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32 Best Lake Minnetonka Restaurants: Top Places to Eat

32 Best Lake Minnetonka Restaurants: Top Places to Eat

Lake Minnetonka is one of the most picturesque lakes in the entire scope of the United States. Located right in Minnesota, just outside the Twin Cities, it’s not just known for its beautiful natural sights but also for its fantastic restaurants.

Are you going to Lake Minnetonka soon? Looking for a restaurant on the water? You can find anything from traditional Japanese cuisine to a shop that sells malt-focused milkshakes and desserts.

Visitors can also find pizzas, burgers, excellent diner breakfasts, and breweries surrounding Lake Minnetonka. Here’s our list of the best Lake Minnetonka restaurants and top dining options.

Best Restaurants Near Lake Minnetonka

1. Al & Alma’s Supper Club and Charter Cruises

Plate of Salmon and Vegetables at Al & Alma's
Salmon at Al & Alma’s (Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers)

The Al & Alma Supper Club and Charter Cruises is a Minnesota institution that has existed since the fifties. Great views of the lake and traditional American fare make Al & Alma’s worth a stop.

Their burgers are something you’ll want to come back for. Additional charter cruises can, of course, be booked at the same spot if you feel adventurous.

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2. Vann Restaurant

Sunset view and tables in Vann Restaurant
Vann Restaurant / Facebook

Vann Restaurant is a great, modern dining option based on American cuisine. It can be expensive once you have more than a starter or drink, but their food is good enough to consider this worth it. Located in Spring Park, MN, Vann Restaurant opens at 5 PM.

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3. The Lake Room

Lake Room Restaurant interior and tables
Lake Room Restaurant / Lake Room Restaurant

The Lake Room is one of the best restaurants on the shores of Lake Minnetonka. Their vast menu includes a kids option if you have children with specific, fussier tastes. Delivery or pickup is available from The Lake Room, which opens at 4 p.m.

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4. Lord Fletcher’s Old Lake Lounge

Boats at Lord Fletcher's

Lord Fletcher’s Old Lake Lounge is located in Spring Park and has a nice homely feel to its atmosphere and food. The focus of Lord Fletcher’s is an epic spot in the summer right on the lake, as well as having a good indoor sports bar and steakhouse.

Steak is most of what you’ll find on the menu, plus affordable drinks and delectable desserts. The Old Lake Lounge is one of the few venues that also has live music: Check their schedule if you’d like to stay for a gig.

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5. Hazelwood Food and Drink Tonka Bay

Hazelwood Food and Drink Tonka Bay interior
Hazelwood Food and Drink Tonka Bay / Hazelwood Food and Drink Tonka Bay

The Hazelwood Food and Drink in Tonka Bay is one of the best restaurants in Minnetonka if you would like breakfast or traditional brunch served with a great view of the lake.

Older patrons can enjoy the daily happy hour and extensive drinks menu. A grill and traditional dinner menu options (like pasta and burgers) complete the home feel.

Hazelwood doesn’t offer delivery but offers take-out options if you’d like to take your meal home.

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6. The Narrows Saloon

The Narrows Saloon interior and customers
The Narrows Saloon / The Narrows

The Narrows Saloon is located in Wayzata, Minnesota, and its main focus is a local drinking arm where the locals get together – and anyone can pass through and feel welcomed.

Want to feel like a local for your time on Lake Minnetonka? Stop by The Narrows Saloon, and you’ll never forget your experience. It’s another venue great for music focusing on rock, country, rockabilly, and blues bands.

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7. Joey Nova’s Pizzeria

Mouthwatering Pizza

Joey Nova’s Pizzeria is an excellent stop if you love traditional-style pizzas made with only the best local ingredients.

Located in Excelsior, Nova’s is built on quality New York-style pizza dishes – although that’s not where their menu ends. Joey Nova’s Pizzeria is one of the best restaurants in Excelsior for the pizza experience. Joey Nova’s opens from 11 AM, with either pick-up or dine-in options.

Unfortunately and strange for a pizza restaurant, there are no delivery options yet.

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8. Maynards

Maynards Restaurant in Excelsior, Minnesota

Maynards is a great place located right on the shores of Lake Minnetonka, and it’s one of the greatest restaurants if you would like a dine-in, fine-food experience without eating into your budget.

They are particularly well known for their fantastic salads and sandwiches. Other Favorites include the grilled salmon and the Mr. Jimmy Burger. A fully gluten-free menu is available, though they are well-known for their selection of beers on tap. Need a drink? Go to Maynards for it!

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9. Coalition

Coalition Restaurant in Excelsior, Minnesota

Coalition is another great fancy restaurant located in downtown Excelsior. This is one of the best restaurants near Lake Minnetonka if you would like to experience a selection of fine dining options, snacks, and cocktails in the same place.

Delivery and pick-up options are available. Coalition opens at 11:30 a.m.

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10. Cast & Cru Restaurant

Cast & Cru Restaurant table and seats
Cast & Cru Restaurant / Facebook

Cast & Cru Restaurant is a great restaurant located near the shores of Lake Minnetonka with a fine view of the surroundings from most places you can choose to sit.

Their whole vibe is advertised as “upscale and chic”, and that’s exactly what you get when you walk in. It’s meant for Lake Minnetonka nightlife and opens from 4 PM, offering good food and lakeside dining.

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11. Scotty B’s Restaurant

Scotty B’s Restaurant building
Scotty B’s Restaurant / Facebook

Scotty B’s Restaurant is located in Mound and isn’t too far from Lake Minnetonka. It opens at 8:30 AM, and it’s one of the best early dining options if you would like to stop for a fine breakfast or casual bites.

Most of their menu is traditional and American, with a homemade, comfort food feel.

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12. Olive’s Fresh Pizza Bar Excelsior

Olive’s Fresh Pizza Bar Excelsior outdoor table and seats
Olive’s Fresh Pizza Bar Excelsior / Facebook

Olive’s Fresh Pizza Bar is located in Excelsior near Lake Minnetonka. Open from 4 PM, this is one of the best places to eat near Lake Minnetonka if you want an afternoon pizza.

Olive’s guarantees to use only the best local ingredients to create their menu. Every pizza comes out great! It’s best as a dine-in option, though the collection can be arranged. Love pizza? Check out these best pizzerias in Minnesota.

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13. Red Sauce Rebellion

Different Pasta Dishes

Red Sauce Rebellion is located in Excelsior and makes for one of the best Italian-style restaurants near the banks of Lake Minnetonka. Classic is the keyword, and most of their menu includes the hearty comfort food you would want from an Italian restaurant.

Great for later dining, they open from 3 PM. Unlike some Italian restaurants, delivery is an option too.

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14. Haskell’s Port of Excelsior

Haskell's Port of Excelsior

Haskell’s Port of Excelsior is a combination store/restaurant worth visiting thanks to its extensive options of great food and wine you won’t find anywhere else.

They’ve been a name in town since the mid-30s. Open from 11 AM until you have to leave.

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15. Lago Tacos

Lago Tacos outdoor table and seats
Lago Tacos / Lago Tacos

Lago Tacos offers the one thing on their menu you won’t see at most other restaurants near Lake Minnetonka: tacos. Their taco menu is extensive, and it includes great meat-inclusive and vegetarian options.

Their monster burrito is legendary, and they are the only place that offers it. Opens at 11 AM. Delivery or curbside pickup can also be arranged with the restaurant. Love Mexican food? Check out our full list of the best Mexican restaurants in Minnesota.

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16. Tequila Butcher at the Caribbean (Excelsior)

Tequila Butcher at the Caribbean Outdoor table and seats
Tequila Butcher at the Caribbean / Facebook

The Tequila Butcher at the Caribbean has been one of the favorite restaurants in Excelsior for years. It’s still pretty much the same place, but it’s been renamed the Caribbean Restaurant.

It opens at 11 AM, and its selection of drinks and fine steaks helps sell the menu. Delivery and pickup are also available options.

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17. Surfside Bar & Grill

Meatloaf with smash potato meal at Surfside Bar & Grill
Surfside Bar & Grill / Facebook

Surfside Bar & Grill is one of the best restaurants in Mound for the traditional surf & turf experience. The Surfside offers one of the best views of Lake Minnetonka and also a huge menu that they are very well known for locally.

Delivery, dine-in, and pickup options are available. The Surfside Bar & Grill is open from 3 PM until late for a great nighttime view of the lake.

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18. Dakota Junction

Dakota Junction restaurant building
Dakota Junction / Facebook

Dakota Junction is a small restaurant that describes itself as “cozy” and makes a perfect casual dine-in option if you want peace.

Opens at 11 AM, the Dakota Junction has American-style food like burgers and ribs served in their style. The Dakota Junction doesn’t offer delivery but has a great view from its dining room that you’ll want to dine in.

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19. Ike’s Minnetonka

Ike’s Minnetonka restaurant building
Ike’s Minnetonka / Facebook

Ike’s Minnetonka is one of the ideal restaurants if you’re a lover of meat made well. Ike’s opens at 11 a.m. and is known as one of the best local steakhouses in Lake Minnetonka.

They have a wide menu that covers everything from t-bones to steaks. Meat lovers will be happy here, and vegetarians/vegans can also find suiting options on the menu. While in town, check out these other things to do in Minnetonka.

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20. Birch’s On The Lake Brewhouse & Supperclub

Birch's on the Lake in Long Lake Minnesota
Birch’s Craft Beer

Birch’s on the Lake Brewhouse & Supperclub is the best restaurant if you would like to stop and have some relaxed drinks on the shores of Long Lake.

Open from 11 AM, they advertise as a brewhouse specializing in serving great, high-quality seafood at an affordable price. Their grilled artichokes are out of this world. Birch’s affords a great view of Long Lake and excellent food.

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21. COV Wayzata

Front of Cov Wayzata

COV Wayzata is open from 11 AM and has its entire atmosphere styled around nautical aspects. Being near Lake Minnetonka, this feels appropriate for the view you can see from most seats in the restaurant. Seafood is on the menu, but you’ll also find traditional options like steak.

22. The Original Pancake House Minnetonka

Aerial View of Downtown Wayzata, Minnesota

A local favorite, The Original Pancake House is located in Minnetonka and mixes a perfect pancake with other breakfast classics you would associate with any pancake house. Open from 7 AM. It’s one of the best restaurants to stop at if you’re having an early morning in town.

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23. 6Smith

Salad at 6Smith in Wayzata, MN
Salad from 6Smith in Wayzata

6Smith opens for lunch at 11 AM and brings your dining experience right up to the lakefront of Lake Minnetonka. Their whole vibe is meant to be relaxed, and they serve what you would consider traditional American burgers and fries – but with their local take. A selection of their craft cocktails helps to make 6Smith one of the best local Lake Minnetonka stops.

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24. Gianni’s Steakhouse

Front of Gianni's Steakhouse in Wayzata

Gianni’s Steakhouse opens later at 4 p.m. for dinner, and it’s the ideal local option if you love excellent steak.

Their menu offers meat in every variety you can imagine, but it also includes vegan options. Their menu even includes options like escargot or smaller meals for the kids.

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25. Maggie’s Restaurant

Maggie’s Restaurant interior and tables
Maggie’s Restaurant / Facebook

Maggie’s Restaurant is located in Wayzata, near Lake Minnetonka, one of our favorite Wayzata restaurants. It’s great if you’re an early riser, and this fun restaurant opens at 8 a.m.

Breakfast is an all-day option, and their menu includes great pizza, burgers, and milkshakes.

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26. McCormick’s Pub & Restaurant

McCormick's Irish Pub in Wayzata

McCormick’s Pub & Restaurant is located in Wayzata, Minnesota, and has the unusual atmosphere of a traditional Irish pub where you would least expect it.

Their selection of delicious beer to taste in Minnesota is what makes them famous, but their food includes traditional Irish cuisine that will make you want to try everything on the menu.

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27. Baja Haus

Baja Haus restaurant interior
Baja Haus / Baja Haus

The Baja Haus is a local restaurant located in downtown Wayzata MN with a perfect view of Lake Minnetonka. It’s great if you would like a traditional beach-themed experience that has a very high-quality menu to match.

Some incredible cocktails are available if you want to drink while admiring the lake.

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28. Tommy’s Tonka Trolley

Front of Tommy's Tonka Trolley
Tommy’s Tonka Trolley / Facebook

Tommy’s Tonka Trolley isn’t a traditional sit-down restaurant but a simple ice cream trolley that’s famous across the whole state.

Their menu comprises shakes, ice creams, and traditional-style hot dogs. You’ll find Tommy’s Tonka Trolley open from 3:30 PM.

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29. Yumi Japanese Restaurant & Bar (Excelsior)

Japanese Rolls

Yumi Japanese Restaurant & Bar in Excelsior is proof that you can find anything near the shores of Lake Minnetonka.

It’s one of the best traditional Japanese restaurants serving delicious traditional Japanese cuisine in the area, with high-quality food and an excellent atmosphere.

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30. Benedict’s (Wayzata)

Benedict’s restaurant interior and custormers
Benedict’s / Facebook

Benedict’s is located in Wayzata and is best known as a traditional American restaurant with a great atmosphere and marvelous sit-in dining.

You’ll find the most traditional options like burgers on their menu, but they are also known for their great selection of craft cocktails and drinks.

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31. Nautical Bowls (Minnetonka)

Nautical Bowls, Minnetonka, Minnesota

Nautical Bowls is located right on the shores of Lake Minnetonka and is one of the best places to go if you are looking for healthy local food. Nautical Bowls doesn’t overdo the nautical theme but takes full advantage of the surroundings to bring visitors a great experience with wonderful food.

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32. Sushi Fix (Wayzata)

Sushi Fix restaurant entrance
Sushi Fix / Facebook

Sushi Fix is one of the best restaurants in Wayzata to visit if you want to experience sushi made from only the best ingredients.

Their expansive menu includes sushi and some of their original cocktail creations. It’s all you could want in a sushi bar with a great view. Try their specialty rolls – you won’t regret it! Open from 4:30 PM. It’s a great late afternoon or night stop for getting together with friends.

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