken wings in town, Monte Carlo is the perfect takeout option for a fancy at-home dinner or game day with your friends. The fried chicken is to die for, the seasoning on the wings is unmatched, and the burger is a perfect size. Top off your order with some chili or a salad and you are good to go!

Their menu is pretty extensive and ranges from lighter fare suited for lunch to more elegant dinner options like a classic New York strip steak. Call ahead for your take-out order, or sit at the bar (enjoy a cocktail or martini) while you wait for your order to be ready.

Monte Carlo has been an absolute staple of the North Loop in Minneapolis.

Order now on Seamless.


Boludo Minneapolis

Boludo means “stupid” in Spanish. It’s a perfect name because both their empanadas and pizza are stupid good. Boludo, I want you to get a bigger space! Boludo is one of those places that has an amazing environment and amazing food.

They are just located in a very small space. That’s fine because any Boludo is better than no Boludo at all. The best play is to pick up Boludo on a Sunday afternoon. Take it home and enjoy it.

Go for the margarita or the pepperoni pizza. Then, pair that with a puerro (aka beef) and pollo (aka chicken) empanada. It sounds like a funny combo, but you will be blown away.

Want Boludo now? Order on Doordash to get it for takeout or delivery in Minneapolis.

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Fried Chicken from Revival Minneapolis

Okay, Revival. Fried chicken is never a bad idea. It’s actually the perfect takeout option too. Fried chicken comes in a variety of forms. You can have it with waffles, in a sandwich, on its own, in a salad and so much more.

Revival is an epic establishment for fried chicken and their burger is out of this world. The good news is that fried chicken is affordable, which makes for a great takeout option.

Revival is a perfect choice for game day snacks or any old-day dinner. Our favorite is a five-piece southern fried with some mashed potatoes and gravy on the side. Oh, grab some hush puppies too if you can.

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The Bungalow Club

The Bungalow Club Minneapolis

The Bungalow Club (TBC) is our go-to happy hour spot. Their patio and all-day Sunday happy hour keep us coming back. They also have a take-out option so you can enjoy their menu at home and they even offer curbside pickup.

TBC takeout menu changes frequently, we love their arancini and cacio e pepe pasta. The burrata is also an excellent take-home choice! The takeout is easy, you order online (or over the phone) and 20 minutes later it is ready for pickup.

This is definitely a place to try for take-out and dine-in. You will be so happy you tried it!

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Blue Door Pub

Front of Blue Door Pub in Longfellow, Minneapolis

A juicy lucy to go? Please! Blue Door Pub is known as one of the top juicy Lucy spots in town, and they have great “nacho tatchos” made with tater tots, crema, queso, and all the best toppings.

The best part about picking up Blue Door is the menu selection. This classic pub food has a twist on chicken wings with a lot of options, salads, burgers, and even rice bowls as well.

There is something for everyone here! Ready to place your order? Order on Doordash to get your takeout order started or get it for delivery directly to your door.

Pig Ate My Pizza

Pig Ate My Pizza Server holding a plate of Pizza
Pig Ate My Pizza / Facebook

There are a lot of pizza spots in Minneapolis. But Pig Ate My Pizza is unmatched. The culture of the workforce combined with the crazy good pizza combos makes this pizza spot rise above others.

Located in Robbinsdale (yes this is not technically Minneapolis but it’s close enough to Minneapolis), Pig has fun pizzas like Pig-cific rim and SeoulFul (a play on banh mi) that will expand your pizza horizons.

Korean bbq, chicken, sesame, onion, scallion, kimchi, and puffed rice on a pizza? Yeah, try it, you’ll see why Pig is what we call a pizza genius.

Birchwood Cafe

Birchwood Cafe establishment entrance
cacafonix  / TripAdvisor

Looking for a healthy option? Order Birchwood Cafe. Birchwood has a best-of-list of the best healthy Minneapolis restaurants and best brunch spots in the city too.

This is a place where you can get tasty, nutritious food that will make you feel good about what you are putting into your body. Their menu offers a variety of dishes from a savory waffle, salads, maple squash soup, gluten free options, vegan options and plenty of sandwiches to choose from.

Birchwood is a great spot for takeout lunch in the Seward neighborhood of South Minneapolis.

Smoke In The Pit

Smoke In The Pit restaurant entrance
Smoke In The Pit / Smoke In The Pit

If you are looking for a barbecue, look no further. Smoke In The Pit has phenomenal ribs and other BBQ fares that are sure to satisfy. Call ahead to take out, or order when you get there. Either way, you will be taken care of!

Smoke in the Pit is located at 3733 Chicago Avenue in South Minneapolis.

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Lu’s Sandwiches

Lu's Sandwiches restaurant outdoor seats and tables
Lu’s Sandwiches / Facebook

Lu’s Sandwiches serves banh mi (Vietnamese sandwiches), bubble tea, and boba smoothies and they even have vegan options. The best part about Lu’s Sandwiches outside of the banh mi sandwich is the service! The employees are so friendly and welcoming that you immediately feel at home!

You can call ahead to order a sandwich or a takeout option to go. They do have a small dining area to eat in too! Lu’s Sandwiches is located at 2624 Nicollet Avenue in the Eat Street district of Minneapolis or at 10 6th St NE in the Northeast neighborhood. They are open 7 days a week with the hours of operation generally from 10 am until 8 pm.

Afro Deli

Afro Deli & Grill in Minnesota

Probably one of the most underrated spots in the Twin Cities, Afro Deli has a number of fun takeout options that are different and very tasty!

From falafel sandwiches to beef sambusas and chicken curry, you are sure to find something new to try every time you stop by.

The best part about Afro Deli (other than the grub) is that it is affordable. You can order all sorts of different dishes to try and share with friends, or just for yourself. They have locations in Minneapolis and St. Paul, so there is one near you if you’re looking for an excellent takeout option in the Twin Cities.

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Young Joni

Young Joni restaurant interior and tables
Lucasvdw / TripAdvisor

Young Joni offers some of the best pizzas in the entire country. Yeah, they are a James Beard award-winning as well. Think about that. This just isn’t your ordinary type of pizza place.

Though it’s not exclusively a pizza place, Young’s has some delicious pies on the menu. Order at least one, like pepperoni or la parisienne.

Other food items include house-made Thai sausage lettuce wraps and Japanese potatoes with a slightly uncoordinated bonito topping. Young Joni is known for fine dining, so it’s not for someone on a budget.

Zen Box Izakaya

Zen Box Izakaya Ramen

Zen Box Izakaya is situated in East Town in Minneapolis, Minnesota right by the Mill City Museum. The food there is perfect for soaking up drink night: crisp and crispy baked Karaage or a warm bowl of Udon soup.

Chef and restaurant owner John Ngs’ ramen obsession is something culinary legends are made of. Order during the weekend before they sell out because once it hits dinner time on Friday, you’ll be fighting for competition on their food.

This is a take-out place first if you are in a hurry and a dine-in second only because dining is done on a first come first serve basis if you don’t have a table. There’s literally a line on Saturdays waiting for them to open.

If you are going to eat at Zen Box Izakaya then call ahead and order before you get there. And if the best takeout restaurants matter, definitely try this one! Skip the line and get curbside takeout with a batch of edamame, pork ramen, and chicken karaage.

Order Zen Box Izakaya on Doordash now to get your takeout started so you won’t have to wait around at the restaurant. This is also available for delivery if you don’t want to leave your house.

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Jucy Lucy from Matt’s Bar

Jucy Lucy from Matt's Bar building and skyline
Matt’s Bar / Matt’s Bar

Matt’s Bar is one of the best takeout joints in town! It’s typically known as a dive bar in South Minneapolis but if you don’t like the dive culture. Matt’s Bar is known as being the inventor of the Juicy Lucy. A juicy burger stuffed with cheese, which is known as a Minnesota staple.

No one can forget this spot as it’s a staple of Minnesota, and it’s a place you have to go if you are in Minneapolis visiting. The best part about eating there is the drive back home while consuming one of these epic Juicy Lucy burgers.

Matt’s Bar is open on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 4 p.m. to 2 a.m., Tuesday from 3:30 p.m. to 2 a.m., and Thursday from 11 a.m to 2 a.m.

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Bull’s Horn

Fried Chicken from Bull's Horn, Minneapolis

Wow, another fried chicken option? Yeah, I don’t know what it is but the Twin Cities actually has some pretty solid fried chicken spots.

Bull’s Horn is a different spin on it. It’s dill pickle fried chicken. It sounds overly unique and different, but trust me, that’s in a good way.

Again, if you need alternatives to fried chicken, be sure to try their burger, ramen (only on certain days of the week), fried cheese curds, or their many variations on sandwiches.

It’s a great spot for curbside pickup of some fried chicken that will make your mind explode.

The best part about Bull’s Horn is it is open Tuesday until Sunday and its hours of operation are from 4 pm until 10 pm. Friday and Saturday they are open until 11 pm.

Broders’ Cucina Italiana

Bolognese at Broders Pasta Bar
You can always tell a good Italian restaurant by the quality of its bolognese and Broders’ is incredible

An absolute must-visit for Italian takeout in Minneapolis. The bolognese sauce is absolutely to die for and you can grab some great Italian paninis if you are in a rush.

They do also have family meals to go as well. Broders’ Cucina Italiana’s hours of operation are from 4 pm to 10 pm daily. Broders’ Cucina Italiana also offers delivery around the local area.

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Best St. Paul Takeout Options

Let’s hop over to the other side of the river to St. Paul. It wouldn’t be the Twin Cities if we didn’t have our dear sibling, Saint Paul, with us.


Cossetta restaurant building
Cossetta / Facebook

The original Italian restaurant of Minnesota – Cossetta. Located conveniently on West 7th Street in St. Paul. This Italian restaurant option is an epic one for takeout. It’s a glorified multi-story market serving both family-style portions or grab-and-go individual options.

You’ll get all things Italian here including excellent pasta, sandwiches for lunch, and of course pizzas. The pizza is excellent so be sure to grab a classic cheese slice or a sausage slice.

Cossetta is located near Xcel Energy Center, so check if there is a concert or a Minnesota Wild game as it can get extremely busy during those times. Cossetta is open from Sunday to Saturday from 10 am to 9 pm.

Hmong Village

Fruit stand in Hmong Village
J. Annie Wang / Flickr

Just like San Francisco or New York has Chinatown, the Twin Cities have Hmong Village and it’s an absolute must-stop if you are looking for some culture and variety.

A few must-orders would be beef or seafood pho or Thai-style pork sausage. There are over 20 different restaurants that prepare fried rice, egg rolls, Asian barbeque, noodle soup, different types of banh mi sandwiches and so much more.

The village is completely free as well and has its own parking lot for you to pop in and out of during your visit. The Hmong Village is located in Eastside St. Paul.

Pimento Jamaican Kitchen

Ox tail dish at Pimento Jamaican Kitchen, Minnesota
Pimento Jamaican Kitchen / Facebook

Sticking with the variety… Pimento Jamaican Kitchen is an award winner of Food Court Wars on the Food Network. They are best known for their jerk chicken and veggie patty.

They make sandwiches, wraps, and plates in true Jamaican fashion. They have a full bar with cocktails as well as an outdoor seating area which can be super nice if the summer is on time.

Pimento Jamaican Kitchen is open daily from 11 am to 9 pm in the fun Keg and Case Market on West 7th Street in St. Paul. Or, visit their Eat Street location in South Minneapolis.

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Red Cow

Food serving at Red Cow
Red Cow / Facebook

Red Cow restaurant option that is a staple for all things Americana and burgers. It’s a more modern takeout concept that includes a full bar, specialty cocktails, and “upscale-ish” bar and grill-style options.

You’ll have to grab an order of the fried cheese curds or if you need something hearty to warm you up on a cold Twin Cities night grab the beer cheese soup.

Don’t be scared away by the bar food either, they feature buffalo cauliflower and Impossible burgers if you are looking for a vegetarian option. They also have a massive selection of gluten-free options.

Being that it’s a staple of the Twin Cities, there are plenty of locations to choose from including Uptown, North Loop, and the Cathedral Hill of St. Paul.

You can easily order Red Cow for delivery or takeout on Doordash as well but allow for some time as they get incredibly busy.


Tacos at Pajarito, Minnesota
Pajarito / Facebook

If you are looking for a Mexican restaurant for takeout in St. Paul, Pajarito needs to be on your list. They are pushing the boundaries of traditional Mexican fare by modernizing it and incorporating fresh and vibrant flavors.

They put a ton of thought into every step of the curation process, from selecting meat, avocado, and vegetable from local and fresh vendors to how the extensive preparation process.

They have build-your-own burrito options, as well as taco salads and nachos galore. Plus, their chorizo will completely amaze you. They are open daily and have hours of operation from 4 pm until 10 pm and close at 8 pm on Sundays. Pajarito has two locations across the Twin Cities, one in St. Paul and one in Edina.

Order Pajarito on Doordash now to get your takeout order started in advance. It’s also available for delivery.

Best Beer Takeout in Minneapolis and St. Paul

What better to go with takeout dinner than takeout craft beer? The Twin Cities are known for some of the best craft breweries in the country. The plus side is that most of these breweries also have crowlers and growlers to go!

Make sure to check out these Best Breweries in Minneapolis list, lots of these breweries have take-out options too!

Waldmann’s Brewery

Waldmann's Brewery sign and building entrance
Waldmann’s Brewery / Facebook

Waldmann’s is one of our favorite breweries in St. Paul. Waldmann’s has a number of crowlers available to go that change daily. Their beers are phenomenal. I mean it. We’ve been to Germany numerous times and Waldmann’s is one of the best German brewery-style places to go in the states.

Waldmann’s also has food to go. They have sausages, cheeses, and a few other goodies. They recently (as of March 2020) started a beer-delivery program.

Yes, beer delivery. For all of us people who are stuck working at home, Waldmann’s will bring us crowlers full of wonderful beer, and food too!

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Back Channel Brewery

Back Channel Brewery establishment and grounds
Back Channel Brewery / Facebook

Another top brewery of ours, Back Channel has the best stouts in Minnesota (yes, better than Dangerous Man’s peanut butter porter). They have crowlers ready to take away, and a pretty great view of the lake. It is a bit of a drive from downtown, but man is it worth it!

Back Channel’s to-go beers are perfect for a sunny day on Lake Minnetonka, or a day holed up in the house. Stop in and meet the staff, they are a ton of fun and have great style – just check out their merch!

Pick up your favorite and let us know!

Utepils Brewery

Customer having fun and drinking in Utepils Brewing Co
Management / TripAdvisor

Utepils has the best Altbier in town and the best selection of growlers. You won’t find crowlers here, this is the spot to pick up some growlers and share them with your friends.

From Altbier to Kolsh, Utepils has something for everyone. Their German-style beer is made from fresh German hops right in their brewery. The art in the brewery is also fun to look at. Make sure to take a peak when you stop in for your drink!

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Venn Brewery

Venn Brewery building, sign and outdoor tables
Venn Brewery / Venn Brewery

Venn Brewery is a super fun spot to try because their beer is always changing! The taproom is a fun spot for trivia or movie night, and their patio is fantastic. But sometimes you want to enjoy your beer at home.

Venn brewery has a number of crowlers for take out that change daily. Stop by, pick your favorite, and enjoy! They usually have food trucks outside, so you can pickup takeout from there too.

Venn is one of the best places to visit near Minnehaha Falls.


The Minneapolis food scene is fantastic, and the takeout options are just as good. From crispy wings to fresh-made pizza, there is something for everyone to take out and enjoy.

Is your favorite restaurant missing? Let us know, we will try it and add it to this ever-growing list!

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